BB Session with Mistress Elektra


October 16, 2012

A session to remember. That was what I have asked for, well that and for her to take the most sever session we’ve ever had and at least double it…In all my years of S/m I have never seen a Mistress so often and so religiously. Since July of this year Elektra and I have sessioned virtually every week. She has continually expanded my horizons, including lots of additional activities I have never experienced, from lots of nipple torture, and flogging. Our relationship has grown enormously over the past three months, she is both sadistic and kind constantly pushing me to take more and more both in activities as well as pain. This session I begged her to be brutal…and she delivered in spades.

We entered the Dungeon on the third floor.

“Get dressed, and bind those testicles for the beating of their life!” she commanded – a sadistic gleam in her eyes.

“Yes Ma’am!” I replied. Being properly dressed for Mistress Elektra this includes me being totally naked, and leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and a spiked leather collar.

A couple moments later I knelt before her dressed, knees spread, balls bound properly.

“The rules today are simple. I Hit — You count! Any time you count a hit I deem too weak I get two brutal hits which don’t count! Falling on the floor IS coding! You told me you want to at least double our previous sessions, you have repeatedly begged me to be brutal, to chide you…humiliate be merciless to you….and torture you….so I’ve decided to raise the bar high…50 is the minimum number of times you will code today…50 codings AND a minimum of 300 counted hits…” she laughed…”This is going to be fun….for me!”

“If you can impress me today, and by impress I mean exceed my expectations than maybe I’ll reward you with a PES induced release…maybe…if you are still able that is….” she chuckled again…

“Count on it!” I bravely replied…I considered the rules, I can only count Medium Hard, Hard, Very Hard and Brutal Kicks…This means with very fast lighter kicks (not countable ones) she will be able to make me code without the ability to count a single kick!

“Oh Pete, if you flinch from a kick It doesn’t count AND it is an automatic penalty!”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Oh and I’m starting you off with 4 penalties before we even begin! I’ve not had a good day today, and I hold you responsible.”

“Yes Ma’am whatever it was I admit complete blame.”

“Good! You asked for this, I expect you to take it like a man!” She said putting a blind fold on me.

“Yes I did, repeatedly….”

“Today we are going to see what those testicles are made of Pete…your reputation is on the line…and I do expect the very best from you! Do NOT let me down!”

“Yes Ma’am!”

In the center of the room is a very large tripod, easily 8 feet tall. This I found out later was gaziantep escort a Tetrus Rack. Suspended by chains at the top is a metal bar. She took my wrist cuffs and clipped them to ends of the bar, then moved behind me and picked up a spreader bar and clipped it to my ankles spreading my legs very wide.

“I want to hear you code, Pete. Now for some warm up. This should give you something else to concentrate on, other than you testicles” She said as she screwed a pair of chained nipple clamps onto my nipples.

She picked up a leather strap some 18inches long, with dual tapered ends. It reminds me of a vipers tongue but I’ve never seen one made of thick leather. She stood to my side and began landing hits to my ass, the hits stung like hornets!

I began crying out in pain on about the third hit, She methodically and completely covered my ass in hits from the top to the bottom, and she was even kind enough to include the between cheeks (my ass being spread by the spreader bar on my ankles!) and even landed hits where the tips struck close to my bound testicles!

I wasn’t counting the hits…but easily she got in 30 before I coded out….my ass completely on fire!!

She moved from my side to my front “Very nice! I love seeing your ass all red like this Pete! Maybe before this is all over I’ll do this again to reinforce it!” She laughed.

She then grasped my cock and pulled it upward, and began using that Viper strap on my testicles…the sting of that device when done to the testicles is, to say the least, INTENSE!!!

She landed some 20 hits to my balls before I coded out dancing and in intense pain.

“So your not going to count these hits?”

“What?” I asked. “I thought I was to count kicks!”

“Silly slave, listen to your Mistress…my words were Hits not Kicks! We’ll get to them shortly..” she laughed…”Still at Zero…300 is so far away!”

She then began a new with the Viper Whip…this time I counted…Out of the next 20 hits I counted about 10 Most of them coming towards the end of the run. She was ever attentive to the hits I counted and those I did not…the last 5 were INTENSE…and I coded out.

She gave me a short breather and pick up her favorite ball strap. This one is about 1.5 inches wide and 21 inches long with two leather straps 1/4 thick on top of each other. This device delivers the same sting as the Viper, but due to its heavier weight it also delivers a deeper wallop to the testicles!

Her first hit with this new implement was dead on….and counted…my balls were targeted and she then delivered the hits so fast and hard I had trouble counting…I didn’t have time to say the count before another landed!

In seconds the pain was out of this world!

“Please stop!” I cried.

“Code!” she replied increasing the hits to my defenseless konya escort testicles…


Again she increased the hits

“God Stop! RED! RED!” cried out lifting my feet from the floor hanging on my wrists on the rack pain flowing throughout my whole body!

She landed one more good solid hit and stopped as I fell limp hanging from the bars, my testicles on fire..

I don’t know how many hits she landed but I had only counted 15 the remaining hits (6-8) before coding went uncounted

She let me hang there on the rack and rest a few moments…

“Goodness Pete, I thought you could take it! What’s it been 4 minutes and you have coded out 3 times already?

“I am sorry Mistress, these implements really sting!”

“Good!” She sighed, gripping my cock again and resuming her assault.

I did my very best to hold out on her assault, she slowed the hits giving 2-3 second between them, but increased the strength of the hits…out of the next 30-35 hits I counted 22 before coding out again.

“You know I have some leather gloves I don’t think I have ever used!” She said as I hung limply.

I felt her grab my cock once more, as she swung her fist into my exposed testicles. These hits, for a change, did not sting…however they were felt deep inside my testicles.

She delivered three rounds of me coding each consisting of easily 30-35 hits each of which brought our total count to 100.

“I think its time I begin kicking your balls now Pete.” She said with a sadistic smile as she removed the blindfold.

“Yes Ma’am.”

She unhooked my arms and I collapsed to the ground and hugged her legs. This had already been a workout…and she was just getting started!

I knelt before her legs spread, my right hand holding my cock out of the way…presenting my swelling burning testicles for her to kick

She had on Leather strapped high heals.

The first round of kicks she took her time getting her targeting and challenging me to count when we both knew it wasn’t a hard enough kick…I did not take the bate, in fact having already 4 penalties, I did not want more! Finally after about 12 kicks she landed a good hard ball buster…and the counts began. In that first round of kick she landed 40, of which 25 were counted…and I was on the ground in a fetal position holding my bruised balls. The second round she went 20 for 20 and I was once again on the floor coughing holding my balls.

“I think I’ll remove my shoes, I believe it is time for those penalty kicks, and mind you these, per your own words, must be ‘brutal’ ” She smiled at me…

It took her some 25-30 kicks and me coding 6 times to get all 8 uncounted brutal penalty kicks in.

Each time I coded I was curled up in a ball holding my battered testicles..

As I laid on the floor holding my bruised kayseri escort balls that final time, she asked me “So what is our current count?”

“145 Mistress I replied, I think.”

“Oh good! We are only half way!! We’ll do a couple more kicking rounds then I want to punch your balls some more!”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“You’ve rested enough…Back on your knees pete! NOW!!”

I rose up looked into her sadistic eyes (God I love them!) as she began anew kicking me.

Over the course of easily three more codings (probably was 5 or 6) she brought the count to 200.

As I lay on the floor holding my aching testicles she said “I think I will punch them some more, and get more use of those leather gloves of mine! Up on the table…Legs spread…NOW!”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Kneeling on the table she could stand before me and punch almost straight away. She alternated between straight punches and swinging her knuckles up into the bottoms of my balls. When she tired of this activity I had coded three or four more times and the count was at 145.

She picked up the viper whip and began lashing my balls with it again…at this point my balls were very tender swollen and aching…many of these were counted and with another couple codings the count was at 275.

She picked up the other ball strap and brought the count to 280.

Laughing she said “Back on the floor, we’ll finish out the remainder and then some with kicks…I do enjoy kicking your balls pete!”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“And Pete, only count hard or better!”

I knelt before her as her kicks came hard and slow. It easily took 35-40 kicks to reach 300…

Then she smiled at me.

“Now a few to grow on!” She laughed.

I don’t know how many more kicks she landed…easily 20-30…I was on the floor every 5 or 6 with her demanding to take more…god I love when she demands me to take more for her..

Finally she stopped.

“Okay I’m impressed. That was FUN! I have never kicked/beaten someone’s balls like this before! You can expect much more of this in the future pete!”

“It would be my honor!” I replied.

“On the table, lets see if you can still cum!”

Moments later I was on the table the PES attached to my balls and cock…she fired it up to full blast and pressed the Stahl vibrator onto the contacts…making me code 2 or 3 more times then she turned it off.

“A little breather and then we’ll finish you off!”

A couple moments later and it was back on full, she picked up the viper whip and began beating my cock and balls…which through me over the edge…

Laughing she kept in on high and kept hitting me for several more moments…then turned it all off.

“That was truly AMAZING!” I said.

I laid on the table exhausted spent as she began to take off my cuffs.

“Yes…Yes it was!” She agreed “Your balls look lovely!” she sighed, “They are Bruised and So Swollen!

“And completely empty!” I added in. “Why don’t you take their photo and put it on your web site.” I suggested.

“Excellent idea…wait there a moment.”

She returned and snapped a photo for her site.

Folks Houston has a new ultimate ball buster…

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