Calendar Girl(s)


Kelly and her old college roommate Holly were the best of friends. Kelly was 25, 5’10” with natural blonde hair, sparking blue eyes and an impressive pair of still perky breasts. She was long-legged with an athletic build, she had played some volleyball in college just a few years earlier.

Holly was a little shorter, with auburn shaded hair (and carpet matching the drapes, just like Kelly). Her boobs were about the same size as Kelly’s, Holly had a few freckles on her face (and a few elsewhere as well) and a ready smile.

One day the two were chatting, not long before Kelly was to be married to Andy, her boyfriend since her last year of college. Somehow the topic turned to birthdays and presents, and Kelly confided, “He is so hard to buy for, I’m sure he would be content with a BJ and a steak, especially if I served it naked, but there is nothing creative about that. And I think he carries some baggage from when he was a kid — his birthday is December 25, and it kind of got overshadowed by Christmas.”

Holly thought for a bit, and as the conversation was about to go in a different direction, she said “how about this idea for a gift.. a customized wall calendar, featuring you, wearing.. well the outfit you described for serving steak….”

Although Holly had a full time job as a paralegal, she also had a small side business as a photographer, family portraits, weddings, and yes occasionally “glamour” style shoots. Kelly was proud of her body, and had been known to do a little skinny-dipping and topless sunbathing, but nothing quite on the level being contemplated.

The idea definitely intrigued Kelly, she knew Andy kept a wall calendar in his “man-cave” area in the loft of his home, one of the more private areas of the house. The more they talked about it the more enthused she became. They had enough time to do this customized calendar, it was still a few weeks before the June wedding. The picture for each month would tie in with that month in some way, they both agreed. Even though there were always details that needed tending concerning the upcoming wedding, they were able plan out their approach for the calendar, and they figured they would have lots of time to line up props and shoot the pictures at Holly’s modest home studio some time after the wedding and honeymoon. They would mainly do the shoots while Andy was gone on one of his occasional business trips

The January picture they agreed would logically tie in with New Year’s Day. Holly had suggested that Kelly be the New Year baby..wearing only bursa escort a diaper. Kelly quickly nixed that idea saying ” I can do nude, but diaper is worse than that.” They decided on a picture of Kelly on a floor rug, looking back over her shoulder toward the camera, with some home made New Year type bunting hanging in the background

For the February picture, the obvious tie in would be Valentine’s Day. The idea for this one came from Kelly. She suggested shaving Kelly’s pubic hair into a heart shape. Holly would do the honors of actually shaving the fine blonde triangular patch into something resembling a heart. It was not a task either of them had any experience with, Holly managed to get a heart like shape eventually although a false start meant a little more hair was shaved off then was planned originally.

The photo was framed by Kelly’s torso, with the high resolution lens focusing in on the pubic heart. Kelly was holding a home made Valentine card in one hand, with “I love you Andy’ in big letters on it. Kelly would surprise her husband on his return with her new pubic hair style. Although we are describing these in monthly sequence, this was actually the very last month shot.

For March they decided on a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Kelly was shot from the front, wearing only a green hat with Happy St. Patrick’s Day” written on it. The piece de resistance was once again the pubic area. Holly had managed to find some novelty green hair dye , and they were able to get a green tint to the normally blonde pussy. It did take a fair amount of rinsing before the dye was washed out in time for Andy’s return.

April offered a few options, but they decided to take advantage of the old saying “April Showers” to get a sudsy shower picture. They used Holly’s shower for the shot. Kelly lathered up with soap, and Holly shot away with her camera and tripod. They eventually decided on a shot with Kelly looking back over her shoulder toward the camera, her left boob visible as well as her lovely bottom, all soapy and wet.

Kelly was born in May, so that month’s picture would feature her in her birthday suit. They decided on a full frontal shot, with Kelly’s pubic patch toward the bottom, the luscious breasts and soft pink nipples in the middle, and Kelly’s big gap-toothed smile at the top. She was holding a small cake with a few candles in it to reinforce the birthday theme.

The June calendar picture had already been taken. Holly had done the photos for the wedding in malatya escort June, and they had conspired to get a good shot during the reception. By that time of the reception Kelly had removed her bra, and in hallway of the reception area managed to make her boob pop out of the wedding dress while embracing her husband. Holly had been taking candid shots and caught this one perfectly before Andy placed the breast back in the dress, blissfully unaware that anyone had caught a peek, let alone the professional photographer standing behind them, snapping away with the click of the camera being overpowered by the band.

The duo had decided for the July shot they would do a 4th of July motif. Kelly was shot from the front, sporting a red, white and blue cowgirl hat. No top, of course but she was wearing blue jeans, unbuttoned and unzipped, with just the top of Kelly’s blonde pubic triangle peeking out of the jeans in this artistic photo.

August proved a challenge, as there are no major holidays during the month to link to. The monthly pictures were not shot in sequence, and the August picture turned out to be the very last one shot. The two were in Holly’s studio while she searched the internet for some ideas for the August picture. Suddenly she exclaimed, “I’ve got it!”

Holly lined up Kelly with her back to the camera and tripod. Kelly was bent over, touching her toes, exposing her backside completely. Holly arranged it so there was some space next to Kelly, Holly then set the timer on the camera and, totally nude as well by this time, Holly lined up next to Kelly in the same pose. It took several tries to get the positions adjusted properly, and ended up with a picture of both asses side by side, in classic “mooning style”

Holly explained the rationale. “August of next year is a rare month with two full moons in it, the so

called blue moon, as in once in a blue moon. So why not an August picture with two full moons, so to speak?”

Kelly was sure this would intrigue Andy, he had never seen Holly naked. Holly was quite pleased with the thought of her bottom being featured on this special calendar. In fact her unofficial nick name was about to become “Miss August”.

September contains the Labor Day holiday, and that would be the theme for that month. Kelly announced one Saturday morning she had to go the office to catch up on a project, she stopped and picked up Holly on her way in. She signed in at the security desk and got a guest pass for Holly, knowing çanakkale escort probably no one else would be working on her floor. A quick check confirmed that, and they set up shop in her little office, shutting the door and the blinds. Holly set up the tripod and camera, and some portable lighting equipment. Kelly sat at the desk, typing on her laptop wearing nothing at all but some reading glasses. The shot chosen showed her looking up at the camera flashing a big smile, as well as flashing her still perky boobs and her pussy as well.

October’s theme was clearly to be Halloween. The shot chosen was Kelly wearing a witch’s pointed hat, and nothing else. The picture was from the front, with the witch straddling a broomstick. There was nothing scary about this witch, that was for sure.

November would have a Thanksgiving theme, the two decided. They went for a kinky approach for this picture. They put a fancy tablecloth on Holly’s kitchen table, and had Kelly clamber up on the table. Kelly was on her knees, back to the camera. Holly lightly tied her hands behind her, with her elbows sticking out like turkey wings. Her head was lower than her ass, which was sticking up in the air. This resulted in Kelly “trussed up like a turkey” and completely exposed from the rear, both her ass crack and pussy clearly visible in the the lens of the high resolution camera. Note Kelly was “completely exposed.. . for this shot the pussy area had been shaved.

In fact the picture suggested by Holly with a giggle was a little too explicit, Kelly said “You can almost see my tonsils from the wrong end”. They settled on one that was similar but not quite so anatomically revealing. There was a little cloth turkey figure in the picture to add to the Thanksgiving ambience.

The December picture was shot from the side, showing the naked Kelly standing but leaning backward. Dangling from the ceiling on a long cord was a sprig of mistletoe, positioned just above her pussy, which had been shaved into the “landing strip” style. On Kelly’s left thigh the words “Happy Birthday Andy” had been marked in, thus both the Birthday and Christmas themes addressed.

Late on Christmas day, after time with their respective families, Kelly, Andy and Holly got together at Andy’s house, and gifts were exchanged. Needless to day, Andy was blown away by the calendar, He kept gazing at the glossy pictures. Kelly pointed out a few useful features.. at the end of the year the monthly pages with the dates could be replaced and the ones from the new year attached in, so that the calendar could be used indefinitely. Holly had also attached a generic little cover that could be flipped down at a moment’s notice to cover the monthly picture, as a method of controlling who would see the monthly calendar photos. And Andy finally learned why Kelly had referred to Holly as “Miss August” on occasion.

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