breakfast and dick


The smell of waffles and bacon woke me from my slumber as the bright daylight shone on my face making it unpleasant to open my eyes, I groaned and stretched rolling over to my side so I could pull my husband into my chest and fall back asleep but much to my dismay his side of the bed was empty with just a small pillow strategically placed to confuse me, it’s goal complete as I crack open tired lids to see what had replaced my lover followed by a small huff from the revelation.

I stretched again and opened my eyes wider with a groan before slipping from under the sheets onto the cold floor, shuffling my feet until I reached the bathroom to relieve myself and brush away the night’s dirt from my mouth, today was supposedly Sunday otherwise my alarm would have woken me up much earlier for work as it was my only day off not including certain holidays meaning I could get away with not fixing my bedhead for a few hours more, I didn’t have anywhere to be.

Brushing my teeth and giving my face a basic wash I yawned as I walked out the bathroom and my room all the way into the kitchen where my husband was and gave a deep tired sigh, propping my chin on the top of his head while snaking my arms around his waist as he was standing there carefully watching an omelet that must’ve been in there for less than three seconds.

“Are you still sore from yesterday?” He plainly asked, unbothered by the fact that he was now trapped in my hold.

I grunted, still too tired to make coherent answers but still felt his hand lay on top of mine and lace our fingers together allowing me to give them a small squeeze, the smell of breakfast should have woken me up but it only made things worse because it reminded me of my husband and I was able to let my guard down around him.

“I’ll give you a back rub later after we eat if some tylenol doesn’t work okay?” he looked up at me the best that he could with a small smile.

His naturally cherry lips looked extra soft today, most likely because he labeled Sundays self-care days seeing as it was the only day of the week we’d be able to do things like that together which he preferred rather than doing it on his own, it made him feel better about doing it and whatever made him happy I’d be willing to put up with.

I moved my head to kiss his temple and cheek then rubbed his stomach making him lean into me and close those beautiful coffee browns, my kissed got lower going to his jaw then his neck making him tense up and untangle his hand to push my face away gently, “I’m cooking” he breathed.

I ignored that comment and kept kissing his neck, tightening my hold on him Sex hikayeleri so he couldn’t move away as he tensed and grabbed my forearm as he started to breathe heavy, I always teased him for his neck being so sensitive but it came in handy for moments like this, when I have a strong case of morning wood.

“Baby I have eggs on the stove” he pleaded while I ran my hand up his clothed torso and played with his nipples through the fabric.

That didn’t stop me as I tightened my hold once more when he tried to jerk away, now starting to tremble slightly as he attempted to push my arms away, even when we weren’t teens anymore his body was still so sensitive, I could blow a tiny bit of air on his chest and the tiny rosebuds would perk up and harden immediately.

While sucking on the crook of his neck I open my eyes and looked down to see exactly what I wanted, my free hand trailed down to his belt and fiddled with the rim of it still not letting my hold loosen in the slightest as he huffed in defeat still trying slightly to push my arms away, “Come on they’re almost done just give me a minute” he tried to reason with his voice shaky.

I pinched his nipple and grazed my teeth just under his ear making him jerk and tremble more, finally giving up and not pushing me anymore, “f-fine but let me at least-”

I didn’t wait for him to finish as my hands shot down to the flimsy piece of leather that was between me and having a morning bliss, he did his best to try and turn the heat off but once I opened his wrapping I pulled him into me possessively and shoved my hand into his briefs to grab his barely soft cock having him moan and instinctively grab my wrist while trying to stabilize himself from the sudden action.

I pumped him fast, listening to his moans and pouts as if they were music playing on a radio while he searched for a part my me with his other hand to grab onto and keep himself standing, seeing him struggle like this was cute and usually ended up in him begging, feeling his cock start to gush precum as it had fully hardened I moved his briefs and pulled down his pants some to make sure they didn’t get messy since he liked getting dressed up even when there was nowhere to be going.

He started to pant more, biting on his lip to keep his voice down despite not having roommates which made me frown because I loved the sounds he makes while getting jerked off, moving the few items away from the counter I bent him over pushing the flannel from his ass and grabbed a handful of it, revealing his flush red hole causing a low growl to sound in my throat which made him shiver in reaction.

I Sikiş hikayeleri pressed my thumb against his hole and stretched it just slightly to see the cavern I was going to be plunging my dick into feeling that it was wet and already slightly loose, I looked back up at him with a raised brow about to ask if he did any early prep when he answered for me, “i-it was too early to be getting out of bed and you were too deeply asleep to wake up”

A smirk spread across my lips as I leaned in to kiss his neck while opening the drawer next to us to grab the emergency baby oil, he watched me as close as he could from his angle as I poured the liquid onto my fingers rubbing them together for a quick second before pressing them against his entrance again causing him to flinch, “cold”

I chuckled as I slid in two fingers and curled them right into his prostate, kissing the nape of his neck as he mewled and trembled, definitely still sensitive from his earlier solo adventure but too tight to slide my cock into without hurting him, I thrust my fingers in and out still abusing that spot while spreading him open as he shook and moaned hiding his face in his arms as I kissed all over his neck and shoulders.

I added a third finger and his insides spasmed trying to tighten around my digits while being stretched out, he grabbed my arm that was on the counter panting and let out a long whine signaling me to hurry up or he was just going to cum right then and there, which I didn’t have a problem with but I’d prefer to be in him for this session.

Once he felt loose enough I slid out my fingers listening to him suck in a breath and release it as a sigh of relief before he tensed up hearing the bottle ap open again knowing what was coming next, I lined up my cock with his ass slowly pushing in to hear him gasp and feel him tighten around me which felt amazing but forcing me to stop for a minute until he relaxed again.

“F-fuck I feel full” he announced, earning a kiss from me with my tongue being shoved down his throat.

He gripped my shirt tightly and moaned in my mouth when I started to move in and out of him slowly at first just to get his love tunnel used to being impaled, I grabbed his dick and started to pump it again making him moan louder lips still locked on mine.

He almost ripped my shirt right off my chest when I started to pound into him, finally pulling out of the kiss to cry out and mewl while I stood straight and held him down on the counter to keep him mostly still, if he wasn’t bent over a solid surface he would have collapsed by now, eyes rolled to the back of Erotik hikaye his head as he tried to let out a moan while he inevitably came but nothing left his throat.

Once he was settled enough I took my hand from his dick putting it onto his hip as I aggressively slammed into his prostate making his back arch into the counter as his voice got louder, his hands had no idea where to go as they couldn’t grab onto me anymore and the counter was completely smooth.

I stared down at his face, tears streamed down his cherry red cheeks, his lips were puffy and he could barely keep his eyes centered and open as they either kept closing or rolling back every time the head of my cock pounded his prostate, he finally found a place to grab onto while he kept his other hand balled up next to his shoulder.

He turned his head to lay his face on the now warm marble as he began to shake again and tighten up around my cock showing that he was about to cum again “o-oh god I’m gonna- babe, baby!”

I kept going, close to filling him up with thick ropes of my own semen but he tapped my thigh frantically as he tried to take deep breathes in order to talk without moaning between every word, “b-baby h-hold on, shit, b-abe the omelet!”

I huffed, not giving a shit about the food right at this moment and just leaned onto him as I fucked into his hole deeper, whatever he was trying to say was lost as he bit his lip hard enough to draw blood and twitched as he came hard, the squeezing of his ass set me off and I filled him to the brim with sperm and a grunt.

He took two seconds catching his breath before starting up again, “b-babe the omelet”

I huffed about to tell him I didn’t care when I suddenly realized why he was bringing it up, “fuck it’s on fire!”

I quickly got off of him with a wet pop and moved the flaming pan just as the fire alarm went off, running off to the sink without thinking turning on the faucet before watching a huge cloud of mixed steam and smoke rise from the definitely useless pan making me cough and slightly wheeze.

“Are you okay?’ my husband asked trying to get up but his legs were currently unstable jello and needed a rest.

“Yeah I’m fine” I sighed, looking at the block of charcoal in the scorched pan.

Walking I dumped the failed breakfast into the trash and went to turn off the stove that miraculously didn’t burst into flames with the pan considering it’s a gas stove, I looked at my lover who was giving me a ‘told you so’ stare which had me rolling my eyes as I bent over to kiss him and pick him up since he currently wasn’t able to walk, “I-I told you to wait until I was done”

“Well you’re rather irresistible so maybe stop being so sexy”

He just laughed at that and playfully hit my chest, guess no more morning kitchen adventures for a while.

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