Black Women are Goddesses

Big Tits

Sometimes, I have too much fun. Is that wrong? I don’t think so. My name is Christine Joan Armand and I’m a six-foot-two, lean and muscular, short-haired and bronze-eyed, forty-something Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. By day I am a real estate agent. I’m quite good at what I do. I’m the CEO of Armand & Dale Realtors, a fast-growing and decidedly high-end real estate company. We have offices in cities like Brockton, Fall River, Norwood, Plymouth and Boston’s South End. We’re really making a dent in the statewide market. I have sixty five people working for me and they’re a diverse bunch. African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Polish-Americans, Chinese-Americans and Irish folk. Selected from the best that Boston’s business schools have to offer. Yeah, this sister is doing it big.

I love being a successful Black businesswoman in Massachusetts. However, it’s not the only source of fulfillment for me. I need sex, and I like it rough. At night, I am a BDSM fanatic and one of the best dominants you will ever meet. I’m currently exploring the last frontier of BDSM, the truly forbidden realm of race play. It’s a lot of fun for me. I do enjoy breaking down men and women and constantly remind them that I am the Boss of them. I’m bossy by nature so it comes easy to me. I guess you can say that I’ve been dominating other people my entire life, one way or another.

I am a dominant Black woman who truly likes to dominate other people. Especially white people. I enjoy making them bow down to the dominant and supreme Black goddess that I am. It’s their place in life to submit to my superior will and serve me. And they know it. That’s why they’re so afraid of us Black women. Our strength, our beauty and our fierceness intimidates the hell out of them. Lots of white men and white women contact me on the Internet because they want to submit to a dominant Black goddess. Hell, I’ve had white female dominants from the world of BDSM seek me out because I bring out the submissive in adana escort them. And that is okay by me. They should kneel before Black women. We’re goddesses.

Presently, I’m dominating two of my very willing interracial submission enthusiasts. A busty, alabaster-skinned and big-bottomed, blonde-haired Irishwoman named Miranda O’Shea and her husband, a tall and lean, curly-haired Irishman named Theodore Jenkins. Miranda is a professor at the local college and Theodore is an accountant with a firm in nearby Milton. They both do very well for themselves and own a nice house in the city of Brockton’s affluent west side. And they’re total sex freaks. Which works for me. I like to dominate white couples.

I am sitting on my throne while Miranda licks my right foot like the white bitch that she is. In my right hand I hold a scepter, as befitting a true Black queen like myself. In my left hand I hold a six-foot-long Black leather whip. I crack it, and the air around me whimpers. While Miranda licks my right foot, I fuck Theodore’s ass with my left foot. I’m shoving my foot into the white man’s ass and he’s squealing like a punk. I am so loving it. His screams are music to those ears of mine. How I love that sound.

I order Miranda to stop licking my foot and the white slut obeys a second too late. I grab her face and smack her. I smack her hard. I can’t stand those submissive white chicks who don’t do exactly as they are told when their dominant mistress commands them. I tell Miranda that she’s a worthless piece of white trash and she’s nothing without the influence and guidance of a dominant Black mistress in her life. Miranda nods. I remove my foot from Theodore’s ass and order him to watch as I work Miranda over. I also tell him that what happens to her will happen to him soon enough. A look of fear mixed with lust appears in his eyes. I smile.

Donning my thickest strap-on dildo, I order Miranda O’Shea to get on all fours. Face down and ass up. The eskişehir escort Irish slut does as she is told. I run my hands all over her fat white ass. For a white chick, she certainly has a lot of booty. Cracking my whip, I give her ass a serious whipping. Miranda squeals as I whip her. I smack her face hard and order her to shut the fuck up. Gritting her teeth, she endures the sweet torment that I visit upon her flesh.

After whipping Miranda for a good ten minutes, I pause to admire my handiwork. Her alabaster skin is now a nice shade of red. I like what I’ve done. And now for the grand finale. I spread her ass cheeks wide open and thrust a finger into her asshole, then two. Miranda is no stranger to anal sex. I can tell. So I lubricate her asshole and then push my dildo into her. Miranda groans as I penetrate her ass. I smack her face hard and tell her to shut up. Nearby, Theodore winces sympathetically but I can tell he’s turned on by what he’s seeing. The sight of a dominant Black woman taming a blonde-haired Irish hussy is turning the white dude on.

I grip Miranda’s wide hips as I thrust my dildo deep into her asshole. As far as it can go. Amazingly, the white slut doesn’t squeal. Keeping her mouth shut, she actually takes it like a champ. I am so proud of her. I guess she has more grit in her than most people give her credit for when they meet her. I grab a handful of her blonde hair and yank her head back while fucking her ass with my thick strap-on dildo. I call her a useless slut and a dumb whore. She doesn’t respond. Gritting her teeth, she continues to endure the punishment I’m doling out. I can tell that she likes it. This slut really gets off on being dominated. Now this is a lot of fun. A true submissive at last. I’m loving every moment of it. I fucked her ass hard, until I frigging came. It’s true. I squirted hot girly cum all over the place. I had a great time with my sub.

And now it’s Theodore’s turn. I pulled the dildo out sakarya escort of Miranda’s ass. The plump white chick slumped on the floor, breathing heavily from the hard ass fucking she received. She just lay there to rest a bit. I approached Theodore, smiling wickedly. The look in my eyes must have scared him because the white dude tried to flee. I chased him down and tackled him. I wrestled with him a bit and ultimately subdued him. Hey, I played varsity football on the guys team while attending Beaver Academy and I was a wrestler on a previously all-male squad in college. I know how to fight. I put Theodore on his knees, and made him suck my strap-on dildo. He hesitated, saying I used it on Miranda’s ass. I told him to shut up and suck my dildo. He complied. Time for this white dude to be put in his place. He doesn’t run Jack anymore. The Black woman runs the show now.

After making Theodore clean my strap-on dildo with his tongue, I put him on all fours and plunged the dildo into his ass. Theodore began whining the moment I penetrated his ass. I laughed at him and smacked his balls while slamming the dildo into his ass. Nearby, Miranda watched us with obvious fascination. She fingered her pussy while watching me thrust my dildo into Theodore’s ass. I can tell that she was turned on. Good. I like to put on a good show. I rammed my dildo into Theodore’s ass, delighting in his screams. I love putting white dudes and white chicks in their place by making them experience true Black female domination. No one is as dominant as a Black woman in this world. And everyone knows it. I fucked Theodore until he begged for mercy. Then I pulled the dildo out of his ass and made him suck it once more. And he eagerly licked it this time. Am I good or what?

Half an hour later, Theodore Jenkins and Miranda O’Shea thanked me for a wonderful session and left my mansion feeling abased but alive. I told you I was good at what I did. Dominating white couples is what this dominant Black goddess excels at. I can’t wait for my next session. There’s an annoying redhead at work who’s been flirting with me nonstop. She wants me badly. I just might spank her narrow white ass in my office one of these days. Nah, it’s probably not a good idea. I don’t mix business with pleasure. I have enough people to play with. Work is work and play is play. Life is good.

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