Bad Day at the Office


She could tell he’d had a bad day the second he walked in the door. He hadn’t reached for her as he normally did; he’d stalked past her. He looked so tense, pacing the room, his eyes darting around, his jaw clenched. She had never seen him like this, he was usually so calm, so aware of himself and of others around him. That was part of his appeal to her, she was the one that got upset and he was the one who settled her down.

Now it was her turn and she could feel the panic starting to rise. How was she to cope? She told herself to relax. The first thing to do was make a cup of tea, she knew how to do that. So, boil the kettle, put the bag in the cup, the ritual calmed her and let her think what to do next.

He was sat in the chair by the window so once his tea was ready she took it over to him. Taking a pillow from the bed she put it on the floor by his feet and sat down. She didn’t touch him, just sat close to his knee and waited for him to calm himself down. She felt him put his hand on the back of her neck, stroking down her shoulder, curling his fingers round. It always tickled slightly but she knew it calmed him so she sat still. His fingers were stiff as the tension in his body travelled down them. He sat there staring out of the window, not looking at anything in particular, just lost in his thoughts. They sat like that for half an hour, him stroking away the tension and her just sitting quietly letting him have time for himself. He hadn’t spoken to her except to say ‘Hi’; now he sighed and settled himself denizli escort down deeper into the chair. He moved his hand up to her hair and twisted her head so her eyes would meet his.

‘I’m sorry about that,’ he said. ‘Had a bad day today.’

‘It’s ok,’ she replied, ‘Can I help with anything? Take your mind off it?’

His look told her the answer and she moved to kneel between his legs.

‘Are you sure pet? You’re not hungry?’

She slid her hands up his thighs and unzipped his fly in an unspoken assurance that all she wanted was to make him feel good, dinner could wait. Taking out his cock she ran her nails gently along the length of him, feeling him stiffen as she did so. His hands were soothing on her hair, stroking down the side of her head. As the blood rushed to his cock, swelling it up, she ran the tip of her tongue over the end of it, pushing gently into the tiny slit she found there. His hands guided her head down and she opened her mouth with pleasure to take him deep inside. She loved this feeling, serving him like this, his pleasure all important, hers gathered from his reaction to her service. The time seemed to stop when she was like this, so focused on him and his cock that nothing else mattered, it was the only time she didn’t feel any pain. She knew it would come later, her body protesting at the positions she put it in, but for now there was peace throughout her whole being.

She twirled her tongue round her mouth, covering diyarbakır escort every part of his cock with it, sucking him in deeper and deeper. When he was still slightly soft she could take all of him in her mouth but as he grew stiffer and stiffer she could feel him being pushed out by her closing throat. Moving her hands from his thighs she took hold of his cock with one and rested the other on his hip, gently pressing her thumb into his groin.

His hands were constantly moving on her head, guiding, stroking, caressing her hair. She glanced up at him over her glasses, seeing his face blurred but the warmth of his eyes shining down on her, the smile on his face and the pleasure he showed so openly made her groan with excitement deep in her throat, her tongue picking up the vibrations and transferring them to his cock. His pussy, as she now always though of it, was beginning to tighten and swell in response to him, the juices flooding out and tickling pussy’s clit making her hips squirm.

Her body began to move in tiny circles, unable to resist the building waves of her first orgasm. She pressed her thighs together, rubbing them up and down against his pussy, knowing it wouldn’t be enough to push her over the edge but loving the sensations none the less.

These days she didn’t mind if she didn’t come, as long as he had that was the main thing. Of course usually the things they did made her come, she couldn’t help it, he drove her so wild and it just antalya escort got better and better every time they were finally together. She started to whimper with her need, sucking him harder into her mouth, her hand moving up and down in time with her mouth. The hands on her head stopped moving and pushed her down on his cock, holding her there as his thighs trembled on either side of her, crushing her body between them. His body thrust up into her mouth, trying to get deeper inside her and she heard him groan and cry out

‘Oh baby!’

She was sucking wildly now, pulling him in as deep as he would go, her body jerking as she so nearly came, and as he came, his cock twitching in her mouth, pumping its load deep into her throat, she swallowed convulsively, pulling every last drop from him.

She was so far gone, so deeply focused, that she didn’t stop until he hit her head, pushing her away. Her hands automatically went to his pussy, not waiting for his permission to play, needing the release so badly. He didn’t stop her, he watched as she thrust two fingers deep inside her and ground her palm into her clit, just as he had taught her to do all those months ago.

Her eyes was blank as she rode her fingers, writhing on the floor at his feet, feeling nothing but the over powering orgasm that shook her body so completely. As she shuddered on the floor and came she cried out her incoherent words of pleasure. The shock of how he made her feel always took her breath away, he could be 300 miles away and still his touch could jolt her mind.

Slowly she came back down and her shame of pleasing herself without his permission hit her hard. She crawled onto her knees at his feet and begged his forgiveness. He raised her head and looked into her eyes.

‘Pet, there is nothing to forgive. Now get dressed and we’ll go get some dinner.’

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