Basement Sluts Vol. 08 Pt. 01


Shawn and Josh were playing a very intense game of one on one basketball. Shawn had the upper hand in the game before they both heard a few knocks on the door.

“Wonder who it could be?” Said Josh.

“Thought we gave Nelly the day off since it’s our day off?” Said Shawn.

Josh reached for his towel and wiped some sweat off his body as he walked over to the door. He opens the door and an average looking female was standing in front of him. She was wearing a ridiculously undersize red T-shirt and Capri pants. Josh couldn’t take his eyes off her chest. Her enormous breasts jutted straight out like huge torpedoes, aiming at him. He licked his lips at the sight of her hard nipples poking through her shirt from her bra.

“JOSH!” Shouted the girl.

“Paris? Is that you?” Josh said confused.

“Yes dummy. It’s me,” she said, hopping up and down, causing her ample breasts to shake and bounce. “Oh sorry. I’m still getting use to these. Boy I’ll tell ya. It’s hard having such enormous boobs. You remember back in middle school when I was flat chested and got tease on a lot. Well in due time, I finally grew a pair but I didn’t think they would grow to be so enormous. Puts a lot of pain on your back and not to mention, putting a lot of eyes on them hehehehehehe. Oh! Where are my manners? It’s me. Paris,” said the girl in a perky manner.

“Hey Josh! Who is that at the door?” Shouted Shawn.

“Wow! Paris. I can’t believe it’s you,” said Josh amazed.

“Yeah. I know. A lot of guys who never wanted to go out with me have said the same thing. They even ask if I could give them a second chance. First of all, I never even had the first chance. So I just laugh at them now, but Josh. You were always nice to me and I am glad that you were my first kiss,” said Paris, brushing her deep-red hair out of her face. “You’ve been working out? You’ll all sweaty. I’m I interrupting something?” Paris asked.

“No Paris. Not at all. Come in. Please?” Josh asked smiling.

Paris came into the apartment and Shawn’s jaw drops.

“Hi. I’m Paris. Are you a friend a Josh’s?” Paris asks.

“Yes. I’m Shawn. We share an apartment together… And this basement,” Shawn said, barely getting the words out fast enough.

“You’re cute,” said Paris smiling. “But my mom and I are in some deep trouble Josh.”

“Oh. How is your mom?” Josh asks.

“She’s in good health. Nothing is really wrong with her except the fact that we are being convicted out of our house,” Paris said in a sad tone.

“Sorry to hear that,” said Josh, helping Paris sit down on the couch and he sat next to her.

“That sucks,” said Shawn. “How can we help you?”

“This might sound retarded but my mother has actually seen your shows if you know what I mean,” said Paris, winking at Shawn and Josh.

“Ooooooh. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Asked Shawn.

“I don’t know but I really didn’t want to come here and ask for any favors or anything but we really do need the money. So what my mom and I were thinking, what if we could appear on your website and instead of you guys taking the money for yourselves, could you please let me and my mom use it to pay off our bills. Neither one of us has a job right now. She got fired 3 months ago and it’s hard for her to find work. The same thing goes for me,” Paris said frowning.

“Well Paris. You do understand that appearing in one of our videos, Shawn and I will own the tape and the copyrights and everything else,” said Josh.

“I know. We don’t care what you do with the tape. We just really need the money at the moment. We figure since that we can’t make money using our brains, our boobs might as well get us paid,” said Paris.

“She has a point Josh,” said Shawn smiling at him greedily.

Josh pulled Shawn aside for a little talk.

“I know Shawn but her and her mother has been a good friend of my family for years. I’m surprise they didn’t call my brother or my mother to help them out. I guest we can do something,” Josh said.

“That’s the spirit and since this is your problem, I’m going to let you be on film. I’m actually kind of worn out from the Iraqis chick last week and Nelly’s booty calls days after. I think it’s time to let you have a little bit of fun,” said Shawn.

“Then it’s settle,” said Josh smiling. “Ok Paris. We’re going to help you out in anyway possible.”

Paris had a huge smile on her face and rush up to hug Josh.

“I always knew I could count on you to be there for me Josh. You always have been,” she said, pressing her massive breasts hard into Josh’s chest. His cock started to become semi-hard and then fully arose. “My mom is going to be happy to see you again Josh.” With that being said, Paris, Josh, and Shawn all headed out of the basement and to Paris’s car. She drove off, eagerly waiting to see her mother’s face.

They soon arrived at Paris’s house. A large sign was in the lawn, convicting Paris and her mother from the house. Paris’s mother, Mona, was sitting on the pouch Pendik Escort wearing a small halter pink top that barely held her monstrous breasts in place and booty-tight shorts. Inside the car still, Josh and Shawn couldn’t take their eyes off her. She stood up and started walking towards them, causing her watermelon size tits to bounce and try to spill over the halter-top. The top didn’t hide her stomach. The boys were pretty sure that she has never seen herself from the waist down due to the way her tits stretch out from her body, enormous and round.

“Goddamn!” Said Shawn. “Now she is a MILF,” he said stun.

“MILF?” Said Paris confused.

“Mom I’ll like to fuck,” said Josh smiling at her. “Her daughter isn’t half-bad neither,” he concluded in a joking manner.

“Shawn and Josh. It’s so good to see you guys in person,” said Mona with a large grin. She kept her hands on the top of her halter-top, making sure her huge titties don’t fall out on accident. Shawn and Josh couldn’t believe the sheer size of them. Each breast is bigger then their heads they thought. “Please. Come inside. I’ll be a lot better that way,” Mona said smiling. She looked down and saw their boners rising. “Mmmmm,” Mona said licking her lips. They followed Paris and Mona to the house and went inside.

“What a lovely house you guys have. Can’t believe your landlord would want to convict you guys,” said Shawn.

“Why thank you,” said the blond bombshell Mona, brushing her long blond locks over her right shoulder. Her huge breasts jiggle with her movements. Shawn licked his lips and was having second thoughts about letting Josh have all the fun.

“Josh. Can I speak to you for a minute?” Ask Shawn, pulling him away from Paris. “Let’s do this. You can have Paris. I want the mom,” Shawn demanded.

“Easy Shawn. I’ll let you have Mona. All you had to do was ask,” Josh responded.

“So who’s first?” Shawn asks.

“Why don’t Mona and you go first since you so eagerly want to bone the fuck out of her,” said Josh.

“Cool man,” said Shawn, walking over to Mona.

“Have a sit you guy,” Mona requested to them.

Shawn and Josh sat down first. Then Mona and Paris join them on the sofa. Mona’s giant breasts slope down her chest, hugely round and sat in her lap almost. Paris’s huge breasts jutted high from her chest, forming huge missiles and were bobbing lightly to her breathing.

“Damn! Those are what I call some natural breasts,” said Shawn whispering to Josh.

“Don’t I know it,” said Josh whispering to him back.

“What are you guys whispering about?” Asked Paris curiously.

“Oh nothing really. Just how wonderful both of you girls look right now,” said Josh smiling at them. “So why don’t you girls tell us why you have no jobs and why were Shawn and I the only ones you could come to?”

The four of them talked for about an hour. The girls explained their situation of being called freaks for having such oversize breasts. How it hurts them from getting a good paying job where the men aren’t asking for favors in the form of sex of any kind. Paris’s father is a deadbeat and neither Mona nor Paris has any other family that lives in California. As Paris had said to the boys earlier, Mona saw Josh on his Basement Sluts site and knew Paris could get in contact with him.

“Well come girls have come to the right people. We accept girls with natural large breasts. We always find a way to do something with them,” said Shawn smiling at the girls.

Mona started to giggle and slowly moves her right hand over Shawn’s enormous bulge in his pants. She bends downs and unzips his jeans. Her huge breasts press against Shawn’s entire udder leg and bulge to his kneecap and over his thigh. She pulls out his incredible massive black dick and starts to stroke it with both her hands.

“Oh my god! Don’t we have some elephant in us? It’s so beautiful in person,” Mona says in awe. She slowly kisses the massive mushroom head of his dick and slithers her tongue at his pee hole. Shawn released some deep moans out between his lips.

Josh had sat up the cam and with Paris’s help; he hooked it up to her computer and started filming.

Mona had taken 5-inches of his anaconda between her lips. She sucked long and hard on just the 5-inches allow. Then she proceeded to slide her mouth down inch by inch. His massive balls spilled over his jeans.

“Holy shit! Look at those balls;” gasp Mona in between sucking the head of his cock. Her hands grip his heavy balls and fondle them while she devour his huge dick, inch by inch with her mouth. His huge balls overflowed her small hands and she squeezed them like sponges. Letting them sink between her fingers as she had a tight grip on them with both her hands.

Shawn’s own hands reached over and started lowering her halter-top, exposing inch by inch of her titflesh. Mona lifted her upper body up so that Shawn could get her big tits completely uncovered. Her gargantuan knockers were now completely exposed Anadolu Yakası Escort for his viewing pleasure.

“40HH’s,” Mona said smiling. She started to flop her massive tits at Shawn and then the camcorder.

“Oh yeah,” said Josh enjoying the sight. Paris stood next to him and couldn’t believe she was watching her own mother get fucked by an enormous black dick, all while being filmed by a close friend of hers. In a weird way, it was turning her on extremely. Her small nipples, now huge rock-hard buds, poke hard against her tight shirt. Josh stop watching the action in front and saw Paris’s hard nipples, demanding to be freed and suckle. Josh couldn’t wait to be the one to do that. His own dick sprung to life, bulging through his pants.

Mona leans in closer to Shawn, burying his huge dick between her equally huge tits. She positions her head between her cleavage and resumes sucking on his cockhead. Shawn was moaning and groaning from the feel of her warm lips, wrap around his dick. She engulfs more and more of his huge shaft between her lips. Mona spread her breasts apart slightly so that she could suck more and more of his dick, deep into her throat. Her nose was almost buried deep in his black bush. She could smell the musty aroma coming from his pubic hairs.

Shawn’s starts to thrust his cock slowly deep into Mona’s throat. Mona’s lips reached the base of Shawn’s throbbing dick. She rested her face deep his thick bush, savoring his cock down her throat for what seemed like forever to Shawn. The sensation was driving him crazy. A warm, tingly feeling spreads throughout his body as Mona’s tongue worked it magic over his engulfed cock.

“Mmmmm,” moaned Paris, having her left hand inside her Capri pants and the other groping what it could of her mammoth breasts. Josh switch back and forth from watching Shawn and Mona, to Paris feeling herself up. Josh always had the urge to stroke his own dick. He unzips his jeans and slips his hand inside his boxer slit. His dick springs out of the slit and in plain view. He gives it gentle and long strokes, imagining that it was Paris stroking his dick. Soon that imagination became real as Paris reached over and took his 8-inch cock into her hands and started to stroke it while watching her mother deep-throat the massive horse cock of Shawn.

Mona came up for air, saliva and pre-cum dripping from her mouth. She got some air and then resumes bobbing her head up and down Shawn’s dick. Her hands never left his massive balls and continued to fondle them in any way that she could.

“AHHHHHHH!” Cried Shawn, breathing heavy and moaning non-stop. He felt the rush of his cum, surging through his cock, then rocketing down Mona’s wet throat.

“MMMMMM!” Mona moaned as she suckles every last drop of his cum from his cock. After his dick finish unloading, Mona took his dick and starts beating it against her gooey tongue. Then rubbing his massive member all over her pale and sweaty face.

Paris was jerking Josh’s cock hard to the point where he exploded in her hands and onto the floor. His hot cum just gust out wildly. Paris continued to stroke his cock, making sure he was completely empty for the time being.

“Paris is not a pro but she sure does know how to act like one,” said Mona. She smiled at Josh and Paris for a few seconds and then proceeded to take Shawn’s jeans all the way off. Shawn kicks off his shoes so he could slip out of his jeans. Mona stood up and took off her own jeans. Tossing off her sandals and easily removing her jeans. She also slid the halter-top off her waist, down her legs and over her feet, kicking it at Josh and the camcorder. Josh smiled as he kept on filming.

As Shawn was taking off his shirt, Mona had a grip on his massive rod again and started to jerk it. Getting it nice and hard once again. It started to throb upwards just like how Mona likes it.

“I think this is the first time Shawn has ever come from a straight on blowjob,” said Josh to Paris.

“My mom is good. Trust me. None of her boyfriends have ever complained and they keep coming back for more,” Paris said.

“Are you that good too?” Asked Josh.

“I wouldn’t know. I only had two sex partners and neither one have came back yet. I guest they figured once they hit it, why do it again?” Paris said in a calm voice.

Shawn was buried in Mona’s humongous tits as she was preparing to sit down on his massive dick. She continued to hold his cock with one hand while the other rested on his shoulder. Her pussy was dripping wet and Josh got a nice shot of it from behind.

“Oh God!” Mona cried as she straddled Shawn’s dick, slowly easing it deep between her pussy walls. Shawn could feel her warm and wet walls, slide down his cock and engulf it. Mona starts to rock back and forth to farther ease her pussy down completely over his prick. She places both hands on his shoulders and with a huge push, impaled her juicy cunt all the way down his throbbing shaft. Shawn places his hands on her round ass İstanbul Escort and starts to push her forwards on his cock.

“OHHHHHHH yesssss!” Mona moaned, rocking back and forth on Shawn’s dick. Her sweaty enormous breasts smother Shawn’s face and chest. His tongue lashed out at her salty sweated cleavage. The feeling of her pillowy soft tits around his face and completely engulfing his head cause him to rock her faster and harder on his dick.

“OHHH FUCK SHAWN! MMMMM YEAAAAH!” Cried Mona now meeting his pounding by lifting herself up and down his pussy juice-covered shaft. His head was deep in the valley of her breasts. Licking and sucking the sides of her sweaty mammoth jugs as they bounce and beat against his head.

“Oh my God!” Said Paris, not believing what she is seeing. Josh was zooming in close to the action. Watching Mona drive herself up and down Shawn’s huge dick. Shawn’s hands held her wobbling ass and bounce it off his thighs as they moved faster and faster.

Mona bounces harder and faster on Shawn’s dick. Wildly flopping her gigantic tits in Shawn’s face making it hard for him to capture a large nipple between his lips. Josh zoomed up to Mona’s huge tits as they beat Shawn’s face in. Shawn’s eyes had rolled into the back of their sockets. Mona was like a wildly woman posses, thrusting herself up and down Shawn’s dick.

Shawn quickly push Mona down onto the sofa and bends her legs back to her shoulders, causing her huge tits to balloon out towards him and her creamy soak pussy to point towards the ceiling. He positions himself on his toes and starts to rub his massive swollen cockhead against her enlarge clitoris. With one hard thrust, Shawn stuffs his enormous prick back inside Mona’s pussy. He starts to pound her pussy ruthlessly.

“OH GOD! YOUR PUSSY FEELS SO GOOD!” Shouted Shawn, placing a hand one each of her calves and thrusting hard between her quivering thighs. His massive testicles pound against her pussy lips and the bottom of her jiggling ass. Her toes curled as her pale bare feet hung off the arm of the sofa. Her colossal breasts wobble up and down her chest, hitting her chin hard with each thrust from Shawn’s dick. Her own hands locked behind Shawn’s neck as sweat pour off his body and down to her own sweaty body.

Josh’s dick as once against hardens. Paris got down on her knees and took his cock between her lips. Josh couldn’t resist the sensation he was getting from Paris’s warm lips, wrap around his dick. He continued to zoom in on Shawn as he thrust furiously in Mona’s wet cunt.

Both Mona and Shawn were breathing heavy and sweating furiously. Shawn was crying and moaning with excitement but Mona’s moans and cries drowned him out as she came all over Shawn’s thrusting prick and down his heavy balls. A powerful orgasm consumes her body. She arches her back with her legs still bend at her shoulders. Her sweaty huge breasts ballooned out more and more for Shawn. He wasted no time in stuffing his mouth with as much of her titflesh as possible. Forcing him to suck on mouthfuls of her breasts.

He switch between her enormous tits, sucking both of them 5 minutes a piece. He stops his thrusting to rest his huge dick between her cunt walls so that he could smash her huge tits together and take both large nipples into his mouth. He suckle her nipples away from her massive pink areolas, swirling his tongue around her harden buds. He proceeds now to cram her areolas with the nipples into his mouth. Sucking for all there worth. That causes Mona to have multiple orgasms and to cum again on his all ready pussy juices glistering cock.

Shawn released Mona from her position and helps her get on all fours. His pussy juiced huge cock, bob between his legs as he took it into his hands and pushes it back into her gooey cunt. He takes hold of her shoulders and starts to pound her pussy like never before.

“AHHHHH! OHHHHH GOD!” Mona cried with every thrust of Shawn’s massive rod. “FUCK ME SHAWN! I LOVE YOUR HUGE COCK! MMMMM.” Mona starts to push her jiggling ass back against Shawn’s crotch, meeting his thrust with her own. Her head thrust wildly and her hair flung all over the place. Shawn reaches beneath her and squeezed her mountainous titties as they sway and swung back and forth. He presses both his upper and lower torso against Mona’s back, gripping her tits hard and thrusting her pussy deep.

“AHHHHH!” Cried Josh once again blasted a surge of cum from his balls, through his dick and down Paris’s throat. She slurps up every drip of his hot cum and then stuff his cock back into his jeans. Now that he had came, Josh when back to work on filming Shawn and Mona. He got good shots of her thrusting back to meet Shawn’s dick and her titanic tits being held in Shawn’s hands as they swung below her.

“OH BABY!!!!” Cried Shawn feeling a rush of cum ready to shoot out. “HERE IT COMES!” He pulls out of Mona and she turns around. Shawn gives his big dick some quick strokes before finally blasting Mona’s all over her face with his hot gooey cum. Nearly drowning her face completely in his liquid. He shot another gust down at her sweaty bulging tits she had resting between her arms. He made sure he got her nipples nice and soak with his cum. He cockslapped her tits a little bit to watch them ripple like ocean waves.

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