Blackmailed Pt. 04


Fucking shit was my only thought after seeing Hannah glazed over with cum. Holy fucking shit.

“Any regrets ladies?” asked Carl.

“Fuck no. That was fucking amazing,” Hannah said as she wiped some cum off her tit with her finger and putting it in her mouth.

“What about you Bambi?” Carl asked.

I couldn’t muster any words so I just shook my head, indicating no.

“You two sluts are truly, one of a kind,” said Carl, “Oh, by the way how old are you two?”

“We’re 18,” Hannah said, “Barely legal!”

“Isn’t that the truth,” Carl said, “I’m gonna run something buy you two and I don’t want you to take it the wrong way.”

“Sure go ahead,” Hannah said as she sat down on the bench with cum still everywhere.

“I run a sort of a business where gentleman pay very good money for the company of generous women,” Carl said.

“So you’re a pimp?” Hannah asked quite plainly.

“We don’t like to use that term, but yes, my job consists of things that pimps might do,” Carl said, “Anyways because the two of you are two of the most attractive I have ever seen at this place and you two are mighty talented, how about you come work for me?”

“That sounds great, but we’re gonna have to pass,” said Hannah.

“Are you sure?” asked Carl, “What about you Bambi?”

I sat there for a moment with Carl’s cum still all over my face. Then out of nowhere I blurted out, “How much?”

“How much would you get paid?” asked Carl.

“Mhm,” I mumbled.

“Well I would say that you could probably make about $600 per client,” Carl replied.

“Holy shit,” Hannah blurted out, “What about me?”

“You could probably make in between $400 and $500,” Carl said.

“Why would Bambi get paid more than me?” Hannah asked.

“Well you have to understand that it is not entirely difficult to find women that are open to a job in this business,” Carl said, “But to find a male, willing to dress up as a female, and play the part, AND look like a real girl. That is a tough find.”

“Yeah that makes sense I guess,” Hannah said with a tinge of jealousy in her tone.

“So what do you say girls?” Carl asked.

“Do you mind if we think about it?” I asked politely.

“Oh yeah, of course,” Carl said. He began rummaging in his jeans for something and pulled out a small card and handed one to each of us. “This is my card. If either of you wanna get in touch with me, call that number and ask for Simba.”

Hannah and I both stared at our cards. The only thing on the card was a name (Simba) and right below it a phone number. Meanwhile, Carl was putting on his clothes.

“Y’know,” he said on his way toward the door, “Even if you two don’t wanna be part of my crew, holler at me and we can get together for some private business.”

The door closed right behind him and Hannah and I were dumbstruck. What the fuck just happened? We were just asked to become escorts. What a crazy fucking day.

Hannah sat there on the bench with legs slightly spread and cum from her tits up. I was on my knees in the middle of the room with my burgundy bra on and enough cum to make a pornstar jealous. Our silence was broken when Hannah spoke up.

“Should we go?” she asked.

“I guess so, I’m not sure what to do about all the cum though,” I said.

“There has to be a bathroom here somewhere,” Hannah said.

“Alright, go outside and look for one,” I said.

“Fuck no,” Hannah said, “I’m not going out there naked.”

“Well neither am I,” I said.

“Then put on your panties you dumb slut,” Hannah said.

“Well why don’t you put on your dress?” I asked.

“That dress was $200, I’m not about to let it get cum all over it,” Hannah replied.

“Fine I’ll go this time, but next time you have to do it,” I said.

I pulled my panties from underneath the bench and shimmied into them. I tucked my clitty back and then prepared myself for the walk that was ahead of me. I quickly pulled my hair back into a ponytail in order to avoid any hair-to-cum contact and readied myself at the door.

I bravely opened the door and headed down the hall with a huge load on my face. I walked the entire hall at least two times but was unable to find a restroom, I was just about to give up when a woman walked out of a room.

She seemed to be in her mid to late 30s and was wearing pristine professional clothes.

“Umm excuse me,” I said as she was walking away. She turned immediately and grinned.

“What can I do for you darling?” she asked.

“Umm is there like a bathroom somewhere in here?” I asked, “I gotta little something on my face.”

“I can see that,” she said with an even bigger grin, “I’m afraid there isn’t a restroom here, sorry. I do have a few tissues in my purse.” She handed over the tissues and I thanked her immensely.

“Oh no problem honey,” she said, “I’ve been there before too sweety. I was the center of a bukkake back in 2005 that had me looking like I was a fucking a doughnut.”

I giggled at this. “I’d love to see that!” I said.

“Don’t have any zenci porno pictures with me today, sweety, sorry,” she said.

“I was just kidding anyways,” I said whilst giggling, “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Sure sweety, anything,” she said.

“Well I’m just curious as to what it is you do. I don’t mean to be blunt but that isn’t exactly the sort of clothes one would wear to a gloryhole.” I said.

She giggled, “I’m an attorney sweety, only part time though.”

“That explains it!” I replied. “How often do you do this?”

“I always try to visit a few times a week. If not I would starve,” she said with a devilish grin.

“Holy shit,” I said, “That’s a lot of dick for one woman.”

“What about you sweety?” she said, “Was this your first time?”

“Yepp,” I said matter of factly, “My friend and I came together.”

“Oooo sexy,” she said with a grin that had yet to leave her face, “I’d love to meet her.”

“Sure, follow me,” I said.

I led her back to the room and flung the door open to see Hannah was still sitting nude on the bench with her legs slightly apart, her finger flirting with her beautiful pussy.

“Who the fuck is that?” Hannah asked rudely.

“This is. . .” I was interrupted.

“I”m Julia,” the woman said.

“Right this is, Julia. Julia, this is Hannah,” I said.

“Well who is she, and why is she in here?” Hannah asked.

“Well she is a part time attorney who routinely visits this fine establishment, and she was nice enough to give me these,” I said, handing the tissues over to Hannah.

“Oh. . . Well thanks,” Hannah said, feeling a little bad.

“No problem sweetheart,” Julia said to Hannah, “Damn, looks like some guys had a good time by the look of you.”

“I bet they didn’t have nearly as much fun as I did,” Hannah said as she started to wipe the drying cum from her face. “All this. . . Was just from one guy.”

“Shit,” Julia said, “I’ve never seen a guy cum half that much before.”

“You just don’t have my skills,” Hannah said in a flirty way. Julia giggled.

“So what brought you two here for the first time?” Julia asked.

“Well Bambi and I were sitting around this morning trying to find something fun to do and for some reason ‘gloryhole’ just popped into my head. I did a little research and then we arrived here,” Hannah said.

“Interesting,” Julia said, “So you two will be coming back I assume?”

“Fuck yeah,” I replied immediately. Hannah giggled.

“Yeah we’ll be coming back,” Hannah said, “Bambi’s appetite for dick is at an all time high after last night.”

“What happened last night?” Julia asked.

Hannah and I proceeded to tell Julia the story from the previous night, starting with how I was actually not a girl, and then proceeded to take a gangbang worth of cocks.

Julia was mesmerized the entire time the story was being told. She hung on to every word that we spoke and by the end she was at a loss for words. After a minute or so of silence, Julia spoke up.

“You’re not fucking serious, are you?” she asked.

I responded by pulling down panties showing her my dick.

“That is fucking incredible,” she said, “Bambi, you’re so pretty, everyone would assume you were an actual girl.” I blushed and thanked her.

“Oh shit,” Julia said, “I’ve got a meeting in fifteen minutes, I’ve gotta get going.”

“Damn,” Hannah said, “It was so nice to meet you!”

“Yeah,” I said, “I hope we meet again!”

“I’ll tell you what girls,” Julia said, “I’m gonna give you my number. Give me a call if either of you ever wanna get together and fuck together. I have at least like a dozen guys that would love to fuck the each of you.”

She gave each of us her number and then left with the slamming behind her beatiful ass which I had realized for the first time.

When the door closed, Hannah rose from the bench, picking up her dress and started pulling it over her head.

“Holy fuck,” Hannah said, “She was like the slut mom I never had.”

“No shit,” I said putting on my dress. “It’s like she’s Cleopatra.”

“Fuck yeah she is,” Hannah said, “I can’t wait to fuck her. I bet she has guys with dicks as big as my arm.”

I giggled, “Yeah, I can’t wait!”

We both had our dresses back on and ready to go.

“How do I look?” Hannah asked doing a cute little curtsey.

“Like you just got fucked,” I said mockingly. “How do i look?” I asked while mimicking Hannah’s curtsey.

“LIke you just got fucked by a black guy,” Hannah said with a grin.

I slapped her in the boob with my handbag and we both headed out the door.


Hannah threw a fast food bag onto the table at her house. Thank goodness I thought as I sat down at the table to eat. I was starving. Who knew fucking was such hard work. I chuckled to myself at the wordplay.

“Did you see the way that guy looked at us?” Hannah zorla seks porno asked as she moved over to the fridge.

“Yeah. He eyefucked us harder than either of us actually got fucked,” I said semi-truthfully

Hannah giggled at this as she grabbed a pitcher of water from the fridge, pouring herself a cup.

“I gotta say that it feels amazing being wanted.” I said to Hannah as I started grabbing my food out of the bag.

As Hannah moved towards the table with two cups of water, she asked, “What do you mean?”

“Well, as a guy, I was always sort of overlooked. I wasn’t popular or good at sports or anything, I was always just there. I never had anything or anyone that I was truly happy about, I think that’s why I didn’t fight you when you were blackmailing me. I just wanted a connection with someone,” I said with sincerity.

Hannah rose from her chair and moved behind me and started hugging me. “As long as I live Bambi, you will never be lonely again,” Hannah said through a few sniffles as she had started to cry a bit.

I stood up as tears started to swell in my eyes, I turned around and we held each other.


Hannah and I had fallen asleep right next to each other in Hannah’s bed. Our trip to the gloryhole had worn us out, adding to that the previous night which had been a Halloween fuck marathon, we were both exhausted.

My eyes opened to a near pitch black room and I quickly realized it was now nighttime. I removed Hannah’s arm from my chest and sat up from my supine position. I was a little shocked how quickly I had gotten used to a bra and panties as I looked down and saw the outline of my ‘boobs’ which was nothing more than a padded push-up bra.

I rose from the bed, moving toward the bathroom because I really needed to pee. I turned on the bathroom light, moved to the toilet, pulled down my panties all the way to my ankles and sat down to pee without even thinking. Its as if a switch had been hit in my brain that made me completely act like a girl. I smiled at this thought.

After I finished going pee, I washed my hands and returned to Hannah’s bed, determined to fall back asleep.

I sat in Hannah’s bed for probably about 30 minutes trying to fall back asleep but to no avail. Giving up, I grabbed my phone from the nightstand right beside me and started checking social media. I quickly realized all of my social media was for Jonathan, and that I ought to make one for the ‘new’ me.

I quickly went through the process of making a twitter, making my handle @sluttybambi and snapping a quick selfie, for my profile picture. I followed one person, Hannah, and began to think of what my first tweet should be. I was racking my brain trying to come up with sluttiest thing my brain could muster when it hit me. I quickly typed away and hit the send button.

I had tweeted out the selfie I had taken just moments after Carl came on my face with #cum #facial #thankyouCarl. I held my phone to my belly as I looked up into the pitch black and grinned. Moving my head back down, I glanced over to Hannah. Using my phone’s display screen as a flashlight I looked over at her.

God she was perfect. I admired how cute she looked sleeping in nothing but a tight t-shirt and pair of panties. Everything about her was amazing, her hair, her face, her body, I only wished I could look as amazing as she did. I wanted to capture her beauty so I snapped a quick picture not realizing that the flash was on.

Dammit I thought to myself. Hannah began to stir and her eyes opened narrowly.

“What’re ya doin’?” Hannah asked nearly incoherently.

“Nothing baby,” I said.

Hannah then began to truly wake up, as she started to sit up.

“What time is it?” she asked in a much more coherent manner.

“It is. . .” I said as I stalled to check my phone, “6:30.”

“Shit, we slept too long,” she said.

“No we didn’t. We both deserved rest!” I said truthfully.

“I know,” Hannah said, “But we need to go out and do something tonight.”

“What do you think we should do?” I asked Hannah.

“I don’t know, It’s Saturday night. We could go clubbing, we could go to a bar. There’s a ton of things we can do,” said Hannah.

I took a moment to think. “Clubbing sounds fun, I’ve never done that before so why not?” I said.

“Well we still have a few hours until clubs even start letting people in. Should we get some dinner?” Hannah asked.

“That sounds great!” I said enthusiastically.

“Let’s get dressed up and go somewhere real fancy. Like two cougars out on the prowl. Alright that wasn’t a good metaphor but you know what I mean,” Hannah said.

I giggled at Hannah and said, “How fancy are we talkin’ here? I don’t have that much money right now.”

“Well guess whose parents left their only child with one of their credit cards?” Hannah asked rhetorically.


Hannah and I entered the dining room of the restaurant like fucking models. Granted neither of us were over 5’10” with heels on. We strutted into that restaurant looking like we were going to the Oscars.

Hannah was wearing a stunning, black lace dress with a slit that ran almost all the way up her thigh. The dress was strapless and showed off her boobs in an amazing way. She was also wearing the sexiest strappy black heels that I had ever seen. I, on the other hand, was wearing a more traditional dress but it also looked amazing. This dress was a dark, almost navy blue, with straps so I could continue wearing a bra in order to create the illusion of breasts. Both of our dresses clung to our bodies, making us the hottest looking bitches around. Our hair and our makeup also looked absolutely perfect, with Hannah’s hair falling down on her shoulders in gorgeous waves while my hair was pulled back into a very neat bun but with just a few locks of hair falling to frame my face.

We were seated at our table and a handsome waiter immediately approached in order to inform us of the specials and to gather any drink orders.

“Good evening ladies, my name is Anthony and tonight our special is our Fusilli Campani served with a side salad could I get either of you started with a cocktail?” asked the waiter.

“No cocktail for me,” Hannah said putting a slight emphasis on the cock, “Water will suffice for now.”

“Yes, same for me,” I said.

“Alright ladies, I’ll be back in a few moments to collect your orders,” the waiter said with a smile.

The waiter left the table allowing us to peruse the menu. Hannah and I both decided we didn’t want to eat anything too heavy because we would likely drink later, we would each get a salad and split an entree. We relayed this to the waiter moments later and began to chat.

“That waiter guy is pretty cute,” I said.

“Oh really? I didn’t notice.” Hannah said, seemingly truthfully.

“Oh yeah?” I asked. I then began to imitate Hannah, “No COCK-tail for me.”

Hannah gave a little laugh, “That was good right? COCK-tail.”

“Very clever,” I said.

“What do you say we have a little fun with him?” Hannah asked.

“What do you mean? Like fuck him?” I asked.

“No, no, no. I mean like act a little flirty and stuff and then I guess maybe we can fuck him,” Hannah replied.

“Why not?” I asked, amused by the idea.

So we did. We both flirted with him nonstop for the hour or so that we were at the restaurant. There were a number of times when both of us touched him, Hannah even ‘accidently’ bumped into his crotch. Hannah offered to give him quite the tip so I in return said I would like to get the tip. We were just being young and fun and we were both loving it.

Moments before the waiter was to deliver the check we both needed to decided if we were gonna have any fun with our waiter. There was really no debate as we quickly decided that we would like to know this guy a little better. The waiter then returned to the table with our check.

“Thank you two so much for coming, I hope to see you again sometime,” the waiter said.

Before he could leave Hannah said, “Excuse me.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said as he turned around.

“How would you like to join me and my friend here for a mutually beneficial arrangement?” Hannah asked.

“I’m sorry,” the waiter said confused.

“Well me and my friend over here have an appetite for something that is not on the menu but you may be able to help us with that,” Hannah said.

I was biting my lip in a very sexy way when the waiter glanced over at me in response to this statement.

“What do you two ladies have in mind?” the waiter asked having now caught on to our little scheme.

“Well neither of us ate any protein at dinner so perhaps some sort of oral arrangement?” Hannah posited.

“Wonderful,” he said, “Would you like me to have our valet pull your car around?”

“Not quite yet,” Hannah said, “I think that the two of us shall go to the restroom to fix our makeup first.”

“Anything you would like,” he said as he left the table.

Hannah and I both stood up from our seats and headed off to the bathroom. Hannah and I both briefly fixed our lipstick and we waited.

“That was amazing,” I said, “It was like you two just fucked, but with words.”

“Thanks babe. It takes time to master the art of seduction,” Hannah said.

I laughed at this, “Like there is one guy on Earth that would pass up two girls that look like models, giving him a blowjob.”

Out of nowhere there was the flush of a toilet and a middle aged woman came out of one of the stalls. She washed her hands and left the bathroom quickly. Upon the door falling to a close, Hannah and I looked at each other and laughed heartily.

A few moments later, there was a knock on the bathroom door. I quickly opened it, assuming it was the waiter. It was, and he had an out of order sign that he placed on the bathroom door so that we wouldn’t be disturbed. Very resourceful, I thought, He shut the door as he walked in and locked it from the inside.

“Alright so one rule before we get started,” Hannah said.

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