Black Cameraman , the Weather girl


In writing for Mormon Chicks stories I get feedback from people telling me about their affairs. These usually aren’t enough to tell a full story. I’ve decided to take a few from the inbox and put them on the site.


Did you ever thinking about fucking one of the women on a newscast?

The Black Cameraman & the Weather girl.


I read your story about the black real estate agent fucking all those little white Mormon wives. If you are interested I can tell you some shit about some Mormon cunt that I fucked in Salt Lake that worked at one of the television stations there. This shit is now, no old timer stories here. I can tell you about it and you can put it online if you want.


I can check it out and see what I can do with it.


I got an education in video editing and camera work on a scholarship for sports. After growing up in Virginia I ended up at a television station in Jacksonville, Florida. I usually would go out with a reporter. I’d drive the van and do all the set up work. Then the reporter would stand in front of the camera. Being black in Jacksonville didn’t make you stand out like it did when I moved to Salt Lake.

I got quite a bit of white pussy in Jacksonville. If you didn’t find a white chick interested in trying black cock you could always go towards the beach. Most every night you could find some Navy guy’s young wife that was tired of waiting for her husband to come back from sea. And, if you are going to cheat on the old man it might as be worth your while. I know some of the little cunts got knocked up, but they were fucking so many different black guys you didn’t feel guilty about it.


NOTE: At this point there were several emails over about two weeks. We spent about 5 hours on the phone joking and messing with each other talking about his conquest with the Mormon Chicks. I put that together to make the following short story.


While still in Jacksonville there were some white behind scene staffers from work that I would date and fuck. Some were married, some not. I never fucked an on the air personality. There was one instance when I watched some cunt on the air that I had fucked. We had filmed a criminal lawyer. We took a break while my reporter used the restroom. Right there in the conference room this lawyer says,

“If I thought your friend would be in the toilet long enough I’d suck your cock right here and now.”

This bitch was about thirty. Good looking blonde. Nice round titties, slim waist, nice ass. If some one told you she was fucking a black guy you would probably say she looks like the kind that would.

“Why don’t I lock her in there instead? You look like what you really need is a good fucking.”

I rubbed my hand along the inside of her thigh as she sat on the edge of the conference table. She opened her legs at little before the sound of the toilet door opening caused her to stand and face towards my none-the-wiser colleague.

Five hours later I was fucking her at her home in Murray. We broke long enough during the newscast so we could watch on the air. My first time to look at the TV and say, “Hey, I fucked that lady.”

She was a lady. I fucked her every night that week and even stayed overnight on Friday, staying most of Saturday until her husband’s flight was due. She picked him up at arrivals with my sperm buried up inside her.

We fucked as few more times over the next month until I got sort of dismissed with the phrase.

“I do have times I need a black man to fuck me, leaving me with sperm oozing from my cunt. Then I get over it for a while, picking someone new the next time the urge hits me. I mostly do it when I am mad at my husband for something or the other.”

From the way she said it I was an example of how easy it was for her to get black fucked when the need would arise again.


So, to explain why my Nickname is “Big D” and why I ended up in Salt Lake City, a town festering with Mormons.

My mother named me Derrick, only missing the spelling of what she wanted to name me by a few letters. I’m 6’4″ and keep my athletic body in good shape. I dress nice and smell good to the ladies. So, being tall and athletic, many call me “Big D”, the “D” standing for Derrick.

I also have a ten inch cock. Which you can call a “Dick”. The ladies that learn to know me well and any guy that’s ever seen me naked calls also calls me “Big D”.

As far as landing in Salt Lake City, that was simple, too. My station sold out and cut staff. I needed a fucking job and they advertised one in the trade papers. One of the little Mormon Bride Navy wives I fucked in Jacksonville moved back home to Salt Lake. She told me if I ever got to Salt Lake she’d fuck me so hard I’d shit myself.


On a wing and a prayer I drove cross country for the interview. Things went well in the interview. I think the HR person wanted bağdatcaddesi escort to fuck me. There’s a lot of gay men in Salt Lake. Turns out they want to hire me for my credentials but mostly because I was black. Well, still am black. That hasn’t changed. No Michael Jackson here. I got the job because when I sat across the desk from the white gay guy, there I was, a black guy. I was the token. It looked good on the company HR record. Or, as the talk went around the water cooler. We aren’t just all Mormons here, we have two Asians and a black guy on staff.


I didn’t have a place to stay. Payday would be at least two weeks away. I had less than $200 in my wallet. Also, in my wallet was the phone number Valerie had given me before she moved home from Jacksonville. So, I called … Ringy-Dingy!

“Hello?” Some man answered.

“Hi, looking for Valerie or Dave?”

“Sorry, Buddy. Had this number about 3 months. Don’t know a Dave or Valerie.”

Fucked from the start. Hello, starvation. Hello, sleeping in the God Damned car. But wait, I remembered, back of the slip of paper with her cell number it read:

MOM & DAD – 000-000-XXXX (Don’t dial the fucking number, stupid. The X’s make it secret!)

So, I dialed the number. Her Mom answered, sounded sweet, gave me their number. My luck, Dave answered.


“Hey, Dave! It’s Big D! You gave me your number when you left the Navy and told me to give you a call if I ever got to Salt Lake. Well, I’m here.”

“Big D? Oh, oh yeah! Tall fellow, athletic guy, smelled good. Always dressed nice. Big D, yeah now I remember.”

He took his face away from the phone.

“Hey, Val. Guess who’s on the phone. You remember Big D from Jacksonville? Big guy, smelled good, dressed nice. He’s in Salt Lake.”

“Big D? Yes, I remember Big D. Give me that phone,”

I could hear the sound of the phone changing hands.

“Big D! I sure do remember you. We should get together … the three of us, I mean.”

I could hear footsteps. She must have walked away from Dave. She whispered on the phone.

“How soon can you come fuck me? God, I need some of that black cock. I haven’t had any black cum in me since we left Florida.”

Well, Valerie remembered me. Dave did, too. When he wasn’t at sea so I could pop in and fuck his wife whenever I wanted he and I would drink until he’d get drunk and insist I was too drunk to drive. He’d pass out and I spend the rest of the night fucking his wife. Went on two or three nights a week before they moved. And, there it was. Valerie sounded good on the phone. I wanted to fuck her.

“Are you busy tonight? You could come to our house. We could have a few beers. Just like old times.”

I knew what that meant. Even in Jacksonville Dave didn’t know the terms for “holding your beer”. Rather than drinking my beer and hoping I could hold it, I would just hold my beer while Dave would drink a six pack and then start another.

He looked bad, all shit-faced on the couch. Had a bit of a beer belly, and him passed out there in his drool. Valerie grabbed my hand and pulled me to their bedroom.

“Get those clothes off you and fuck me. Ram that black cock right up my married cunt.”

Valerie didn’t care for condoms. Said she was on the pill. She loved to get cock bareback and I loved fucking her that way. Funny how most white girls bareback black guys. We fucked for old time’s sake until four in the morning. Then I moved into the guest room. Val still came in and sucked my cock. She kissed him goodbye the next morning before he left for work. Then she fucked me again.

I must have looked a little tired at work to everyone. Valerie called.

“I need you to fuck me again.”

“Fucking you is at the top of my list. But, I need to find a place to stay.”

“Can you come out for dinner. I can talk to Dave. There is the guest room.”

Dave had kind of a fucked up work schedule. He’d be on days then on nights, mixed throughout the week. Best of all he had to work most weekends and I usually did not. The nights he worked we’d fuck until he got home. Weekends when he worked were eight hour fuck fests. Even the days when he didn’t work Valerie would find some way to fuck me at least once. The girl loved my cum in her.



Yes, we should probably get to that.


Big D’s job at the station was to be the crewman for news reporters in the field and shooting commercials and editing them in the film room. It is during that time that you get to meet the other grunt workers. The ones not appearing on screen, make up, sales, story writing, etc. The ladies were all curious. The rumor about black cock and the taboo of fucking one seemed to spread across the whole staff. Lot’s of the women got the “fuck me” look and there were several places around the building where one could slip away for a quick screw.

The first to go down the road beykoz escort to a black cock adventure with Big D was a production assistant. With her hurried rushed movements trying to get things done we crossed paths a lot. Then she was gone. The next time I saw her she was back from a Temple wedding and a trip to Mexico for a honeymoon. That was on a Tuesday, her second day back. We got to chatting during and before you know it she had me fuck her. I loaded her with black seed twice behind a set used for the morning news.

Several women were giving her “the look” because of her “just fucked” appearance and knowing that she and I were missing at the same time. The rumor spread quickly much to my advantage. She only fucked me once more at work. She was afraid of getting caught and losing her job, plus claimed my cum ran out of her for two days. After that there was the occasional fuck at her house when her husband was at his brother’s house for Monday Night Football.

Next it was Abby the makeup girl for the afternoon and evening shows and news. She was single and no threat to getting caught except people finding out she fucked a black guy. I fucked her at her little rental house, backstage, and even in the news van that I usually drove. That was an off and on again thing usually based on whether she thought some white boyfriend was going to ask her to marry.

After the second time I fucked her comes why the story mentions the Weather Girl. I’m not going to describe her or what station we work for since she still works here. I got her attention when the make up girl was getting her ready for the show and mentioned me.

“I let the new guy fuck me. He’s got a thick ten inch cock. You ought to feel that thing in you bareback! Whew! And, all that cum!”

“New guy? What new guy? The black one?” The weather girl was shocked at what she had just heard.

“Yep, that thing is huge and it goes in so deep.”

“The black guy? You shouldn’t be fucking the black guy.”

“Hey, it’s the twenty first century. Lots of white girls are fucking black.”

The weather girl bit her lip. The make up girl noticed.

“If you want I can fix you up. I’m sure D would be interested.”

“I’m known all of the broadcast area. I have a husband and three little kids. That would be a big risk.”

“And, yet there you are calculating the odds of getting caught and weighing the benefits of getting rammed full of his black dick.”

“I need to think about it.”

“If you are going to think about it you are going to do it. You might as well just fuck him. Once isn’t going to be enough and now wouldn’t be soon enough.”

“Maybe I should keep it away from the station.”

“Sounds like you mind is made up. Let me go get him so you can tell him.”

“No, I can’t do that!”

“Sure you can. I’ll get him to show you his dick.”

“Well, my husband is out of town next week.”

“Stay right there. Don’t move.”

Big D was ushered in before the weather girl. He had noticed her giving him some looks as rumors spread. Now she was in full make up and dressed to make her look like a fuckable Mormon hot mom for the television viewers. She was blushing deep red. D wasn’t sure, but thought about her naked with him between her legs.

“Hi … “

“Hi, I want you to fuck me. My husband is out of town next week.” She stammered.

“How about between the evening and late news? There’s a couple of hours there.”

“I can’t be caught at the station.”

“Why not come to my house. You’ve been there before.” Abby offered.

“Thanks, Abby. But, I need to be careful.”

“You can be careful all you want, but once that cock goes in you wouldn’t care if you’re getting fucked while a parade went by.”

“Okay, after the six o’clock news show we can go to your house.” Weather girl looked at Derrick. “You had better be worth it.”

Derrick was off at six, so his night was clear. Her called Valerie to let her know he would stay overnight in town. Val would be jealous because even though she had a husband she didn’t like her Big D in some other girl’s cunt. Abby and the weather girl had to be back for the ten o’clock news.

“I’ve thought of this before and never thought I’d actually be doing it. I see why they call you Big D.”

Derrick’s cock was lined up with the weather girl’s pussy slit. She was way too wet to go down on and if he tried she’d probably shove him away. She wanted that cock in her. Those tits had to be D-Cups, the nipples standing hard an erect. Her cunt was shaved to above her slit. Her Mormon garments tossed at the foot of the bed. Legs wide spread. Cunt slit in full view. There was no shyness now, only desire. He looked up to her eyes. That’s what the camera always caught, the light in her eyes. Of course, the big tits and the flirty skirts. Her camera makeup really highlighted her face.

A gentle push sent the head of his black cock into her eager cunt. With the head buried her pussy was stretched around his shaft.

“What Abby told me about your cock caddebostan escort was true. Fuck it into me.”

The weather girl made the next move forcing more of his cock into her. She looked down across her white tummy to her pussy where his black cock entered her and worked deeper and deeper inside.

“Oh, fuck! I should have started doing this in college instead of saving myself for my tiny dick fiancée.”

“Nothing like this, huh?”

Abby was naked and watching close up content in seeing Miss High and Mighty fuck a black guy

“I just went from fucking four inches to ten. I’ll say there’s nothing like it. I didn’t know how much cunt that I had that I wasn’t using.”

She hadn’t given a lot of thought to barebacking the black cock until she felt him swell to cum in her. It was several days until she was fertile. She wasn’t going to let his sperm go any where but inside her, hopefully spurted into her womb. He was in deep. So very, very deep. He made her cum several times. Better than with her husband, but nothing like what she could feel building inside her. Then it hit, starting as a burning tremor, becoming rocking and ass coming off the bed and she tried to force every tiny essessence of his cock into her.

His seed fired into her spurt after spurt. Could she count the spurts? After about six she could still feel it flow into her well fucked pussy, oozing against her cervix and into her womb. Derrick liked feeling his cum around his cock as it soaked inside some white wife fulfilling her black cock fantasy. This one was special. A hundred thousand people knew her, the men dreaming of what he had just taken. Dreamed of putting their cum where he had just put his.

The weather girl lay wide open on the bed. Black man’s cum running from her open cunt. She smiled and hugged her own big tits.

“You should probably fuck Abby now. We owe her that much.”

“I’ll spend the night. I can fuck Abby when she comes back home and you are at home with your husband.”

“In that case you need to fuck me again.”

A couple of times would never be enough for the lovely Mormon weather girl. She’d still love her kids and still go to church with her husband every Sunday, sit next to him needing black cum in her. Derrick knew she’d be back. White wives always came back.

The girls went back to the station. Abby fixed her make up. The weather girl kept as much cum in her as she could. Derrick stayed at Abby’s and turned on the ten o’clock news.

First the weather preview at the opening of the newscast. God, look at her. Her eyes sparkled, her face so much more full of life. She looked like an angel that has just gotten fucked. Derrick studied her during the two weather segments. She couldn’t hide it. Did she seem flirty with the anchor and the sports guy? Thousands of women were about to get fucked themselves after the husbands became even more interested in the weather not knowing why.

A half hour later Derrick heard to door open and close.

“Hi, remember me?” I’m the weather girl.

“Yes, I think I do.” Derrick laughed.

“I was the TV lady you just fucked twice and then sent on the air.”

“Oh, now I remember.” Derrick teased.

“Well, Abby said you’d fuck her several times before morning so I thought I’d stop by and let you fuck me again before I go home to my kids.”

The same thing happened the next night. The weather girl was a black cock whore for sure. Couldn’t get enough of Derrick’s ten inches or feel enough of his seed in her.

Saturday morning he fucked Abby again and went home to Valerie. He had all the pussy he needed at work, but needed a place to stay. So, no pissing her off. Plus, she was a good fuck and cuckolding poor Dave was so much fun. Val made him pay. Any opportunity, even at the risk of getting caught she made him fuck her. Derrick kind of found himself in love with his stupid friend’s wife. He fucked her early Monday morning after her husband left for work, before himself needing to leave an hour later.

The week continued like it left off with the weathergirl fucking Derrick before and after the late news. Then came the unexpected. The Ward Bishop told Dave that a black living with him and Valerie seemed inappropriate since he wasn’t always home when Derrick was there. He protested that they were good friends, but still was left him with a warning to get Derrick out of his house. Val slipped into his room twice that night so he could fuck her. He didn’t figure she would be fertile so soon after coming off the pill. He pumped big loads into her both times and again after Dave left for work.

Abby was pretty ecstatic about it. “Move in with me. I’ll get to fuck you even more if I’m not sharing you with her.”

“What about sharing me with our weather girl friend?”

“You like to fuck her, probably more than you do me. Besides, I watch and she gets so hot when she fucks.”

“I like seeing her do the weather knowing my seed is up inside her.”

“Yeah, I guessed there is that. I think you are about to get another thrill.”

The rumor was that the weather girl’s new glow had come from fucking black and Derrick was the only black working there. Kind of of a hushed rumor that had most of the female staff thinking. Then when the rumor included that maybe he had a ten inch cock things got heated.

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