Bromance Part 1 of 3


My relationship with Alex was… different. We haven’t known each other for very long, and to be honest, we don’t really know much about each other. But something about us when we met each other just seemed to click.

My name’s Jason. I’m 5’8”, have semi short, straight black hair brought up at the front, emerald green eyes (I swear I think I have the greenest eyes on the planet, no kidding) tannish skin and have a light, slim build. Not really that toned, but I have somewhat of a six pack and a non-bony back.

Alex on the other hand, is like, super hot. He’s not as tall as me, like 5’6” 5’7” ish, he has short dark brown curly hair, hazel eyes, and has a stronger build than I do. His arms are thick, he has a strong back, his abs aren’t much better than mine, but his CHEST, lord I could stare at it forever. He had really strong and defined chest. He’s about as tan as I am, too.

So anyway, I met Alex on a fishing trip. I was invited by some friends and well, we got along really well. He was really shy at first, but afterwards, we both got comfortable around each other. We joked around a lot, bothered the girls, and laughed, A LOT. We thought everything was funny.

I started hanging out with Alex every so often. Not a lot, since we didn’t live particularly close to each other (like, opposite ends of the city), but when we did see each other, it’s as if we’d seen each other the day before. We always hugged, with a big old “WASSUP DUDE!” and just walked around talking about stuff. Sex hikayeleri Hugs, fist bumps, quality chill time, and never treating any other guy the way we treated each other, there wasn’t much more to be said. I was in a bromance.
Ok, enough back story, let’s get to what happened.

“Hey ‘babe’,” I said, giggling. We joke around calling each other stuff as if we were boyfriends. “What”, he said, struggling with his tie. “You got it all wrong”. I went up to where he was dressing in front of the mirror, and turned his body towards me. “This is stupid”, he said, frustrated. “Dude, I don’t even know what you did. I’m starting all over”, I said, re doing his blue striped tie. He sighed. “Who else you said is going to be there?” he asked. We were getting ready for our friend Chrissy’s sweet sixteen. I’ve known Chrissy forever and Alex’s known her for like three years. Thing is, Alex was a bit nervous because there was going to be a lot of people he didn’t know, and well, he didn’t people to think he was some random loser.

“I told you, man,” I said. “Just some friends from school, a few from Bridges Academy, and some from her condominium.” Alex didn’t go to my school, but he knew a few people, and was really good friends with Chrissy. “Yeah right”, he said. “Jennifer said more half of Westfield would be there.” Westfield Junior High was my school. Bridges Academy was an all girl’s school where Chrissy had a few friends, and when I say a few, I mean like fifteen or twenty. “Dude, just Sikiş hikayeleri relax man,” I told him. “You’re a really good friend of Chrissy’s, and you’re my best friend. No one’s gonna mess with you.” I was a fairly popular guy, I mean, most people in Westfield were. But Alex didn’t go to Westfield. He went to a place called Hallister Middle School, and next year to Hallister High. Not many people knew anyone from Hallister High, much less Hallister Middle. Rich popular kids tend to overlook you if you were from low profile schools.

But me, I’m not like that. I didn’t care where Alex went to school when I met him. Neither did Chrissy. But I could understand why he was a bit nervous. Other people in my school weren’t like that. But I was certain that they would like Alex enough that they’d chill for the night.

When I was done with his tie, I gave him a playful slap on the cheek. “Come on dude. It’s gonna be a badass night, and we’re gonna have a badass time. Got that?” I saw him slightly blush as he laughed. “Yeah man. Definitely.” I stepped back. Damn, he looked good. He was wearing a white button down with a blue stripped tie. He had some blue jeans with a very slight fade and some brown casuals. I had on a platinum grey button-down with a sliver plaid tie and some very dark blue jeans with a slight fade. This was a really fancy thing that we were going to; I mean, Chrissy had MONEY. Like, a LOT on money. I reached for my phone.
“Dude, we gotta go,” I said. “K,” he replied. Erotik hikaye I called up I cab as we head down stairs.

Sorry, there isn’t any sex in this one, just kind of a back story and a prolog. I plan t make this a three part thing, and other stories afterwards. Please comment and rate and give me any suggestions, this is my first story. Thank you!

Thank you.

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