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Author’s Note: This story won a writing competition over in the Sex Stories section of the Forum here at XNXX. At the end, I list some credits. All characters in this story gave their permission to be included. This is meant to be a take-off on The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. If you like the story, please vote positive and with enough interest, I’ll post the sequel. Thank you, and enjoy the show!


Incorporated over 150 years ago, La Grange, Texas is a small town in southeastern Texas. With a population just under 5,000, and nestled up against the Colorado river, town folk (many of German and Czech heritage) enjoyed a relaxed way of life. 38 years ago, a landmark brothel known as the Chicken Ranch was closed down through the efforts of a Houston television reporter, and the state Attorney General.

The Chicken Ranch was located several miles outside of town. With so many years passing, nature had swept away the last remaining remnants of the place. But the land was still there. And land was what a man known as Mr. Horse was interested in. Through an attorney, he quietly purchased up one hundred acres, including the land that was once where the Chicken Ranch was situated. Within a few weeks, construction began and a multi-story structure arose. Townspeople paid little attention. With the economy being what it was, they had little time for foolishness outside of their own existence.

The mysterious Mr. Horse had spent years planning this venture. Having made his fortune in the stock market, he meticulously planned out a strategy for his newest venture. Local politicians were cultivated, their campaigns seeded with money from an anonymous source known only as Mr. Horse. Politicians in Austin, the state capital, were also sought out and coddled over the years. Key members of Congress received contributions, or had fund-raisers conducted for them. Many favors were being accumulated.

The coup de grace was a relationship built up by Mr. Horse and the leaders of the island nation of Palau over the past few years. He obtained dual citizenship, and was appointed Palau’s ambassador to the United States. No one in Washington really cared since Palau, with its population of about 20,000, was of little significance in the overall world stage. And when Palau quietly announced that it was establishing its embassy outside the small town of La Grange, Texas vs. Washington, DC, it was reported by the Washington Post, but on page 37.

Now, eleven years later…

Chapter 1

The Greyhound bus stop was nothing more than a general store that sold newspapers and soft drinks. When she exited the coach, few took notice, but those that did took note of her lithe figure, long blonde tresses, and near peasant attire.

Looking at the slip of paper, she saw that her destination was several miles away, and longed for the comfort of a taxi. Her budget wouldn’t allow for that extravagance, however. So, she set off on foot, her long, strong legs helping to support the backpack which contained pretty much everything she owned.

She passed by Brendan Manor, the Stoltz Mansion, and later the County Courthouse, what few looks she drew she was used to. As she walked by the large, red-roofed Department of Transportation complex, she saw that a police car was pulling to a stop just in front of her. The passenger window lowered, and as she got close, she could almost feel the cold air pouring out into the heat of the day.

“I’m Sheriff Don,” came the voice, laced with a classic Texas drawl. “You heading out to the Castle, Miss?” He noticed her nipples protruding somewhat against her shirt.

She seemed to study him for a moment.


“The embassy. Outside of town?” A furrow appeared at her apparent confusion. “You going to see Miss Ellen?” he tried in a bit of a stage whisper.

A smile confirmed the answer to his question.

“Yes, I have an appointment today to see Miss…”

“Well, get in, Miss,” said the Sheriff as he popped the lock open, “it’s a couple of miles and in this heat, you might just melt.”

She gratefully accepted his invitation, putting her backpack on the floor between her legs. As they rode off, the Sheriff got a call on his cell phone, which kept his busy for a couple of minutes. She saw the beginnings of a large structure in the distance just as the Sheriff was finishing his call.

“Yep, that’s the place,” he said, patting her knee affectionately and thinking of what lay just north.

She thought it impolite of her to not have at least introduced herself to the Sheriff.

“I’m Gay,” she said with a smile.

The Sheriff looked at her, the normally jovial expression on his face replaced with one that typically indicated a bitter taste. He immediately removed his hand from her knee.

The Palau embassy was quite a fortress. There was a fifteen foot tall brick wall surrounding the entire complex, topped with razor wire, security cameras, and powerful halogen lights. The gate to the entrance was a three-foot tall wall of rebar-reinforced concrete that would descend into the earth when so commanded by one of the two guards on duty.

The Sheriff pulled up to the guard station and lowered his window.

“Good afternoon, Sheriff,” said one of the guards, “how may I help you?”

“The lady says she has an appointment.” The Sheriff gave the guard a knowing nod.

The guard looked at his clipboard, then looked at her, as if comparing information.

“Come with me, Miss,” he said, “and thank you, Sheriff. Will we be seeing you later this evening, sir?”

Sheriff Don loved his job. In his mid-60s, he was a town favorite and had been Sheriff for the past 33 years. He had run unopposed for the past 20 years, except for that one year when CJ Wildcat ran because he got mad at Don for tossing him in jail for a night after he got into a bar fight. CJ got 3 votes. Two of his cousins and one of his brothers didn’t vote for him. What the Sheriff loved best about his job was his weekly visits to see Miss Ellen. Dinner, dessert and her company.

“Yes. Yes you will.” He raised his window and after the woman had left his vehicle, he turned around and headed back for town, thinking what a waste that the fine woman he just dropped off was only interested in pussy.

Chapter 2

The guard escorted her inside to the Reception desk situated in the center of the room, where a pretty young woman with long red hair and ample bust was just getting off the phone. Her name plate said “Miss Jessica” and in smaller letters “New York”.

“I’m here to see Miss Ellen and I’m Gay.”

“Honey, your lifestyle is really your own business,” replied Jessica. Then, pointing towards a door with the number 404 on it, continued, “You can wait for Miss Ellen in there.”

The room was somewhat stark and impersonal with minimalistic decor. There was a chair opposite a large mahogany desk, so she took a seat, and waited.

A few minutes later a door at the end of the room opened and in walked Miss Ellen. Decked out in blue Carlos Miele dress, short heels, and what looked like a fortune in diamonds around her neck, wrist and adorning her ears, Miss Ellen moved with the confidence of her years. A startlingly attractive woman, Gay suspected she was in her mid-40s.

“You must be Gay,” she said, moving around the desk and extending her hand, “it’s so good to see you again, my dear.”

“We’ve met before?” asked Gay, and taking a closer look at her.

“I was at all of your birthday parties when you were a child. Your mom, God bless her soul, and I were, well, good friends. In fact, it’s because of your mom that you were invited to come here.”

“I don’t understand. What does my mom have to do with all of this, and, what is all of this?”

“All in good time. You must be thirsty or perhaps hungry?” Without waiting for an answer, Miss Ellen pressed a button on her phone. “W.S.? Yes, bring in two glasses of sweet tea and some of those finger sandwiches.”

“Miss Ellen, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m very much in the dark,” started Gay, then pausing as Miss Ellen raised her hand in the universal “stop” sign.

“Gay, you’ve come a long way from Florida, so relax a bit and let me explain.”

Just then the door opened again and in walked a man carrying a tray of sandwiches and two glasses. He put them on the desk. Gay noticed his name tag: W.S. Fun, then below it, Northeast in smaller letters.

“Miss Ellen”, he nodded and acknowledged, then turned to Gay, his eye appraising her body.

“I’m Gay.”

He nodded at her, then went to leave the room, muttering “what a shame” under his breath.

Miss Ellen continued with her explanation.

“When your mom passed, a letter was given to me by the family lawyer. It was from her. She said that she hoped that I would keep an eye on you, and that if I was able to help you in the future, to please do so. Now, I know that you have run into some financial troubles, Gay, and that you’ve been seeing men as an escort to pay off your debts to the loan shark…” Miss Ellen paused as Gay simultaneously choked on a piece of sandwich and nearly dropped her drink.

“I don’t…how do you…”

“Gay, it’s okay. You were foolish to go to the Boss for money, but that’s all over now. I paid off your balance.”

“You did?” said Gay, astonished.

“Do you know what your mom did for a living?”


“She worked here, under my supervision, many, many years ago. Long before this place was built. It was a brothel, Gay, called The Chicken Ranch. And your mom was the best. She had a regular list of clientele who swore that she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!” Miss Ellen stopped when she realized what she had said, and when she looked at Gay’s eyes, wide with surprise.

The two women began to chuckle, and then both laughed at the raunchy reference.

“Gay, what you are sitting inside is one of the best kept secrets outside of Washington. From the public side, we are the residence of the Ambassador from Palau to the United States. From the private side, we are the best little whorehouse in Texas! Now before you get your shackles up at the word “whore”, words are just words. We’re far more exclusive than what you were doing back in Florida, trust me. Our clients are typically diplomats, Congressmen, judges, or other high political figures who need absolute discretion, and great companionship. And that’s what we provide. I invited you here, Gay, because your car got repo’d, your rent was overdue, and it seemed like you could use a step up. Was I wrong?”

Gay’s eyes had lowered in submission. “No.”

“Good. Then let’s get down to business. For the first month, you’re on probation. You’ll receive half-wages, and you’ll not be allowed to leave the compound unless escorted by someone else. Regular cell phones don’t work within the compound. If you need to make a call, come see me. You’ll have your own apartment here to live in, and you’ll dine with the rest of the staff. We have a complete exercise facility here, pool, sauna, hot tub and more. First thing tomorrow you’ll get checked out by the on-site physician, Dr. Tails. In your room you’ll find pretty much everything you need. We have an extensive wardrobe for you to choose from too. Questions?”

“When will I be expected to see custom…”

“They are clients, not customers, or johns, or any other term. You’ll find an informational sheet in your room that will explain everything. You won’t see anyone for a few days, to give you some time to get acclimated,” there was a knock on the door, “and meet the other gals. Come in!”

The door opened and in walked a stunning, platinum blonde and behind her another knockout, this one with strawberry blonde hair.

“I have other things to attend to now,” said Miss Ellen, “so I’ll leave you in capable hands.” She left the room and closed the door.

Both girls saw Gay look them up and down.

“I’m Gay.”

The two gals looked at each other with bigger smiles.

“I’m gay also,” said the platinum blonde, taking charge, “this is Tex. I’m Emily, or you can call me Em.”

“Oh, I thought you were Gay.”

“I am gay. I just told you that.”

“Okay Gay, Tex, nice to meet you.”

“I’m gay too,” said the strawberry blonde, extending her hand.

“Okay, I’m confused,” said Gay, shaking her hand, “how can there be so many Gays here?”

Emily smiled. “We’re very receptive here to alternative lifestyles. And your name is…?”

Gay paused for a moment.

“I’m Gay.”

Emily turned slightly towards Tex and whispered “I think she’s been out in the sun too long.”

Chapter 3

The three women took the elevator to the third floor, which was the residence hall. Finding Gay’s room, they showed her around.

“This is your private apartment,” said Em, taking charge, while Tex went into the bathroom. “You won’t entertain here, at least not any clients. You’ve got a bedroom, private bath with a great tub and a bidet. The kitchen is small but you won’t be using it that often as we typically eat in the dining hall. The TV has all the channels you’d expect, plus some pretty good porn.”

“How long have you been working here? Is the work hard? Are the men nice? What about…”

“Hey, slow down there, Sugar Nips, I’m not Wikipedia. You need to unwind a bit, relax, and there’s plenty of reading material here that explains everything. The one thing I can tell you is, don’t cross Miss E.”

Gay walked over to the window and looked out. The view was expansive, but, the scenery was scrub brush, tumbleweeds, and a dust storm in the distance.

“Honey,” said Em, putting her hand on Gay’s shoulder, her lips close to her ear, “it’s really simple. You work hard here for a few years and you’ll make enough money to kick back and enjoy. And really, the works isn’t that hard,” continued Em, brushing her hand down Gay’s back and across her ass.

“Hey, the bath is ready,” announced Tex.

“Come on, Sugar, let’s get you all cleaned up,” said Em, taking Gay by the hand and leading her towards the bathroom.

“I can take a bath on my … oh my!” exclaimed Gay at seeing both the huge, double-garden size bathtub and Tex already in it, her perky C-cup tits peeking out from the bubbles.

“Come on in, the water is great!”

She watched as Em stripped in just a few seconds, her 34c’s and shaved pussy causing a tingle to start between Gay’s legs.

“Here, don’t be bashful, let me help,” said Gay, pulling the zipper down on the back of the peasant dress, and helping it fall to the floor. No panties or bra blocked the view to Gay’s treasure.

“Damn, girl, you have a sweet body,” said Em, stepping back and looking at Gay’s toned, athletic build, handful-sized tits with hard, pointed nipples, and a trimmed, blonde bush.

Gay blushed and not knowing what else to do, stepped into the tub and sat down into the steamy, hot water. Em followed quickly.

Tex reached for the plush washcloth and squirted some shower gel onto it. Gay noticed the name.


“It’s a special blend from the company, not available to the public. Everything they do for us is top-class, Sugar,” answered Em, lathering up Gay’s back while Tex attended to her chest.

They both heard a small moan as the washcloth moved vigorously over her extended nipples.

“Feel good, honey?” asked Tex, smiling.

“Yessss…my, um, nipples are very sensitive.”

“Really?” said Tex, who then dove towards one with her mouth, capturing it, then surrounding it with her front teeth, and flicking her tongue back and forth over it rapidly.

“Oh Jesus!” exclaimed Gay, who then felt Em’s mouth clamp down on the side of her neck, teeth making contact, mouth sucking, tongue dancing…just for a second though, so not to leave any lingering marks.

Both girls let go at the same time, went back to cleaning a day and a half’s worth of travel off of her upper torso, then made her stand up. More cleaning of her long legs, with nippings here and there at her tummy, thighs and butt. When they were finished with her, the two girls took hold of the faucet handles and pulled. They released and much like their counterparts in the kitchen, the hand-held devices, connected by water hoses, provided a powerful stream of water to rinse Gay and then each of the two girls.

Fluffy oversized Egyptian cotton towels provided the necessary drying, and then all three moved into the adjacent bedroom and on top of the California king-sized bed. Pushing Gay onto her back, Em launched a sexual attack on her nipples, alternating between the two, licking, nibbling, sucking, and generally doing her best to drive the new girl crazy with desire.

Tex found a place between Gay’s legs that needed attention. She started by running her tongue lightly up and down the outer lips, up one side, down the other. As she saw Gay’s clit start to engorge, she moved to it, just touching it lightly, teasing little jabs much like a boxer to his opponent, though with a much different result. The moans from Gay were music to Tex’s ears, and she knew that the newcomer was ripe for an orgasm.

Gay was now being kissed, and kissed hard, by Em, her tongue pressing into the reclined girl’s mouth, lips moving against lips in an age-old dance of lust. Em’s fingers sought out the wet nipples and began pinching them, lightly at first, but with increasing pressure. Gay moaned into her mouth, feeling ravished.

The teasing at her snatch had stopped. Tex was now working over her clit, sucking it inside her mouth, washing it again and again with her tongue, then pushing it out, only to begin again. Her fingers were rubbing alongside Gay’s pussy lips, but not penetrating her.

It was the nipple pinching that set Gay off…hard, continuous pressure on both knobs as Em pulled her mouth off of Gay’s, looking at her facial expression as she rocketed towards nirvana. She looked down and saw her friend and lover eating this new girl’s pussy, and knew how that felt.

Gay’s mouth opened in a silent rush of pleasure as Tex sucked continuously on her love button, her tongue moving rapidly like she was the energizer bunny of sex who keeps going and going. Em let go of one nipple and pushed three fingers into Gay’s open mouth, forcing her to suck on them.

Tex released the clit as Gay’s hips relaxed a bit, though still quivering, and moved down an inch to feast on the pussy juice that was leaking out.

Em pulled her fingers out of Gay’s mouth and in a deft maneuver, swung her leg over Gay’s head and brought the dewy pussy right down on her mouth.

Grabbing her hair, and slightly grinding her pussy on the girl’s captured mouth, she commanded her:

“Eat me, eat my pussy, sugar.”

Chapter 4

Tina looked over at the clock yet again. Sighing, she resigned herself to the evening’s appointment. It wasn’t that she didn’t like her job. No, the sex was usually great, and the wages, well, she knew she’d never make this kind of money elsewhere.

No, what bothered her was that her regular client, the esteemed Ambassador from Italy, had to cancel out and didn’t make the flight Sex hikayeleri from DC, so Miss Ellen assigned her a new client, one that no one had seen before. That made her a little nervous and unsettled. She knew, of course, that she was completely safe, that the guy would be a gentleman or that he wouldn’t be there in the first place. Still, having sex for the first time could be tricky.

She had another half-hour, and was dressed, so Tina decided to hit the lounge and see if anyone was there. As luck would have it, Kimiko, or Kimi as everyone called her, was sitting at a table, reading a book.

“Hey,” said Tina, approaching and leaning down to kiss the pretty Japanese-American girl on the cheek.

“Hi Tina,” replied Kimi with a smile, looking over her pretty brunette friend, “what’cha up to?”

“Ugh. The Italian Stallion couldn’t make it out, so Miss E set me up with some new guy. Got me a little nervous.”

“Oh Tina, don’t you worry, hon, you’ll be fine. Any guy who gets you in bed is a lucky man.”

“Awww, thanks Kimi. You know just what to say to brighten my day. Hey, what’s that you are reading?”

“The Red Fang. It’s a vampire novel by Nicola Matthews.”

“Oh, I know of her. She wrote Immortal Sins. She’s great! Oh, I guess I should be off to go see who I’m going to be meeting. I hope he’s at least halfway attractive.”

“You go, girlfriend,” said Kimi, watching her friend leave, and happy to get back into her book, which was getting her aroused.

Tina walked out of the lounge and down the hall to the elevator, selecting “5” as her choice and sliding her ID card into the slot, enabling her to get to the normally restricted floor.

Upon her arrival, the guard behind the desk looked up at her, then nodded as she moved towards “Hawaii”, the room so designated because of the lush, tropical interior design. Again using her ID card, she entered the room, the smell of fresh flowers permeating her olfactory senses, the sounds of ocean waves reaching her too. She saw a man seated at the bar, and relaxed slightly. He was not quite attractive, but, not unattractive either. She sensed his masculinity, but, not in a boorish way. He seemed to be in his early 50s, though he could have been between 40-60 too. In a quick eval, he was something of an enigma.

“Please, Tina, join me,” he said to Tina, motioning towards the other bar stool as she approached, his deep voice sounding friendly, and confident. She sat and saw that a Mai Tai had been prepared for her. She sipped it, a little nervous.

“Thank you for agreeing to see me,” he said, “I know that it was on short notice.”

She looked more closely at him. His clothes were well-tailored, his hair well-groomed, his choice of cologne well-suited to him. Tina relaxed a bit more.

“You’re welcome. May I call you…?”

“Anytime you need me.”

She looked at him, and then smiled at his wit.

“Please, would you dance with me?”

She nodded acceptance and he pressed a button on the multi-com system, and soothing, tropic music filled the room. While she moved to the tiled floor near the palms, he pressed in a special sequence into the keypad, which activated a sub-routine in the system’s computer, and released an experimental pheromonal compound into the room’s ventilation system.

After several minutes of dancing, Tina felt herself getting aroused. At first she attributed it to the room, her job, and that she was coming off her quarterly week of inactivity. But as she moved her head back and looked up at him, she realized that she REALLY wanted him!

She parted her lips slightly and he took her up on that invitation, leaning down to kiss her. Wasting no time, she moved her tongue into his mouth, taking her hands and cupping his head in them. She then felt his growing hardness pressing against her, and his hands as they moved from her lower back to her small, tight ass. He pulled her closer, and she felt his bulge grow bigger.

“Jesus,” she thought to herself, “my pussy is really getting wet. I need this guy inside of me.”

Breaking the kiss, she took his hand and led him to the large bed and pushed him back on it. Kissing him again, this time with more urgency and passion, she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of him. She then knelt down and removed both of his shoes and socks. Then she rose and smiling at him, pulled her dress up and over and her head, tossing it on the floor. She was left wearing black thigh highs, and matching black panties and bra. She reached around and unclasped the bra, watching him watch her. The bra fell, and her pert breasts with pretty pink nipples popped out into view.

She so wanted to tease him, dance for him naked, but her pussy was begging for some action. She dropped her panties, revealing her brown, trimmed bush and now wet pussy.

He started to reach for his belt buckle but she beat him to it.

“No, let me, please,” said Tina, unbuckling it, and then dropping to her knees so that she’d have the leverage to pull his pants down and off, which she did.

“Next, his underwear,” she thought, “and then I can get at his cock.”

She looked up and was startled, twice. First, she saw that he went commando, and so there was no underwear. But that was nothing to the surprise at the size of his cock.

Not at all fully hard, it was still larger and thicker than any she could remember. He reached for her head with one hand, grasped her hair and pulled her face to his crotch. She inhaled his manly scent and felt her nipples engorge.

“Suck my cock, Tina,” he said in a voice that urged her to comply.

Her tongue snaked out and licked a wet trail up his nut sack. Continuing on, she licked the shaft, her hands gripping his thighs. When she reached the head, she paid special attention to the spot just below it, and felt his hand grip her hair tighter as her tongue whipped to and fro, his cock becoming very hard and full with blood.

Tina used one hand to take hold of his shaft, her hand not reaching fully around it, but still holding it steady as her mouth opened and descended, taking inch aftern inch inside, her eyes on his the whole time. She could not take it all, not a chance. She considered herself an excellent fellatrice, but even an expert has a limit. She suctioned deeply as she slid her lips upwards, tongue licking the underside of the shaft the whole time. When she reach the head, she reversed direction, once again taking the unusually large cock deep into her mouth, the head of it pressing against her throat.

Not wanting to take any chances on him shooting in her mouth (although she thought dreamily about what the thick load might taste like, and how much of it there might be to swallow), she eased off and then spoke to him.

“Please, I need this inside me.”

Having let go of her hair, he motioned her up with his hand, and watched as she positioned herself atop him. Looking at her pussy, he knew it was going to be a tight squeeze to get inside of her.

“Go slow,” he suggested, but she was in no mental state to listen. The pheromonal spray was most definitely affecting her system.

Holding his cock steady, he watched as she tried to impale herself on it. He wasn’t watching her pussy. He was watching her face. He saw her eyes get big as the head popped inside of her, then watched her squeeze them shut and scrunch up her face as she slid down his shaft. He was amazed at how tight her pussy felt around his cock, and she felt like she was sitting on a baseball bat.

When she hit bottom and realized that she had taken all of him inside of her, a silly smile appeared on her face, which like the rest of her was coated in a fine sheen of perspiration, both from the struggle to get the horse-like cock inside of her, and from the higher humidity of the Hawaii room.

“Feels good having all of you inside of me,” she cooed to him.

“Really?” he replied, then smiled himself as he removed his hand that was holding his cock in place, exposing the additional four inches of thick shaft.

Tina felt her pussy start to slide downward slowly, her labia being stretched wide.

Then in a fast, yet controlled, movement, he took hold and swung her onto the bed while moving over top of her, staying fastened. She gasped at the thought of him plunging the rest of his thick cock into her.

“Relax,” he said in that confident manner, and instead of further impaling her, he withdrew several inches, and then gently slid back inside, withdrew a few inches, and again slid back into her.

She felt his rhythm and tried to relax her muscles a bit. Slowly, she felt him going a little deeper. She spread her legs wider and tried wrapping them up and around him. When he squeezed both of her nipples, she felt him slip another inch inside of her.

“God,” she thought to herself, “this guy is more hung like a horse than even her Italian Stallion.”

Reaching between them with a hand, he found her clit and gently rubbed it. At first she moaned and her pussy squeezed his cock tight, but then she loosened a bit, and with that continued thrusting, he was able to accomplish his goal of feeling himself balls deep inside of her.

“Oh God, I’m gonna’ cum,” she said, her voice coming in gasps of air as his pistioning cock would pull out until the head was just inside of her stretched, pulpy lips, and then dive straight inside, not stopping until his balls smacked up against her exposed asshole. Again and again he repeated the movements, feeling Tina’s pussy spasm around him.

As she came down slightly from her mind-crashing orgasm, she begged him, “Please, let me taste you. Cum in my mouth, please?!”

He pulled out of her pussy, the head coming out with a popping sound, then moved up on the bed, his legs straddling her chest as he leaned forward and brought his flaring cockhead to her lips.

She quickly engulfed him, one hand cupping and gently squeezing his large balls, the other moving down to her drenched pussy. Her mouth moved rapidly back and forth, technique thrown out the window in favor of bringing him off quickly. After coating her fingers with slimy pussy juice, she brought one up between his legs and finding his opening, pressed one inside of him, and then quickly adding a second.

Feeling her fingers thrusting into his ass was the catalyst. The cum erupted from the end of his cock and shot into her mouth. There wasn’t much room in there to start with, his cock easily the largest that she’d ever blown, and while she swallowed as much and as quickly as she could, some still managed to leak out and onto her face.

He finally stopped shooting and thrusting. She removed her fingers and they both collapsed on the bed in post-coital lethargy.

It was her first time meeting Mr. H., and he wasn’t finished with her. Not by a long shot.

Chapter 5

“Life is good,” thought Sheriff Don to himself, feeling his balls being gently sucked by Miss Ellie, as he liked to call her in private. He knew that his job wouldn’t last forever, but he planned on milking it for as long as he could. Speaking of milking…

“You can start now, Miss Ellie.”

With a smile from her eyes as her mouth was full, Miss Ellen squirted a generous amount of strawberry-flavored lube onto Sheriff Don’s fat cock with her left hand, and then began stroking it slowly with her right.

It was the same routine pretty much every visit with the Sheriff. A nice sit-down dinner, Cowboy Ribeye, baked potato, some vegetables, and a glass or two of red wine. Then a trip to the private patio on roof, perhaps the only air-conditioned outside patio in the world, where the cold air rose from the floor to provide a refreshing respite to the harsh desert, allowing one to smoke a cigar and relax. Finally, back to the Old West Room, where the 1870’s motiff made Sheriff Don feel right at home.

Sheriff Don liked it when Miss Ellie wore a frilly dress. She played the part of an Old West whore quite well. He looked down again, caught her eye, and nodded.

She gently released his balls from her mouth, wiped her hand across it (because she knew he liked that hand gesture), and then got up from her knees. He closed his legs a bit to make it easier for her, as she straddle him, taking hold of the back of the wooden chair behind his shoulders, and then settled down on top of him, her dress carefully arranged so that it wouldn’t block her pussy from resting on his hard, lubed cock. She slid slowly back and forth, leaning forward to kiss him about the neck and ear. She knew to stay away from his mouth now, that he didn’t want to kiss her since her mouth had just been sucking on his balls. She knew the kissing would come later.

Reaching under her long skirt with practiced hands, she took hold of his thick cock.

“You know…?” he inquired, as he always did on the first weekend of the month.

“Yes, baby, I know.” She knew he’d ask, and at that exact moment. He was nothing if he wasn’t predictable.

As she adjusted herself, she put the head of his cock up against her asshole, and knew that this was always the toughest part, the first couple of inches. “If his cock just wasn’t so thick it’d be a lot easier,” she thought to herself, not for the first time.

Using his large, rough hands, Sheriff Don popped open the front of her dress, reached in, and released her breasts to his view. As he felt Miss Ellie put some weight down, he brought one of the breasts up to his mouth and began licking and then sucking on a nipple, all the while his eyes locked on hers, waiting.

“There,” he thought, seeing her mouth open and a gasp come out of it as he felt the head of his cock pop into her ass.

“God, you’re so big,” she said, meaning it, as his thick cock slid a few inches deeper into her ass. She kept applying pressure and weight, sinking further onto the thick spike until she bottomed out. She could feel her clit rubbing against his thick tract of pubic hair, so she ground against him, sending shivers through her body as her ass tried in vain to adjust to what felt like a telephone pole up inside of it.

Sheriff Don smiled. He loved his once-a-month ass fucking sessions with Miss Ellie. No other woman had ever let him inside their backdoor, but she had. She limited him to once-a-month, she said, because it took that long for her ass to recover. He thought she was exaggerating a bit for his benefit, but he accepted her explanation good naturedly.

Reaching around her, her took one ass cheek in each hand and lifted her a bit, his strength an asset, as a few inches of cock slipped out. Then he pulled her back down onto him, thrusting upward. He heard her again speak to her maker. He withdrew again, and again shoved his cock deep inside her ass. He was in control now, her ass wrapped tightly around his lubed cock, his balls full with a week’s worth of cum looking for an escape route.

After several more thrusts he started to get up, and she knew what was coming. She almost giggled at the double entendre, but thought it might distract him, so she instead just threw her arms around his neck and held on as he carried her, impaled, over to the stage coach, crushing her up against it.

This was the part he liked best, her body squeezed between him and the coach. He withdrew until just the fat head of his cock was inside her ass tube, then thrust with all his strength, burying all eight thick inches deep inside of her. He heard her cry out, pain or pleasure or both, he wasn’t sure. He again withdrew and thrust balls deep, again hearing her cry out.

“Rub…yourself…” he commanded to her, between strokes.

He liked when she reached down between them and touched herself. It seemed dirty to him, and turned him on. Plus, when she got hers, that ass of hers would tighten down like a vise, he remembered.

Miss Ellen reached down and started rubbing her clit quickly, knowing her was just a few strokes away. She felt the thrusts coming faster…God…he did have a wonderful cock.

Sheriff Don seized one of her erect nipples into his mouth and bit down on it, not enough to hurt, but enough to help send her over the edge.

“Goddddddddddddd yessssss, I’m cummmmmmmmming,” she cried out, her pussy spasming, and more importantly, at least to the Sheriff, her ass contracted around his cock, like one of those cow milking machines that he’d eyeballed as a kid.

Grunting, he thrust deep inside once again as his thick baby-making juice shot out, adding to the lubricant already inside her, making his repeated thrusts that much faster. Six, seven, eight thrusts, filling her and then some.

As his orgasm subsided, using reserves that most men didn’t have, Sheriff Don carried Miss Ellen, still impaled on his hard but sated cock, over to a cot where he lay her down, his greasy cock sliding out of her. He covered her with a blanket, her eyes half-closed, then went into the bathroom to take a shower. “It may have been the Old West room,” he thought, “but the bathroom was quite modern, thankfully.”

“Yes, life is good,” he thought, stepping into the cool spray.

Chapter 6

Gliding down the hall to his office, “Life is good,” thought Jack to himself. As he approached the door, he looked at the nameplate like he did every other morning, and grinned: Dr. Jack A. Tails, Physician.

Opening the door, he mentally reviewed his lite schedule for the day. Couple of prescription refills, check on Miss Jessica’s tennis elbow strain, and yes, the new girl. He loved new girl exams.

Being a long-time friend of Mr. H. and long-time resident doctor, he was privvy to most things going on here. Although he had the look and demeanor of the stereotypical absent-minded professor, he was far from it. That persona worked well as disarming people, but behind those eyes was a mind that was sharpened years ago at Cal-Tech and MIT. Research was his true passion, and his discovery of the missing element of the pheromonal compound was nothing short of genius. He knew the product would be worth a small fortune, but there was also the chance that how he discovered it might be uncovered, so by tacit agreement with Mr. H., the spray would remain a secret, at least for now.

A knock on the door awoke him from his reverie. “Come in,” he said, and watched as the new girl entered, looking a bit nervous.

After staring a few seconds, she said, “I’m here for the physical. I’m Gay.”

“Not after I get done with you,” said Jack, under his breath, then continued, using his authoritative tone, “I’m Dr. Tails. Nice to meet you. Please go ahead into the examination room and remove your clothes. I’ll be in shortly.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

Gay entered the room and found it oddly comforting. The walls had murals of sandy beaches and palm trees, and she could hear the waves of the oceans against a beach. There were quite a few flowers and small trees in the room too. The examination table looked different, but she didn’t give it much thought.

Doc Tails was watching her from his office, the closed-circuit television system his own idea. He sucked in his breath a bit as he saw her remove her blouse and skirt, leaving her clad in a small, red bra and panty set. As she undid the bra and released her breasts, he felt Sikiş hikayeleri the stirring start between his legs. It continued when her pussy came into view. He watched her look around, then get up onto the table. It was time.

Wheeling into the exam room, preferring a manual wheelchair to those sissy electric ones, Jack pulled up close to the table as Gay looked at him. Pressing a button on a remote, she felt the table sinking towards the floor. After several seconds it stopped, and she realized that this would give Dr. Tails a better angle to examine her.

He began by examining her breasts, first one, then the other. The light pinch of the nipples caught Gay by surprise and she questioned him.

“I’ve never had a Doctor pinch my nipples before.”

“And, you’ve never worked at a place like this before either, I’ll bet,” was his reply. “We need to make sure that all of your parts are in working order. Now here, put this over your nose and mouth,” he said, handing her what appeared to be an oxygen-assisting facial mask, “and breath deeply through your nose, only. Keep your mouth closed. This is to test your lung capacity.”

Gay put the device on her face, and, wanting to score often, er, high, she took half a dozen deep breaths before the Doctor told her to stop. She felt a little lightheaded and mentioned it to him, but he told her it would pass.

When he wheeled towards the end of the examination table, she realized why it was shaped so unusually. It was to allow access to his wheelchair between the legs of his patients. She flushed somewhat at the thought and hoped that it would be over quickly.

She had no reason to believe otherwise.

She was so wrong.

Chapter 7

Miss Ellen looked once again at her Rolex, a gift from Mr. H., and felt her blood pressure rise a little higher. It wasn’t the first time that Snoochies was late for an appointment, but, Miss Ellen thought, it might be one of the last.

Her iPhone buzzed; a text message had arrived. Snoochies. Apologizing. In the elevator. Sorry.

“Gentlemen,” she spoke to the three Japanese men who were standing off to the side, sipping fruit drinks, “if you will accompany me?”

She led them over to the elevator, which opened as if on cue. Inside was a gorgeous, light-skinned African-American women, dressed in gold, mid-thigh length dress with a plunging neckline. At five and one-half feet tall, she was about the same height as the three guys who got into the elevator with her. She looked at them. All three were studying her 36c chest.

“Gentlemen, your flight leaves in two hours. Please enjoy your morning!”

Miss Ellen watched the door close and ascension begin. “Well, at least they seemed in good spirits,” she thought as she moved on to her next task for the morning.

Snoochies made small talk with the three men until they entered the Caveman Room. Decked out with rocks, dirt, scraggly trees, and a small bonfire, it looked straight out of the year 10,000 BC. The most dominating feature was the large “cave” and inside of it was a large, flat rock. (The rock was actually a large bed with a rock-like look bedcover.)

The men began yelling, which started Snoochies.

“What the fuck are you…” and then she realized that they were just being in character as they were tearing their clothes off, beating their chests, and making threatening gestures towards one another.

In just half a minute they were standing naked before her. Looking at her. Her clothes.

“Wait, just wait a goddamned min…” she said, then tried to turn and run, but they were all over her, grabbing her arms and tearing at her dress. She was surprised at their strength. Seconds later, she too was naked, and one lifted her and threw her over his shoulder, carrying her into the cave.

“Well,” she thought to herself, “better this than dragging me by my hair.”

Chapter 8

Jack thought it had been an awful long time since he had seen a pussy so pretty on his exam table.

He had Gay’s legs in the stirrups and had moved close to look at her. The outer lips flared, revealing rose-colored inner lips, and the hint of what lay inside. The clit, he noticed, was becoming more prominent. He knew she was getting aroused. The spray, again, was working.

He reached out and traced a finger across her light brown pussy hair, down over the hood that partially covered her clit, down between the moist lips, and then pushed inside of her. He heard her moan.

“I’m sorry,” she said quickly, embarrassed, but feeling like her pussy was being slowly set on fire.

“It’s okay,” replied Jack, “it’s a natural reaction. Part of your exam is to see how susceptible you are to sexual stimulation.”

Gay, her brain short-circuiting due to the pheromonal-induced sexual overload, thought this made perfect sense.

She moaned again as Dr. Tails removed his finger. She didn’t see him bring it first to his nose, to inhale her aroma, and then to his mouth, so he could taste her.

“Nothing better that Grade A pussy in the morning,” he thought. He rubbed his finger against her clit and this time she moaned louder and her legs tried to move.

“Start rubbing your nipples, and squeezing them. We need to test your SSQ, your Sexual Stimulation Quotient.”

“Yes, Doctor,” said Gay, who then started rolling her nipples between her fingers, slowing, trying not to stimulate herself too much. She was afraid of having an orgasm on the doctor’s examining table. She felt the Doctor insert two fingers inside of her pussy and continuing rubbing her clit in slow circles.

Jack listened to her moans increasing, and knew the time was ripe, just like her sweet, peach-syrupy pussy. Withdrawing his fingers, he moved as close as he could, then leaned forward until his lips touched her lips. His tongue surged forward, dipping inside of her, seeking more sustenance.

“Oh God!” said Gay outloud, and then thought to herself, “he’s eating my pussy. Ohhhhhh, I’m just going to cum, I know it!”

Chapter 9

Snoochies knew it was going to be a gangbang. She just wasn’t sure how they were going to approach it. Not that it mattered. She’d handled eight men once, so these three she figured would be pretty easy to deal with.

They had her on her back, on the “rock-bed”, one guy at her face, his cock inside her succulent lips and mouth. Another guy was between her legs, slurping away at her pussy as if it was his last meal. The third guy was sucking on a nipple, alternating between both of them.

It didn’t take long before the first guy was yelling “Banzai!!” and cumming in her mouth. His cock wasn’t all that large, so she was able to take it and the cum he shot without a problem, swallowing his load and not missing a drop.

The guy who was sucking her tits moved up and put his cock into her mouth. He immediately starting thrusting face. “He’s a face-fucker,” she thought, and just relaxed her mouth so he could go at his own speed. She felt the bed move and then the guy who had been eating her was now inside of her, sawing away at her pussy with short, fast strokes. After perhaps a minute or so, he pulled on her and rolled her over on top of him. She managed to keep the guy she was fellating in her mouth. Now both of them began stroking her quickly again.

With all of the movement, what she didn’t notice was the third guy, the one who had already cum in her mouth. He was on the side, out of her view. And he was adding lube to his still hard cock.

Moving onto the bed, he tapped his buddy’s leg, signaling he was ready. From underneath Snoochies, two arms appeared and wrapped around her body, bringing her down closer to him, and somewhat forcing her ass up into the air.

Putting his well-greased cock in position, the man behind Snoochies pushed forward just as they were pushing back. There are certain times when a skinnier cock works better, and a surprise anal ambush is one of those times.

The head of his cock popped right inside of Snoochies ass without warning. Her eyes flew open and she tried to say something, but the “team” was well-prepared. The man in her mouth had hold of her curly dark red hair and wouldn’t let her mouth leave his cock. The man underneath, his cock buried deep inside of her, held on tightly, not giving her the leverage needed to move away from the anal invasion. And the man in her ass, well, he just continued pushing forward, sinking all six inches inside of her until he was balls deep.

Then all three of them began to withdraw at the same time, and then a thrust. Then a withdrawal, and then a thrust. They knew it would just be a few more seconds and all the pain would disappear and be replaced with pleasure.

Chapter 10

Jack felt Gay’s lips tighten around his cock, her tongue rubbing along it in a polishing motion.

After bringing her to a strong climax with his tongue and fingers, he wheeled himself around to the other end of the table. Pressing two buttons on the remote, he caused the end of the exam table nearest him to sink lower, and caused the other end to raise somewhat. Also, the area to the left and right of where Gay’s head was resting retreated into the floor. This enabled Jack to move his chair forward. Having opened his zipper, his cock sprang forth, looking for attention.

Attention was what it was getting. Gay felt an overwhelming desire to suck the cum from his balls. It was something along the lines of a primal urge, almost a survival instinct. While her mouth was sucking and her tongue was licking, one hand moved between her legs, getting her hand wet with her own juices. She then moved it to his balls, coating them with her moisture. Her other hand went straight for her clit.

She pushed harder with her face, her head upside down, her nosed pressed against his belly. She was having a hard time breathing in that position, but that wasn’t important to her. Tasting his cum was all that mattered.

Jack reached forward and found both of her nipples and began pinching them, feeling the cum churning inside of him. Between watching her play with her pussy, her hand on his balls, and her mouth suctioning him, he was seconds from shooting. He pinched down hard on her nipples, making her moan with pleasure/pain. The moaning around his cock did it.

Rope after thick rope of salty cum passed from his cock into her mouth as she climaxed for a second time, drinking him completely dry.

Chapter 11

Kimi had planned on taking the day off but the anonymous little note that she had received had wrecked her plans. She was all jittery and flustered, and scared. She read it again, for the fifth time.

“I know about the $35,000. I have proof too. I can go the authorities. Or, you can meet me in The Dungeon at 10am. Naked. There will be a blindfold there. You will wear it. If you try and discover my identity, the deal is off and I’ll expose you.”

She couldn’t imagine that this was happening…to her…here, of all places. Here, where she felt say and sound. She had debated calling or texting her boyfriend, but, since their relationship was a secret, she didn’t want to get him involved.

Resigning herself, she left her room and made for the elevator. She’d be racking her brain, trying to figure out who was doing this to her. It had to be someone who worked her, because rooms like The Dungeon were restricted access. It could be a guest, but that was pretty far-fetched.

Once she arrived at the room, she let herself in. It was, she admitted, a work of art. Dark, damp, with an old smell that while not unpleasant, wasn’t pleasant either. The stone-like interior had several jail-like cells, and leaky water could be heard. She saw the blindfold. Sighing, she removed the clothes from her petite body. At just two inches over five feet and barely 100 pounds, she was small, but she was proud of her body. Finally, she put on the blindfold.

Just seconds later a hand gripped her arm and startled her. It pulled her towards the right, and she followed.

“Don’t hurt me,” she said, somewhat submissively, “please.”

“Quiet,” came the reply, an unusual voice, tinny, sounding like a robot.

She heard a noise and then was forced to bend forward somewhat. Then she felt something around the back of her neck, forcing her forward. Her arms were similarly restrained. It took her a second, but she figured it out. She was being held in stocks, a medieval device.

“Look, stop this now. I’ll pay you mon…”

Kimi felt a hand land sharply on her ass, stinging and taking her breath away.

“No talk.”

Resigning herself to getting this over with, she waited for his next move.

It didn’t take long. She felt his hands on her ass, separting what small cheeks she had. Then she felt something cold, wet and hard pushing against her asshole. It popped inside and went what she thought was about four inches inside of her. She guessed it was a hard rubber buttplug.

She guessed poorly.

She sensed movement in front of her, and a couple of seconds later, her short, reddish-brown hair was grasped, and a cock was presented to her lips. She opened them, but because of the stocks, she could do nothing else. The cock was thrust forward, and she closed her mouth, trying to stop it from entering too deep.

That wasn’t to be. The owner of the cock kept pushing forward, forcing her to take more until she started to gag. He then retreated a couple of inches. Then he pushed forward again, and felt her gag. He again retreated. Then, unbeknownst to her, he started pumping a bulb in his hand, which was connected to the device in her ass by a long, thin tube. The pumping caused air to start to fill the bladder inside of the device, which expanded.

Kimi felt something happening in her ass and forgot temporarily about the cock in her mouth.

Chapter 12

Snoochies had lost track of how many orgasms she’d had. It felt to her like she was on a continuous rollercumcoaster. The initial pain in her ass had passed, and now the “team” was working like a well-disciplined machine. They’d been fucking for about fifteen minutes as best she could tell, and they seemed quite pleased with themselves, making the “Great Snoochies”, as she was known throughout the Japanese Embassy, cum again and again.

Knowing that she needed to get done so that she could rest for her afternoon appointment and not be totally worn out, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She stopped moving her mouth and instead took the cock in all the way to the root. Then she started to gargle. It was a technique she was taught a few years ago by Miss Ellen, and it never failed to produce results. The gargling sound made it seem like she was choking on the guy’s cock, and the vibrations would inevitably send him over the edge.

On cue, she felt the guy grab hold of her hair again and release into her mouth, filling it with his warm semen. She swallowed twice, and then released his cock.

She then slid forward and off of the two cocks that were impaling her pussy and ass. Quickly turning around, she grabbed one cock in each hand and started jerking them, bringing her face close. The two guys grinned as they realized what she wanted. They both started to yell and beat their chests and within a minute, both of them shot their loads onto her face and breasts, covering her with their seed.

As she stood up to go into the bathroom and clean up, she thought “All in a day’s work.”

Chapter 13

Kimi felt her ass being stretched by the inflating butt plug. With each pump of the bulb, more air was forced inside of it, and inside of her. With her mind on her ass, she didn’t concentrate on keeping the cock out of her throat. It was just what her assailant expected as he slid his cock forward, pushing the head of it into her throat which was angled perfectly for such a manuever.

Kimi snapped back to reality, feeling the cockhead blocking her air supply. She heard her tormentor say “Breathe through nose” in that creepy, metallic voice.

“Not so fuckin’ easy,” she thought to herself, “when you’ve got a telephone pole in your ass.”

The cockhead stayed in place and she concentrated on breathing. She knew her cocksucking skills were easily on par with anyone working here and that deep throating was just another tool in her arsenal.

As she forced herself to relax, air arrived in her struggling lungs. This relaxed her throat muscles, and when he felt that, W.S. Fun slid his cock one more inch inside of it.

Six weeks ago, he overheard Kimi having a conversation with Tina about an investment gone bad. It was supposed to be a legal loophole through an offshore investment company, but it turned out to be an illegal one. Within a week he had hacked her laptop and found out all of the details and made a copy of them.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like Kimi, he thought while giving the bulb another squeeze and feeling her jump, it was just that it was difficult to take working here with all of these hot women and him getting no pussy. He was a good-looking man, built solidly, no falling down the ugly tree for him, but rules were rules: the girls weren’t allowed to fornicate with other staff.

“Fornicate,” he laughed to himself, feeling Kimi’s throat reflexively squeezing and releasing around his cockhead, “that was the actual word used in the memo. What kinda’ old-fashioned word is that?”

Kimi had taken her fair share of cocks in her ass, but this was different. No roughness, no painful entry, but instead a very large, very wide presence. It actually felt good. And even though she wasn’t happy about the circumstances, she could feel her pussy getting moist. The guy in her mouth was being forceful, which she liked, but he wasn’t hurting her.

W.S. pulled back, first out of Kimi’s throat, then out of her mouth completely. He moved around behind her, adjusted a valve on the bulb he was holding, and released most of the air inside the plug’s bladder, shrinking it considerably. He did it so that he could get into Kimi’s pussy easier. He’d heard she was pretty tight.

Tossing the bulb and hose over his shoulder, he used both hands to steady her hips as he moved forward, the tip of his cock pushing between her pussy lips. Moving his right hand around her, he passed through her trademarked heart-shaped trimmed bush until he found her pussy, and then her clit, which he began rubbing with two fingers in slow circles.

Kimi moaned involuntarily, feeling his cock sliding inside of her. She was torn between the good feelings between her legs, and the anger at being used like this. Each thrust, however, softened one of those feelings and intensified the other.

Firmly into his fucking rhythm, W.S. released her hip and once again took hold of the bulb. As he thrust inside of the hot, saucy bitch, he gave the bulb a squeeze. He didn’t notice anything until about the fifth or sixth squeeze and then he felt it, a little pressure against the top of his cock. He could tell Kimi was feeling it because with each thrust and squeeze, he heard a soft grunting sound come from her.

Another squeeze, and another, and yet another. The expansion inside her Erotik hikaye ass continued.

“Oh God…,” she cried out, the combination of the clit rubbing, the cock thrusting and the fullness in her ass pushing her close to paradise.

W.S. was there too, her tight pussy walls collapsing in a quick pulsing soaked rhythm around him. He squeezed the bulb in rapid cadence and rubbed her clit faster as the sperm shot from the end of his cock, buried deep inside of her.

Chapter 14

Seated in his 7th floor office, Mr. H. was using his ultra-high definition monitoring system to check in on his stable. He tried to do this at least once every day to stay in touch and be sure there were no problems brewing.

One hand rested on his remote, which had first tuned in to Emily’s room. He watched briefly as Tex was slowly sucking on Emily’s strap-on. He averted his eyes for a moment to the woman between his legs, quietly nursing on his cock, his other hand resting on her head.

It was a semi-regular event for Miss Ellen. She loved sucking his huge horse-cock, and dinner before fellation gave them an opportunity to discuss the upcoming week’s events. To her, this was dessert.

Switching channels, Mr. H. saw Tina taking a nap. After she had swallowed his load the previous evening, he had positioned her doggy style and treated her to a long, hard pounding into the night that left her senseless. Her schedule showed that she had two appointments during the day, and one later in the evening, so he wasn’t surprised that she was resting.

Miss Ellen had about half of his cock in her mouth, he noticed, and he knew what she was doing. She was going to slowly suck the cum out of him by taking an inch more inside of her sweet mouth every minute, until she had completely engulfed him. She was the only woman he’d met who could take every inch into her mouth and throat.

Snoochies, he saw, was relaxing in a tub full of bubbles, chatting away on her cell phone. She, like the others, had been here long enough to merit cell phone use. With a press of a button, he could activate sound in her room and listen in to what she had to say, but he didn’t. He knew that his SI (Signals Intelligence), located two floors underground, would be intercepting and recording all transmissions in and out of the embassy, and that if anything amiss was said, he’d get a report.

He looked down and saw that she had a little more than two thirds of his cock in her mouth. A few seconds ago, he felt his cockhead move past her mouth and enter her throat. He loved that part. And it never stopped amazing him that she could so easily take him orally.

Remembering something he wanted to check on, he keyed “staff” vs. “ladies” and clicked a channel. Ah, there was Jessica, with one of the sentry guards. She was on top of him, riding his cock, her large breasts in his hands. “Thought I saw something between them,” thought Mr. H. to himself.

It was getting difficult to concentrate on the monitoring, as three quarters of his cock was now inside Miss Ellen’s talented mouth and throat. He squirmed just a bit, and then pressed a couple of buttons to get back to his girls. Kimi was now in view. She was reading a book while curled up on her loveseat. Using a zoom control, Mr. H. got a closer view.

“Huh!” he exclaimed. Miss Ellen’s eyes opened and looked up at him inquisitively, her lips tightly stretched around him.

“No, nothing…don’t stop,” said Mr. H. She obediently closed her eyes and resumed her ingestion of cockmeat.

What surprised him was the author of the book that Kimi was reading, Nicola Matthews. He had met Nikki last year in New York City. She was attending a writer’s conference and he was in town on business. He found out that she had divorced her husband because he’d been cheating on her, and when he’d expressed an interest in having dinner with her, she at first had declined, but then changed her mind when she discovered that he had a long-standing interest in vampires. After dinner in the newly opened and renovated Crystal Room in Tavern on the Green, and horse-drawn coach ride through Central Park, she had invited him back to her hotel room, where they spent the rest of the evening and wee hours of the morning making love.

Looking down, he saw that Miss Ellen had taken almost all of his cock. But there was one last room to check on.

Gay, he saw, was watching a porn channel and masturbating furiously with a hair brush handle.

“I’m gonna’ have to talk to Doc about watching how much spray he’s giving the girls,” he thought, surprised that she was still that horny. Well, he’d planned on visiting her later that evening, so maybe it was a good thing.

Miss Ellen was looking up at him when he looked down. He saw that she had his entire cock inside of her mouth. It still amazed him. He nodded, and leaned his head back, closing his eyes. And now the game would begin.

The “game”, as he thought of it, was their struggle against each other. She would try her best to make him cum, using all of her tricks and talents, and he would do his best to hold off for as long as he could. Five minutes was the goal. If he could last more than five minutes, it was a victory for him. He’d done it several times over the past year, but more often than not, he didn’t last that long. His ultimate goal was ten minutes, which she had assured him several years ago would never, ever happen. She seemed so confident that he asked that if he did manage to hold off, would she take his cock in her ass? She blanched, but then regained her confidence and said yes, but that she wouldn’t have to worry…it’d never happen. He had his hopes.

Ellen knew that she’d win. She almost always did. Aside from her talent as a fellator at heart, she knew he’d want to go visit the new girl, and was probably thinking about her.

Tightening her lips around his stalk, she suctioned inward, her tongue busy licking the underside. She’d give him a minute, and then she’d really work him over. She simply loved sucking cock. More than getting eaten, or getting fucked. In a world dominated by men, it was, in her mind, the one true equalizer. Get a man in your mouth, and the rest of him would be putty in your hands. She knew that Mr. H. was putty in no man’s hands, but she also knew that she could obtain favors or get help for her girls when they did something dumb.

He knew she liked torturing him this way…not moving her lips, but just sucking and tonguing. He tried thinking about other things, motor vehicle accidents, Senator Gornsten’s ugly bitch of a wife, even his own mother. It seemed to work. Well, at least until she started swallowing.

Ellen had long ago mastered the ability to swallow reflexively around a cock. She knew that the wet, fluttering movement of her throat collapsing repeatedly against the side and head of a cock would be just the physical stimulation it would need. And then there was the mental stimulation, the man’s brain getting the auditory signals that a woman was literally choking on his cock.

“Godddddddddd!!!” he exclaimed, taking hold of her hair with both of his hands as he emptied his balls into her throat on its way to her belly. Thick strands shot out as her gurgling continued, Ellen reaching her own orgasm from just sucking the monster cock.

Chapter 15

Gay was basking in the afterglow of her third, self-induced orgasm of the evening. She was surprised that she still felt horny. She’d been thinking about the previous day, when she’d had the threesome with Emily and Tex. She recalled Emily straddling her face and then the first time she’d tasted her pussy. It was a subtle taste, not overpowering like some girls, and slightly sweet. She had feasted on the beautiful woman through several orgasms. The whole time Tex was between her legs, eating her pussy, licking her asshole, fingering her, just driving her insane. At one point Tex had moved up and was licking Em’s ass while Gay was eating her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm….” she murmured, reaching her hand down between her legs again. Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Fuck,” she said, getting up and pulling on a light bathrobe. Opening the door, she was startled to see a man there, expecting it to be one of the other girls.


“Good evening, Gay. I’m Mr. H. May I come in?”

Gay’s eyes got big. Mr. H.? Coming to see her. Ohmigod.

“Yes, please come in, it’s your place, well, I mean, you own it, or you’re the Ambassador, so I guess it is yours, and, oh, I’m just babbling, I’m sorry…” said Gay, quite flustered.

Mr. H. entered and while moving towards a chair to sit down, pressed a button on a remote in his pants pocket. He looked at the large screen tv and saw that two men were making a sandwich out of a red-headed girl. He looked at Gay, who saw what he was looking at.

“Shit!” she screamed to herself, “I left the porn channel on!” She quickly turned it off, flushing beet red.

“I’m sorry, Mr. H., I was, um, surfing channels and that one came on and then you knocked at the door and….” It was just then that Gay accidentally kicked the vibrator that was on the floor next to the sofa, and it shot across the tile floor, hit a table leg, and turned on, now doing the vibration dance and leaving a wet, visible trail of pussy juice.

“Oh, God!” exclaimed Gay, who sat on the sofa, buried her still beet red face in her hands and started sobbing.

Mr. H. leaned down and shut off the vibrator, then went over and stood next to Gay, putting his hand on her heading and trying to comfort her.

“There, there, it’s okay, Gay,” he said, and watched as she continued sobbing but put her arms around him, and hiding her face from view in his clothing. She didn’t realize it at that moment, but what she had done is bury her face into his crotch. The vibrations from her sobs against his groin caused a physical reaction in Mr. H….he began to get hard!

When she felt the growing movement, Gay opened her eyes a bit and then realized she had her arms wrapped around him, and was holding his ass. She was aroused by this, suddenly, and then realized that her face was pressed up against his bulge, a bulge that was continuing to get larger.

“Unzip me,” he said, using his Ambassador voice.

Gay let go of his ass and without thinking further, pulled down his zipper, the pheromones once again supercharging her sexual organs.

“Take it out.”

She complied, reaching in with first one hand, then the other, releasing his manhood from its temporarily clothed imprisonment.


Her nipples hard, her clit tingly, her pussy still wet from her earlier masturbation, Gay dove on it like a starving wild animal. Just half-erect, she could see that his cock was quite thick already, and growing. She began sucking, skipping the preliminaries of licking and teasing. She sucked up and down it, moving her tongue, and reaching for his ballsack with her two hands. She wanted to suck this cock right into her stomach.

But, Mr. H. had other plans for her. What he needed to round out his stable was a totally submissive bitch, one that would please like no other. He was going to make Gay that bitch.

He pulled out of her mouth and then pulled her to a standing position, where he leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking, then chewing on it. He heard her moan and felt her knees go week. Pulling the nipple of his mouth, he kneeled down on the sofa, pulling her down behind him. Taking one hand of hers and running it between his legs and up to his cock, he got her to start jerking him off. Then he took hold of her hair, and pulled her head up against his ass.

“Lick it.”

With her sex drive on overload, she gave no thought to the fact that this was the first time she’d be tossing one’s salad, but instead dove in, her tongue making wet contact with his asshole as her stroking of his horse cock continued. With her other hand she massaged his balls.

He let her continue for a few more minutes, getting his cock rock hard in the process. She was licking continuously, stabbing at his asshole, licking, all the while rubbing his balls and stroking his cock. He was ready.

Standing up, he took hold of her wrist and firmly guided her around the back of the sofa. He pushed on her back, bending her at the hips so that her hands went down on the cushions to steady herself, her tits grazing against the pillows, nipples hard and throbbing.

“Don’t move.”

Her clit quivered at his commanding tone.

He disappeared into the kitchen area for a moment and then returned. She felt something cold press between her ass cheeks and then felt a finger enter her ass, moving around. She caught the smell, it was…butter?

“I’ll show you this family’s secrets!”

With thoughts of Last Tango in Paris in her head, and a desire to be fucked hard by this man, she elt him position his large, oversized cockhead against her asshole.

“Push back.”

“I…I can’t.”


Steeling herself, she gritted her teeth and pushed back. She felt her little starfish-like opening struggle against his girth. It seemed like a hopeless cause.

For his part he pulled back on her hips, putting tremendous pressure on her anal sphincter muscle, until it gave way. Three things happened in rapid succession.

First, three meaty inches of his broad cock penetrated her ass. Second, she screamed out, the momentary pain almost blacking her out. Third, he stopped advancing, wanting to give her a moment to adjust.

“Try to relax. Breathe deeply.” He reached under her and began rubbing her clit, trying to exact an endorphin release in her.

Gay felt as if she were giving birth in the wrong orifice. A minute ago she wanted nothing more than to get fucked hard by this man. Now she wanted nothing more than to get the fuck away from this man!

Her struggles were in vain. She was impaled on a king-sized cock, and was pinned to the sofa. The clit rubbing was starting to help. The pheromones were kicking back in. And thank God he wasn’t trying to stuff any more of it into her.


“Ye..yes?,” she said, meekly.

“Push back.”

“What? No, please, it …”


A few seconds of silence. The clit rubbing continued, maddeningly.

“Yes?” the meek voice was back.

“Push back. The pain is almost all gone.”

She felt stretched, but, as she tried to clear her mind, she could tell that he was right.


Tentatively, he felt her push back, just a little. A half-inch of greasy cock slid into her.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“I guess.”

“Doesn’t it?” he repeated.

“Yes, your fingers too.”

As she was speaking, he flexed his hips a bit, and pushed another inch inside of her hot ass.

“Oooohhh…yes.” She brought her fingers back and he removed his.

Satisfied that she was ready, he began pushing forward, his hands again on her hips, guiding inch after inch inside of her. He slowed when he was halfway done, again when three-quarters of his oversized cock was inside, and then slowly but inexorably continued on until every inch was in her ass.

Her legs were quivering, and he could see some drool coming out of the side of her mouth.

He began withdrawing, looking down and watching as her anal tube gripped him. Just his head was left inside. Quickly he added more butter for her and his comfort. Then he took hold of her long, blonde tresses, and pushed forward, not stopping until his balls smacked up against her fingers.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” was her response, not pain, but pleasure. She was in submissive bliss.

He fucked her. He wasn’t making love to her, like he did some of the other girls. This was pure lust, pure fucking. He owned her and was using his cock and eventually his seed to brand her.

Twice he felt her cum, her asshole clenching and unclenching repeatedly. It neither slowed nor hastened his pace.

He looked down at one point and saw that she had stopped playing with her pussy and was just laying there, taking his sex. Letting go of her hair, leaning forward, he took both of her wrists, one in each hand, and pulled them close to his body, forcing her body up in the air. He increased the speed of his thrusts, using her arms for leverage.

Looking over her, he saw the both of them in the large mirror.

“Look,” he commanded to her. He repeated his command, with more authority. Her eyes struggled to focus, and then did.

She realized, right then, right there, as she watched this great man pound his cock into her ass over and over again, that this is where she belonged, and as he roared and emptied his load of hot cum into her ass, she silently gave thanks to her mother.


As the moon rose high over the land once made infamous by the Chicken Ranch, a coyote could be heard way off in the distance. It had found some bones, a human skull in fact, picked clean by the elements and time. It continued onward, searching for food.


W.S. didn’t hear the howl, and even if he could have, he was too busy to pay any attention to it. He was too busy studying a document he had found when he had hacked into Tina’s computer…and thinking about her saucy, tight ass. Too busy to worry about much of anything…


When he got back to his 7th floor residence, Mr. H. noticed the amber light on the control panel on his desk. He pursed his lips a bit and paused, then went over to his computer and pulled up a file. He sighed, then pressed a single button on his phone. It was answered quickly.


“I have a stone in my shoe.”

Sheriff Don felt a chill run down his spine. He hadn’t heard that expression from this man in a number of years.

“I understand.”

The line clicked off. The Sheriff hung up the phone and thought back to the last time, and as those memories came back to him, he heard a coyote off in the distance.


I’d like to thank a number of people for allowing me to include them in this story, and hope that those who weren’t asked but were included aren’t pissed! 🙂 Any and all mistakes, miscues, screw-ups, and other issues are mine and all mine.

Thanks to Miss Ellen (Ejls), to Emily (Emily23xxx), to Tex (Liltxsmile), to Kimi (Kimiko), to Tina (Bostonmasstina), and to Snoochies (Snoochies). Appreciate your confidence in allowing me to write about you. Thanks also to Sheriff Don (donb9033), to W.S. Fun (wantsomefun), to Dr. Jack Tails (JackassTales), to CJ Wildcat (yes, that’s you CJ! crackedjaguar@hotmailcom), to Jessica (Jessicaxx), and to Nikky (Nicola Matthews).

Finally, a special thanks, hugs, and kisses to a sweet friend, Gay (Sahara907), who helped with ideas for the story and kept me motivated. Love ya!

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