Blooming Flower Ch. 01 – The Cabin


Day 1

After a long few months at work it was finally time to get away from it all and take a holiday. Leo had managed to keep the destination a secret, no matter how much Daisy had tried to find out where they were going. Excitedly packing for their trip she opened the suitcase and filled it with the usual clothes and supplies she would need for the week away. She remembered the other trips they had taken together in the past she smiled. It was only at that point that her more rebellious side decided that she would also bring a few other items with her she might need for a few plans of her own with Leo.

She struggled down the stairs to the living room to wait for the familiar message to let her know that that Leo was outside. As always, at least one of the cats would be on sat on the top of the suitcase by the time she had turned her back to get a drink from the kitchen. She pulled a glass from the shelf and ran the tap for a moment, rinsing the glass clean before filling it with water and bringing it to her lips.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket, slightly taking her off guard as she swallowed the water. She continued to drink while she pulled her phone out of her pocket and read the message. Putting the glass down she turned towards the living room to collect her suitcase, moving the cat that had only just got comfy on top of it.

Locking the door behind her she walked away from the house towards the waiting car with expectation and a little intrigue about what lay ahead. Leo greeted her and helped her with the suite case into the back of the car. She could cope with it herself but he enjoyed showing her in any way he could how much he loved her.

During the car journey, Daisy thought of all the things that Leo might have planned for the week. She remembered what she had packed in the suitcase to make the trip even more interesting and was looking forward to surprising him when the time was just right.

Towns and cities went past the window as Leo continued to drive. Daisy could feel herself relaxing as the realisation that work and its stress was gradually getting further and further away. The week would never be long enough, but it would have to do for now and she was determined to enjoy every new experience that was on offer.

Motorways gave way to smaller roads, just like the urban landscape changed into trees and rolling hills as the day went on. Daisy slowly got comfortable as the drive continued, falling asleep as the miles rolled past. Leo looked over at her and turned down the music down low and made sure she was comfy.

After reaching their destination, Leo lent over towards Daisy and kissed her forehead and slowly woke her. Her eyes became accustomed to the light, and looked around at her surroundings. Tall trees surrounded a small clearing with a road heading off into the distance behind them. Small cabins were placed behind the tree line but still secluded enough to not impose on each other. To one side there was also a small bar nestled within the trees.

Tired from the journey Leo placed his arm around Daisy and walked her to their cabin, opening the door and taking her inside. Even though she was still barely awake she did take in the outline of the cabin as moved toward the bedroom. A wood fireplace opposite a large sofa, separated by a large rug. A small kitchen area set in the corner caught her eye as she walked past. Leo placed her gently on the bed and kissed her cheek leaving her to return to the car to collect all their things.

Daisy moved her way into the middle of the bed until she could no longer touch any of the edges. She looked down to the bottom of the bed catching sight of the carved markings around the posts of the four poster bed she was placed on. She smiled as she sat up and looked around the room. The red curtains of the bed were tied behind the headboard with a long golden coloured cord. The room was in the same style as the bed, with ornate wooden carvings in the beams of the ceiling. She got comfortable under the sheets and put her head on the pillow.

Not sure how much time had passed, she opened her eyes as she heard Leo talking outside. His voice grew closer as he walked back towards the cabin. She heard the door open and close and footsteps coming towards the bedroom. The door opened and he stepped through with the cases.

Daisy stretched – “How long have I been out?”

Leo laughed “About a half hour, don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything”

“Good” she said as she grabbed all the covers and bunched them up around her. “Who were you speaking to?”

“Turns out it was one of the guys that told me about this place. He was walking back to his cabin a few over.” Leo moved the cases and opened his and started putting things on the cabinet next to his side of the bed.

Daisy moved to her case and opened it, forgetting it contained her extra items she had packed as a thank you to Leo for setting up the trip. She caught sight of them just as he had started changing in front eskişehir escort of her. She looked at him as he stood in front of her and paused. Knowing that this was the first night of the trip, she closed the case again knowing what she had planned would wait for another night.

Day 2

A beam of light shone in through a gap in the window as they both woke up. Only the soft rustling of the trees and a few birds accompanied the light. Daisy turned slowly got out of bed and turned towards the bathroom. Leo looked just in time to see the curve of her hip silhouetted against the light.

She returned and lay with her arm across his chest and her head resting on his shoulder. He was holding her close his hand stroking the lower part of her back. His hand slowly worked its way lower. Her eyes locked with his as she kissed him slowly.

“C’mon” she said, “If we wanted to stay in bed, we could have done that at home”

“We could stay in bed a little while longer” he said between kissing her and squeezing her pert and perfect behind.

“You’ll want it more if you have to wait.” She teased as she kissed him one more time and got out of the bed.

Leo always found it hard to resist her whenever the opportunity presented itself. She was just as attractive as the day he met her, maybe even more so, now he had an idea of what she was capable of. His beautiful, free spirited and wife to be.

After getting herself dressed she turned back to Leo on the bed and kissed his chest and asked him to get up. Reluctantly he agreed and he shuffled out of the bed. Daisy moved into the living room, looking around properly for the first time. She turned to the kitchen and noticed the crate of beer that on the counter top. Another little surprise that made her smile. She made herself a drink and stood looking around the room.

Leo passed Daisy her camera as they went toward the door. He put a backpack around one of his shoulders and closed the door behind them. The secluded paths looked untouched as they continued to walk under the cover of the trees. Leo placed his hand on her hip as they continued to walk. He was looking around for places to continue what he had wanted to start in the bedroom. He thought he was being subtle but Daisy knew exactly where his mind was. She tried to divert his one track mind, hoping to keep him occupied until they got back to the cabin.

The day progressed as Daisy captured the gentle curve of the river as it passed through the valley in the distance. The sun began to set behind the hill as they turned and headed back to the cabin.

They had been together for eight years. The old cliche of work friends that hooked up at the Christmas party and had been together ever since. Just like every couple, they had their ups and downs but saw each other through. They were comfortable and could talk to each other about almost anything.

“Sooo… What shall we do when we get back to the cabin?” Leo said, trying to be subtle, but not managing it at all.

“I know what’s been on your mind all day to be honest” said Daisy, seeing right through him. “We should do something different, we are on holiday!”

“Well, you know some of the new things I’d love to do.” Leo reminded her.

It was something that had been talked about many a time in the last few years. Spicing up their love life. It wasn’t stale, it wasn’t boring but Leo had a few ideas that had always been a bit taboo for Daisy.

“Need I remind you, those things happened when I was twenty. It’s a bit different now. I’m thirty five now” Said Daisy wagging her finger at him. “And anyway, I still don’t quite understand why you like the idea of letting me do things with other people.”

Leo always replied with the same thing as he had done before. “I just think it would turn me on, and I’d like to give you some freedom so you can do some things so you don’t get bored. C’mon, I am sure you would like the chance to get some action with someone different”

For the first time, Daisy paused before she answered. She sighed, “Honestly, it’s not the sex that’s the problem, It’s the other person. What happened if we saw them again, what if it got complicated?”

“Well, if you saw them again and you liked what happened last time, I imagine you might want to do the same thing again!” Leo shrugged. He was finally getting to the bottom of why she felt it was a taboo.

“I do like sex, that’s true. You know about my wild college days. If I was single I wouldn’t have a problem with it but, I’m not. I don’t want to risk our relationship… but if I was miles away from home, and I had no contact with them again, it might be fun at some point. If the conditions were right and there was no fall out as a result.” she admitted. “… But that’s never going to be a situation that happens…”

Leo thanked her for being honest and he understood her feelings more than he did before. He couldn’t help but notice, they were escort eskişehir miles from home, might not ever meet the people they met again, and as a result, there would be no fall out.

They reached the clearing and saw the lights from the bar as they walked towards it. They both gravitated to the light and made their way inside. The bar was small and had five stools across it from end to end. Small tables were dotted around the floor with a few chairs at each one. One man sat on the last bar stool of the row was already a few drinks into his evening. Two stools next to him were still free and Daisy, with Leo a couple of steps behind, sat on the stool next to him and looked at the drinks list. He looked over at Daisy and over his shoulder to Leo.

“Hey Leo, settled into the cabin?” He called out,

“Hey Tom, Yeah, We are settled in.” Leo called back.

Daisy seemed a little confused and looked back at Leo and across to Tom.

“Oh, Tom, this is Daisy and Daisy, meet Tom, he’s in the cabin a couple down from ours.” Leo gestured.

“Hey Tom, nice to meet you.” Daisy responded.

They started chatting about where they were from and how long they had been together. The beer continued to flow past the one that they intended to have and as the beers grew, Daisy’s mind started to wander. She found herself looking Tom up and down and found her mind thinking back to their conversation on the way back to the cabin. She took her bottle from the bar as she thought about all the fantasies that Leo would love her to indulge. She took a large sip from the bottle but stopped sharply as she felt a hand running along her knee, she looked across at Leo and it wasn’t his. She turned towards Tom to find it was his. She locked eyes with him and giggled and turned back to Leo. She could already feel her heart rate rising just from the touch to her knee. Leo looked over and saw the hand too.

Daisy had to admit, Tom was her type and wasn’t upset with the attention she was getting. Leo didn’t seem to mind either. Tom and Daisy were talking freely and it was obvious there was some chemistry building.

“You okay Dais?” Leo asked

“Yeah, Great” Daisy said as the took more of the drink.

Tom and Daisy were talking more now and his hand had slowly, smoothly worked it’s way up to her thigh and partially under her skirt. Daisy looked over at Leo again, who nodded quietly and carried on sipping his drink.

Just as the tension was building, the last orders bell rang and the night was at it’s end.

“Well, it was nice to meet you Tom” Daisy said with a slight bit of disappointment in her voice.

“Hey, It was nice to meet you to” Tom said back. “It’s a shame because I reckon the night was just getting started.”

Daisy plucked up the courage and spoke “Well, we do have a few beers back at our place if you want to come back?”

“Well, a free beer and good company, I’m not going to turn that down” Said Tom.

Walking back to the cabin Daisy looked across at Leo. Leo nodded knowingly and whispered “Do what you’re comfortable with, I know what’s on your mind.”

Leo opened the door to the cabin and turned towards the kitchen, Daisy moved to the sofa and sat down and Tom followed and sat down next to her. Leo’s back was turned as he was preparing the drinks. Tom moved his hand to Daisy’s thigh and moved in close to her neck. His fingers were now so close to her pussy as he kissed her neck that it started to send shivers down her spine.

“You okay with this?” Tom whispered

“Yeah, I’m all good with this, let’s see how far we can go.” Daisy whispered back.

Leo turned and came back to the sofa, Daisy and Tom had stopped just in time although his hand was still on her thigh and close to where Daisy now wanted it to be.

Leo handed out the drinks and they sat down and chatted some more. Leo watched on from the arm chair as it was obvious that Daisy was interested in Tom and he already knew that Tom was interested in Daisy. She had shuffled slightly closer to Tom and his hand was now exactly where she wanted it to be. It was resting on the top of her underwear, just the fabric between his fingers and her. All pretence started to fade away as she started to breath heavier.

“You okay with this baby?” Daisy said

“Yeah, I’m good, you two go as far as you want.” Leo responded.

“As far as I want?” Daisy checked.

“Yeah, what ever you are comfortable with.” Leo nodded.

Daisy locked eyes with Leo as Tom’s fingers started stroking through the underwear and she started to move her hips in time with the movements. By the looks of what he was watching, it could be all the way.

Leo was trying to play it cool but deep down his heart was racing, there was a real chance the he was about to watch Daisy with another man. How far was it going to go, where would it lead to?

Tom leaned in and kissed her as he he moved aside her underwear the intensity eskişehir escort bayan increased as he slowly glided his fingers over her exited pussy. His body was now angled towards her and she could feel something thick and hard in Tom’s jeans against her leg. She looked at Tom and raised an eyebrow. If anything was going to sway her towards going the whole way, what was now against her leg would defiantly be a good argument.

“Wow, is that what I think it is?” Said Daisy.

Tom didn’t reply, he just smiled. Daisy looked over at Leo again as she started feeling the size of it through his jeans. She continued to rub her hands up and down it as Tom started to increase the attention he was giving her pussy. His fingers now effortlessly slipped inside and filled her for the first time. Her hips now moving in time to the slow steady movement of his fingers inside her. Daisy bit her lip and moaned as she started to spread her legs wider.

Daisy’s hand moved slowly upwards towards the top of the jeans and found the button on the top. Her fingers worked the button open and slid the zip down slowly. Her eyes looked up again at Leo as she slid her hand inside and started to run her hand up and down inside the jeans. She smiled as she uncovered it took it it out from Tom’s boxers. She stroked up and down the length of it with one of her fingers.

“So Leo, what shall I do with this?” Daisy asked as she adjusted herself to take a closer look. She was now on her knees on the sofa, her skirt was hitched up around her waste revealing her legs all the way to the middle of her back. Her beautiful curves of her hips and butt clearly visible.

Her mouth was now so close to the top of Tom’s cock that Leo’s heart race was skyrocketing.

“Hummm” Daisy teased as she continued running her hands up and down. It was clear it wasn’t just Leo she was enjoying teasing. Tom was getting flustered too as her hands were running up and down the whole length.

Her eyes locked with Leo as she started to slowly kiss the shaft and work her tongue around the top. She only paused to widen her legs and encourage Tom’s fingers back inside her. Daisy hovered over the top and opened her mouth, she slowly wrapped her lips around and slipped down till her mouth was full. Leo was trying to see what was going on as he could only see her head moving up and down and her moaning as she felt the fingers move around her now very excited pussy. Daisy giggled as she felt her mouth start to fill as Tom moved his hips and taking the control, her mouth now being fucked by the hard long dick.

Tom moved so he was laying across the sofa. He had the perfect view of Daisy’s pussy as her legs straddled on top of him. Daisy stopped and moaned as she felt his tongue and momentary stopped from focusing on using her mouth.

“Do you like what you’re seeing?” Daisy asked as she stood up and slowly took off her skirt. As she was talking, Tom’s hands removed her thong that had been pushed to the side till now.

Leo nodded and continued to watch from his arm chair. Leo was loving watching and wanted to tell her to go all the way. He held in his response while adjusting himself in the chair. His trousers were a lot tighter than they were before.

she responded by taking off her top and sunk to her knees in front of Tom. She kissed his cock again as he took off her bra. Tom was also wanting to take things forward and put his hands around her waist and moved her onto his lap. He kissed her firmly as she straddled him. She looked over to Leo as she positioned herself, ready to feel Tom inside her. She hovered and just teased him by keeping him just outside, rubbing her pussy up and down the length that she now wanted to feel inside her.

“You ready?” She said, looking over to Leo. Before he had a chance to respond she slowly slid down and took Tom’s cock inside her for the first time. She stayed with the full length inside as she turned to Leo.

“Oh fuck Tom. That was worth waiting for.” Daisy said.

From this point on, Leo was not in Daisy’s mind. Tom’s hands were on her hips and moving her up and down with some force. Her thighs slapped down with the force of each thrust into her pussy while getting used to the length and width filling her. Tom’s was now kissing her breasts that were now bouncing in front of his face.

“You feel great” Daisy spoke between breaths while she slowed the pace down and arched her back. She slid up and down slowly while looking over to Leo.

“So, what do think?” Daisy asked again.

“Are you enjoying it?” Leo responded.

“I… might want to do this again.” Daisy smiled. “Would you like more of this Tom?”

Tom was still concentrating on making this encounter last, only pausing from kissing one of her tits to confirm ” Uhuh.”

The sex was getting harder and faster. Daisy could feel the cock inside her get harder and harder as she worked her hips around and got him to the point of no return. She smiled as Tom started to breath heavily as his grip got tighter around her. She slid right down to his lap and started whispering in his ear. Her hand also started to rub her clit as they slowly moved together.

“Oh yeah, I can feel that” Daisy said. She rubbed her clit harder and felt the tingling feeling as she brought herself close. “Let go, I want it” she whispered.

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