Brianna Takes a Risk Down Under

Double Penetration

Brianna and her husband had an unfamiliar problem; not really a problem, more of a series of options. She had told Andy that the really big unexpected check she received from her employer was a profit-sharing thing, a result of Moment Media Solutions having had a very successful year. She was relieved that he accepted her explanation, allowing her to keep the truth about their windfall a secret. She wasn’t ashamed about what she’d done, technically her work was part of producing print ads for a client, but as a model rather than her usual role of graphic designer. She wasn’t sure how Andy might react to even a somewhat cleaned up description of her short-lived modeling career so she kept it a secret.

They agreed to pay off their credit card debt and close out a small student loan balance of Andy’s. A couple thousand dollars went to some new kitchen appliances, replacing the dated and creaky refrigerator and stove which came with the house they’d bought a couple of years ago. After a hefty deposit into their short term savings to augment their emergency cash reserves they still had a few thousand dollars to play with.

Brianna favored getting some new living room furniture, but Andy didn’t think they needed to replace what they already had, and proposed taking a vacation, “A REAL adventure, not our usual short trip, something we’ve never been able to do on our budget.”

“Do you have someplace in mind?” she asked, “I’d kind of like to go to South America, some places in Brazil and maybe see Machu Picchu.”

“I was thinking about Australia, I’ve wanted to visit there for as long as I can remember,” he replied quickly.

Brianna couldn’t think of any good reason she could give Andy for NOT wanting to visit Australia; she remembered him mentioning wanting to take a trip there several times in the past as a someday if we can ever afford it type of thing. The actual reason she had for not wanting to go there, the one she didn’t feel like sharing with Andy, was the possibility of him picking up a magazine and seeing his wife wearing some flimsy lingerie. Or even less. She tried to quickly do the math in her head on how long it had been since her photoshoot, how long it would have taken to produce the ads, and how long they would be likely to run before some newer ads took their place.

Brianna felt reasonably sure the ads she was featured in were not still being run, and thought, “we’re bound to have better things to do on a once in a lifetime vacation than read magazines!” Having more or less convinced herself that her secret would be safe, she went along with Andy’s request. “Australia it is, then!” she said. The three months it took for them to find a time when they could each take a couple of weeks off and make all their travel arrangements gave Brianna even more confidence that any celebrity she might have had in Australia would have dimmed by the time she and Andy took their trip.

After the 20-hour marathon of connecting flights and layovers needed to reach Sydney, Brianna and Andy spent most of their first day in Australia napping and enjoying room service. By the second day, they were ready to see some sights and set out to visit some of the standard attractions, including a hike up to the top of the Sydney harbour bridge and a tour of the Sydney Opera House. The late summer weather was a pleasant change from the chilly weather they’d left behind at home, so after some more sightseeing, they agreed to spend some time the next day at some local beach.

Tuesday, the third day of their week in and around Sydney found them relaxing on Bondi beach. After the ambitious itinerary of the previous day the lazy day of sunbathing, short dips to cool off and just generally chilling out felt great. Andy was quick to notice a fair number of topless women and asked Brianna, “do you feel like evening out your tan? I’ll be happy to help with your sunscreen!”

“I’ve been giving it some thought, but I’m pretty sure I can manage any extra sunscreen application myself. Sorry. Actually, I’ve been holding off because I wasn’t sure if you’d be okay with the extra exposure.”

“If we were at our local beach and likely to run into someone we know it would be different, but I’m pretty sure we’ll never see anyone on this beach again. Besides, I always enjoy..”

“Me getting my boobs out?” Brianna interrupted, grinning.

“Well, yes, that goes without saying, but what I was ABOUT to say was I always enjoy being seen with the hottest woman on the beach.”

“You talked me into it, look out, blindingly pale skin about to appear!” said Brianna as she unhooked the clasp between her breasts and pulled her top off. She enjoyed the feeling of the sun and a slight breeze replacing the slightly tight swimwear and settled back into their routine of sunbathing and swimming, now wearing only her bikini bottoms. She laughed at Andy’s inability to stop grinning whenever he looked her way.

An hour or so into her top-free existence she decided to test Andy’s casual reaction to other people checking out her breasts, offering to pick him up a beer from a stand bursa escort at the edge of the beach; to her surprise, he just thanked her and placed his order. Now she had to follow through and see how she felt about close contact with the viewing public; she felt a little tingle as she approached the stand and the small cluster of people around it. After a few minutes waiting in line she was greeted by the bartender, “G’ day, what can I get you?”

“I need two cans of Fosters, and oh, you have food too?”

“Yup, best burgers on the beach, can I make you one?”

Despite it meaning she would need to hang around wearing half a bikini in this fairly busy spot for several minutes, or maybe because of that, she immediately answered, “Yes, please!” and paid for the order. Leaning back against the side of the shack while she waited, she tried to look casual as other customers came to the window to place their orders. Looking casual wasn’t easy for Brianna as she looked around and counted roughly forty people close enough to her to have a good view of her topless body, but she resisted the urge to cross her arms over her chest.

The look one college-age guy was giving her gave her a shiver; unlike many other people close by, he didn’t at least pretend to take her appearance in his stride but continued looking directly at her. She was a little flattered but more flustered by the attention and was relieved when her order was ready.

When she made it back to Andy he was surprised to see the burger and asked why she didn’t get him one as well.

“Sorry, I guess being half-naked and baking in the sun is making me forgetful, do you want me to go back and get you one?” Brianna asked; she wasn’t sure why she volunteered and was surprised when he said yes! She strolled back to the shack; seeing the same young guy who had been checking her out still hanging around there she wondered if she ought to head back to get her top back on, or maybe just her cover-up. She figured she could tolerate being ogled for a few minutes and stepped up to place her order. After paying she took up her previous position gazing out at the beach, doing her best to ignore her fan.

Ignoring him somehow began to seem rude after he approached her, saying,” I’m really sorry to disturb you, but I was wondering if I could get your autograph? My mates will never believe I actually met this year’s Holliman’s calendar model if I don’t get proof!” Brianna noticed the bartender handing the young man a calendar and a pen.

“My son has a better eye for these things, but I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection when you came up to order, I’ve had the calendar hanging on the wall here all season, the bartender said. “How about the burger and a couple more beers on the house in exchange for that autograph?”

A little stunned but also flattered, Brianna took the pen and calendar, flipping through it quickly before signing. She was relieved to see that none of the photos showed her completely naked. Though several months showed her topless, that didn’t seem too bad considering she was currently showing just as much to anyone who happened to be at the beach today!

She signed the photo for the month of August, showing her on a subway car full of onlookers just as she was dropping the silk pajama top she had been wearing off her shoulders; her breasts were exposed but her pussy wasn’t. Brianna remembered vividly the moment and how just seconds later she’d been completely nude. She couldn’t quite believe her ears when she heard herself ask, “Are you sure the autograph will convince them, wouldn’t a selfie be better?”

“Oh, lord yes! Would you?” the young man said excitedly.

“Sure, but I’m going to cover up a bit” she replied, partially covering her breasts with her hands. The older man took out his phone and snapped a few photos of his son grinning from ear to ear next to Brianna. After accepting the younger man’s repeated thanks she headed back to Andy with his burger and the extra beers.

“What was all that about at the shack?” Andy asked, “Were they giving you any trouble? I was just about to see if you needed any help when you started back.”

“No trouble, really. They thought I was some local celebrity and wanted my, or rather HER autograph.”

“Who did they think you were?”

Trying to answer as truthfully as possible while being as vague as possible, Brianna answered, “Apparently a model for an Australian clothing company. They had a calendar featuring photos of her.”

“How did you convince them they were wrong?”

“I gave up trying and gave them their autograph!” she replied with a chuckle, “It seemed kinder to let them think they’d met this woman than argue about it, and it got us some free beer!”

“Maybe if we want another beach day we should find somewhere a bit less busy,” Andy suggested.

“Yeah, probably,” Brianna replied, though now that it was over she realized that she was a little bit excited by being recognized, even if she was topless. Or was being recognized while half malatya escort undressed responsible for the buzz she was feeling?

Seeing the weather forecast for Thursday looked a little too cool for another beach excursion, Andy and Brianna decided to have a beach day on Wednesday and do their sightseeing the next day or two after. Andy talked to the hotel concierge to get some ideas for less crowded beaches in the area and he and Brianna gathered up some supplies and bought a small cooler to hold a picnic lunch and some drinks; Andy said the place the concierge recommended had no concession stands, so they had to bring anything they’d need with them.

Brianna was dubious when they got lost a couple of times and took over an hour to find their way to their destination, but perked up when they finally reached the beach. Cobbler’s beach was far smaller than Bondi and definitely less convenient to get to, but it was prettier and seemed to be far less crowded; there couldn’t have been more than a half dozen other people sharing the beach with them. They hiked down to the sand carrying their gear and staked out a spot well removed from the path to the parking area to avoid being on the main path of traffic in case the beach got crowded later.

“I have to admit, this is pretty nice,” Brianna said as she started applying sunscreen, “though I had my doubts when you made those wrong turns.”

“I may have made the wrong turns, but I’m going to blame my navigator!” Andy said with a smile. “I think the concierge’s tip was pretty good; you shouldn’t have to worry about running into your fans while topless here!”

“Nope!” Brianna replied as she untied her top and dropped it into her tote bag.

For the next hour or two, they had a large section of beach to themselves; after a short swim, Brianna lay down and had a nap, one of her favorite ways to spend time at a beach but often not possible with all the noise a crowded beach generates. She woke to the sound of Andy gently suggesting she reapply sunscreen, pointing out that some areas currently baking in the sun were not accustomed to getting so many rays.

“Can you take care of it? I just want to enjoy my nap,” she mumbled, still on her back, half asleep.

Andy didn’t need to be asked twice; he coated every bit of his wife’s exposed skin, making sure to rub the sunscreen in thoroughly; other than a couple of sighs Brianna seemed to sleep right through the process. An hour or so later she woke up and they had a light lunch. She noticed that a few more people had arrived, though the beach could hardly be called crowded.

“Looks like we have more people to share the beach with,” she said, looking around, “That group to our left wasn’t here when I closed my eyes, and over to our right we’ve got, oh my, we have naked people!”

“Yeah, I noticed that,” Andy replied, “the concierge mentioned people often do without suits at this place.”

So THAT’S why you wanted to come here,” Brianna whispered, “you were looking to see more skin!”

“Honestly, no, it just sounded like a nice quiet place, which it has turned out to be. That being said, if you want to see what going nude feels like I certainly won’t object.”

Brianna was more than a little curious about how it would feel, expecting that in this setting it would be way less stressful than the brief moments of nudity during her photoshoot. Knowing he was expecting her to flatly rule out going nude gave her the last bit of motivation needed to change the unlikely to the inevitable. She stood up and tried to ignore her racing pulse as she hooked both thumbs into the waistband of her bikini’s bottoms; not allowing herself any time to change her mind, she slid the suit down past her knees and let it drop to her ankles before picking them up with her right foot and reuniting them with her top already in the tote.

Still standing in front of her stunned husband, she looked around for a minute to see if any of their fellow sun-worshipers were paying attention to the newest member of their club. She was relieved but also a bit disappointed to see they weren’t. She asked Andy, “Can you pass me the sunscreen?” He thought she’d given him all the surprises imaginable, but when she had finished slathering sunscreen on her newly vulnerable areas and handed him back the bottle she gave him one more, turning her back to him and pointing to her ass while saying,” I can’t see if I’ve got it all rubbed in, can you finish any spots I missed?”

After a full afternoon of casually hanging around naked, Brianna suggested they look for a restaurant on their way back to the hotel. Andy was eager to get back to their room and help her get undressed one more time, but they both agreed that an early dinner someplace catering to the beach crowd was a good idea. With some help from Google maps, they found a seafood restaurant with tables on a deck outside looking out over the water. The reviews made it sound like it was informal enough for their current state; Andy was wearing his swim trunks and a t-shirt and Brianna çanakkale escort had put on her cover-up.

They were seated at a table close to the edge of the deck, with Brianna claiming the side of the table facing the ocean and Andy sitting opposite her. “I wasn’t paying attention as I was packing up our stuff, did you get your suit back on?” he asked after their waitress took their order.

“Um, no. I thought the cover-up would be enough to, you know, cover me up. It’s pretty much opaque.”

“Yeah, it does the job, I guess, but it’s pretty breezy out here…”

“Hoping for strong wind, are you?” she replied with a smile. “I think as long as the tie stays tied you’re going to be out of luck. But you never know.”

The restaurant filled up soon after they arrived, and both Brianna and Andy agreed the ambiance lived up to its good reviews. Though the outdoor tables all were eventually taken they still almost felt like they had the place to themselves, as their table was set out noticeably closer to the edge of the deck than the others. Andy couldn’t help glancing at the bow tying the two sides of Brianna’s wrap together, as if wishing could make it unravel. When he looked at it after their server took their drink order the loops of the knot seemed very slightly smaller; “Wishful thinking…” he thought. After their drinks arrived and orders were taken he checked again, and again thought the loops had shrunk slightly. He expected a similar change after their meal was served, but was disappointed to see no change.

Once Brianna was sure Andy had caught on to her gradual unraveling of the tie on her cover-up she paused, confusing him. She was enjoying this game too much to make it easy for him. After a lengthy pause, she tugged at both strings when he was trying to flag down their server to get some more water, shrinking the loops to way less than half of their original size. He eyed her suspiciously, but she kept her poker face in place, not letting on that she had noticed his suspicion.

She made her boldest move, stretching across the table for the ketchup, unraveling one loop entirely. The other loop gave in to her subtle shift to hand the ketchup back to him, leaving the two ties loosely draped against each other, sliding further apart with every gesture she made as they made conversation.

By now Andy was pretty sure his wife was playing a game with him, but he hadn’t been able to catch her at it and was having a hard time figuring out what would constitute winning or losing; if he called her out, would that mean he’d won? Maybe, but it also would mean the end of the game, and he was interested in seeing where this game might head if he stayed silent.

For what seemed like a very long time, Brianna didn’t see any opportunity to check exactly how close the ties of her cover-up had come to losing contact with each other. When a busboy dropped a handful of dishes she took advantage of Andy’s distraction to see just how vulnerable she might be to a random gust of wind. Very vulnerable, as it happened; the ties were completely separated, nothing but inertia was keeping the front of her cover-up closed! She thought he must have noticed, that he had to see she was one random gust away from flashing him and at possibly a few of their fellow diners; was he going to say anything? Did she want him to?

They were both trying to decide what to do when the choice was made for them; out of nowhere a powerful gust of wind washed over the deck, scattering napkins, paper placemats and knocking over some empty wine glasses. In the commotion only a handful of Brianna’s fellow diners noticed both sides of her cover-up flap open as the garment peeled back over her bare shoulders. A lucky few caught a glimpse of her uncovered breasts in the five or six seconds the gust lasted. Blushing deeply as she pulled the cover-up back together, Brianna mumbled, “How did that happen?”

“No idea,” Andy replied, but if it had to happen I’m glad not to have missed it!”

She tried not to let on, but Brianna was at least as pleased to have made it possible.

Andy drove back to their hotel as fast as he could in the unfamiliar setting; by the time they reached the elevator to their 16th-floor room they had their hands all over each other. Brianna was still wearing her cover-up by the time they made it to their room, but she was well along the way to not wearing it before Andy opened the door. They made love for hours before taking a break for some room service ice cream around midnight. Brianna didn’t bother getting dressed but covered up with a sheet when the dessert was wheeled in. Fortified by their pints of salted caramel for Brianna and cookies and cream for Andy, they returned to their screwing, licking and sucking until exhaustion finally took hold of them around 3 AM.

Brianna woke up around 11:30 to the sound of Andy having a shower. She reached for her phone and noticed a full email inbox. The first dozen were obvious junk, but one seemed to be from her office; she was a bit annoyed to have work following her on her vacation, but then noticed that it was from Maureen Symonde. She had had almost no contact with Maureen since her modeling gig, which wasn’t really surprising considering their respective places in the office hierarchy. Seeing Maureen’s name on an email sent at what had to be a fairly late hour back home got Brianna’s attention; she opened it and read:

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