Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 02


As Lis settled into her couch with a bowl of oatmeal she let out a soft chuckle. In her mind she was comparing her midtown apartment to Kelvin’s loft. The size of his home and oh yes, the private garage were luxuries she could only dream of. Until she met Xavier Washington those dreams were reachable. Now she would be lucky to keep her job. The comparison was the only levity in an otherwise depressing and emotional day. Lis had broken up with D. J. earlier that morning. The insurance executive hadn’t taken it well.

Lis was the finest piece of ass he would ever know and it became apparent as he pleaded with the gorgeous blonde to tell him what he had done wrong. D. J. had always given his girlfriend an impression of being a strong man. That apparent strength disintegrated right in front of her and proved itself a pathetic fraud. She left the man broken. It would probably take him years to get over her. As for Lis she really liked D. J. and the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him. Still she knew it was the right thing to do as painful as it seemed. If somehow they had stayed together how long would it have been before her lily white boyfriend found Lis lying in a bed with a black man on top of her?

Lis slept on the couch for over three hours. The girl usually spent Saturday afternoon roller blading or biking through the park. It would have helped. The past few days had been as stressful as any she’d ever experienced. The only relief had been her time with X. For whatever reason, she had forgiven him for using her like some sort of commodity to exchange with Kelvin Jones for construction services. It actually was an easy exercise for the black man, so experienced in handling these things with women. He simply concentrated on the fact that Lis had forgotten to run a simple errand for him. He never did it in a negative or overbearing way. While Lis raged about X’s betrayal he calmly reminded her that he had been left with little choice. As innocent and commonplace as her incompetence was it would have cost him over $2 million if the lease had been broken. He poured on an ample portion of guilt mixed with a helping of how sorry he was for panicking and making a bad decision.

X’s abilities got him what he wanted. Lis’ anger ran out of gas and then her feelings for the black man slowly took over. She told X everything that had happened between her and his friend Kelvin. She even admitted that she had enjoyed the feeling she got being with a strange man she had just met. From there X got the blonde attorney to talk about her brief experience of being with a black man in public. How it had both troubled and excited her. While it was just noise to X it was something he would file in his database under Lis Rome. In his mind, committed to memory he had many files on hundreds of women he had controlled and you never knew when a seemingly useless admission would be able to be used to his advantage in the future.

Lis was a smart girl but so naïve she was an easy victim for X. After a couple of phone conversations and a long talk at his townhouse X got the beautiful white woman’s submission. They ended up in his bed making love and she spent the night with him. She took up his invitation several more times over the course of the week and just like that she was totally hooked again.

Meanwhile there was still the matter of X’s legal problems. Lis had met with Corinna Everlund another time hoping that she could avoid going to court. Instead all she got was another sexual come on. Lis had found that the prosecutor was good at seducing another woman. She wouldn’t put her in a league with Xavier Washington but the well built amazon was smooth. She had asked Lis out again and intimated that it could help X but not with enough straight forward conviction so that it could be trusted. Other than that Lis noticed a sincere desire from the prosecutor that X go to jail. She didn’t understand Everlund. They didn’t have a great case. All they had was the defendant’s strong wish not to put everything on the line and go to a verdict. This trepidation was typical of all defendants. There was nothing concrete that would get X convicted. Lis just knew that there was something going on but she had no idea what it was and there really was no way to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Lis finally felt like shaking the cob webs in the late afternoon. She threw on her running shoes and did a quick four miles up to the park and back. She let her athletic ability kick in once she got into the park. Lis was easily under a 7 minute mile and it was effortless for her. Her leg muscles worked with a combination of grace and power that the most talented artist would be hard pressed to capture. On most days she noticed some of the usual stares from interested parties but as she glided through the park today she was deep in thought.

If she went to court on X’s assault charge there was a good chance that she could win the case. She was a great litigator and on the surface the State’s case was not that strong. suadiye escort Still it was more than X’s freedom at stake. If she lost the case who knew what X would do to barter for a lesser sentence. Would he put her career at stake? Additionally what if there was something under the surface with regards to X’s charges. Was she walking into some sort of set up? There was no reason that Everlund owed her more of a look at the State’s case than they had too. She had done her usual superb job preparing but she was spooked.

Lis got back to her apartment covered in sweat from the exertion in the mid-eighties temperature. She had four messages on her answering machine. They were all from girlfriends wondering about her and D. J. She hadn’t even thought about having to face friends regarding the break up. It felt like just one more burden for her. It sure wasn’t going to be easy to explain. “Hey girl, D. J. just wasn’t measuring up especially in the sex department. So I started knocking boots with this real stud, a big black one and whoa, talk about all those myths. They’re all true. Those black boys really know how to ride us white girls and put us away wet.” Lis shuddered at the thought of the reactions of some of her country club friends if they found out she was sleeping with a black man.

Lis had normally gone out with D. J. on Saturdays. Tonight she was eating a bowl of fruit and granola and watching TV. Her predicament with X was seeping back into her thoughts. She had broken more than a few rules getting into this mess. That’s when it came to her. There was an obvious way out of this hole and it involved going a little deeper before she would be able to climb out. It was still early enough in the evening to do what she had to do.


Lis struggled to pull on the shiny black PVC pants. She had to lie on the bed and shimmy into them they were so tight. She had been given the pants as a sort of gag gift for her 30th birthday. She had worn them once for D. J. and she thought he was going to blow a load in his pants he was so turned on. She didn’t bother with undergarments just a red satin camisole and a pair of black high heel pumps. Lis grabbed her purse and went out and hailed a cab.

She was wondering if she was going to end up in a hospital as the cabdriver refused to look at the road ahead of him. His eyes were glued to the rear view mirror and his extraordinarily sexy passenger. After ignoring two red lights and nearly killing a pedestrian Lis told the driver that she was in no real rush so he could slow down.

Weekend nights ended a few hours later in the city than in most other places so knocking on a door at 9pm wasn’t out of the ordinary. The tony brownstone was 25 blocks north of Lis’ apartment and across town. Lis loved this neighborhood and with a little financial luck hoped to move here someday. She was wondering if she was doing the right thing as she rang the bell next to the door. As it was, she had taken a huge chance that someone would be home. The attorney was walking another ethical tightrope. Lis was about to walk away when Assistant District Attorney Corinna Everlund opened the door.

“Well what a nice surprise. Come in.” Corinna smiled and stepped aside to let her guest inside.

“Thanks. I know it’s a little late.” Lis begged to be excused.

The muscular prosecutor was wearing a blue silk robe that went down to mid thigh and her legs were shiny with moisturizer. It was obvious that she was in for the night.

“Nonsense. I was just relaxing with a book. And before you get the idea I’m taking money from the mafia, I married well and divorced even better.” Corinna waved her arms at the paintings on the walls and the sumptuous furniture with a hearty laugh.

“Oh you were married?” Lis was surprised to hear that.

“Sure! We can all experiment can’t we?” Corinna laughed at her own joke. “So what brings you over on a weekend night all dolled up? Out walking your pussy?”

The prosecutor’s eyes were glued to Lis’ body. The pants were so tight and the plastic material was so thin every muscular curve and protrusion was outlined including her labia lips which pouted out shamelessly at the apex of her legs. Lis hadn’t noticed the bulge when she had dressed and when she saw what her host was referring too she turned a bright red. Corinna smiled seemingly enjoying the pretty blonde’s predicament.

“No I came to discuss the Xavier Washington case.” Lis let the remark about her genitals go and answered Corinna straight.

“In that case I’ll need a scotch. Care for one?” Corinna offered.

“Sure, on the rocks please.” Lis answered.

“Have a seat.” Corinna called out from the kitchen.

Lis’ host returned with two glasses full of whiskey and a crystal decanter. She noticed Lis lounging back on the couch with her legs spread like a man would sit. She knew she was going to get a chance to change that attitude shortly. She took a seat next to Lis and handed her a glass. Lis took a hefty yakacık escort sip and put it on a coaster on the coffee table. She noticed that Corinna’s robe was slightly open and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“So how can I help you?” Corinna was anxious to get the matter of Xavier Washington over with quickly.

“I really need this to go away with no jail time.” Lis pleaded. Even without make up she saw that Corinna was a beautiful 40 year old woman.

“You need something so you decided to tease me with pants so tight they look like a second skin on you. I mean that’s some camel toe you’re sporting. Did you think I would just roll over and you could go back to your boyfriend and laugh about it?” Corinna smiled slyly at Lis.

“No no Corinna! I didn’t mean . . . ” Lis saw her whole plan dissolving before her eyes.

Corinna interrupted her and stood. “Look I’m a lesbian. I’m a dominant one. I don’t know where you thought I let other women make decisions for me just by dressing like this.”

“I didn’t come here to tease you. I don’t have a boyfriend anymore and I didn’t need a huge glass of scotch to get drunk enough so you could have your way with me.” Lis stood and took half the glass of scotch down with a gulp. It burned going down and she had to clench her teeth to keep it down.

“Alright! Alright! What’s going really going on here?” Corinna said with a softness that indicated she didn’t want to fight with her pretty guest.

“I can only say that if I don’t come away without any jail time my career could go down the toilet. Someday I promise to tell you Corinna. I know I owe you that but I can’t tell you now.” Lis showed just enough of her hand to garner some sympathy.

“I hope I won’t regret this. You’re boy pays a $10,000 fine, another $10,000 to the storeowners and he apologizes in court.

“Nothing on his record?” Lis asked hopefully and when Corinna didn’t answer immediately. “This wasn’t his fault.”

“That may well be but if you want to stay out of court and the proverbial roll of the dice you are not really in a position to bargain.” Corinna hesitated and then added. “Accelerated rehabilitation, he’ll have his record clean in two years.”

Corinna was standing face to face with her guest. Normally in her own heels the prosecutor was a couple of inches taller than the blonde but in her bare feet she actually gave up a couple of inches to Lis and her 4″ Jimmy Choo pumps.

“Thank you for your help on this. I won’t forget it.” Lis said softly as she finished off the glass of liquor. The scotch was warming her.

“Well you do owe me. I’m going to have to sneak this one under the noses of some people. Here you deserve another belt after dressing like that.” Corinna poured them each another glassful of Scotch as she shook her head and chuckled. “Did you really dress like this for me?”

“I know I feel silly.” Lis laughed with her and took another sip.

“I mean that thing is really hanging out there.” Corinna put her glass down on the coffee table.

“What?” Lis asked naively.

“You really had no idea? It makes a perfect outline. It’s a nice big one too. I like them that way.” Corinna was looking right at the blossomed flower that was Lis’ labia lips. The thin vinyl material had been sucked in a bit between the lips forming an obscene contour.

“I guess that’s the camel toe?” Lis asked nervously and a little drunk. She looked down between her legs but could only see the genitals protruding out at the top. “I really can’t see it.”

“You’ve never heard the term camel toe? Girls with big pussies get them a lot. Myself, I have a hell of a time with a bathing suit.” Corinna smiled lecherously at Lis.

“It does have me careful with which undergarments I buy too.” Lis’ eyes were beginning to swim with Scotch now. She never drank the hard stuff and she was at her limit.

“Well you’re not alone. Mine is just as big.” With that Corinna dropped her robe and just like that she was standing naked in front of Lis. She thrust out her hips and reached between her legs. “See the lips are like flaps hanging down.”

Lis wasn’t looking at anything new. She has seen hundreds of naked women in locker rooms. Yet she let Corinna continue with her show and tell.

“Let me help you get a look at yours.” Corinna reached between Lis’ legs and pushed the flesh upwards and forward further jutting out her guest’s genitals.

Lis let out a moan.

“Does that feel good?” Corinna asked softly.

She was moving in on Lis like a Boa Constrictor on a pretty rabbit. Once she wrapped herself around the pretty blonde there would be no escape. Corinna leaned forward and kissed Lis. She kept a hand on Lis’ crotch and put her other arm around her holding her close.

Lis didn’t know what to do. Sure she had admired many a woman’s bodies but never sexually. Now she was being held by a woman that had just done her a very big favor. A favor that could easily be retracted şerifali escort if Corinna felt she was being used. She really had no choice. Lis was going to have to have sex with Corinna Everlund. The muscular woman was kissing her more deeply so Lis opened her mouth for her. Corinna took the invitation and deftly wiggled her tongue into her mouth. Lis noticed the difference immediately, the smaller tongue, and the soft smoothness of Corinna’s mouth. As muscular and dominant as Corinna came off, she was still very much a woman.

“You like me touching you down there?” Corinna cooed into Lis’ ear which she was now nibbling on.

“Yes.” Lis whispered. Maybe it was the liquor but she was becoming very excited.

Corinna broke her kiss and then issued her first of many commands of the night. “Take off your shirt.”

Lis did as she was told. She lifted the loose camisole over her head and then stood and let Corinna take in her upper body. The muscular prosecutor reached out and gently tweaked one of her nipples. Lis breathed in sharply reacting to the electrical pulse that surged through her body. She began to slide her pants down.

“Oh keep these on for know. They look spectacular on you.” Corinna pulled them back up and then with both hands began massaging Lis’ breasts. She gave the blonde a quick kiss on the lips and commented on her breasts. “These are so nice.”

“They’re small.” Lis slurred. Corinna’s hands were having an effect on her.

“They’re perfect for you. Look they hang straight out.” Corinna brushed the underside of the breasts. “And I could play with these nipples all night long. They’re like perfect berries.” She leaned down and took one in her mouth.

“Oh Corinna.” Lis sighed.

“Why don’t you play with mine?” Corinna offered.

Lis put her hands on the breasts and began manipulating them. She copied Corinna’s light touch. Corinna’s were bigger than her own and despite her being a few years older than Lis gravity had had no effect on the breasts.

“I like the way your hands feel. You’ve done this before?” Corinna inquired with a gentle smile.

“No. Never.” Lis answered quickly.

Corinna smiled and then put her arm around Lis and began kissing her. The former bodybuilder was definitely excited by the prospect of spending the night with Lis. She ran her hands along Lis’ back taking note of the deep grooves that made up her musculature. This was the finest piece of ass she had ever had so she wasted little time taking advantage of her. She broke their kiss and staring right into Lis’ grey eyes and commanded. “Now get on your knees for me.”

Lis seemed bewildered at first but when she felt Corinna’s hands gently urging her down she obeyed. Once she was down Corinna quickly stepped forward so that her moist genitals were an inch from Lis’ lips.

“Go ahead.” Corinna urged.

“I’ve really never done this before.” Lis was looking up at the dyke.

“I’m going to make you an expert later. Right now I just need your lips and tongue in there.” Corinna was grinning down at her.

Lis felt a pressure on the back of her head. It was Corinna’s hand pulling her in. She smelled the salty musk as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick between Corinna’s legs. She was slick with moisture and Lis licked the juices right off the flared lips. She ran her hands up and down the muscular thighs, bracing herself as Corinna pulled her between the thighs with more force. The Amazon’s passion was a spurting inferno. She had wanted this sweet blonde ever since she had first laid eyes on her four years ago. Finally she had her and Corinna was going to enjoy Lis like a rare vintage wine.

The young attorney’s long tongue was whirling around like a propeller. While it wasn’t the best technique it was who was doing it that had Corinna’s juices flowing. She rocked back and forth securing Lis’ face in place with both hands now.

“My God how big is your tongue?” Corinna sighed.

Lis didn’t answer. She was practically drowning in the nectar pouring from Corinna. She could feel the muscular power in her long legs and there was no way she could overcome the strong arms holding her in place. Lis had the feeling that if she stopped working her tongue, stopped pleasuring the woman standing in front of her she would literally drown in cum. Suddenly she noticed that Corinna was flexing her hips and thighs. It moved her genitals up and down and back and forth rather erratically. Lis stayed with her, keeping her tongue attached to the soft heated flesh. She heard a series of grunts and moans from above. She realized that Corinna was experiencing an orgasm. Lis grabbed her buttocks and held on all the while keeping her large tongue in constant motion. The sexual peak lasted for a long minute and then she felt Corinna’s muscles relax. Although she had never been attracted to any women Lis got even more heated just knowing she had pleasured this one.

Lis climbed up Corinna’s body and threw her arms around her. Both of them were soaked in sweat. Lis’ legs were broiling inside her pant’s plastic PVC material. She felt Corinna’s lips on hers and she opened her mouth obediently. What Lis had previously found to be a somewhat repulsive act had driven her to another sexual plateau.

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