Black History Pt. 02


During the next 20 months I only dated one man, a pleasant, kind, rather timid soul who was a substitute kindergarten teacher at my daughter’s school. We went out five times before he finally got up the nerve to kiss me. He was a good kisser but then we stalled at that stage. Finally, I was so frustrated that during a necking session I actually asked him if he wanted to fuck me. For a while things went okay, if kind of boring. I mean, he was well built, and it was nice to have a real flesh and blood man instead of a vibrator, but Dwayne was too nice. He acted like any sex I gave him was a gift. One time I told him, just to see his reaction, I wanted to spank him. He agreed right away. I did it, too, but my respect for Dwayne pretty much disintegrated. I could no longer feel desire for the poor guy, probably because I’m the one who’s supposed to be submissive. We broke up. Over the next year I was back to masturbating, …a lot.

My story picks up again when I’m thirty-six and theoretically in my sexual prime.

On those days when my parents had the kids I’d get out early in the morning to take a long brisk walk. It was an inexpensive way to stay in decent shape. I admit to taking pride in my strong long legs and firm round ass so striding out one and a half miles and then back helped a lot and charged me up for the rest of my day. My route took me beyond our little neighborhood into a more rural setting known as “the Holler” where the houses were spaced much farther apart and the homes are owned by a mixture of black and white families. Not too far from where I would turn around to head back home there was a small white house that was kept up nicely for that area. It was Preacher and Missus Lucas’ family home. The Lucas’ were a black family that had lived there for more years than I’d been alive. Almost every morning when I passed by the Lucas house their son, Blane, who was about 23, would be sitting on the porch drinking his coffee. He’d always yell out something, like “Hey, girl, come on up and visit with me”, or “I’ve got some coffee for you. It’s hot and black”. I’d just wave and maybe say, “Some other time, Blane, gotta keep movin'”. One June morning I was hurrying along past the Lucas house when once again Blane shouted out for me to stop and visit with him. As usual I waved back at him and started to let him know thanks but no thanks, and that’s when I stepped on some broken asphalt and fell forward hard onto my knees and elbows skinning them painfully and twisting my ankle.

It weren’t but a few seconds before Blane was at my side checking out my injuries.

“That is not a pretty sight, Donna.”

Before I knew it he had picked me up as easily as if I was a bag of pillows and carried me into his house where he set me on his sofa. A few minutes after that he was expertly cleaning my knees and elbows without being too rough, although it still stung like a SOB!

By the time he was done I was calmed down enough to thank him with all the sincerity I could muster.

“Blane, where’s your Mama and Daddy?”

“They’re on a mission to Ghana. I’m watching the place until September. They should be back a week or two after I go back to school.”

“Where do you go to school?”


“I’m impressed!”

“Yeah, why? You think I’m too dumb to go to UVA?”

“No, no, nothing like that. I just never heard about it and that’s surprising ’cause you know how everybody around here gossips,”

“Yeah, well we kinda like to keep our business private”

“That’s smart. Well good for you. What are you studying?”

“I’m in the MBA program. Have to go back in the fall. I’m a professor’s assistant. Yup, I get to be the teacher and all.”

“Wow, I wish I had the money and freedom to go to college.”

“Look, uh, I’ve got an appointment in town in about 45 minutes so I need to shower and change. You just sit there until I’m ready and I’ll drive you home on the way.”

“Thank you, Blane. I really appreciate it!”

As I sat on the sofa waiting I looked around the room. It was clean, neat, had older but good quality furnishings and lots of family mementos.

“Do you like what you see?” I looked up quickly to see Blane standing in the hall between his bedroom and bathroom wearing a towel over his shoulder and nothing else. I felt myself blushing so hard I thought my face must resemble a tomato. It was embarrassing and yet I could not tear my eyes away from his dusky body. I’d never been so close to a man with such a great build! He was lean and muscular. At about 6’2″ most everything about him was long including his fingers and arms. As my gaze went lower I realized he was long “there” too. A second later he was gone and I was left to think about what just happened.

By the time he came out again he was dressed, I was mostly composed, and we both acted as if nothing had happened.

Blane easily carried me out to his car and drove me home. He didn’t attempt to carry me to my front door. He offered his strong left arm for support though. Maltepe Escort I found out later that Blane, like Mr. Lewis, was conscious of the impression a more intimate contact would make on my nosy neighbors and how that might cause problems for me and my family. It is the South after all. Despite all that subsequently happened Blane was always mindful of how our public actions might affect me and my kids. There was one exception but I’ll get to that later.

That night, after I’d tucked away the girls, I lay in my own bed thinking about what had happened at Blane’s. I remembered his touch, his take charge attitude, and especially how he looked standing in the hallway naked, all while I was rubbing and twisting my nipples. Finally I slipped my vibrator into my pussy and imagined Blanes big cock invading me. I came moaning his name.

The next few days saw me on a sexual binge. Whenever I was alone I’d strip naked and spread my legs so I could use my vibrator and fantasize about Blane. It had been sooo long since I grunted and groaned under the weight of a dominant male!

Finally I drove to an adult store in the next town and bought a big black dildo. I tried to ignore the leering grin of the skinny, pimply long-haired kid behind the counter. I rushed home to plunge that big dark thing in me over and over. The sight of that black cock fucking in and out of my white pussy made me cum over and over while I imagined that it was Blanes hot meat pounding into me! As always, afterward I felt foolish and embarrassed, telling myself that was the last time, only to repeat my performance an hour or two later. I wondered what had come over me? I was constantly horny!

After my ankle was healed I started my morning walks again. That first day was a Thursday and as I was walking by Blanes house I was kinda surprised that he wasn’t on the porch drinking his coffee. I veered onto his front walk telling myself it was only right that I thank him for his help. My heart was thumping in my chest so maybe thanking him wasn’t the only reason I was about to knock on his door. He answered my knock after only a minute or so. He was shirtless and shoeless, only wearing white UVA sweatpants that set off his milk chocolate body beautifully.

“Hi, Blane. Um, do you mind if I step inside for just a minute? I don’t feel I had a chance to thank you properly for …you know.”

He gave me a knowing smile. “Sure, come on in, Donna. Have a seat.” He motioned me to his sofa.

He draped himself casually on one end and I moved to the other end. My eyes were drawn to the noticeable bulge, not hard but still ample, behind the white material. I quickly looked back up to his face. Not quickly enough so that he hadn’t noticed my glance though.


“Well, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have your help the other day. I’m not sure how I would have gotten home.”

“You’re welcome, Donna, but you did thank me the other day. Are you shy, woman?”

“Uh, why do ask that?”

“You’ve always seemed pretty straightforward. I think that maybe your reason for coming here today was less about thanking me and more about something else. I also think that if you are serious about appreciating me then you should be honest about why you’re here. “

“OK, yes I am shy. It’s not easy…let me just blurt it out then, I haven’t been with a man for a long time and when I saw you naked the other day it had…an effect on me”.

“What kind of effect? Speak up, woman!”

“I’ve been thinking about you …touching me.”

“Touching you?”

“Can I…would you mind kissing me?”

“Come over here next to me, ” he ordered.

I scooted over next to him and gazed at him expectantly.

“Lay your head on my chest and look down between my legs. Do you see why you really came over today?” There it was, like a thick serpent straining to release itself. “I, yes.”

“Touch it”.

My fingers rubbed down his length slowly squeezing and stroking through the cloth. I think I moaned softly.

“Reach inside.”

I worked my hand under his waistband, my fingertips brushing through his thatch of pubic hair until they reached his warm hard length lying along one thigh. It throbbed in my hand once before I reached further to cup his ball sac. I distinctly recall the heavy, warm, hairy feel and thinking how freaking masculine it was.

I was getting wet. My panties clung to my hot skin as I tugged his cock free. It stood up hard and thick with a slight bend.

I took a moment to just stare. My mouth watered. I stroked his flesh, lowering my face close to it. It seemed natural to open my mouth for it. Before I could wrap my lips around the bulging head…

“I’m going out to my car to get my phone. While I’m gone slip out of those shorts and shirt ” My eyes lingered on his flesh as he pulled his sweats up. He walked toward the door, and I was out of my clothes as fast as I could. My damp panties and bra were tossed on the floor. I checked my face Kartal Escort and hair in a nearby mirror, and then I stuck a finger between my pussy lips. Why am I shy about being so wet, I wondered? He’ll be pleased to find me wet. Find me wet? It dawns on me what’s going to happen. He’s going to touch me intimately.

I kneel on the sofa, looking through the front window, waiting for him. He comes back through the door and I can feel a cool breeze, but I know that won’t last. I’ll soon be sweating.

“Oh, naked. I like”.

He slips his sweats off and sits down at the end of the sofa. “Come back over here, baby.” I crawl on my knees and kneel close to him. His hands run up the smooth skin of my legs. I part my thighs wider. I close my eyes. Then it happens. He touches my pussy – my wet, hungry pussy. I opened my eyes and looked into his. He’s pleased.

“Oh,” I groan when he pushes one finger inside me. I can hear the squishy wetness. That sound seems to fill the room, and it’s even sexier because he’s the man making me sound like I’m in desperate need of fucking.

“I have some wine in the refrigerator. Get me glass,” he says. I’m breathing heavily and barely able to stand. He keeps exciting me and then leaving me waiting for more.

Moments later I stand naked in his kitchen. There’s a corkscrew on the counter. Now if I can only figure out how to use it.

“Let me do that, baby,” his arms come around behind me and he takes the corkscrew and wine out of my hands. He opens the bottle without letting me go. “Pour two glasses and join me.” He walks away. No, not walk. He struts. He is a smooth operator. Too smooth for me to ever play any games with. Of course, I never would. The best I can do is be in awe of him, and tremble whenever he touches me.

I walk back into the living room and find candles lit. I hand him a glass and sit close beside him.

“I have to tell you that I was a little embarrassed about… well, you know,” I say quietly.

“I have no idea.” He sips his wine and waits.

“Between my thighs,” I whisper.

“Oh. Well, I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t been wet for me.” He takes another sip, easing back in a relaxed position with his legs stretched out. “Put your glass down and kneel between my legs.” I immediately do as he says. I look up into his eyes and his expression seems more… more Masterful. I lean down and kiss his feet. I am nervous and thrilled.

“Tell me what else I can do to please you”

His smile is arrogant, and dominant, and it suits him.

“You may kiss my cock.” Within seconds, I’m touching him again, and kissing his hot flesh.

“You taste so good,” I moan.

“I knew you’d love the way I taste. Move back a minute. I’m going to stand up and I want you kneeling in front of me.” He stands, letting his cock jut out toward my face. I kneel close, looking up at its size, sensing its power. He lays it against my cheek and I sigh blissfully.

“Worship my cock,” he commands. “Anyone can suck cock. I expect much more.”

I submissively and eagerly obey. I know that most any woman can suck cock, but what you want is cock-worship. Yes, I’ll lick, taste, swallow and all the delicious basics, but there’s more to it. An exceptional cocksucker adores and I want to be exceptional for Blane. Not just with my mouth, but with my eyes, in every little moan, my hands, and even in my needs that I display for him.

I delight in the way my tongue glides over the width of his head, moist with precum, then down his thick shaft. I move through the hair and over his balls, lowering myself for better angles. I suck a ball into my mouth and groan with pleasure. Then I kiss that sensitive spot right behind his sac. I look up into his eyes and blush with a shy thrill when I see his arrogant, pleased expression. I know that I’m completely exposed to him and it thrills me to no end! My desire for him, my every little need is bare before him. I’m vulnerable kneeling here like a slave, yet I feel a strange mixture of calm and abandonment.

“Good baby,” he encourages me. “Stroke your pussy and cum for Master while you please his cock,” he orders gently.

My finger is anxious to be inside me. It’s a tiny cock with an urge to thrust deep into soft flesh. I fuck myself as I suck down the length of Blane’s cock. My finger comes out wet and quickly moves to my clit. A few quick strokes and I tremble and cum, grunting around his thickness that’s buried deeply down my throat.

He brushes the hair away from my face as he pulls his hard cock out of my mouth. I’m gasping as I follow him back onto the sofa, crawling behind him.

“Up here beside me baby.” I climb onto the sofa, wanting more of him, my pussy aching to be fucked. “I want a big kiss from my cocksucking little whore.””

My breasts are full and creamy, nipples hard and soft pink. I look in awe at my destination. His erection is standing huge and stiff. I now know how big it is inside my mouth, how I could barely Kurtköy Escort swallow it. I momentarily fret over my pussy, but that doesn’t last long. He pulls me over to straddle him and I mount up. My lips press against his. He parts them, his tongue probing, stroking the roof of my mouth. I breathe him in, tingling all over every time his cock brushes against my wet pubic hairs.

“Please let me sit down on it,” I whimper into his mouth. I hear that arrogant chuckle. Must I beg for everything? I start to slide down on the head but a swift slap to my ass makes me yelp and raise my pussy back up. Again, he laughs, then kisses me deeply, his hands separating my ass cheeks, sinking into my flesh. I love being handled roughly. Touch me more I think.

“Just the head, my cock hungry whore,” he growls.

He keeps his hands planted firmly on the sides of my hips, guiding me. I catch my breath as my cunt is opened wide to let his cock inside.

“Just the head,” he reminds me. I lick the side of his neck as any shyness left drifts away. I feel like his whore now that I have his cock in my pussy. Now that he’s finally fucking me. I groan against his salty flesh, pressing my tits into the hairs of his chest. I try to grind my pussy but he keeps lifting my hips, tormenting me so sweetly.

“Please! Please, Blane. Please fuck me. Oh, God! Anything. I’ll be your bitch, your little submissive cunt. I’ll fuck anytime, anywhere. What do you want from me? What must I do to… to.” I lean back and close my eyes, biting my bottom lip as tears go down my cheeks. It’s then he holds me tightly and forces me down hard on his entire length. My eyes fly open and my mouth even wider. The scream is silent, at first. Then he thrusts up inside me, fucking me for real. I scream now. I scream and cry. I chant something that neither of us understand. I’m speaking some long lost fuck language that faded out just before civilization came to be.

Flesh meets flesh, slapping wetly against each other. My pussy keeps us both coated around our thighs. I no longer feel bashful about being such a wet whore. He makes me this way.

“Cum again! Cum for me now! I want that sopping wet cunt squeezing me hard! Come on, you little pussy, cum for your black lover! Cum with a real cock in you.” He takes my nipple between his teeth and bites. His other hand moves to my ass, one finger penetrating my puckered hole. This drives me over the edge and his whore does cum! I cum like the fuckslut I’m becoming for him.

Afterwards, I lay beside him, my head on his lap, licking him clean.

“You’ve pleased me,” he says stroking my hair. I feel so desired and delicious. Pleasing him almost makes me cry. It makes me want to please him more. “You know, this is just the beginning. I have so much more to show you, teach you – do to you. Is there anything you especially desire to have next?”

“Anything,” I whisper as I lick off the last drop of our combined juices.

“Anything,” he repeats. “Go to my bedroom, the one on the left there. When I come in there I expect you in the position.”

“Uh, ok, what position?”

“On your back, feet over your shoulders and flat against the headboard. That pussy better be offered up to me, open and ready to take some more of my black cock! Now get a move on. You’re my slut now aren’t you?”

As I jumped up and hurried to the bedroom I said, “I’m your slut now”.

When he came into his bedroom about 5 minutes later he found me on my back, legs spread and feet over my shoulders, flat against his headboard. It hadn’t been easy staying in “the position” that long. I wasn’t used to it, but in time I would be.

Without a word Blane knelt on the bed in front of me, shoved his big cock in me and started pounding away. He took my breath away but an instant later I was panting, groaning, legs now thrown over his shoulders.

“Talk to me! You’re my slut now, talk like one.”

“Oh, God, I am your slut. Please fuck me, fuck the hell out of me! I need your big cock in me using me.”

“That’s not enough, fuckbaby. Be more explicit.”

Calling me fuckbaby gave me a separate little thrill, and for a moment I wasn’t sure what he meant by explicit. Then I understood.

“I need your big, thick, black cock fucking my white pussy. My white pussy needs your big black dick fucking me hard! Please give it to me, I’ll do anything you want, just give me your cock!”

I didn’t think Blane could fuck me any harder but he became merciless. I was being taken savagely. By the time he spurted in me ten minutes later I had cum at least four more times. I was exhausted and we curled up together for a quick nap right after I licked his cock and balls clean.

When I woke up I explained to Blane how I had to go home to get some work done.

“Are your kids going to be home tomorrow?”

“My parents are dropping them off at about 3 in the afternoon”

“Be here at 6AM. I’ll leave the door unlocked. I want to wake up with you worshipping my black dick, understood?”

“Yessir, 6AM.”

I hardly slept that night thinking about how much I loved sucking and fucking Blane. He seemed to know exactly what submissive buttons to push and there was no denying that his dominance of me raised my arousal to another level.

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