Casey and Lacey Go on Vacation

Group Sex


It has been a while since we pushed anything.

This story is from the beginning of our relationship, and does not have many elements of the light BDSM we have since discovered.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Please accept the apologies for our names. I almost put in fictional names so that they sounded more plausible.


Lacey and I had been going out for a couple of Months. Neither of us had an inkling of what our intimate relationship would turnout like. We were young lovers… Not exactly young, but our love was young. We were both from relationships where we were incompatible with our partners. We met and soon discovered that there was more to physical love then 10 minutes once a month.

With the excitement of a new relationship we decided to go on Holiday. We woke up one morning and were discussing it.

“It’s February and we don’t have passports, so south is out of the question.” Said Lacey.

“That’s ok. We’ll choose a cottage that has winter activities; skiing, snowshoeing, skating.”

With that Lacey scooched over to me wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with the passion of a thousand hot suns.

“It doesn’t have to have all that outdoorsy stuff. We’ll find lots to do inside.”

“uhhhhhh…” was all I could manage.

“What’s a matter cat got your tongue?” Lacey said as she giggled.

With that she rolled on top of me and was straddling me. My cock was hard, more because of Lacey than because of morning. With the head of my cock touching the opening of her vagina, I felt every little hip movement as she slid up and down with her wetness starting to coat me.

She moved her hips in such a way that rather than rubbing up and down on the shaft, the head of my cock was pushing into her opening. She slid down and I plunged into her. For the second time this morning I displayed my eloquent verbal skills.


As she was slowly luxuriously making love to me, I quickly recovered my senses and was going to play with this new adventurous side. We had just begun to discover our nascent D/s relationship. Just started playing with it. There was no real D/s yet, but I decided to put it to the test.

“Lacey, you said you would do anything for me. Did you mean it?”

“Yes Casey, I meant it.”

“I’ll find us a cottage with some outdoorsy things to do. When we drive there, I want you to wear a skirt or a dress. At some point in time, Iwhen we stop to pee, or to grab a coffee I am going to whisper in your ear to go and take off your panties. Still game to do anything I ask?”

I had challenged her way out of her comfort zone. I expected a reply about how she couldn’t. How that was just too far. I learned later that the challenge was just what was necessary at that moment. With a naughty glint in her eye, I got an big smile and an OK.

I could barely contain myself. This was the stuff of my fantasies, a beautiful woman who would do this because I asked. Lacey was an amazing woman. I had fallen in love with her deeply. This playfulness that we had found was like the cherry on top of our love.

With kids, and lunches, and work pressing, the morning ended when Lacey slipped off of me. We were both frustrated, but we felt close to each other for having shared our bodies this morning.


A couple of days later I had booked a chalet. In talking to Lacey after booking I had decided to let her off the hook. I would never have really expected her to remove her panties in some unknown strange restaurant:

“You know when I asked about you wearing a skirt?” I began.

She kissed me, deeply again and said:

“I haven’t been able to think of much else. This is something that feels so right to me. I want to please you.”

I found myself with no words and an immediate erection that was so hard it hurt; she continued:

“What about me wearing a skirt?” She asked.

“The blue panties; the pair with the flowers. Wear those underneath. I want you to tuck them into my pocket when you come out of the restaurant.” I was able to recover. It was a different tack. It was going to be an exciting weekend.

“Yes Casey.” She said, as we were kissing the kids came tearing in. We put our passion on hold for life outside of our relationship.


Finally the day for us to leave came. Kids were off to their grand-parents, Lacey and I jumped into the car and stated to drive out. When we got out of town, we stopped at an adult store where no one would recognize us. Lacey was reluctant. Her ex-husband had purchased toys for her, but nothing she ever liked. What he tended to purchase were toys that would make him happy; all lifelike, extremely large and scary looking.

My only experience with sex toys and my ex, was the time I found her masturbating with the back of an electric toothbrush.

“This is different. We are buying this together. We’ll find something we can play with.” I reasoned.

With that we went in and we looked around. We were like a couple of nervous teenagers. The woman behind the counter was incredibly helpful. She steered us away from the crap and to some of the higher end toys. It would be some of the best advice we ever got.

It is still Lacey’s favorite to this day.

With our nondescript bag we headed out. The drive was beautiful, and true to her word, Lacey wore a skirt. It was about a 6 hour drive. We were in young love, and found it cute that even our bladders were compatible in timing.

At our second rest stop, I leaned in to Lacey, kissed her before we got out of the car and said, ” I want your panties when we come out of the rest stop.”

She blushed but smiled at me.

In we went. We each went our separate ways towards the restrooms. I finished first and was standing in line for coffee. Lacey came and joined me. Then she went to take my hand in hers. My hand came away with a pair of damp panties. I immediately grew hard, and gazed at lovingly at my sweetheart. I tucked my hand nonchalantly into my pocket and ditched the panties there. We gathered our coffees and headed to the car.

When we got into the car, I checked. They were indeed the pair I had requested earlier and they were wet. We started on the drive, and my hand wandered over to Lacey’s skirt. It started to creep it’s way up. When I got to the top of her thigh, I could feel the mound of hair there. I couldn’t contain the slight gyrations in my hips as she tilted her pelvis and spread her legs so I could feel her wetness. I played with her opening for a short while, until I realized how distracted I was. (dear driver of the oncoming Taurus, if you’re reading this I apologize.)

My fingers came away slick with her juices. We drove and chatted. Both being teens in the 80’s, our high school dances featured a lot of the same music. I had prepared a high school dance mix for us. We played it and acted like a couple of love struck teenagers.

Duran Duran – Hungry Like the wolf.

The Cars – Drive

Abba – Dancing Queen

Billy Joel – It’s still rock and roll.

Night Ranger – Sister Christian

Queen – We will rock you.

Prince – When Dove’s Cry

Janis Joplin – Bobbee McGee

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell

Boy George – Charma Chameleon

Nena – 99 LuftBallons

Eurythmics – Here comes the rain again.

There were many more. If you’re from that era, I’m sure these will bring back some memories.

As we were driving and rocking out, Lacey’s hand wandered to my still hard cock. She undid my zipper and soon had me pulled out of my jeans and was playing with me. Again we eventually stopped playing because we were becoming a danger to ourselves and the other drivers.


When arrived at the chalet, I was still in an aroused state and my jeans looked like I had had an accident because of the pre-cum. I left my jacket on, and checked us in.

Lacey and I headed into the chalet, we left our bags in the car. As soon as the door was closed behind us, it was like we were on fire. From the door to our bedroom clothing flew, tops came off, shirt buttons got ripped, pants came off.

I dropped Lacey onto the bed and slipped inside of her. We were on fire. It was not a gentle love making session. We ravaged each other. My back was marked with scratches. Our tongues were intertwined, searching. My mouth was all over her; ravaging her gorgeous nipples, and beautiful neckline. Within minutes, Lacey came from my thrusting and my mouth kissing her. This is not something that has happened often, but when it does the orgasm is as much emotional as it is physical.

Her orgasm pushed me over the edge. I came with a ferocity that I had not yet felt in my life.

We were 9 minutes into our vacation.


The next day we enjoyed our time in the area. We skied in the morning, and visited a couple of shops in the afternoon.

When we got back to the chalet, we decided to explore the private hot tub, with her new toy. This was going to be a large set of firsts… first time outdoors Naked for both of us, first time with a toy, first time naked in a hot tub, exciting and nerve wracking.

With wine and toy in hand, Out we went. We were naked with the cold snow coming down on us and hitting our bodies, it was exhilarating. We lifted the lid to the tub and slipped in. Immediately our bodies were immersed in the hot water and the aching from the days activities started to ease.

We snuggled in and just watched the sky. The snow coming down was creating beautiful swirling patterns in the night.

We talked about our day and the trinkets we had purchased. We discussed love and this need that was manifesting itself in us. As we discussed the power dynamic that seemed to be developing I took the touch and turned it on. Its solid vibration is where we started.

In the water with her snuggled in to me, the snow falling, the clouds in the sky above us moving, she played, and she came. It was a beautiful moment, It was a beautiful experience.

It was an experience that we would carry with us always.


The next day, was our skating day. Being Canadian, skating is in our blood, but it had been years, with bambi like skills we took to our skates. We had a fun day. We skated on the lake near our chalet.

There isn’t much better than the feeling of taking skates off after you’ve skated for a while.

Once skating was done we headed back inside. The fire in our Chalet was just dying and I was able to resuscitate it. We got naked hopped into the hot tub and just enjoyed each others company.

After the hot tub, we snuggled down in front of the fire and watched a movie. Part way through the movie Lacey started kissing and fondling me.

She opened my robe, and kissed down my chest, stopping at my nipples. She bit just a little too hard and I swatted her bottom for her troubles. The next thing I knew Lacey had dropped to her knees and had taken me in her mouth. As she kissed and licked me she seemed overcome with a need, a need I had never seen in her. She seemed to want more and more of me in her mouth.

Soon I felt a slight pop as the head of my penis passed from her mouth to her throat, this was the first time I had ever felt this. I was driven by her urgency. I lifted Lacey, turned her around and bent her over and thrust myself inside of her.

Lacey looked over her shoulder and said, “Claim me Casey, I desperately need to feel you inside of me.”

I swatted her bottom, and received a moan of pleasure. I repeated the swats across her bottom and Lacey’s thrusting against me seemed to become more frantic, more enthusiastic.

After Lacey’s oral ministrations and now this new discovery, I couldn’t control myself and I came.

I sat Lacey down on the sofa and went down on her. Kneeling between her legs, I had one hand on her bottom and the other hand playing with the opening of her vagina. Every time I rubbed her sore bottom I got a moan.

I licked and I played until I felt Lacey’s Vagina clamp around my fingers, and heard her call out.

As we came back to our senses, we got dressed again and snuggled down until we drifted off to sleep in front of the TV.


The next day, we packed up and headed for home. On our drive we discussed our weekend and the issue of the spanking came up. Lacey stated her brain had never felt so quiet. So focused on the feelings and nothing else. It was something we would put away to explore later.

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