BFF’s Pt. 01


Considering all that had happened to her until now, this could hardly be counted the gravest of circumstances. Her wrists ached and stung as though she was bound not by cord, but thorny vines. She could feel how wet she had become when she managed to bring her legs together close enough to close herself off from the world. This, though, took considerable effort. The spacer bar between her ankles was doing its job well, and was nearly as unforgiving as the man who had put it there. The thought of him sent her toes flexing, her chest rising and falling in measured breaths. It wouldn’t have been so bad had she not also shuddered. She somehow always forgot that those sorts of movements only enraged the clips used to keep her tits as sensitive as he liked them when he chose to play with her.

Her eyes searched through the darkness, looking hopelessly for some measure of time since he had locked her in place. She wondered if it had been minutes, or an hour. The way her mind raced once her body was trapped in shackles, it could be anywhere in between. The question was obsolete. She jumped at the sound of the loud squeal let out by the hinges on the door, almost as if he had done to them what he would do to her. When the lights hit her face, she cringed and pulled back as best she could, but found herself still somewhat more distracted by the ache from her tits and the sting in her wrists as she tried to retreat.

His shadow fell across her body, though that would certainly not be the last thing to do so. He quickly grabbed at her face, holding her cheeks and jaw tightly as he pinched shut her nose, sliding his palm over her mouth. She knew full well that he would let her breathe again, but even without that uncertainty, she knew what else this meant. The floodlight illuminating her body against the brick behind her began to fade as her lungs burned in protest. Just as she was sure he would change his mind this time and just be done with her, he released her face, letting her gasp for breath. The breathing quickly became groans of discomfort, and at her unexcused outburst, she felt his hand leave its mark across her face.

“You told me you liked this. Now here you are bitching about it. Would you rather I stop? I can turn off the light and leave you down here for the night.”

Her eyes were still closed against the burn from his hand and the floodlights, but even with her head hanging low, she managed to indicate a ‘no.’

There was rustling, and she heard a few drawers slide open and closed, then the jingle of keys and the squeak of more unmaintained hinges. When she chanced her eyes to the light, she saw two bodies standing in front of her. One body was his, a well-practiced silhouette backlit by twin fluorescents. The second body had her arms drawn tightly behind her back, her mardin escort head facing up and body craning to accommodate the uncomfortable posture.

“You know your friend Miriam, right? It was your idea to bring her along this time.” She watched as he groped her friends tits, heard Miriam moan in protest. “Alright then, girl. How did you like my cage?”

Miriam was slow to respond, and the time bought her what sounded like a solid slap against one of her tits. It was seconds later that she responded “It was… c-cold. It’s cold down here.”

She could feel herself cringe, her practice allowing her to empathize perfectly with what would happen next. The sound of more skin striking skin echoed off the unlit brick to either side of them.

“Oww! God dammit, I answered your question!”

There were two more sharp raps – likely one against each of her tits in turn. Then he nearly growled “What did you think of my cage.”

‘Tell him you liked it, idiot!’ The thought surged through her brain on a useless loop. ‘We went over this beforehand! Just agree and go with it.’ Then the thought struck her that if Miriam failed to answer correctly, he would let her friend go, and instead project his frustration onto her. That thought terrified her as much as it made her quiver in expectant delight. He had grown a bit tepid lately, and he wasn’t hitting as hard or fucking as long as he had when they were younger. Even a couple years of repetitive behavior can put a damper on a man’s swing. She would like to see what he was capable of when he was this frustrated.

Miriam groaned “It was cold, it was hard. It was miserable! Is that what you want? Ow god, my tits… what, are you gonna stick me back in there?”

His voice sounded calm and composed. “No, of course not. Clearly you didn’t like it enough to make it worth sticking you back in there. Instead, I’m doing this.” He yanked her arms and dragged her over so she was in the middle of the room. With her hands still bound behind her back, he doubled her over and lifted her arms in the air, attaching them to a retracting cord on the ceiling – one of many she had gifted him as an anniversary present. Now seeing them in use on her friend, she was doubly glad she had had them installed. It seemed she had a front row seat to watching her man in action. Of course… coffee would be awkward the next time she and Miriam got together. That thought was fleeting, though, as she saw him cross the room with a large conic device in hand.

Miriam was breathing quickly now, but that was interrupted as she wailed and struggled against her bonds. He applied a steady force to the plug, and with the generous application of lube it opened Miriam’s ass easily. He waited until he saw her close around van escort the plug, tugged it to ensure it was secure inside her, then spanked her with a smack that echoed across the room. Miriam had yet to stop protesting, wordless and desperate.

“Blair, what am I going to do if Miriam doesn’t kindly shut the fuck up soon?”

She replied weakly, not wanting to seem like she was making suggestions in the use of her friend’s body. “You’ll keep her on the edge of cumming until she disappoints you.”

He nodded “Absolutely I fucking will. You hear that? I’ve got a little practice in drawing this out. You’re here cause you wanna be, but maybe I’d rather just see you fail so Blair and I can have a quiet evening alone. Well… not quite. Anything but quiet.”

Miriam was close to catching her breath when she stammered “I.. I’m sorry. I do wanna be here. I wanna know what it’s like. Blair says it’s the best thing ever, but just… please, don’t give up on me. I can do it. I know I can.”

The silence was tense. When it broke, it was his indignant voice saying, “I’m not sure you can.” In a fluid, practiced motion, he turned half-way around, took the handle of his favorite flog, and brought it around with all of the force of his upper body. The sound was sickening, and Miriam screamed in a way most people only assume they do in movies.

The cry was long and loud, desperate, pathetic. Blair felt her heart sink as her lips got wetter still. She knew those nylon ribbons and what they could do. She could picture the blood rushing to the surface of Miriam’s ass, all the more vulnerable with the toy stuffed inside her. The flog sounded again, though this time it wasn’t as severe. Still, Miriam cried as she was struck again and again, humiliated by her ass on display, now burning from the abuse. After another handful of lashes, a few strands of the flog went astray and landed firmly across Miriam’s pussy. Had Blair not know Miriam’s face so well, she might not have made out the expression on it when the last blow landed. Her head drew back, mouth hanging open in a silent scream, eyes wide as the tears clung to her cheeks before tracing down her chin. It wasn’t that expression that did it, though. It was the eyes.

Blair saw Miriam look at her with such a pitiful look that Blair couldn’t hold back. She knew what her friend had gotten into when she agreed to come over and play with them. All the same, he wasn’t going to take it easy on her. She should have expected it. In the back of her mind, she admitted that it would have pushed her harder to get Miriam in the door if the night promised to be like this. Still, she couldn’t help but react to the pain she saw in those tearful eyes.

“Hey! Lay off! Why don’t you cut her some slack. She’s ankara escort never done this before. You think you gotta prove how tough you are by beating the hell out of a new girl like that?” Her blood went cold. Clearly she hadn’t been thinking. The whipping stopped, and he looked at her. Miriam must have seen the fear on Blair’s face, because she immediately started begging him to continue. No, she pleaded, just keep going. She could take it, she’d do better. Don’t listen to Blair. Didn’t he want to have fun with her?

It was too late though. He walked up to Blair with a sickening coolness. She could smell him, and she loved it – his familiar scent. Her gut mixed apprehension with affection, and in that moment she wondered if he would simply kiss her, touch her, if he would change his mind and unbind her, take her to bed, and make love to her while Miriam packed up and went home. She looked in his eyes, tender and imploring. She felt his hand lightly come to rest between her legs, a finger parting her and carefully rubbing her so that she had no choice but to moan softly, wishing his mouth was closer to hers so she could kiss him with the same degree of passion. As she moaned, she tasted something… different. Unusual. Her mouth started going dry as she realized she had been gagged.

“Fuck you.” His words were as serious as they were playful, and his finger immediately left her wanting more. He went back to where his stash of toys and devices were, and returned with a strip of tape. When it was secured to each of her cheeks, he kissed the tape over her mouth, then grinned “Those are Miriam’s panties. I took them out of her bag. Maybe that’ll teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

Her mind raced a moment as she realized what he had done, how he had played her. As her thoughts collided with each other, she failed to notice the flog in his hand again, and was taken entirely by surprise as each strand struck her right where his finger had been moments before.

Her scream was muffled, caught in the panties and filtered through tape. He laughed, and it was raw and unrefined. “Don’t choke,” he goaded, patting her roughly on her cheek. Her eyes snapped shut as his hand clapped down over her pussy. She unwittingly jumped at the impact, again sending that same pain through her tits as the clamps shifted their grip. He spanked her pussy several more times, finally finishing with his middle two fingers gliding up inside her. She tried to gasp, but instead nearly choked on her friend’s panties. She coughed to fix the issue, though was still distracted by his fingers filling her up so suddenly. She breathed through her nose as she tried to regain control of herself, all the while fighting off how he felt massaging her from the inside. His practiced fingertips knew how to control her body almost instantly, and try as she might, she was soon putty in his hand. That was when he withdrew his fingers, landed the flog firmly across her tits, then turned his back on her muffled screams as he returned to Miriam.

In his mind, he wished these girls would quit interrupting him and let him get started.

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