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You never should have told me of your secret key, hung on an inner branch of a boxwood shrub near your door. After not getting an email from you for ten days, I’m getting a bit antsy and so decide to drop by and see how you are doing. I cannot resist the temptation. Might I catch you playing with someone else?

When I arrive, you are at your computer working–still in your suit with your hair up, just home from a long day, and still working to get that damn project out the door. (Which may well explain your neglect of our correspondence; yet my resolve remains.) You’ve made yourself comfortable, though, kicking off your shoes and getting into a bottle of Chablis. You are a picture in the warm glow of the desk lamp. Delicate hairs around your neck shimmer like fine-spun golden silk, willowy with your body heat.

I slip off my shoes and approach quietly, my toes rolling in the soft rug. You jump just a bit as my tongue traces a fine line up the nape of your neck. Before you can turn, I take your arms and draw them behind you, whispering in your ear how naughty you’ve been in neglecting our correspondence. I pull a red silk scarf from my pocket and loosely bind your hands behind the back of your office chair. You protest, but you know me. You know that something good is coming, something very good.

Rolling you back from your computer and spinning you toward me, I kneel and take your stocking-clad feet, rubbing, caressing them one after the other with both my hands, working the toes, the soft stretch of your arches, then your heals, till your body muscles at large begin to release. You slouch in the chair unable to resist the relaxing of your body. Still working slowly, I begin to move up your legs, stroking your calves and placing gentle kisses on the flesh of your thighs.

Now you have squirmed down in the chair as much as your bound arms allow and your skirt is bunced at the top of your black silk stockings. In the dim light I see a stain already spreading through your panties. My fingertips touch the moistness, then I drop them back down and trace dewy patterns along your thighs. You are breathing heavily and moaning a deep, longing, “Yes.” With my teeth I grasp the top of your stocking and tug it down, my hot breath causing the soft hairs of your inner thighs to rise. My hands assist as I roll the stocking down your leg, over your heel and off your foot. I put it in my pocket and go back up for the other, stopping at your crotch where I leisurely kiss your panty-cloaked slit, pressing my thumb up and inward toward your bump of your clitoris hood, breathing in your aroma. You writhe in the chair and beg me take you. I laugh and tell you that won’t happen for a while, when I have a chance to catch up on my correspondence. I gently roll the other stocking down your leg, putting it in my pocket with the other.

I let you catch your breath. I stand and unbuckle my belt, open my pants and let them fall around my ankles. My cock bobs excitedly as I move toward you, the head already wet with a pearl of pre-cum. You are not the only one being excited…

With my hand I wave the tip near your mouth, but teasingly rub it around your lips, cheeks and chin instead. Your mouth and tongue are working, trying to draw the swelling prick in, but I only let you touch it with the tip of your tongue. Your face shines with my juice. “Do you want to suck my cock?” I ask. You can only nod as you continue reaching with your lips and tongue. I place the head on your tongue and step toward you, allowing you to take me into your mouth. Your tongue swirls along the bottom length as I put my hands in your hair and gently guide you. Well in, then slowly back and forth again. My prick begins to gleam with your saliva. I can only take this for a short while, moaning and closing my eyes, so I withdraw. You follow as far as you can, till a string of juice dribbles down your chin. So becoming! Your allure grows with each moment.

Quickly, I unbutton your blouse and run my hands inside. Your bra pushes your breasts up in a welcoming swell, your cleavage deep and mysterious. My hands cradle these silk-wrapped beauties. I can feel their warmth through the fabric. I fumble with the hook nestled in the shadows, then unclasp it. The lace cups fall away and lovely orbs of flesh fill out before my eyes. Your nipples stand like beacons. With your arms pulled back as they are, your breasts jut boldly forth. Quite inviting. Irresistible, in fact. My hands cup each the breast in a firm caress, lifting them, my fingertips just brushing the erect nipples. I place my lips over your left nipple, lay it on my tongue, then slowly suck and pull, my tongue swirling and teasing. My right hand rolls over your other nipple. You moan and squirm. I switch breasts and continue, sucking, pulling, tweaking, blowing softly, cooling the wetness left by my ministrations. I pull my face back, smile at you, take each nipple between a thumb and forefinger and softly tug, stretching them. Knowing how sensitive your breasts and nipples are, I continue with this play till I sense that you are near to cum. Then I stop.

You are looking quite sexy now and your eyes implore me to finish you, somehow, till you can cum hard. “Still seeming days of anticipation for you, Kristineva,” I say with a wry smile.

With that I step out of my pants and straddle your lap, my firm cock brushing against your belly. I kiss your face and lips, my hands reaching behind you, letting your hair down. My hands return to your breasts, thumbs tracing the raised flesh of your areoles as I press the flushed mounds together. I place my cock head against them, rub it to your prodding your nipples and again painting them sticky with juices. I cannot last much longer. I press my prick into your cleavage from below and slowly work it. You are bending your head down and trying to meet it with your lips, but can’t. My balls tickle your belly. I stand up and you gobble my cock up, slurping at it furiously. When I feel I am about to cum, I take it out of your mouth and stroke it with my hand, jabbing it at your breasts and nipples until my cum spurts out in four or five hot streams onto your chest. I collapse to the floor, exhilarated. Looking up, I see you with your head thrown back, görükle escort thrusting your hips into the air, desperate for relief. Reaching up, my hands rub my cum into your skin, basting your nipples and areoles still prickled with need. You beg me to take off your panties and fuck you. I chuckle, saying that would be a fun thing to do… someday, but I do take my softening dick and rub it on your crotch, then reach my fingers inside the waistband of your panties and feel for your soaked lips. They are there, oh yes, swollen and firm. My finger traces the valley between them. Goodness, but you are soaking there. You raise your crotch from the chair with begging strains and I continue to rub up and down the length of those exotic, aroused flesh wonders. Your cunt is almost dripping and is hot to the touch. In sympathy, I take your panties by the waistband and roll them over your hips, down your thighs, past your knees, till they rest around your ankles, a fragrant puddle of black silk.

Well, this sight is almost too much. I kneel before you, gazing between your spread knees. What a picture! Lovely, exotic, and such a deep, sweet aroma. And tasty, I find, as I run the tip of my tongue lightly among the delicate folds of your labia. You quiver and moan.

Slowly I reach behind you and untie the silk scarf that binds your hands, taking each hand in mine and holding them together above your head. I nuzzle your neck and ears, softly telling you that before I can fuck you I need to check my email. Then I drop your hands down in front of you and bind them together there. You can go into the bedroom and wait, but at least you’ll be able to entertain yourself.

Sitting at your computer, I check my mail and ironically find a message from you sent just hours ago. In the message you share a fantasy about me fucking you right there at your computer desk. Ahhh, I realize why you so quickly became frenzied with desire. You didn’t quite get your wish, did you? Not quite. Not yet. I smile to myself and take a long sip of wine from your glass. Signing out, I head toward the bedroom, wine bottle in hand.

There I find you sprawled on the bed, legs hanging over the edge, furiously pleasuring yourself. I quickly take your stockings from my pocket and tie one end of each to an ankle and the other to a leg of the bedpost. Pulling your hands away from your cunt and again holding them above your head, I take in the sight of you, your breasts heaving, nipples hard and tall, and especially your wet red pussy. “Please fuck me now, Gary,” you plead. “I’ll email you every day if you’ll just fuck my pussy now.”

“I got your message,” I say. “Sorry for tantalizing you so, but isn’t the anticipation exquisite?” You smile. My cock is now hard again and standing straight out. I place it at your wet opening and press into you, driving into your heat. We gasp with pleasure, but I resist pummeling you right away. I rest in you, my cock growing as you grip it with your cunt. Reaching behind me I grab the bottle of wine and hold my thumb over the mouth. I pour a bit in your mouth to refresh you. It overflows and runs down your cheek. I kiss you deeply and our tongues share the taste. Next, I sprinkle your chest and lick your nipples hungrily as the liquid puddles between your breasts. I press my face to the juice and draw it between my lips. Mmmm. Slowly I move in and out, running my length in and out, enjoying our savory fuck. You are moaning with pleasure, eyes closed, your bound hands playing in my hair.

But there is more to taste. I back out of you as my kisses move down to your belly. You whimper at the sudden emptiness, but giggle as I fill your navel with wine and drink it up noisily, licking and nibbling the tender flesh there. My nibbles descend to your mons, and I begin to taste your fragrance, planting kisses in the curls there. My pursed lips draw the swollen nub of your clit into my mouth, my fingers lightly trace the your inner, then out labia. A long, growling, “Ohhhhhhhh” emanates from deep in your throat. You must be very close…

On towards the piece de resistance. I stand up straight and again firmly run the length of my stiff into you, driving deep till our pubis bones meet. Looking down and watching it enter you, I am, as ever, fascinated by the site of my flesh entering your flesh. I plan our final course. I dribble wine over our joined crotches, splashing my cock as it slides in and out. I’m moving faster now and you are humping against me, grunting. I take a long drink from the bottle then pour the last drops onto our met flesh. Taking the base of the bottle, I rest it on your mons just above my pistoning dick, rolling it, tilting it back and forth. Apparently it has the desired affect on your clit, because you scream “Oh GOD Oh GOD I’m cumming!” and your hands pull me down to your chest as you grind hard against my cock. I explode within you, jets of my hot cum filling every crevice of your pulsing cunt.

The fragrance of wine and sex fills the room as we get our breath back. I roll off of you and untie your hands, but as I bend to the floor to release your feet, the site of your pussy captivates me, gaping and puddled with wine and our shared sex juices. I can’t resist. I thrust my tongue into your sopping hole and swirl it, then suck hard on your clit. You sit straight up in the bed and crush my face into your cunt, screaming out again in orgasm. I guess I surprised you with that one

I look up from between your legs and observe your pleasured face. Your breath is gradually slowing, your nipples still tall and hard, your whole body glowing with sweat and ecstasy. How delicious this has been. I can’t resist rubbing my nose in the wet hairs of your mound; how sweet they smell. I kiss you there gently and begin pulling myself up the length of your body, running my hands along your flesh. I pause to give attention to your belly, still fragrant with wine. My hands push up your breasts and roll over them, my palms tickled by your softening nipples, which I give one last salute with my passing lips. Finally, I lay full on top of you, my wet and softening cock nestling between your legs, my chest warming yours. I look into your eyes, take your head in my hands and smile. Your return the glance and reach your hands around my neck, pulling me to you. Our lips and tongues meet in a long, deep exploration, sharing the fragrant juices of our play: Your cum and mine, the wine, our sweat, a delightful bouquet of sex and passion.

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