Beth’s Dark Needs Ch. 04


With both hands I grasped her hips and shuffled into position behind her. Straight away I placed my cock against her cunt lips. This was a fabulous moment. I had control of Beth. I was about to force her to commit her first truly adulterous act. She had wanted a stranger to take her, to force her, and now I was about to fuck her as she was trapped on the bed on her hands and knees.

I slowly pushed against her cunt lips and then her entrance. My cock was like steel against her softness. She felt tense. I knew it was anticipation and excitement. There was no need for me to wait. I shoved forward and felt her cunt swallow the head of my cock. Beth buried her face into the bed and moaned loudly. With two firm thrusts I was deep inside Beth’s cunt. She gave up a deep, loud groan.

First I gave her cunt a few slow thrusts to adjust to the sudden intrusion. Beth’s married cunt felt very pleasant wrapped around my cock. I was feeling an extra pleasure at being the one to penetrate Beth as she experienced her first new cock in so many years. Perhaps later I’d make sure to take my time and enjoy it.

But first I was going to slam her cunt. Beth could get gentle sex at home with her husband if that’s what she wanted. I was going to give her a proper pounding. Doggy style was the perfect position for this, leaving her vulnerable and totally accessible. Beth wanted to be a slut with me and I was determined to treat her just the right way.

I pulled back and then thrust home in one long stroke. I did it again only this time I thrust harder. I felt her cervix as my swollen cock bottomed out in her tunnel. A couple more times and I was starting to punish her cunt. It didn’t matter to me if she was ready for force or not. I left her to grunt at the force of my thrusting as I went hard and deep, my skin slapping against hers and my balls swinging against her clit.

Her noises might have been a sign of pain but more importantly they told me that Beth had forgotten about her normal, everyday life. This was a magic moment, her first full act of adultery! She was being forced, abused and fucked and doing it all willingly. Positioned behind Beth I could see the flesh of her arse cheeks jiggling with the impact of each thrust. It was a delightful sight! Her tits were still pressed against the bed but my cock hardened still more as I thought of how they’d look once they were swaying and bouncing from my assault.

Despite having her face pressed into the covers I could hear Beth’s sounds, her gasps and grunts as I fucked her hard and fast. I wondered what was in her head right then. Was it shame or elation? Was she thrilled to be taken brutally or was she afraid of being hurt? The only sure thing was that she was being fucked hard and her body was feeling things she’d never experienced in her life.

‘You are mine,’ I announced above the sound of skin slapping on skin. ‘Right now you belong to me and I can fuck you the way I want to. You’ve waited a long time for this and now you’re going to be fucked properly.’

‘Oh Master’ she cried into the hotel mattress. It sounded like a muffled shriek. ‘Master, fuck me hard. Fuck me hard.’

I kept pumping into her, increasing my pace and making sure to ram deep. I wanted Beth to feel my cock deep inside her body and her soul.

‘You were a good little woman. Now you’re a slut. Now you obey me and let me use your body.’

I could hear Beth mumbling, trying to answer me. I reached down and grabbed some of those soft brown curls. I yanked her head back. Beth cried out in pain and surprise as I thrust still faster into her cunt. I yanked her hair still harder. Was it too much? I held tightly to her hips and her brown curls to give me the leverage to really pound the helpless Beth.

As excited as she was, as willing and happy, I knew I would make Beth sore by the end. She’d have a whole week to recover for her husband. My hips were banging into her arse cheeks and the air was full of the sounds of our fucking. Skin was slapping against skin and my balls were banging against her clit with every thrust. Her grunts sounded pained and I released her hair, letting her head fall back to the bed.

‘Use your safeword little slut.’ My slamming strokes were grinding her face into the bed covers. It was another wonderful lesson in how to mix pain and pleasure and Beth was a very good student.

‘Use your safeword or I’ll fuck you until you cum’.

‘No…please Master…oh.’

Beth was making all the right noises. It sounded like pain each time I slammed into her, the pain of lust and desire and the need for release. She was being seriously fucked for the first time in her life and I just knew that she would go on taking everything I dished out.

It took all of my self-control but I held off my own orgasm while I punished her wet, married hole. My reward was the noise of an approaching orgasm — hers.

‘You are a sweet little wife for your husband.’ I knew that would burn her with guilt. Beth didn’t want thoughts of her husband brought into our play. But I had decided I liked yalova escort that element to her submission. It made the next bit all the more powerful. ‘Now you get to be the slut you want. Now you get to cum all over my cock.’

She was loud now, her cries short and sharp. She wanted that orgasm desperately. I decided to give her that final little push. Again I grabbed a handful of hair and yanked hard. This time she lifted her shoulders and I knew those big tits were shaking and bouncing as I fucked her with as much force as I could manage.

I had to raise my voice to be heard over the sound of our fucking. ‘You are a slut. You’re letting me fuck you like a dog. You’re a little doggy for my cock’.

And then she was cumming, erupting. I watched as her hands tore at the bedding and she pulled herself tight against the cuffs and the rope. I even felt the way she tried to push her hips back so my cock would plunge even deeper into her. Did she ever behave like that at home?

I continued to fuck Beth hard and she kept on cumming just as hard. It was a delight to find the good little wife was so multi-orgasmic. Each time she let out a string of short sharp shrieks. I quickly released her hair to let her head drop to the bed. Beth howled her release into the mattress as her cunt gripped my shaft. She was a cheating wife but right then it was triumph than shame.

Her powerful release had thrilled me as well. But after a few massive orgasms I slowed my thrusting. I didn’t want the abuse to go too far this first time. Instead I gave Beth some space to sink into her own private reverie, feeling the ebbing of her orgasms and the sensation of her cunt fucked raw. I listened to her breathless sounds, muffled by the bed. I watched her shoulders rise and fall as she panted through her recovery. I didn’t just watch though, and gave a few more slaps to her still reddened arse. This was my little treat, a little something extra for myself as her Master for the day. Beth was so deeply ‘in the zone’ that she didn’t even flinch at the stinging blows on her butt cheeks.

But I didn’t let Beth rest for long. This day was about exploring her limits — all of them. So before she could get her breath back I was out of her cunt and turning her onto her back. It wasn’t easy with the restraints and her half out of her mind.

Innocent Beth felt suddenly freed and her thoughts came tumbling out. ‘I can’t believe that,’ she panted loudly. ‘I’ve never felt that before.’ The look on her face was one of slight delirium.

‘Glad you liked it. Looks like you can take as much as I can dish out.’

‘I want you to fuck me more. Please Master, make me a slut.’ But I was determined to take my time and to use and abuse her in my own way.

‘You already are a slut,’ I reminded her. ‘Now open your legs wide like a slut should.’

Beth was hot and wanting still more. She complied instantly with my new instruction. Without warning I gave her another slap, this time directly on her luscious, soaking cunt. The effect was immediate, her body jumping at the sudden pain. She moaned nicely. This time I was sure her reaction was one of pain. So I did it again.

‘Master, I am very sensitive. I am really swollen down there.’

I slapped her again, a little harder.

‘Master, please…’. This time I noticed her starting to close her legs. That was pleasing, too. At last I was starting to find some of her limits.

‘Keep them spread wide,’ I growled. Beth’s wrists were still cuffed and tied to the bed. There was no escape and she knew it. Beth uttered a small sob and slowly obeyed.

As her legs parted I grabbed the flogger. Beth was a novice so she still had no way of really knowing what was going to happen to her. It was a delicious moment for me as I stood there with the once innocent wife and mother spread wide, open and available to me.

The first few strokes of the flogger were light. Beth moaned softly in protest but I kept going. I slowed a little and increased the power of my arm. Each blow on her cunt brought a small grunt of protest from deep in her throat. Beth was staring at me wide-eyed. She’d not anticipated that she would be treated this cruelly. She didn’t know whether she hated it or loved it.

I was enjoying the sound of the leather strands slapping against her sensitive skin. I knew she was swollen and sensitive. I knew this wasn’t totally enjoyable for dear Beth. But I was determined to introduce her fully to this new world. Beth had given me control and I was making the most of it.

‘Take it my slut. Take this punishment for me.’ Beth tried to nod her acceptance. She was still willing to be abused, still eager to please. ‘I’ll reward you soon enough. You give your cunt to me totally and I’ll eat you to as many orgasms as you can stand.’

I didn’t count but I decided she’d had enough once I was past twenty. Beth could take more. But I had promised her a reward and I was going to enjoy it almost as much as she would.

Straight away I was between her thighs. edirne escort Her cunt lips were wonderfully swollen just as she’d said. They had been rather neat and small before they’d been abused. I noticed how red they were. There was an extra heat coming from her as a result of the flogging. Her flaps were so engorged with blood they enveloped her hard clit. And she was wet — so very wet!

I could wait no more and lowered my mouth onto that luscious, sopping cunt. She groaned loudly, betraying her lust for still more adulterous pleasures. Her ‘just fucked’ cunt was soaking and squishy as I went to work on her. I latched my lips and my tongue onto Beth’s clit and carefully sucked that little nub into my mouth. Beth’s body jerked suddenly and her legs straightened a little. She really did love oral.

So I drove tongue between her folds and penetrated her hot, gushing hole. It seemed like Beth came straight away. Her response was another shriek. Face up this time she was even louder. I licked along the length of her slit and sucked and licked on her clit. She shrieked again and this time I knew she really was cumming. I made a mental note to flog her cunt more if there was a next time.

I kept working on her cunt and her hole. Beth was pouring her cunt juices straight into my mouth, her body thrashing and pulling against her restraints. There was no doubt Beth was cumming. Her shrieks were so much louder now she was face-up so I quickly tried to fashion a crude gag with a towel. Not classy I’ll admit but I didn’t want anyone complaining or busting in on us.

It occurred to me how much puppy would enjoy watching Beth perform. I knew I’d enjoy the chance to show her off myself. But for the moment I just kept working at her clit and her hole as she thrashed about on the bed, huffing and puffing. Then I thrust my tongue deep inside her hot, open hole and probed around. Again Beth’s body jerked against her restraints. So I gave her a few long licks from her anus, up her slit to her clit. Her third orgasm arrived quickly and I knew she had lost all control over her body.

Beth was thrashing so hard that my attempt to muffle her noises had failed. The towel was long gone and I just had to hope there were no other guests in the adjoining rooms at that time of the day. It was so worth it, though, to hear the sounds of this once demure wife as she threw herself into her first experience of being a cheating slut.

As hard as it was, this was my cue to change-up the play once more. Beth had wanted to be punished. I knew she’d get tired eventually from all those enormous orgasms but I needed her to have the energy to take still more beatings. So I pulled away from her cunt, promising myself I’d have more of that before the night was done.

Without letting Beth gather herself I pulled her onto her side and pushed her legs so that her knees were near her chest. Once more her holes were exposed. More importantly, her big round arse was stretched taut and her flesh was available for still more punishment.

Quickly I found my favourite paddle, a nice heavy leather job. Perfect for both the pain it gives and the sounds it produces on bare skin.

‘Here we go again my little slut,’ I said softly to Beth. ‘You are learning that pleasure comes with pain. I like to give you pleasure but its important that I give you pain.’ Beth was still somewhat lost in her retreating climax. She did her best to focus on what I was saying. Her eyes tried to signal her acceptance. She was being pushed close to her limits. But I was sure she could take just a little more harsh treatment.

‘This is your punishment for being so dirty and wicked and enjoying the things I am doing to you.’ Beth tried to nod and then she let her head fall to the bed. I even saw her body relax a little. It was a post-orgasmic reaction. But Beth was also showing she was ready for her punishment. This was her darkest fantasy and she wanted to experience and to savour every bit of it.

With Beth on her side I had ready access to one cheek and a tricky job to get the other one. No matter, I delivered the first hard blow to her waiting arse. Beth hardly made a noise but the room was filled with the sound of hard leather against her flesh.

There was no need this time for a warm-up so I continued with the beating. It sounded wonderful. I took careful aim and began to pound on both her arse cheeks, first top and then bottom. I used steady strokes and gave her plenty of force. It was meant to be painful, a punishment and a validation. She was the helpless dirty slut she’d dreamed of.

With each slap of the heavy paddle Beth writhed a little as seemingly her entire body reacted to the abuse. Her flesh jiggled and her huge tits moved nicely for me. I didn’t have a number in mind so I just went on beating her. What I wanted was to make her arse glow with heat once more. A bruise or two would suit me as well. Beth never once complained or protested even though it was clear the beating was painful. In truth she didn’t know what to erzurum escort do.

Again and again I brought the heavy paddle down on her bottom. I swung my arm back each time, counting silently as her full cheeks turned red under the assault. Beth had never known this kind of pain or known such a humiliation. It brought home again just what she’d allowed herself to become. I know Beth’s stare never left my face, that strange look on her face showing she was angry at being beaten and yet daring me to give her more. I wasn’t concerned with that. She was mine and a beating was what I had chosen for her.

After twenty each cheek of her nice round arse had turned a glowing red. My little slut had performed so well for me. The harsh paddling would ensure the good little wife would remember, for a long time, the price of truly being a slut.

So it was time for a respite. Beth was still a novice and the idea was to have her wanting to come back another time. Finally I put down the paddle and climbed on the bed to undo the rope. Beth sighed with relief as at last she lowered her arms. The cuffs came off next and by then I could hear that her breathing was almost back to normal.

At that point I cuddled her a little and even stroked her face softly. I wanted her to know she was safe, despite everything she had experienced on this day.

‘Well done Beth. You are quite a slut and a very good submissive’.

‘Thank you Master.’

‘I am very proud of you. Such a wonderful performance for your first time,’ I went on. ‘But you didn’t use your safeword. You know I expect you to use your safeword any time you need it. And that was a pretty heavy spanking.’

‘I know. I remembered my safeword. I didn’t think I needed to use it.’

‘So what do you think of the paddle?’

‘It hurt and I didn’t like it. Do I get to choose what you use to punish me?’

‘I’m watching you carefully little slut. I know what works best and what takes you to your limits. I know what to use for fun and what to use for punishment.’

‘Yes Master.’

‘After all, you are my slut. At least while we are together. You give me control. I can choose to pleasure you or to punish you.’

Beth now seemed a little concerned with what she had said. ‘I don’t want you to stop using the paddle Master. I know its not my choice.’

‘Well the good thing is that you know what is really feels like to be punished and to feel used and abused.’

‘Yes, Master. And it is exciting to be experiencing all these new things.’

‘I enjoyed giving you a taste of the paddle. So it will be my choice. If it hurts too much you must use your safeword. I want to punish you but not to damage you.’

‘I didn’t want you to stop. I said I wanted to be punished. I really meant it, Master.’

‘That’s not the end of it yet. I will want to punish you some more before the night is done.’

‘It hurt but it seemed like a good hurt,’ she went on. ‘It was more intense than I had imagined. The punishments really hurt sometimes, especially the paddle. I didn’t like that pain.’

‘You knew I was going to hurt you. You knew that your punishment would be real and not just a fantasy any more.’

‘I liked the fact you were doing it to me. You were so focussed on me and my whole body felt alive. It was exciting to watch you do that, Master. I never thought of wanting it to stop. It was like I needed more.’

We cuddled and talked some more. Then my own lust got the better of me and I partook of her tits, massaging them and suckling on her nipples. With a little encouragement Beth even learned to hold her tits so they could be sucked properly, offering them to me in a way she’d done for no man before. It was very sexy and she was very sexy. Her huge tits were a wonder to behold and I was sure her husband had never made as much fuss over them as I would. Beth seemed a little uncomfortable at first but soon she was relaxing and smiling and enjoying the attention.

She was a bit of a mess at this stage but I decided to leave her that way. There was no need to tidy her looks for me. Beth was no longer a good wife but a dirty slut, used and abused and left on a bed thousands of miles from her husband. The sweaty, just-fucked look suited her rather well. So I peeled off the condom and went to grab a shower leaving Beth to relax for a while.

When I got back from the bathroom I was feeling extremely horny! I’d managed to keep my self control for a long time. Now was the time to let go and to test my new slut a little more.

‘Do you like having a new cock to look at?’

‘Hmmm.’ A smile. ‘Yes, I do Master.’

‘You like looking at it? Touching it? Sucking it? Being fucked by it?’

‘You are big. I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t know if I’d like it bigger.’ A big grin. ‘But I do like it.’

‘Your first new cock. A cock you’re not married to. Suck it.’ I moved in closer. ‘Suck it like a good little slut, like my personal bitch.’

Straight away Beth did something I knew she’d hardly ever done. She climbed off the bed and went to her knees in front of me. I guessed that this was what she’d wanted to do at that party all those years ago. She wasn’t letting the chance slip by again. Beth wrapped her hand around my thick shaft and plunged her mouth over me. I happily fed my cock into her greedy mouth. I wanted to fuck her madly but instead I let her explore.

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