Averse to Sex


“His strong hands slid down her shoulders and around her back as he pulled her into his body. Her nipples tightened and she wished their clothing would magically disappear leaving nothing between them but heat and skin.”

Wendy is 32, has been divorced for eight years, she is persistently averse to sexual intercourse. Her marriage left her with bad experiences with sex, she is unresponsive to sexual advances and averse to sexual intercourse. She sat on the edge of her bed with a towel wrapped around her torso. She stared at the calendar on her iPhone. She counted the days off in her head and then she did it over and over again until she tossed the phone to the floor. Her stomach dropped as she remembered it has been eight years since she last had sex with her ex-husband. She has not dated during the last eight years. A mutual friend arranged for us to meet each other, she looked at her wardrobe she needed to look sexy for her meeting. She pulled her black Nicholas textured off-the-shoulder cocktail dress off the hanger. It is sleeveless with a straight neckline with a strap detail that wrapped around her neck. It is short on her thighs and snugly fit her breasts. She wore a pair of skimpy, black lacy panties. If she leaned slightly, they would show, and Wendy thought she may use the opportunity to lean forward while with me. She gazed at herself in the mirror as she slipped on her black Giuseppe Zanotti ankle-strap stiletto heels. The silver buckle on her ankle glistened against her toned legs. She spun on the bedroom floor. She looked sexy and hoped I would think the same. Her blonde hair flowed past her shoulders and her makeup is perfectly applied. Her lips twitched at the thought of possibly wrapping them around my cock later in the evening. She missed the taste of a cock.

She drove down the streets of Dallas as night fell with the radio playing softly in the background. She feels herself becoming more aroused as they got closer to my apartment. She had not felt aroused in a long time, she tries to ignore the sensation between her legs. Traffic is surprisingly sparse and she parked in an adjacent parking garage on the fourth level. She quickly walked across the street to my high rise apartment. Wendy’s index finger with a perfectly manicured red pained nail buzzed the door and my voice erupted from the intercom, ” Hello?” ” Hello John,” Wendy spoke confidently. The door buzzed and she made her way into the lobby. She took the elevator to the 40th floor but when the door opened I stood there with no shirt on facing her. Wendy’s eyes scanned over my hairy chest while I kicked off my shoes and then she focused on my crotch as my hands moved to undo my trousers. As I slide my trousers down a long thick cock popped out and stood to attention. I see the shock and apprehension in Wendy’s eyes as she wondered whether she can go through with this. ” Hey Wendy, are you excited by what you see? Go ahead – touch my cock – get a good feeling for it, before you taste it and suck it.” I laughed at Wendy. Wendy realized that she was stuck here, she had no other option but to go along with my instructions. I obvisously knew about her marriage and her averson to sex. Hesitantly she reached out and wrapped a hand around the cock that is pointing at her. I covered her hand with mine and stroked it up and down my length a few times. I instructed her to continue stroking me as I withdrew my hand from covering hers, and moved it up to cup her exposed breasts. I caressed and fondled both tits and rolled her nipples between my fingers. Wendy’s tits and nipples are high erogenous zones for her and I wonder if she is getting stimulated by my touch.

I ask Wendy, ” So Wendy, doesn’t that feel good stroking my cock while I fondle you?” She didn’t respond. I position her, and instructed her to get on with the blowjob. Kneeling next to me, Wendy stared down at my erect cock. ” I …… I don’t know if I can do this,” she stammered. I grabbed her one hand and placed it on my cock and told her to get on with it. She started to slowly slide her hand up and down my cock. Getting impatient, I grabbed her hair and shoved her face into my lap. She is shocked by my roughness and just opened her mouth and covered the head of my cock with it. With my hand still in her hair I got her head bobbing up and down. ” That’s more like it. Now make it good – or else….!!” I took my hand out of her hair and started roughly fondling her tits. My rough kneading of her tits causing her to moan — from a mix of pain and pleasurable sensations. I’m starting to appreciate the wet sensations Sex hikayeleri around my cock. Soon I’m thrusting gently into her mouth. She lets out an erotic soft groan every now and then. Is she just trying to make me feel good, or is she finding herself involuntarily stimulated by what is happening?
I found the sight very erotic, Wendy is dressed only in her tiny lace panties and stockings sucking my cock, while I’m massaging her tits and rolling her nipples. Her sucking and stroking of my cock is getting me very aroused. I gave up on her tits and brought both hands up behind her head. ” Yeah baby, that’s it. Enjoy getting some cock. I am going to cum soon — and you are going to swallow every drop!!” Wendy increased her pace. Clearly she wanted to get this over and done with. ” Oh YEAHHHHHHH. HERE IT COMES. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH,” I shouted, as I erupted into her mouth.

I held her head firm over my squirting cock as she is swallows all she can. As my body experienced its last orgasmic jerk, I let go of her head and she sat back on her haunches, breathless and flushed. She just looked down at the floor in front of her, as she wiped the last of my cum from her lips. ” Not a bad blowjob for someone who claims to be inexperienced. You made me cum quickly.” I smiled at Wendy. ” And now tell me — did you find it a thrill to be pleasuring me?” ” So Wendy — did you get a thrill from that?” I clearly wanted her to answer. ” NO, I did not! I have now carried out what you wanted.” Wendy responded. I instructed her to stand up facing me and said to her in soft voice. ” I think you are lying to me — and I don’t take kindly to being lied to.” With that I took hold of her lace panties, and pulled them halfway down her thighs, exposing her pussy. Then I slip a finger between her legs. ” Wendy you have lied to me. Your cunt is sopping wet. You obviously got a huge thrill out of giving me a blow job. I said you look like a sophisticated whore, and now I will treat you like one for lying to me!!” I shove two fingers up Wendy’s cunt as I spoke. Her eyes opened wide and she can not prevent a groan escaping her lips.

” I’m going to fuck you like a whore.” Continuing to finger her pussy, I look at her and smirked, ” You will never be the same again. You will always want my cock after you enjoy a really good fucking.” ” John, pleeeeeeeease don’t do this to me! Please don’t make me have sex,” Wendy pleaded. ” I just want to leave now.” Ignoring her plea, ” I’m going to take off your panties — you won’t be needing them — and then lay you down on my bed.” I pull my fingers out of her, then placed 2 fingers into the back of her panties and with seemingly no effort just ripped them off her. Wendy gasped in surprise, and tried to cover her nakedness. Grasping her arms I exposed her fully again, and lead her down the hall to the bedroom. I made her lie across the bed with legs over the side, I spread her legs then stand between them. Her legs on either side of me, so that her pussy is totally exposed to me. I slide a hand up her thigh and then push 2 fingers up into her cunt. Her body reacted to the invasion but she muffled any sound. Slowly fingering her, I use my thumb to rub her clit. Ann bit her lip, as my touch is sending an erotic thrill through her but that she is determined not to show it. ” I am going to make you cum really hard before I fuck you. Are you looking forward to that Wendy?” ” Nooo, pleeease no. Don’t do this to me!!!” Wendy pleaded again. I just laughed at her.

I kneel down and lean forward and start licking her cunt and clit. From her body language I can tell she is trying hard not to respond to the stimulation. She loves cunnilingus, as she fights a losing battle. Her body soon is starting to give a few twitches, as my tongue hits the mark. My fingers are again moving slowly in and out of her cunt. Wendy’s body is starting to shudder as all her pleasure buttons are being manipulated and licked. Wendy’s eyes closed and she starts groaning. ” Nooooo. Pleeeease. I can’t let you do this to me!!” She is rapidly losing the battle to control her orgasm, but still did not want me to make her cum. I sensed she had capitulated as I insert an additional finger in her cunt, very quickly her body is shaking uncontrollably. With that she erupted into an explosive orgasm. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. OHHHHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHH,” Wendy shouted as her body shook and shuddered with the powerful erotic shocks running through her. I keep up the stimulation until her shaking starts subsiding.
Standing up and leaning over Wendy, I look into her eyes, smile broadly and said, Sikiş hikayeleri ” You enjoyed that, like a good little slut didn’t you? And this time you cannot lie to me!” Still getting her breath back, Wendy just sighed, but is still not going to give me the pleasure of acknowledging that I was right. ” Well, I can’t wait to slip my huge dick into your tight cunt. You are going to love feeling my huge cock stretching your pussy.”

Despite her body still coming down from the orgasmic high, Wendy tried to avoid getting fucked by me. ” PLEASE don’t fuck me John. Only my ex-husband has ever done that. Please can I just suck you off again?” I chuckled as I stand between her splayed legs. ” Honey, all good whores love a huge cock. And now is your chance to get spoiled by this one. I am going to give you really good ride.” As I picked up her legs and put them over my shoulders, Wendy watched as I lined up my cock with her slit, she resigned herself to being used by me, and said softly, ” John please just go gently.” I obliged and slowly edged the head of my monster past her pussy lips. I saw her body tense as she adjusted to my size. I then gradually eased in deeper and deeper. She let out a groan as I push in the last bit. Giving her just a brief moment to get use to my cock, I start slow thrusting in and out of her pussy. ” OHH … AHH … OHH!!” Wendy lets out little cries as I rhythmically buried my cock deep in her cunt. As her cries turn to deeper sexual groans as I slip a hand down between her legs and start rubbing her clit. I thrust a little harder and faster as she starts to involuntary moaning. Suddenly I withdrew from her cunt, eliciting a deep sigh from her. ” Want some more honey? Does that big cock feel good?” Wendy’s erect nipples and spread legs (which she could have closed) clearly indicated her sexual excitement is now controlling her actions, but she resisted saying so.

” I can see that you are very turned on honey. I am going to make you cum with your pussy full with my cock.” I chuckled at the prospect. With that I slam back into her stretched cunt and start slamming her pussy. Almost immediately Wendy starts groaning again. I’m now also flicking her clit and rolling a nipple to increase her stimulation. ” Your cunt feels very ready to cum. Just let go and let me feel you cum around my cock buried deep in you.” I’m talking dirty to her to increase the level of stimulation. ” My cock feels good inside you doesn’t it? Soon you are also going to have the thrill of my cum filling you up.” The mention of me coming in her cunt seems to push her to the edge. Erotic cries start escaping from her lips with each thrust by me, as she is starting to match my thrusts. ” Ohhhh… Ohhh…. Ohhh….. I can’t believe it……. I going to cum again!!” She looks at me as her body starts to shudder. ” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. OH SHIIIIIIIIIT. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Wendy exclaimed as her second orgasm rolled through her. As her moans and groans of erotic pleasure continues, I groan, and plunge deep into her cunt. My hips jerk squirting my cum deep into her pussy. ” OHHHHH YEAHHHHHH. Feel all that cum inside you honey!!” As we both came down from our erotic highs, I withdrew my dripping cock, looked at Wendy and said, ” You are a great fuck, and you cum so easily. You are going to be hooked on my big cock from now on.”

With cum dribbling out of her pussy Wendy looks at me and still a out of breath, said, ” Well John, you have now had your fun, and I guess I have now paid you the favor required. Can I leave now?” ” Why are you in such a hurry when you seem to be having such fun? ” You cannot leave before I have given you a little more excitement. When you leave here, your sex life will never be the same again.” ” John, have you not tormented me enough tonight? What more do you want?” Wendy challenged, obviously having recovered to some extent. I laughed at her. ” Besides you seem to orgasm so easily that I want to see if you are an insatiable little slut that will cum 3 times. I am going to fuck you while you are still on an erotic high.” ” Oh God no John — I will not cum again. You have abused me enough already.” I sense Wendy is trying to get out of being fucked again by trying to convince me that I would not have the pleasure of seeing her cumming involuntarily another time.

” That sounds like a challenge,” I sneered. I pull her off the bed, turned her around and made her bend over the bed leaning on her elbows. Her legs are spread leaving her pussy and sphincter very exposed. I stroked her ass before sliding my hands down her crack. Erotik hikaye I ran my fingers around the rim of her little anus, which made her tense up. She relaxes again as I move down to slip two fingers into her cunt. ” Well Wendy, you are about to experience another first for you tonight — being fucked all night. I bet you have fantasized about this. I’ll make sure I don’t disappoint.” I remove my fingers from her cunt and replace them with my cock again. I easily slide all the way into her in one stroke. Her pussy is still a little distended from my cock. I fucked her rhythmically while stroking her ass. She can’t pull away as she is pinned down with her legs up against the bed and my full body weight behind her — and my cock deep in her. Keeping up the rhythmical thrusting I reach into the nightstand drawing a tube of gel. I squeezed some onto my fingers and proceeded to rub the gel around Wendy’s tight little ass hole. With a fearful look on her face she tries to look around to see what I’m doing. ” That right Wendy, the level of excitement is about to increase,” I smirked.

” No John. Please don’t touch me there!!” Wendy pleaded. I knew she is like most women, she has no experience of anal stimulation and feel that part of her body is the most private. ” Oh all little sluts like their ass holes being played with.” I applied more pressure. Wendy is clearly resisting, and pinching her hole closed. I shove a finger up her lubricated anus. I see her wince before her eyes open a bit wider as she feels my finger probe her ass hole. As my cock and finger thrust and probe her holes. She is gradually starting to get aroused again despite her earlier orgasm’s. Probably she is finding the new sensations in her ass hole very erotic. Wendy lets out a muffled cry as I shove a second finger up her puckered holed. Wendy let’s out a moan of discomfort, closing her eyes and hung her head. She is clearly just accepting the abuse and the sensations that are accompanying it. She cannot stop her body showing signs of erotic stimulus. An occasional shudder or deep groan indicating the level of erotic thrill is growing. I understood the signs as well and with my unoccupied hand stretched under her, rubbing her clit. This soon increases the pace of the body shuddering. Having got her to a good level of sexual excitement I withdrew my fingers and cock. ” Now for your final thrill Wendy!” I held her hips tightly in my hands, pushing her hard up against the bed and lined up my cock with her puckered hole.

As my cock tip applied pressure on her sphincter she cries out. ” OH GOD NO John. NOOOOOO!!! NOT THERE PLEASE. YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!” I applied more pressure to push past her clenching. ” NOOOO John!!” Wendy’s eyes open wide. ” NOOOOOO…… OHHHHHHHH MY GOD. OHHHHH………. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Wendy exclaimed as my cock pushed it’s way past her sphincter and slides deep into her ass. ” Oh my God. I feel soooooo full,” Wendy sighs as I start thrusting up her ass. ” Your ultimate slutty thrill, Wendy!” I smirked at her as I grabbed her tits and fondled them. Clearly the erotic mix of discomfort and sexual stimulus from her first anal fuck is getting to her. She is groaning and her body is tense. Continuing to fuck her ass, I stimulated her nipples and clit. Her erogenous zones are also very sensitive by now from the earlier work out’s that she had received. She is experiencing a significant combination of discomfort and erotic thrill. I step up the pace of stimulation on her, her body starts shuddering again while she moans. Clearly the new erotic sensation of having her ass hole filled with a thrusting cock is getting to the core of her, and overriding any discomfort. Wendy starts her pre-orgasm whimpers, indicating she is reaching the inevitable climax. ” OHHHHH. This can’t be happening. ………….. OHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK. AHHHHHHHHHH.” Wendy exploded into her third orgasm that night. She cannot help herself and matched my thrusts as I rapidly work myself up to orgasm. I jerk, then thrust hard into her as my semen squirted deep into her ass. ” OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS. What a tight ass on this slut!!”

I pull out to let the last spurts of cum squirt over her butt. It seemed like a final act of domination over her — covering her in my cum. Wendy lay exhausted on the bed as I went to sit in a chair. ” Well Wendy, I guess you have paid now……….and you have had the thrill of being fucked and being made to cum by me. Now that you have had a taste of illicit erotic thrills I’ll bet you are going to want it again soon.” I chuckled looking at her. With my cum dripping out between her legs, ” Wendy, I am sure I will never see you again, but you will not forget that I taught you something about sex tonight that is going to change your life.”

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