Calista’s Dungeon Ch. 15


(Fdom, oral/bi sex, clit/nipple torture)

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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty two B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Calista looked at her watch again, for the third time, and wondered where the new girl was. The appointment was for twelve o’clock noon and it was now nearly one thirty in the afternoon. Perhaps she changed her mind, Calista thought, but it just didn’t feel right. Cathy had begged for the appointment and in her heart Calista knew that something was keeping her from keeping her appointment. Thinking back to when she first met Cathy, she recalled that Cathy was unable to talk long on the phone because of some interruptions at her home. They agreed to an appointment for today at Calista’s estate. It had been three weeks since that phone call and Cathy could have changed her mind after all.

Mistress Calista poured a glass of Chablis and sat in her upstairs study to read and sip her wine. After a few minutes she heard a car drive up to the main entrance. Looking out of her window, Calista saw a very lovely tall woman with brown hair walking toward her door. She watched as her Butler, Bruno talked with her on the steps leading to the Great House formal entrance. Calista saw Bruno pointing to the Tower Dungeon entrance at the side of the house and smiled as her slave girl, Cathy, had finally arrived. Bruno came into the house and walked toward the Tower Dungeon entryway. Calista turned on the hidden microphone to listen in on their conversation when Bruno answered the door.

Cathy knocked on the door and Bruno opened it. “Miss,” Bruno began, “if you are here to enjoy a session with Mistress, you must strip naked out there and knock again when you have done so.” Cathy was stunned at the expectation that she strip naked outside the door, where the grounds keeping staff could see her. “Please don’t object, Miss, those are Mistress’s rules. If you disagree, you may leave and Mistress will understand,” Bruno told her and closed the door. Cathy was mortified at the thought of getting naked outside in the yard. She had been waiting for this appointment for three weeks and dreaded the thought of not keeping it. Resigned to the choice of strip naked or leave, she chose the former and began to remove her clothes.

Cathy was very uncomfortable being watched by the grounds keepers as she stripped naked. Quickly, she left her clothes on the step and knocked on the door. Bruno answered and told her to get down on all fours and crawl to the center of the entryway with her eyes looking down at the floor, until told differently. Cathy blushed with embarrassment as Bruno’s eyes took in every inch of her lovely nude body. Mustering her courage she got down on hands and knees and crawled into the entryway. Bruno shut the door behind her and left. The slave girl trembled and wild thoughts of uncertainty raced through her mind as she wondered what she had let herself in for. After a few minutes that seemed like hours, Cathy heard heels clicking on the stone floor, getting louder as they drew nearer.

Suddenly the clicking stopped and she could hear the ruffle of clothing and sensed that someone had entered the room. “Welcome to my Dungeon, Cathy,” a pleasant feminine voice said. “I thought that perhaps you had forgotten or changed your mind about your appointment with me today,” Calista told her.

“No Mistress, I didn’t forget, nor have I changed my mind. My husband surprised me and came home for lunch, Ma’am, and I was late getting away,” Cathy explained nervously.

“You may sit up, spread your thighs and place your hands palms up on your thighs,” Calista told her then resumed her questioning. “Does he normally come home for lunch?”

“No Ma’am, the only time he comes home for lunch is to have sex with me.”

“What did the two of you do, Cathy?”

“We had intercourse and oral sex, Mistress.” Cathy answered nervously. Calista was pleased that Cathy was nervous and uncomfortable about talking of her sex life with a stranger. The Domina looked over the kneeling slave girl and admired her prize for the afternoon. She decided to make her even more uncomfortable by delving deeper into her sex life.

“Here at the Dungeon we refer to intercourse as ‘fucking’,” Calista said, “and oral sex as ‘sucking cunt or cock, as the case may be.” The slave girl remained mute, not knowing what to say. Looking over Cathy’s lovely body, Calista gazed at her beauty feeling her own pussy getting moist as she looked at the slave. “Eating your pussy is a nice thing to come home to lunch for, I think,” she told Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort her. Cathy remained quiet as Calista’s eyes focused on her magnificent breasts, upright and without a hint of sagging. Her eyes trailed over the young smooth body to the girls’ smoothly shaved mons and at the sweet moist treasure nestled beneath it. Calista kneeled in front of Cathy and rubbed her sweet nipples. “Look at me, slave Cathy,” Calista ordered.

Cathy trembling at Mistress touch, wondered what would happen next as she raised her head to gaze into Calista’s green eyes. Cathy moaned at the tingling feeling in her nipples as her Mistress rubbed them. “Oh my, sweet Cathy, I shall give you pleasure, humiliation and some wonderful sweet pain. Would you like that, love?” Calista asked.

“Oh yes, Mistress, what ever pleases you, Ma’am,” the slave girl replied. Mistress Calista reached down to lightly rub Cathy’s smoothly shaved mons while watching the moisture gather at Cathy’s sweet pussy below. Calista’s hands cupped the girls’ breasts to knead them gently as Cathy moaned with pleasure. Mistress Calista began to rub her nipples with her thumbs. Cathy moaned and trembled with delight at her Mistress’s touch. “Ohhhhhhh, that feels sooo good, Mistress,” she said softly.

Mistress Calista noticed the semen that seeped from Cathy’s pussy, from her recent tryst with her husband. She reached down to gather some of the slaves’ juices, blended with her husbands cum, and brought her fingers to Cathy’s lips. “Ohhhhhhh God, that’s soooooo hot!” Cathy sighed, feeling her pussy twitch. “Lick them clean, Cathy,” Mistress Calista ordered her. Eagerly, Cathy began to lick her Mistress’s fingers, cleaning them of her husbands cum blended with her juices. Calista returned to her slaves’ nipples and grabbed them with her thumbs and forefingers. “That’s a good little cum slut,” she told the slave as she rolled, pinched, pulled and tweaked her nipples. Cathy moaned with pleasure and desire even though her Mistress caused some discomfort to her hard aroused nipples. Calista squeezed them hard and pulled the nipples out as far as they would go, twisting them harshly! The slave girl groaned as she withstood the pain even though tears welled in the corner of her eyes.

Still holding Cathy’s nipples and pulling on them, Mistress Calista pulled her forward by the nipples until her lips are at the Domina’s nipples. “Suck them as I twist and pull your nipples, slut!” Calista commanded. Quickly, Cathy bent to her task taking a nipple in her mouth to lick, suck and nibble her Mistress’s hard nipples. “Ummm, you do that nicely, little slut slave,” Calista moaned. Cathy bit Calista’s nipple and was told to bite and lick it sweetly. Cathy licked the nipple then bit it again. “Do them both, my sweet little cunt,” Calista sighed, “God, I love when you do that.” Cathy moved from one nipple to the other, sucking them both hard. Mistress Calista dug her thumbnails into Cathy’s nipple flesh as she suckled at her Mistress’s nipples. Cathy cried out from the sudden pain in her nipples, but continued to pleasure her Mistress.

Mistress Calista stood to walk behind Cathy and kneel again. Trembling, Cathy wondered what was in store for her as she felt Calista draw her fingernails very lightly and gently along her thighs belly, ribs and breasts. Cathy squirmed and gasped from pleasure as Calista told her to place her hands on top of her head.Mistress Calista placed restraints on Cathy’s wrists and locked them together. She fastened Cathy’s wrists to an overhead chain and pulled her to a standing position with her arms over her head. Cathy was shaking and trembling, not with fright, but with passion and desire. Mistress produced a Y chain with clamps on the ends. She clamped each of Cathy’s cuntlips and held the third end of the Y chain as a leash, while Cathy tried to ignore the pain in her cuntlips.

The overhead chain was fixed to a rail on the ceiling that led to a staircase of stone steps leading up to the Tower Dungeon. Calista lifted Cathy a few inches off the ground to hang freely from the overhead chain. Grasping the chain leash firmly, Calista pulled Cathy by her cuntlips along the chain rail to the steps leading to the formal Dungeon in the Tower. The slave girl’s screams echoed throughout the entryway and staircase as Calista pulled her up the steps by the cuntlips.

The Dungeon was dimly lit except for a spotlight the illuminated only the center of the Dungeon. Cathy cried from the pain in her pussylips as the clamps pressed hard. Calista pulled her to the center of the Dungeon underneath the spotlight. She lowered her feet to the floor, spread her legs wide apart and placed her ankles in a set of shackles bolted to the floor. Cathy groaned, feeling trapped and helpless.

“Now, sweet Cathy cum slut, you are totally helpless, exposed and vulnerable to my whims and perversions,” Calista whispered in her ear Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort to heighten the girl’s uncertainty.

“Yes Ma’am I am yours to do with as you will,” Cathy said as she relented her will to her Mistress. Calista moved to her Implements and Toys table to select another Y chain with alligator clips on all three ends. Cathy’s eyes were growing wide as she saw another of those horrid Y chains, only worse because of the alligator clips. Mistress Calista placed the Y chain around the slave’ neck so that the top ends of the Y lay on the top of each breast and the long end hung down touching the lower part of her ass.

Mistress Calista bent down to take a nipple into her mouth and suckle it. Cathy moaned with pleasure at the wonderful sensations in her nipple. Calista released it and moved to the other nipple to do the same to it. Cathy closed her eyes to relish her Mistress’s tongue bathing her sensitive nipples. Cathy could feel herself getting wetter as her juices flowed heavily, dripping her nectar on the Dungeon floor. Mistress Calista grasped the slave girl’s tits and brought them together so the nipples touched and took both nipples into her mouth to lick and suckle them together.

Ohhhh, God,” Cathy gasped, as the pleasure in her nipples caused her to hang limp in her chains. Calista began to suck them in and out, in rhythm with Cathy’s moans of delight. Mistress Calista let one nipple fall from her lips to hold the other between her teeth and painfully pulled it out as far as it would go. Cathy’s moans of delight quickly became cries of pain as her Mistress placed the open alligator clip over her nipple and clamped it. Cathy screamed as the cruel metal teeth of the alligator clip dug into her nipple flesh.

“Oh God Mistress, that hurts so much! Please take it off…please,” the slave whimpered. Mistress Calista, ignoring the bound girl’s pleas, took the other nipple in her teeth, pulled it out and up, pushing on the bottom of Cathy’s tit to lift it high enough to reach the clip. Cathy cried and blubbered as she watched Calista clamp her other nipple. Her Mistress removed her hand from Cathy’s tit to allow the chain around her neck lift up both of her breasts by the nipples, stretching them cruelly! “Oh Jesus, Mistress, please take them off…please,” she screamed.

“Now the weight of your tits and gravity will provide you with enduring ‘pleasure’ through out your session as I play with your body. Or, I should say ‘My body’,” Mistress Calista told her with an air of cruel amusement.

Resigned to her helplessness, Cathy blurted out, “Yes…Mistress, it is your body…all yours now,” Smiling at the tormented girl, Mistress Calista walked behind her and began feeling and admiring Cathy’s lovely asscheeks. She ran her fingers lightly all about the slave’s asscheeks causing the girl to twitch her body and jiggle her clamped nipples painfully. Cathy tried to ignore the pain in her tits and enjoy the feel of Mistress’s fingers lightly raking her ass. Calista kneeled and spread her slaves’ asscheeks wide to reveal her rosy pink, tight and puckered asshole. She leaned forward to kiss the sweet rosy asshole several times. “Yes Mistress…yes…oh, that feels soooooo wonderful, Ma’am,” Cathy gasped.

Mistress Calista licked the lovely smooth asscheeks all over until they were wet with her saliva, as Cathy moaned with delight. Calista drew her tongue down the cleft of the slave girl’s asscrack, pausing at the rosy asshole to circle her tongue around it without touching it. Again the slave gasped and sighed in pleasure at the marvelous sensations at her asshole. Mistress Calista kissed the puckered little rosebud again and again, as Cathy writhed in pleasure, crying out how wonderful it felt.

Her Mistress French kissed the sweet asshole, lightly licking it and reaming it with her tongue. The slave girl moaned delightfully to the breathtaking ministrations to her anus. Calista reached between Cathy’s legs to lightly rub at her clit hood, feeling the girl’s clit begin to exit its hood seeking attention. Cathy trembled in pleasure as her mind surrendered to her Mistress’s desires. Calista drove her tongue into Cathy’s asshole to tongue fuck her asshole as she rubbed her now engorged and upright clit. Cathy was shaking all over as she hung limply from her chains, surrendering her will to her Mistress.

The pain at her tits and nipples seemed to disappear as her Mistress’s tongue drove her towards the ecstasy of a rising orgasm in her loins. Her legs were weak and she would have fallen to the Dungeon floor had she not been bound to the overhead chain. As Mistress Calista rubbed her slave’s clit and tongue fucked her asshole she grabbed the third end of the Y chain hanging behind Cathy and jerked it several times. Cathy screamed at the pain stabbing at her nipples as Calista pulled and jerked the Y chain.

“Oh how I love the sound of a helpless slave Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort screaming, dear Cathy slut,” Mistress Calista told Cathy. The slave girl cried and blubbered as Calista mocked her throughout her painful circumstance. Mistress Calista withdrew her tongue from Cathy’s asshole, stood up and moved to her table to select a dildo butt plug eight inches long and two inches thick. Cathy’s eyes opened wide again, as she saw the huge fake cock Calista held. The slave girl sobbed uncontrollably as she realized that her Mistress was going to use the enormous dildo on her. Mistress Calista smiled wickedly as she showed it to her frightened slave girl.

Calista rubbed the huge dildo between Cathy’s cuntlips to drench it with her juices and coat it with her husbands’ residual thick white cum. Cathy squirmed delightfully as the dildo pleasured her as it rubbed between her cuntlips. Mistress Calista brought the juice and cum laden dildo to Cathy’s lips, ordering her to lick it clean. The slave opened her mouth to lick and suck the juices and cum from the dildo. When it was clean, Calista drew it through Cathy’s cuntlips to coat it again and placed it once more in her mouth. Cathy sucked it clean, tasting her husband’s and her juices blended together.

Finally, Calista drew it through the slaves’ cuntlips a third time to lube it with juices and the last of the thick white cum. Mistress Calista kissed Cathy’s mouth to taste her juices and hubby’s cum then moved behind her to spread her asscheeks wide. “Oh God, no…Mistress,” Cathy cried, trembling as she realized what was about to happen. “Oh no…Ma’am…no…please…it’s too big…no,” she whimpered and begged. Ignoring her, Calista placed the fake cockhead at Cathy’s tight asshole and began to push it into the slave’s ass.

Cathy’s sphincter resisted and Calista pushed harder, giving her slave additional ‘pleasure’ as her sphincter continued to thwart entry to her ass. Cathy screamed from the pain as the dildo ravaged her asshole in its attempt to gain entry. Finally, after a great deal of pressure the sphincter surrendered, parting to admit the fake cockhead up to its rim. Cathy, thrashed about in her chains, screamed and cried at the painful intrusion.

“I love that song you’re singing, Cathy slut,” Calista mocked her slave in her agony. The slave girl’s head whipped from side to side as if that would make the pain go away. Calista grinned in amusement at her slave’s plight. Slowly, Calista pushed the dildo deeper into Cathy’s lovely asshole, watching it disappear into her ass. Sliding inside, disappearing inch by inch until the dildo was seated firmly in Cathy’s bowels. The slave girls’ tight sphincter closed over the depression in the end of the butt plug to hold it fast inside. Calista moved in front of her slave to look her in the eye.

“God I feel so full,” Cathy moaned then added as a safeguard, “Thank you, Ma’am.” Calista acknowledged her slaves’ surrender with a brief nod. Reaching around her slave, she turned the built in vibrator on to full, and activated the built in fucking mechanism. “Oh, sweet Jesus,” Cathy moaned as pleasure engulfed her asshole and bowels. She swayed rhythmically to the motion in her ass as the pain had transformed to pleasure. Mistress Calista moved to her table to pour herself a glass of Blush and slowly sipped the cool wine as she watched Cathy writhe and thrash about in her chains.

Pressing a button on the end of the dildo the fake cock began to twist about bringing severe pain to the slave girl’s ass. Mistress Calista stood in front of Cathy, looking deep into her eyes to enjoy the agony and pain engulfing her slave. “Sweet Cathy, how you crave the pain and enjoy your torments so,” Calista whispered in her ear.

“Yes Mistress…yes, I do crave it…and…need it so,” Cathy stammered in pain. Calista dipped her titties into the wine glass and offered them to Cathy to lick clean of wine. Greedily, Cathy opened her lips to take them in her mouth. She licked the wine covered hard nipples, sucked them and cleaned them of wine, while her Mistress moaned in pleasure from the velvety tongue. Suddenly, Cathy closed her teeth on Calista’s nipple, bit it hard and refused to let go. She pulled her head back stretching Calista’s nipple painfully, wondering what will happen to her for doing this, but not caring, as the passion enveloped her.

“Oh my, Cathy, you will pay dearly for being naughty and biting Mistress’s titty,” Calista told her, stepping back from her bound slave. She reached between Cathy’s legs to grab the Y chains third end, pulling it hard several times, causing the slave’s nipples to burn like fire. Cathy screamed at the sudden stab of severe pain in her tits. Calista, in obvious pain herself, fastened the alligator clip on the third end of the Y chain to Cathy’s erect clit, allowing the jaws to cruelly snap shut and the metal teeth to dig in horridly to her clit.

Cathy let go of Mistress’s nipple as she opened her mouth to scream unbearably at the stabbing pain at her clit. “Well, Cathy cunt, I guess you need a lesson on who is Mistress and who is the slave!” Calista declared, rubbing her sore nipple, “It will be my pleasure to show you, Bitch!” Mistress Calista moved to the table still rubbing her sore tit and selected a long braided leather buggy whip.

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