But I am NOT gay pt. 1



Dan is a very large young man with a very large cock. He was a high school football star and had his way with any girl he chose. Dan loves everything about girls; their tits, their ass, their legs and their sweet smell. When word spread that he was packing a lot of meat, he was swamped with girls wanting to date him. With so many girls throwing themselves at him, he just couldn’t decide on just one. He has always thought of himself as a rugged sportsman. He never had any doubts about his manhood until he starts experiencing vivid sexual dreams his first night at college.


Dan is a big scrapping young man who played football in high school, but decided to forego sports in college and devote his time to his studies. Dan Smith is six feet two inches tall and weighs 225 pounds. He was an all-star linebacker in high school. That’s why no one could understand why he passed up a full football scholarship offered by several well known Universities. He was certainly large enough to play college football, but chose not to pursue the scholarship. He is a first-semester freshman at the local University studying to be a veterinarian. This is his first time away from home and he wanted to show his family he can budget his time wisely and make it through school without all the alumni help that comes with a sports scholarship.

Dan checked into his dorm room and began to stow his belongings. He could see by the items on the other twin bed that his roommate had already settled in, claiming the bed adjacent to the bathroom. Judging by the clothes on the bed, his roommate is probably average size and in all likelihood, a nerd. Dan doesn’t particularly care for nerds. They all seem to be on a different frequency from all the people he is used to hanging with. The X-Box and gaming control on his desk is another sign he is probably a nerd.

Dan heard a noise behind him and turned to see a typical nineteen year old college kid coming through the door. He was approximately 5’ 10” one hundred fifty pounds with light brown hair and green eyes. He was dress like an archetypal college sophomore; sweat shirt, blue jeans and an old pair of tennis shoes. He didn’t look anything like a nerd.

Dan stepped forward, offered his hand and said, “My name is Dan. And I assume you are my roommate.”

The kid extended his hand to shake Dan’s and answered, “My name is Sidney…Glad to meet you.”

Dan robustly gripped Sidney’s hand and was surprised to find it felt a little like squeezing a wet sponge. Dan’s strong grip caused Sidney to grimace and give out a painful groan. Dan immediately released his hand apologized for hurting him.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you,” Dan said apologetically.

“It’s okay…I just wasn’t expecting you to try and crush my fuckin’ hand,” Sidney remarked half sarcastically.

Sidney walked away; trying to rub feeling back into his hand. His heart was beating 90 miles an hour. He loved being around big strong men like Dan. He can’t wait to see Dan naked. Dan returned to putting away his clothes and making his bed. Sidney idly busied himself with tasks like straightening his desk, but secretly stole a glance at Dan’s butt when he knew his new roommate was not aware. Dan felt bad about hurting Sidney’s hand and offered to buy his lunch at the student center cafeteria. Sidney took him it was not necessary, but Dan insisted. They headed off to the student center.

Dan ordered a triple-decker club sandwich and Sidney settled for a salad. Dan muttered under his breath something about the high cost of his sandwich. Sidney offered to reimburse him for his salad, but Dan told him no. They settled at a table near the big screen TV. A football game was on and Dan divided his attention between the game and what Sidney was saying. Sidney became noticeably annoyed and said, “I thought we were going to have lunch and get more acquainted as roommates; not watch a football game.”

“Oh…I’m sorry, Dan said, “It’s just habit, I’m not really paying that much attention to the ballgame.”

“Well, if you would prefer to watch the game I’ll understand. You look like you are a football player,” Sidney remarked.

“I was in high school but not in college.”

“Why not?” Sidney asked.

“I just don’t want the hassle that comes with playing football and I’ve decided to devote all my time studying to become a veterinarian.”

“How could you possibly view playing football for this University as a hassle? First of all with a football scholarship your books and tuition are free. You get to live in the athletic Sex hikayeleri dorm which is like a luxury hotel. You have an athletic cafeteria that loads you down with free nutritious foods. You have access to free tutors, usually beautiful coeds, to make sure your grades are high enough to keep you eligible. You are treated like a god every place you go on campus….”

“Okay, okay…I get the picture,” Dan interrupted. “I can see I probably made a mistake passing up a football scholarship, but I made a decision and will just have to live with it.”

“Not necessarily. I work as a trainer for the football team and judging from your size I am prepared to bet that Coach Jacobs will still let you try out for the team.”

“Why would he?”

“We are hurting for big men like you; especially on the offensive line. And if you prefer to play defense, you would make a great linebacker.”

“Do you really think Coach Jacobs would still let me try out for the team?”

“Give me the okay and I will check on it first thing tomorrow.”

“Okay…you have my consent to approach the coach. The cost of the food in this cafeteria alone is reason enough to want the scholarship,” Dan remarked.

They finished their lunch and strolled back toward their dorm. Sidney introduced Dan to several other students along the way. Sidney was making Dan feel very welcome his first day in college and Dan was trying to think of a way to repay his kindness. When they got back to the dorm Sidney took Dan floor to floor introducing him to other students. Everyone seemed to know Sidney. Dan figured it’s because he is a trainer for the football team. The dorm is a coed dorm so Dan was introduced to both male and female students.

On the floor directly above Dan and Sidney’s room they ran into a beautiful young coed from Dan’s hometown. Her name was Jill and Dan introduced her to Sidney. She just happened to be one of the many girls that had shared her body with Dan in high school. Dan felt she would be the perfect way to repay Sidney’s kindness. When they got back to their dorm room Dan said to Sidney, “Jill is a good friend of mine from high school and I can line you up with her if you would like.”

Sidney hesitated a minute, cleared his throat and said, “Dan I appreciate your consideration, but I thought you knew that I am gay. I am not really interested in girls.”

“I know what gay is, Sidney,” Dan answered embarrassingly. “I just didn’t pick up on any signals you may have put out. Please forgive me if I offended you.”

“No, you didn’t offend me. I just hope my being openly gay doesn’t prevent us from being good friends.”

“It won’t as long as you don’t hit on me,” Dan laughed as he grinned and poked Sidney in the side.

Sidney was stunned by Dan’s remark and it showed in his facial expression. Dan picked up on the chill in the room and immediately realized his intended teasing comments weren’t taken as a harmless joke. Sidney was obviously insulted by Dan’s reply. Dan wondered if he should apologize for the obvious faux pas or just let it die. He chose to let the matter drop, as did Sidney.

After dinner Dan began to write a letter home while Sidney prepared to take a shower before going to bed. Neither has had much to say to one another since Dan’s insulting comment, but the tension in the room had subsided quite a bit. Things had almost gotten back to how they were when the two first met. Sidney stripped totally naked, slipped on a pair of shower shoes and nonchalantly strolled toward the bathroom with a bath towel slung over his shoulder. Dan tried to act like he didn’t notice, but he couldn’t keep from stealing a casual look. Sidney had a long narrow cock that had to be at least seven inches long without an erection. He was circumcised and his cock swayed like a pendulum from side to side with each step. Dan realized he was blushing and became angry with himself for reacting that way. He knew he was not gay, but he was aroused by the site of Sidney’s cock. He had never really considered looking at another boy’s cock and he didn’t understand why he was reacting to Sidney’s cock.

Thirty minutes later Sidney exited the bathroom just as naked as he was before. Dan kept his head down trying not to look at Sidney’s cock, but began to fidget in his chair. Sidney was used to people acting that way when they are in the company of a naked person. Dan’s reaction didn’t seem out of the ordinary, but Sidney felt compelled to say something.

“Dan, are you by chance bothered by my nudity?” Sidney asked, “Because if you are I will Sikiş hikayeleri get in the habit of wearing clothes when you are present.”

“No…no, I’m not offended,” He lied, “I always sleep in the nude myself.”

“You’re not going to take this nudity as me trying to hit on you?” He asked mockingly.

“Look man, I’m sorry I said that earlier. It was just an awkward attempt at humor. I feel terrible that you took it otherwise. Please let me apologize again.”

Sidney took two steps toward Dan and extended his hand, asking that they start over again like they had just met. Dan stood up and offered his hand. He tried with all his might not to look down at Sidney’s cock again, but his eyes kept flicking from Sidney’s hand down to his flaccid cock. It’s like trying not to blink your eyes; the more you try to resist, the more you blink.

Dan was not comfortable being nude in front of Sidney so he kept his boxer shorts on when he went into the bathroom to shower. He brushed his teeth and shaved before slipping his boxers off stepping into the shower. The hot water felt good as it cascaded over his body. As soon as Dan started soaping his cock visions of Sidney’s long narrow circumcised cock popped into his mind. The harder he as tried to push that picture from his mind the harder his cock swelled. He started to slowly masturbate while visualizing Sidney’s cock getting longer and longer as it grew into a full erection. Dan began pumping his soapy hard cock faster and faster. Soon his orgasm exploded all over the shower tile. It was the most intense orgasm he had experienced in a very long time. In fact, he couldn’t remember ever having one so intense. His legs became weak and wobbly. He had to sit down on the shower floor to recover. He quietly mumbled to himself, “But I am NOT gay. Damn it I know I am NOT gay.”

Dan stepped from the shower, dried off with his towel and slipped his boxer shorts back on before leaving the bathroom to go to bed. He found that Sidney had already turned off his bedside lamp and retired for the night. Dan slipped under the top sheet of his bunk and removed his boxers, placing them under his pillow. He immediately fell into a very deep sleep. Sometime during the night he had a very vivid wet dream. He dreamed that Sidney was sucking his cock. He visualized Sidney taking his cock deep down his throat. The dream was so real he could actually feel his orgasm bubbling up almost to a climax and then go back down when Sidney switched off his cock to his balls. The dream went on and on with Sidney teasing him by stopping just before his orgasm occurred. After what seemed like forever, Sidney finally allowed Dan’s orgasm to take place. It was magnificent; causing his body to shake viciously. The dream ended as soon as Sidney sucked all of Dan’s cum from his ball sack and swallowed every drop of it.

When Dan’s alarm clock went off at seven o’clock he found Sidney had already gone to breakfast. Dan threw the top sheet back and ambled to the bathroom to relieve his morning pee hard. As he hovered over the toilet he noticed a drop of cum on the tip of his cock. There was no semen residue in his bed that he could recall. He wondered where the one drop of cum came from because if he really had an orgasm during a wet dream there would be residue on the sheet or bed. Dan was not circumcised so he slowly pulled the foreskin back and discovered traces of split and saliva around the head of his cock. Someone really had given him a blowjob during the night and apparently swallowed all the evidence.

Dan felt reasonably sure he knew who the culprit was, but would not accuse him; not after offending him like he had the day before. He decided to keep quiet and take precautions that would prevent it from happening again. He quietly admitted to himself that it was probably the best blowjob he had ever experienced, but he is NOT gay and will not let it happen again.

That night Sidney was in a jovial moody as he moved around the dorm room humming a happy upbeat song. As he played a game on his X-Box he made no mention of what had happened the previous night. He neither said, nor did anything that would throw suspicion his way. Dan was beginning to have second thoughts about it being Sidney who violated him. He was beginning to think that it was possible that someone else had snuck into their dorm room and given him an amazing blowjob.

About ten o’clock Sidney stripped naked and crawled into his bunk. After fluffing his pillow and pulling the sheet over his body, he turned the lamp off by his bed. Dan read for about Erotik hikaye thirty more minutes, then slipped under the top sheet and removed his boxers. He was still too shy to go nude in front of Sidney. He turned off his lamp and then rolled over on his stomach. He figured it would take two strong men to roll him over on his back if anyone wanted to suck his cock again tonight. As far as Dan was concerned, the blowjob problem is solved. Dan drifted off into another deep sleep.

Sometime during the night Dan began to dream again. He dreamed someone was licking his ass crack. It felt like they were running their tongue up and down his crack and circling his asshole with a wet tongue. It felt wonderful. The dream was so realistic he is certain he actually felt a finger enter his ass. It was such a realistic dream; he actually got chills and goose bumps all over his body. The finger felt like it had a lubricant on it and was coating the inside walls of his ass. That finger was soon joined by a second finger and then a third finger. It felt so good and so real; he couldn’t believe it’s all just a wet dream.

Suddenly the fingers were gone and replaced with a long narrow, well lubricated cock that slid in easily. The cock slid all the way up in his ass until a pair of balls was bouncing off his ass cheeks. To Dan’s astonishment it didn’t feel at all uncomfortable like he had imagined a cock would be up his virgin ass. In fact it felt quite fantastic; causing chills and a wave of warmth to sweep across his whole body. Why shouldn’t this long narrow, well lubricated cock feel wonderful, he thought to himself? It’s his dream and he can image it feeling wonderful if he really wanted to.

The dream continued as the long narrow, well lubricate cock slid slowly out to the point it almost fell out of his ass and then moved slowly back in until the balls were again lying against his ass cheeks. When it slid out it felt like a long turd coming out of his ass and it caused another wave of chills. As the cock moved in, it slid over Dan’s prostate gland and caused a really magnificent sensation. Dan could feel an orgasm building deep down in his balls every time the long narrow cock moved over his prostate. The long narrow cock got harder and harder and started to throb and pulsate with each in and out motion. Dan felt a cold sweat break out over his body. Suddenly his bowels were flooded with spurt after spurt of semen; triggering a powerful orgasm of his own. Dan gripped the sides of the bed and screamed, “Oh…my…Goddddd! I’m cummmmmin…..! Oh…fucckkkkk…that feels so fuckin’ good. This can’t possibly be just a dream.”

The long narrow, well lubricated cock moved slowly out of his ass and disappeared somewhere into the dark night. Dan didn’t have the strength to lift up and turn on the light. He just laid there in the dark struggling for his next breath. It took at least ten minutes for his breathing to return to normal, but by that time he was back into a deep sleep.

The alarm went off at seven thirty and Sidney had departed for an early breakfast. Dan found his stomach and chest stuck to the sheet of his bed by a layer of dried cum. He made his way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. While he waited for the shower water to reach the proper temperature, he studied the dried cum on his stomach in the bathroom mirror. He felt something on his inner thigh and looked down to discover cum running down his leg. He felt his butt tingle and reached back to find that the seminal fluid was seeping from his ass. The dream evidently wasn’t a dream; it was real. His first emotion was anger. He was determined to find Sidney and kick his worthless ass.

Throughout the day, Dan’s emotions fluctuated back and forth from anger, to arousal, back to anger and in some instances to interest. When Sidney came into the dorm room from dinner, Dan didn’t even acknowledge his presence; he had his nose buried in a textbook pretending to study. Sidney went straight to his desk and turned on his X-Box and began playing a game with plenty of sound effects and background noise. Dan figured he was trying to get his attention and he was determined to ignore him. He probably wanted to talk, but Dan was not going to fall for his ploy.

At around ten o’clock, Sidney striped off his clothes and curls up in his bunk with a book. Thirty minutes later Dan stripped off his boxers and boldly walked nude to his bunk. This was a first for Dan and it didn’t go unnoticed by Sidney. He glanced over at Sidney and tossed a tube of K-Y jelly on the night stand by his bunk. He laid face down on his top sheet; not bothering to cover himself. He reached up and turned off his lamp and said, “Good night, Sidney.”

Sidney turned off his lamp and said, “Good night, Dan….Sweet dreams.”

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