Boarding with Linda Ch. 05


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you haven’t already, read Boarding with Linda Ch 01 – Ch 04, which are prequels to this story.


It turned out that, regardless of how much sex I was getting since moving into Linda’s basement, it wasn’t enough to quash my desire to see Linda naked, too. It didn’t help that, the longer I lived there and the more comfortable we were around each other, the more I almost saw her succulent tits or her sweet ass. I didn’t want things to get awkward by having her figure out that I was interested in seeing her in pretty much any stage of undress, but each time she went braless or her robe opened up just enough to suggest that she was naked beneath it, I ended up thinking harder about how to get a look either into her bedroom or bathroom without getting caught. Most of the time it wasn’t a problem as she was fully dressed when we were around each other and, though I could appreciate that she had a hot little body and bodacious tits in addition to her cute face, I was usually thinking about the next opportunity I’d have to get somebody naked down in my room, eat some pussy, get a blowjob or fuck a hot, juicy pussy.

It was the infrequent times that I saw her braless tits bouncing or her hard nipples pushing against her blouse or when I almost got a peek up her short skirt that would drive me crazy as I tried to brainstorm a way to see more. I was finally handed an opportunity that, while it still required a bit of planning, turned out to be the best thing I could possibly have hoped for. One evening when Linda and I were both home but neither of us had anything really going on, she told me that she needed a favor and led me to her bedroom. I hadn’t been in her bedroom too many times since moving in but I knew that this was not her attempt to seduce me and not just because Ashley was still awake and playing in the living room.

“I need something better than this,” she said, gesturing to the “full length” mirror that was attached to her wall just inside the door. It looked like something that would have cost just a few bucks at Wal-Mart and was barely big enough for me to see my full width, despite the fact that I was not a wide guy. She explained what she was interested in as far as both width and height and we even sketched on the wall a little bit with a pencil. I grabbed a tape measure and notepad and wrote a few notes while taking a few measurements.

“Size will probably ultimately be determined by what is available and what I can get into the house,” I explained, “Location of the studs in that wall will also have some bearing but I think we can get pretty close to what you are looking for.”

“Thank you so much,” she said and hugged me, “You can see Bob’s answer to my request for a mirror and I’m sure my dad would likewise not understand my desire for something much bigger.”

It struck me right away that the wall where the mirror would be mounted was shared with the stairwell leading down to the basement and my living quarters and that the stairwell side had never been drywalled. I was immediately thinking two-way mirror sakarya escort but I knew that I’d have to do something on the stairwell side so that just anyone walking down wouldn’t be able to see through it. Over the next few days, I was thinking about that while doing some research on two-way mirrors, how well they worked, where they could be purchased and any other tips or insight that I could find. Ultimately, I managed to find one that fit my criteria without too much trouble and placed an order. Meanwhile, I was also showing Linda that there would only be a single layer of drywall between the mirror and the stairwell and explained that I’d be doing some work on the stairwell side to protect it from being broken from that side.

I’d come up with a concept of some 2×4 bracing between the studs and behind the mirror with a few of sections being removable for viewing opportunities. While I was working all of that out, I also fixed every squeak I could find on the basement stairs so that Linda wouldn’t hear the same telltale noises each time she was undressed. Things couldn’t have progressed more smoothly with the delivery occurring on a day when I was home before Linda, so I was able to stash the big, flat box in the garage, and the following weekend being one where Ashley would be with her father. When Linda took off on Saturday morning to drop Ashley off, I knew I should have enough time to get the mirror installed and get all of the clean-up done.

I started by cutting the openings in the drywall and attaching the pieces to the “bracing” then got the entire wall “braced.” I worked on the removable pieces until I had them coming out easily and cleanly but had eliminated the possibility of them coming out accidentally. Just as with the squeaky steps, I figured out how to expose the openings on the stairwell side without any telltale sliding or shuffling sounds. Once I had that completely figured out, I mounted the mirror to the wall on the bedroom side. I was impressed with the quality for the price I had paid and didn’t think Linda would be suspicious of how much I’d paid since it was a large mirror of almost the exact size she’d wanted. With the mirror in place and my mess cleaned up, I did some tests for my own peace of mind.

I started by putting a bright LED flashlight right against the mirror on the stairwell side and checked it from the bedroom side, but couldn’t see it even though I knew it was there. I didn’t expect there to be any light on the stairwell side when I was peeking in at Linda, but I wanted to be certain that it wouldn’t be an issue. I also checked to make sure I could see into Linda’s bedroom if the light was dim on her side and that wasn’t an issue either. I anticipated that in most instances, Linda would have the lights on in her room while I was in the dark in the stairwell, so the conditions would typically be ideal for me. It occurred to me that a row of vanity lights above the mirror would probably be something Linda would appreciate and that would be beneficial to my viewing, but I didn’t have the time to install them before she got home, so I planned to just let her know that it was a possibility if she was interested once she’d had the opportunity to test drive the new mirror for a while.

I wasn’t expecting Linda to immediately get naked in front of her new mirror as soon as she got home, but I knew she’d be getting dressed to go out that night since she didn’t have Ashley and figured that would be the best opportunity to try everything out. I didn’t say anything when she got home and just waited for her to realize on her own that she had a new mirror. It was pretty easy to figure out when she found it by the squeal she let out. I was in the kitchen at sakarya escort bayan the time and headed toward her room, bumping into her in the hallway where she gave me a big hug. We went back into her bedroom and I explained about the lights, which she said she’d consider. I think she spent more time in front of the mirror that afternoon than she’d planned, though with the door open so I had the opportunity to mock her on a few occasions. Mostly she was using it to help figure out what she was going to wear that night.

I kept myself busy for the rest of the day and made my own plans for the night as well but I was definitely anxious for Linda to announce that she was going to hit the shower. When she finally did, I told her that I was just going to head downstairs then, ostensibly because I wouldn’t need to look after Ashley, which I think was why she’d gotten used to announcing it in the first place. It had occurred to me earlier that, if the viewing opportunity lasted long enough, I might feel the urge to jerk off right there on the stairs and I couldn’t just leave a puddle of goo, so I’d snuck a pair of her panties out of her hamper and they’d been in the pocket of my cargo shorts almost all day. When I closed the basement door behind me, I immediately had a panel behind her mirror removed and set aside. Looking in, she was still dressed but she was standing in front of the mirror.

She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and was checking herself out from all angles. She looked over her shoulder to check out her ass, which looked fantastic, and turned sideways to examine her profile which, with her tits jutting out and the curvature of her ass, was also spectacular. Finally, she was facing forward again with her hands on her hips. When she suddenly whipped her t-shirt off then immediately dropped her shorts to her ankles and kicked them aside, my cock started to stiffen. I slipped her panties from my pocket as I checked out her substantial bra and a pair of bikini panties. She went through the same routine of checking herself out from every angle, which was fine with me because I also got to check her out from every angle. My cock was stiff but I didn’t whip it out while she was standing there in her underwear.

I was wide-eyed and attentive as she reached back to unfasten her bra and I realized that the moment of truth was upon me. She let her bra slide down her arms as she continued to stare at her reflection and my cock throbbed as her tits were fully revealed, followed by her large areolas and her thick, hard nipples. She let her bra drop to the floor then cupped her big tits and caressed the soft, smooth flesh before running her palms over her hard nipples. I wasn’t certain where she was going with this as she gently tugged on her nipples but when she dropped a hand down to rub the front of her panties, I was incredulous. I didn’t want to extract my cock until I got a chance to see her pussy, but my shorts were definitely tented out at that moment.

I’m not even sure I was breathing as she took the sides of her bikini panties and started to push the strings down the sides of her legs. Her trim brown bush was revealed and, as she leaned forward, her tits were swinging enticingly. My shorts and underwear were quickly at my ankles as I slowly fisted my tool. She straightened up again, her tits bouncing, and started running her hands over her hips and abdomen, up over her tits and down to her ass before finally caressing her pussy. Her naked body looked every bit as amazing as I’d imagined it and I was more than content to just watch. When she dropped to her knees, I could see right up between her thighs from my vantage point and, when her hands weren’t covering her pussy, I got escort sakarya a peek at the pink folds that her fingers were exploring. I wondered what or who she was thinking about while she was tenderly caressing herself while, just a few feet away, I was pumping my cock while thinking about her.

She slipped a finger up into her pussy and started sliding it in and out while the fingertips on her other hand were caressing her clit. As she was doing this, her arms were squeezing her succulent tits together and I was quickly approaching an orgasm. Her focus was on her reflection, though I’m not sure if it was on her pussy or her tits or what. She was starting to push her pussy toward her hands and, as she did, her tits were bouncing and I was trying not to moan at that visual. I had to wrap her panties around my tool because I was so close to cumming by that point. Knowing that the pussy that she was currently frigging had been inside the panties that were sliding up and down my cock pushed me over the edge and I started to spew into them.

I continued to pump my cock even once I was spent as I watched her appearing to tense up the longer she fingered herself. I finally stopped because I was starting to go limp despite what I was watching. She closed her eyes and threw her head back just before I actually heard her cry of pleasure through the mirror and saw her body quaking as she came. She continued to finger herself for another minute or so then slipped her fingers out of her pussy and rolled to her side, lying on the floor before the mirror. I continued to ogle her naked body as she lay there while I got my underwear and shorts back up. Beyond that, I didn’t move until she got up and headed into the adjacent master bathroom. As I headed downstairs, I contemplated putting something in the bathroom so that I could see her in there but, if this first experience was a sign of what was to come, I wasn’t really thinking it would be necessary.

I stashed her panties in my own laundry, figuring that I’d wash them and then claim that they must have still been in the dryer or something because they ended up with my clean clothes. I didn’t expect to jerk off again that evening, even if she frigged herself again, though I was planning to head back up to watch as she got dressed once she was done showering. I left the door between my room and the rest of the basement open so that I could hear when the shower turned off and, once it did, I headed back up onto the stairs. It was a few minutes before she came back into view, completely dry apparently but for her hair since she was naked other than the towel around her head. I admired her figure as she moved about the room, her tits bouncing, her ass looking fantastic and her pussy looking delectable. I was pleasantly surprised by the sexy bra and panties she put on and wondered if that was because she was feeling sexy or because she was expecting someone to see them. I figure it was probably the former.

Once she was dressed again, I went back to my room and started planning for a night out myself. She had earlier plans than I did, so I was going to shower once she was gone and she came down to let me know when she was on her way out.

“Wow, look how hot you are,” I exclaimed as she stopped in before she left, which was my typical and honest reaction.

“And with that new mirror,” she replied, “now I know how hot I am, too.”

After that night, there ended up being countless opportunities to catch her naked and almost as many where I got to watch her getting herself off, as well. It didn’t take long before I started to record a lot of what I was seeing with my digital camera for later review and enjoyment. It became rare to jerk off on the stairs, especially as I acclimated to her schedule, but there were many nights when I was alone that I’d get off while watching my favorite previously recorded footage. It didn’t take many nights of watching her getting herself off before I started to wonder whether there was a way that I could offer her the services of my tongue and cock without making our living arrangement awkward.

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