Bad Grades Yet Again


“Oh no! Not again,” Steph wailed.

She had, yet again, left her coursework until the last minute and of course got a bad result — another D-. Her Master Lucifer was not going to be very happy with her. She had already gotten into an argument with him that morning about doing coursework before the last minute. She thought she knew everything and had done it all well enough to get at least a C and pass. She had been wrong. Lucifer had warned her last time that this was not good enough and, if she kept making silly mistakes and failing, she was going to be punished. She sighed again and walked over to the car park at the back of the college and waited for him to pick her up; she was shaking with anxiety.

About ten minutes later she heard him call to her and tell her to hurry up and get into the car, she obediently trotted over and jumped into the front seat beside him, “Hello, Master,” she said in a honey-sweet voice and kissed him on the cheek. He automatically knew something was up, she never spoke like that unless she had done something wrong.

“Come on then, what did you do?” he spoke softly, but his tone demanded no question. He wanted the truth straight away and she knew it, but she still had to try to lie.

“I’m sorry, Master, I got a detention because I got in a fight,” she whimpered, hoping to be let off lightly.

“No you didn’t, the school rang me, Steph! You failed another Pendik Grup Escort exam didn’t you? This is unacceptable! You will be punished as soon as we get home.”

“Yes, Master Lucifer,” she replied, she couldn’t hide the whine of fear in her voice.

When they got home she was ordered to go straight to her room and strip, go for a shower, and put on nothing but underwear and her collar. While she was in the shower he laid out a vibrating butt plug, a riding crop, a paddle and a vibrator — and of course his spiked leather belt. The paddle was his favourite along with the belt; the paddle went so far as to have the word slave cut out so it bruised nicely letting the victim remember who was in charge.

He was still contemplating what to do while he waited when Steph came back wearing a strapless black bra and hold-ups. Damn, the bitch was good at making him want to go easy, but she needed to be taught a lesson. He took her down to his dungeon and cuffed her in the centre of the room without saying a word.

“Now,” he sighed, “have you anything to say for yourself, young lady?”

“Im sorry, Master, it won’t happen again. I learned my lesson. Please let me go.”

“NO!” he yelled; his voice growing very stern. “I’m glad you apologised, but you need to be taught a lesson, Steph. Now you get five lashes with each item you see,” he told her.

She whined Pendik Manken Escort at the array of painful items and, even as she did so, she felt the cold butt plug press against her ass. “NO, DON’T YOU DARE!” she screamed before she could help herself, earning her ten smacks of his hand.

“This is for your own good; don’t make me get the gag please, Steph. I do not want to do this, but you never seem to learn.

“Yes, Master,” she whimpered again, but quietly this time and allowed him to insert the butt plug.

Next he slid the vibrator in and turned it to full speed. “Do not come without permission,” he reminded her gently. She didn’t reply, but lowered her head in submission. She would obey to keep him happy; she had deserved this and would take the punishment for her own good.

Without warning she felt the crop strike her ass with force, without even thinking she yelped and said, “One, Master, please give me another.”

“Good girl,” he whispered in her ear making her hot with desire.

Suddenly he lashed again. “Two, Master, please give me another,” she was willing herself not to cry

Again the lash hit her with reasonable force followed by another in quick succession. “Three, Master, may I have another? OUCH! THAT ONE HURT! Sorry, Master. Four, Master, may I have another?”

“You are NOT to complain,” he told her sternly, lashing her ass Pendik Masöz Escort violently for the fifth stroke.

“Five, Master, thank you,” she shuddered in pain; proud she hadn’t cried.

“Good girl,” he praised her and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. She melted into it and heard his voice seemingly from a distance, “Because you were brave you get three lashes of the remaining objects. I am proud of you.”

She sighed with pleasure while he pushed the vibrator deeper into her dripping pussy, she moaned, but kept herself from coming; she had not yet been given permission.

Without any warning he hit her a fast three times with the paddle, his expertise hitting exactly the same spot each time, “One, two, THREE! Thank you, Master,” Steph yelped and whined.

“I’m sorry, baby, but you need to learn,” Lucifer said, pulling her into a hug and giving her renewed strength.

“Okay, please just hit me with the belt and get it over with,” she sighed with worry and excitement. She loved the belt as much as he did, but would never admit that even if he was her Master.

“Okay, here we go then, baby.” He swung the belt catching her just on the swell of her ass so she would feel it for a few days. He gave all three in fast succession and then released the sobbing girl into his arms, pulling her close and comforting her. “Shh, it’s okay, baby, its over, you did well.”

She whimpered, dried her tears, and smiled up at him, “I’m sorry, Master, I’ll be good next time. Thank you for teaching me that lesson. I am grateful.”

“Good,” was his only reply, “because you will be learning to suck my cock tomorrow after you rest up”

To be continued…?

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