The door bore only the title: T.P AUDITIONS: MODELS SIGN UP stencilled on it. The couple paused to glance at each other, both of them swelling with anticipation before they knocked on the door and a voice inside told them to come in.

A handsome black man wearing a turtleneck sweater and black pair of jeans sat on the other side of a table. His name was Byron, and today he was stuck with procuring fresh, pretty models for upcoming Tongue Patrol projects. His table was laden with snapshots and contact info on numerous models desiring to come onboard. The lady entering his office with her boyfriend in tow was one of such models whom he’d invited over for an interview.

“Hi there,” he got up and shook hands with both of them, focusing his attention on the lady. “You must be Cathy, right? A pleasure to meet you.”

She smiled. “Yes, that’s me. This here is Andrew,” she introduced her boyfriend to Byron who mentioned to him who he was before telling them to sit down. He got down to business after that.

“So Andrew, I take it that Cathy has already briefed you into her reason for being here, right?” Andrew grinned: “Yes, she has. I also thought I’d come along, just so she’d how much I totally support what she wants to go into.”

Cathy’s eyes at that moment did an unobtrusive three-sixty in their sockets as if wanting to say: support me? Yeah right. Byron did see the look and knew what it meant but didn’t give any hint he’d noticed. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen such. A lot of wannabe models, from past experience, despise coming in here with their men in tow — the air usually becomes a little tense and the ladies all sort of cease being relaxed … being comfortable for the interview, and a lot of the guys too are complete morons, the type who’d trail alongside their woman to the beauty salon and even the ladies room if they could. Byron couldn’t help but feel sorry for them …just like this clown here.

The chick was without a doubt a hottie — that you could easily tell: low-cropped red hair, full lips, long pair of legs and slender frame with standing tits; her top was a bit revealing to show that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her man looked nothing more than a typical average Joe: funny looking t-shirt, jeans and timberlands — looked like someone who’d just stepped out of last year’s Sears & Roebuck catalogue.

“I was just looking through her photos of her,” Byron said. “She’s obviously the type of model we’re looking for. Very lovely shots they are.”

“Yeah,” Andrew gloated. “I took them myself.”

“Is that so? You ought to go into photography. The snapshots are very okay. However I hope both of you are aware that it’s for an adult material? Good.” He then said to Cathy: “Perhaps you wouldn’t mind taking off your clothes and just show me a sample of your hot body.”

“Sure, why not.” Cathy got up and stood slightly away from them and began to undress. She took her gentle time, tuzla escort turning around to present Byron with what she had underneath. First off was her top — she wasn’t wearing any bra, as Byron had already noticed — then unbuckled her belt and pulled down her jeans. Byron complimented her ass which was well curved and fleshy; just the right type of ass that would feel good getting slammed by a black dick, he thought to himself. She played with her tits, made her nipples stand erect, and did a pirouette, totally enjoying herself.

Byron told her she had herself figure. Cathy said thanks, wore her clothes back on and returned to her chair just when her boyfriend inquired as to what sort of feature she would be in.

“It’s going to be an interracial, with lots of sex scenes thrown in the mix,” Byron answered. He took out a DVD case from inside a drawer and gave it to both of them to see. The title of the case said: Tongue Patrol White Chicks . “We’ll be filming the sixth edition two weeks from now, and so we’d like to –“

“Hell no,” Andrew said suddenly, dropping the case on the desk and rising to his feet; he was no longer smiling. “I’m sorry but I’m not into any interracial stuff, and I know Cathy wouldn’t be interested either. I’m sorry.”

Cathy looked at her boyfriend with shock and anger. “Andy, what –“

“Trust me Cathy, it’s for your own good.” He turned to Byron, looking apologetic. “Look man … I don’t have anything against blacks — I really don’t — I’m just not into anything interracial, that’s all. That’s just the way it is.”

An awkward moment passed through the room and for almost five seconds, neither person said anything. Byron was taken aback by his statement, but it was a good thing his demeanour remained unfazed.

“Well, I’m sorry you both feel that way,” he said, and thanked the both of them for dropping by.

The couple said their goodbyes and then left his office. Byron muttered under his breath “fucking asshole,” then erased them from his mind. A couple of seconds later there was a knock on his door. Before he could respond, it came open and Cathy rushed in.

“Look, I’m really sorry for what my boyfriend just did — he can be a real jerk sometimes. I told him that I wanted to use the rest room so he doesn’t know I’m here.” She picked up a pen and quickly scribbled out her address and home number for him. “Call me tomorrow, preferably early afternoon.”

“Alright, cool. I’ll give you a shout-out later.”

“Okay. Bye.” She flashed him a smile before disappearing out his office.

Now that’s one smart white gal, Byron smiled, pocketing the paper with her address on it.

The house was easy to find. It was a little past one in the afternoon. Byron had called half an hour ago to inform her he was on the way; she said she’d be expecting him. His hand was just about to reach for the door bell when the door came open and there she stood, göztepe escort wearing a tank top and pink shorts with her long sexy legs jutting from it, smiling at him.

“Hi,” she said. “I was so glad you called to say you were coming.”

“Well, you told me to drop by, and that’s what I did,” Byron said as she invited him inside.

The door had barely closed behind him when she jumped into his arms and began smothering him with kisses. Byron was startled only for about a second or two before he immediately caught on. His lips engulfed hers in a kiss while his hands rubbed against her back; their tongue danced and fluttered against each other’s. Byron had to rest his back against the wall just to support her; she was practically sucking the air off his lungs.

“So,” Byron tried freeing his lips to speak even as her hands were still groping against him. “Where’s Andrew?”

“Never mind about him — he’s such an asshole.” She resumed kissing him, and then candidly said: “Right now I want to get fucked.”

“For real? That’s what you really want?”

“Oh yeah,” she licked her lips. “I want a whole black cock in me, and I don’t care if he comes and sees us.”

She turned and led him further into the living room. She pushed him down on a sofa, knelt before him and began unzipping his pants. His cock shot out from within his boxers; she grasped it in her hand, feeling its thickness and gently stroked it to full erection. She licked her tongue around the mushroom head of his cock, relishing the taste.

“This is what your man’s scared of,” Byron said.

Cathy kissed the tip of his cock, tasting tiny drops of pre-cum, before opening her mouth to take him in. Byron’s cock was quite big and he kept pressing her head down on him, making her gag as she took the length of his cock deep into her throat. Such a gleeful sight it was, watching her red head bob up and down on him, her mouth lathering saliva up and down his tool. Byron took his shaft in his hand and waved it a few inches before her face. Cathy’s mouth followed it like a magnet, trying to recapture it. Byron teased her some more, making her beg for it, before letting her have it back in her mouth.

“Yeah, you’re a real slut, aren’t you? You better choke down on that cock, you hear me? You better choke on it or you’re never going to be in that movie. You want to be in my movie?”

She looked up with hungry eyes and moaned: “Yes, I want to …more than anything.”

“I’ll bet you can’t wait to get that cock of mine into your pussy, can you?”

“No, I can’t.”

Byron told her to get up and take her clothes off. Cathy did as told, and then assisted pulling Byron’s pants off his legs as he took off his shirt. He pulled her towards him and made her mount his cock, pushing it all the way into her pussy. Cathy’s body tensed up and she screamed out from the impact. She held unto him tight for a moment, feeling a huge spark üsküdar escort of electricity travel all over her body, before slowly coming to grips with it. Byron though didn’t give her enough time for that. He lounged backward on the couch, gripped her round fleshy ass and began bouncing it up and down his cock. Cathy felt the tip of his shaft pushing through her abdomen all the way to her heart; the feeling was exhilarating and painful, she couldn’t stem down her moans.

“Fuck me … Oh fuck me! Go ahead, fuck me with your black cock!”

Byron went on fucking her hard and real good; her ass went up and down his dick like she couldn’t get enough pounding. Just when they’d settled unto a rhythm, he lifted her up from couch, his hands gripping her ass underneath, and went on fucking her in mid-air, her screaming out in his ear as his thighs slapped repeatedly against her bottom.

“Which way is the bedroom?” Byron asked, sweat dripping down his forehead.

Cathy pointed the way and with Byron still holding unto her, they headed towards the direction of the bedroom.

Byron dumped her on the bed, gave her his cock to suck on for a while.

“Yeah, that’s it. Suck my dick like the slut you are. Ohh girl … Oh, you’re such a nasty slut … such a cute, nasty slut that you are. Soon, I’m gonna give you all the black dicks your cute ass can handle.”

Cathy loved the sound of his voice calling her names; it made her suck him more and more. She loved fucking and getting fucked back well and hard. She especially loved it even more when she got treated like a slut; it’s too bad Andrew could never fully understand or even keep up halfway with her sex life. Often he found it too crude when she wanted him to treat her bad, which was why she preferred being fucked by other men rather than just him. Except from now on, he was going to have to deal with her getting off black from now on.

Byron took back his cock once again and turned her over to be on all fours. Her brought her close to the bed’s edge and she replied by wiggling her ass before his cock, teasing him with her wet, hungry-looking pussy.

She looked at him from behind her shoulder and groaned. “Go ahead and shove that black cock in me.”

Byron did as was told. He pressed her down on the bed, held her by her waist and went on firing and pumping his cock in and out of her. Cathy bit down on the bed sheet while she cried and moaned through her teeth. He gripped her by the waist and went on thrusting his cock in and out of her hard; he loved the sight of his black member disappearing in and out of her cute bunny white ass. It was so exciting and before he knew it, he too was gasping for breath almost the same as she was.

The fucking seemed to never want to end, but it eventually did as both of them climaxed together ten minutes later. They both fell on the bed, gasping heavily.

“My God,” Cathy whispered. “I’ve never had it so good before.”

“There’s more of that where it came from,” Byron laughed. “By the time I’m through with you, you’re gonna become a star.”

“Hmmm,” Cathy kissed him and smiled, resting her head on his sweaty chest. “Sounds exciting. I just can’t wait.”

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