Brother’s Incestuous Bet Ch. 01


Brother and Sister’s Incestuous Desires

An Incestuous Harem Universe Story

Incestuous Harem: Clint forms a harem with the women in his family.

Doctor’s Incestuous Family: James has to balance having a naughty relationship with his mother and sister!

Dominating My Older Sister: Juana wants Clint’s help to make her older sister into a sex slave!

Daughter’s Slut Training: Mrs. Umayyah begins training her daughter to be a slut.

Breed Me Big Brother: Alicia wants to be bred by her big brother Clint!

Twin Sister Delights: Minako and Kimiko, a pair of virgin twins, have just moved into the neighborhood and caught the attention of the naughty Lee.

Public Incestuous Passion: Melody helps a sister catch her brother’s eye!

Sean Reenburg

I stepped out into my backyard, strings of lights running from the various sculpted plants and statues to illuminate everything. Knots of people were gathered throughout while servers in crisp, white shirts (whether they were men or women) and black slacks moved through the crowd holding trays with various horderves or drinks that ranged from flutes of champagne to mineral water to tea. I paused on the back patio to drink it in.

They were all dressed in elegant clothing, not much different from the tuxedo I wore. I felt suave as my eyes flit around, like I was James bond and not a twenty-year-old kid. I grinned, loving the flow of men equally dressed in tuxedos like mine, black jackets and bow ties. They looked dashing as they escorted beautiful women.

So many beautiful women. California did not have any shortages in that regard. And they flocked to the rich and powerful. My father was a state senator. He crafted laws for California. The state had the largest economy of any part of the U.S., with the largest population, and the most influence. When California passed a law or regulations, other states took notice.

Other states copied.

That was power. And it came with its perks. We lived in a large house on a sprawling piece of property on the outskirts of our town. When my father threw a party, powerful businessmen, influential thinkers, generous philanthropists, the stars of Hollywood, and other politicians flocked. They were drawn like moths.

I wanted to have this power. I wanted people to come to my parties when I threw them. I hungered for it. I already had my path before me. Law school was the first step. Then land a job at a powerful firm. My mother may have chosen to establish her own practice, and she was successful at it, but I wanted the prestige of a powerful law firm. From there, I would make contacts. I would build my social contacts. I would find the same power my father was gathering.

A group of women in elegant dresses that clung to their tanned curves swept by, giggling as they chatted. My eyes lingered on them, on the sway of their rumps, the jiggle of their breasts. They were all breathtaking. My cock twitched and throbbed in my slacks.

They weren’t the only gorgeous women here. My gazed darted from the redhead in the plunging neckline pretending to laugh at Mr. Spencer, a silicon valley millionaire, telling a joke while rubbing at his bad comb over. Then I was staring at the bottle-blonde clinging to the overweight man. A famous producer who could make any promising starlet’s career. She would do so many naughty things for him in hopes of landing that chance.

Then my eyes landed on the one woman here I truly wanted.

She stood tall and blonde, a natural shade of gold. Her large breasts rose and fell, swelling the light-blue cocktail dress she wore, the neckline scooped to show a generous amount of cleavage. Expensive jewelry adorned her body, diamonds dangling from her ears, sapphires about her neck, rings glinting on her fingers. She was mature, confident, a woman in her early forties and just ripened to perfection. Her legs were toned and firm, calves shaped by her heels. She shifted her hips, turning, giving me a view of her tight rump hugged by her skirt.

I salivated for her. Hungered for her.

I wanted to fuck my mother.

And why not? This was a whole new world I lived in. My last year of school, my junior year of college had opened my eyes to incest. One guy, who just graduated last week, had changed everything. Clint Elliston III.

A man who had the confidence to fuck his little sister in the middle of the cafeteria, or so the rumors said, while everyone ate around him. And there was no doubt that the lolita Alicia was pregnant, her girlish figure swelling with her pregnancy as the school year drew to a close.

And she wasn’t the only pregnant woman close to Clint. His “cousin,” Lee, was also pregnant, bred by him, and so was his mother. I groaned when I realized that Clint’s mother, Cheryl Elliston, was standing by my mother, her guest since Mrs. Elliston worked for my mother, yabancı gaziantep escort whose beauty had eclipsed Mrs. Elliston’s.

Not to say Mrs. Elliston wasn’t beautiful. Her dyed-blonde hair tumbled about her mature and lovely face, her large breasts tenting the bronze dress she wore. It wasn’t cut as tight as other dresses, but draped down her huge tits and swollen, pregnant belly. She clutched to a young man, escorting him.

Clint Elliston himself. He stood tall beside his mother, a dark-haired and handsome man. Half the girls in the student body wanted to fuck him. I suspected my sister, Maria, was one of them. He had that chiseled chin and masculine confidence that melted panties.

I wanted to be him so bad. I was glad my father insisted I go to a public school. “When you enter politics and you can say you went to public college and not an ivy elite,” my dad would say, “that you’re no different from the people you want electing you, they’ll love you. It’s not just who you know, but how well you can convince the men that you’re the sort of guy they can have a beer with.” He’d then grinned. “And for the women, that you’re the sort of man who will make them explode. Bill Clinton carried the female vote for a reason.”

Clint had that sort of magnetism. And so did I. I had to do that to my own mom. I had to fuck her.

I had to claim my mother. There had to be a way to do it. If I could seduce my mother, then I could go so far in politics. My dick throbbed in my slacks.

* * *

Maria Reenburg

I sidled up to my father, a coquettish smile on my nineteen-year-old face. My skirt swirled about my thighs, my various layers of petticoats rustling with every step. I loved petticoats. They gave such delicious shape to a skirt. Modern women eschewed them for gowns that hugged their asses like a second skin, but when you were as hot as me, you didn’t have to have such blatant advertisement.

“Hi, Daddy,” I said, fluttering my blue eyes at him, my back arched to thrust my round breasts at him. The lace neckline of my gown cupped my tits, hugging them and lifting them into youthful perfection. A perfect décolletage. My blonde hair, a shade darker than my mother’s, fell in heavy ringlets about my elfin face. My pink gown swished as my hips swayed with a schoolgirl’s coquettish delight.

“Maria, my dear,” he said, a smile crossing his face. My brother and my father looked early the same, only Sean’s hair was a lighter brown, a trace of mom in him. Dad stood tall, his hazel eyes peering at me past his bold nose. He had a tanned, chiseled chin, his shoulders broad. He looked so dashing in his suit.

Like James Bond.

My pussy melted. If I was wearing panties, they would be soaking up my juices. But I was a wicked thing. My cunny tingled and itched, a bead of my cream working down my thighs, teasing me. My skirts and petticoats rustled as my thighs rubbed together, easing the pressure on my clit.

I hugged him, holding tight to him. My nipples ached in my dress, rubbing against the silk of my gown. The tingles raced down to my pussy. They added heat to him as his left arm went around me, his right holding a flute of champagne.

I planted a kiss on his cheek, feeling the faint trace of his stubble. I wanted to lick to his ear, to nibble on his lobe, and whisper that I wasn’t wearing any panties. Just for him. I wanted to make him so hard that he’d make an excuse to vanish into the house.

Then we’d have a little rendezvous and he would take care of my burning cunny. He would fuck me so hard. I would gasp and moan, crying out my passion. I would cum so hard on his big dick–I just knew he would have a big dick–and milk all his jizz out of him.

I would show my daddy how much I loved him.

“Bill, Christina, you all remember my daughter, Maria,” Daddy said to the two men with him. “And, Vanessa, you know her, too.”

“Of course,” Vanessa purred. I glared at the harlot as she stood on Daddy’s other side in a black dress so tight she must have been poured in it. Daddy’s “secretary” was a leggy, Black girl with a massive amount of dark hair, gathered in a zigzag weave, falling about her lush face. Her skin was a rich brown, an exotic hue, her delicate cheekbones and plump lips gave her the type of beauty prized by the vultures of Hollywood.

I detested her.

I hooked my arm tight around my daddy’s and said, “Vanessa,” in as cool a voice as possible. “That’s a bold dress to wear for a woman with your figure.”

Her smile only grew with amusement. I wanted to hiss at her like a wild cat. I knew my daddy had to be fucking her. How could he not? Not only was Mom busy being a lawyer, but Vanessa was so perfectly made, those breasts stretching out that tight gown, her hips curved. She was built to be fucked.

I wanted Daddy to fuck me!

“It’s good to see you, Maria,” Bill said, the plump man’s eyes falling hungry on me. He didn’t care that my father was standing gaziantep yabancı escort beside me; he just wanted to enjoy my body. I gripped Daddy’s arm tighter. He could look, but there was only one man that I wanted fucking me.

I endured the small talk, the men ignoring Vanessa and me as they talked about plans to make money, of course. Various government projects my father could sponsor that would enrich this or that business concern. A stream of these sort of men flowed to my father, understanding the power he wielded in the California legislature. And he was going far. Next year, he’d make his bid for the U.S. senate. The incumbent, Senator Nancy Lipton, was retiring and the Democratic National Committee wanted Daddy to run in her place.

Then Daddy would gain even more power.

I caught a glimpse of my mother drifting through the party, her pregnant paralegal, Mrs. Elliston, striding beside her. A naughty shiver ran through me. If Clint could knock up his mother and sisters, then I could have my daddy’s baby. He could breed my young pussy.

“Senator Reenburg,” Clint said. I was shocked to see the guy who had thrown my college into such wild delight this year here at the party. He strode up to my father with all the confidence of far more powerful, and influential, men. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Please, please, call me Will,” Daddy said with that affable ease. It was like he was saying, “I might be a politician, but I’m still one of the regular people.”

The pair shook hands, Clint’s looking strong, powerful. A tingle of lust shot through me. Outside of any incestuous relationships, Clint would be a man I would consider fucking. He always had a harem of pretty girls around him. His sisters, those Japanese twins he knocked up, even his own aunt, one of my college professors.

“You enjoying the party, son?” Daddy asked. “I bet it’s a bit different from the parties you attend.”

A naughty glint flashed in Clint’s eyes. “Sir, you’d be surprised just how different from the parties at my house.”

A tingle rippled through me. He fucked girls. Lots of girls.

“You look like a man with a question,” my father continued. “Spit it out. I’m not one for all that bullshit about beating around the bush.” He spoke like he was saying, “I’m not like those other politicians that try to fuck your daughter while picking your pocket.”

“Gay marriage,” Clint said, which had me blinked. “What are your thoughts?”

“That it was a shame that it took so long to be legalized,” my daddy said like he hadn’t opposed it once when he was much younger, shifting as the mood in California, and the rest of the nation, changed. “Everyone has the right to be happy and marry the person they love. It was wrong of the U.S. to deny them that, but now the Supreme Court has righted that wrong.”

Clint nodded, a serious look on his face. “So you must think it’s an equal travesty that bigamy isn’t legal.”

“Bigamy?” Daddy asked, confused.

“Is it any different?” Clint asked. “If three people want to marry each other, to form that bond that two people get to share, why not? They’re consenting adults. They are people who care for each other. And yet they’re denied those same rights.”

“Are you a Mormon, son?” Daddy asked, a grin on his face even while I felt the stiff tension through his body.

“He just wants to marry both his girlfriends, Daddy,” I said. Pam was a cute, Japanese beauty while Melody was a sexy blonde that officially was Clint’s first cousin, which was legal for him to marry in California. Rumor had it that Melody’s father was actual Clint’s. They were half-siblings.

It was so hot. If I couldn’t have Daddy…

Daddy arched an eyebrow. “Two girlfriends, son?” His eyes glanced at Vanessa before he took a sip of his champagne. “That’s bold.”

“But you don’t think bigamy should be legalized?”

“Well…” My daddy frowned. “It’s just…”

“If we allow two men to marry, why not a man and two women? Or a woman and two men. Even three women could marry. Or more. If they’re all consenting, what’s the big deal? Why deny people the right to marry whom they want, even if it’s multiple whoms.”

“It’ll make paperwork a nightmare,” my father muttered.

“So that’s a reason to be bigoted against people with an alternative lifestyle choice?” asked Clint. “Do you suppose homophobes thought something similar when opposing two women getting married. That they would have to change all the forms?”

“Well, no, that shouldn’t be a reason.” My daddy swallowed as he shifted. “Social movements like that don’t just happen overnight. You have to convince the population to accept it.”

“Just need people to champion it,” Clint said. “Now that the Supreme Court has declared marriage a right anyone could have, that it’s not the state to judge, what’s stopping me from marrying the two women I love?”

Only two? What about Lee and Alicia? And he had an older sister, it think. escort gaziantep yabancı She graduated last year when I was a Freshman. That was when there were only rumors that Clint was fucking his cousin, Melody. Not before it became so… open. By the end of the school year, which just wrapped up, Clint was fucking his sisters where all could see. He had power at our college.

After Melody’s show at the pool last winter…

Now Clint fucked the other girls in his little harem whenever he wanted. He had dirt on the president of the college, and I swear blackmail on half the staff.

“I plan on pushing for it,” Clint said. “My girlfriend, Pam, and I are both attending law school. You’ll see. I think, sir, it would be best to be on the right side of history. Wouldn’t you say, sir?”

“If bigamy becomes legalized, then, yes,” Daddy said, speaking his words carefully. “I have to… look into this. Formulate any policy.”

“Of course.” Clint nodded. “Thank you for the invitation. It’s a lovely party.”

Then he strode off, heading towards his pregnant mother. He’d bedded her, too. He was such a stud. I would fuck my father. My pussy was on fire. I couldn’t just cling to my daddy any longer. I was driving myself nuts. I dripped juices.

I had to take care of my aching need.

* * *

Sean Reenburg

As Clint took his mother’s arm, my dick nearly exploded in my slacks. He was so lucky that he bred her. I wanted that delight from my mother. I would slide my cock into her. I would fuck her so hard. I would make her explode on my dick. I had to seduce her.

I had to do what Clint did.

Movement caught my attention. My sister, her pink skirt swaying, the lacy hint of her petticoats peeking out the hem, swept inside the house. My dick throbbed. She was mom young and fertile, her blonde ringlets bouncing about her face, her tits thrust forward.

I drifted after her, aching to adjust my hard cock in my slacks. I slipped inside the house, leaving behind the party and moving through the cool, air conditioned house. I passed the expensive furniture mom chose. I wasn’t sure why. She hardly spent much time at the house. That was one of the reasons that made seduction difficult.

She was working. A lot. Building a large case against some company that was bad.

I didn’t care right now. My dick was hard. I needed satisfaction.

Footsteps echoed from the stairs, the click-click of heels on the wooden runners. I stalked after, my dick aching, throbbing. I reached the stairs, catching a flash of pink vanishing to the right. I hurried after, pulled along by the sounds of rustling skirts.

I found my sister on the screened veranda of my parents’ room. It looked out on the backyard, the dark metal mesh hid anyone in here while allowing them to stare down at the party unobserved. She swayed her hips, face pressed against them.

“Wet pussy, huh?” I asked, sauntering to Maria.

She nodded her head. “I’m not wearing any panties, Sean, so it feels extra naughty.”

“Dad turned you on that much you just had to slip away for some satisfaction?”

“And you’re not pitching a massive tent in your slacks because of Mom?” Maria asked. She turned her head slightly, her ringlets swaying.

I moved up behind her, my dick aching, throbbing, pounding. Thanks to Clint and his sisters’ antics, every brother at our college experienced the treats of their sisters’ pussies. Maria was no different. She gave herself up to me, the pair of us satiating our desires for our parents in each other.

Don’t get me wrong, Maria was a wonderful girl. If it wasn’t for Mom, I would be happy with her. She was sexy. I grabbed her skirt, pinching through the fabric to seize her petticoats, too. I dragged them up her tanned, lithe legs, exposing more and more of her flesh.

I grinned as her legs swept into the firm curve of her tush. Between her thighs, I caught a glimpse of her shaved flesh. Her juices beaded her nethers and slicked her thighs. A sweet musk filled my nose. I breathed in deeply, loved it.

“Are you going to take care of my hot cunny, Sean?” my little sister whimpered.

I licked my lips. “What are brothers for?”

* * *

Maria Reenburg

I giggled at those words, feeling Sean’s eyes on my ass. My brother was so sexy. If it wasn’t for Daddy, I’d let Sean breed me. I would stop taking the pill so his seed could find root in my womb. I wanted to bear one of the men in my family a child.

Just Daddy was sexier than Sean. He was a man. Sean was… getting there.

Sean’s hand grabbed my left butt-cheek. He squeezed and kneaded it, working his fingers into my flesh and making me shudder. The strength of his touch melted through me to my juicy pussy. I bit my lip and whimpered as a wave of heat surged out of me. This wondrous delight rippled through my pussy. My cunt clenched.

“You got such a cute ass, sis,” Sean groaned, his fingers digging into my flesh. “Damn, you got all of Mom’s best parts.”

“Not her tits,” I sighed, staring down at my nice, round breasts. They weren’t as big. Maybe if I was bred by Daddy…

“Mmm, but your ass… And your pussy.”

“You don’t know what Mom’s pussy is like,” I said as he groped my right butt-cheek now, both his hands squeezing and kneading me. I shifted my thighs apart as I heard him lower himself down. I stared down at the crowd, eyes searching.

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