Catwoman Next Door

Amateur Blowjob

It’s funny how a casual conversation can have a serious impact on your life. I still remember vividly one conversation that resulted in my first female dominant relationship. I was just about to finish high school, and had just turned eighteen. It was also the winter when Batman Returns had come out. As a fetishist and comic fan, with Michelle Pfeiffer in a vinyl catsuit as Catwoman had me very interested in seeing the movie. While at a party one weekend, my friends Dave and Stacey were talking together.

I walked up, “Hey you two, what’s going on?”

“I just saw Batman Returns last night,” Dave said.

Stacey piped in, “Yeah, I saw it last night, too. It was great!”

“Yes!” Dave agreed. “The sexual tension between Batman and Catwoman was great.”

“I was really rooting for them,” Stacey agreed.

“So, they brought that dynamic from the comics, that’s good,” I noted. “I’m hoping to see it next weekend.”

“Yeah, and they also brought the catsuit from the comics, too.” Dave laughed.

Stacey piped in, “That was an awesome look!”

“Yeah,” I said. “What I want to know is, how do you find a woman who’s gonna wear something like that?”

Stacey about floored us both when she said, “Oh! I’d totally wear that. It looked like so much fun.”

Dave and I both looked at her with our mouths open for a moment. You have to understand, Stacey was pretty, but the idea of her in a super sexy outfit seemed a bit weird. She was that classic ‘girl next door’, a beauty that you just don’t see that way. Mostly it was because she was kind of a tomboy, and almost never wore anything real girly or sexy. In fact, the few times I’d ever seen her wear a dress or skirt was for school dances and formals, stuff like that. She certainly wowed everyone when she did. The other girls would be telling her to glam herself up for school, but she never would, and almost always went real dowdy. Not sloppy, just plain and simple, jeans and t-shirts basically.

I think sometimes it came from her being incredibly smart. I mean, a literal genius. She had offers from all over the state for full academic scholarships. They don’t make offers like that to just anyone! So, I think she sometimes felt like she had to dowdy herself down otherwise people wouldn’t take her intelligence seriously.

So, her saying that kind of caught both Dave and I off-guard. Dave recovered first, “Really? You?”

“Why do you say it like that?” she sounded a little miffed.

“Well, you only ever wear jeans and t-shirts,” I explained.

“Not always,” she retorted, sticking her tongue out at me.

Dave piped in, “Sure, sometimes you wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt.”

“I wear lots of different things,” she replied.

“Costumes from Drama Club don’t count, Stace,” I laughed.

“Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean I haven’t worn fun or sexy stuff before,” she declared as she crossed her arms.

“I cannot argue with that, that is an excellent point,” I agreed.

Stacey humphed triumphantly.

I added, “I’ll tell you what then, you ever find a place that sells something like that, I’ll take you so I can see you try it on.”

Stacey laughed, “Right, you just want to see me all done up.”

I nodded. And I would have liked that. We’d known each other for years, since fourth grade actually, when I moved to that part of town after my folks split up. She didn’t technically live next door, but was actually about three blocks away. However, when I first got my car and started driving to school, it was a no-brainer that I would give her a ride home after school. At some point, it occurred to me I should pick her up on the way, too. Her house was literally on the way to school.

We were also in all kinds of activities together: Marching Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, Choir and Drama Club. Pretty much anything that involved performing. So, we spent most of the school year together and had become good friends over that time. Yet somehow, we never started dating. It seemed like when one of us was available, the other was involved with someone. So, after years of that, I think were just comfortable together as friends. Actually, after that conversation I thought Dave was interested in her, which is why I didn’t push the catsuit thing any further. As it turned out, Dave came out as gay later that summer, so he apparently wasn’t interested.

So, fast forward a few months, its getting to late Spring and graduation is approaching, when Stacey hits me with a surprise on the way to school one Monday morning.

She hopper into my car, dropping her bag on the floor, and looking at me with a big grin on her face, “You’ll never guess what I found this weekend?”

I thought, and replied, “A way to fast-forward time so we can just graduate already?”

She laughed, “No… not yet anyway.” She hesitated. I had thought she was trying to think of another jokey reply. If I hadn’t been driving, I’d have noticed her hands shaking and her voice breaking slightly. She was quite Ataşehir Esmer Escort nervous, but I was too preoccupied with driving to really see it.

I did notice something was off though. I looked over at her, “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m great… its just… I found it!” she finally blurted out.

I looked confused, “You found… what?”

“A place that sells catsuits!” she gushed, her giddiness overtaking her nervousness.

“Oh,” I replied, thrown for a moment. Why the hell was she telling me this? “Oh! Right! Oh, that’s freaking cool! Are you gonna go check it out?”

She smiled mischievously, “I thought you were going to take me?”

“I am?” I said, feeling like I was not a complete part of this conversation. Then I remembered the conversation at the party. In my defense, it had been several months. “Oh, yeah. I did say, I would, didn’t I?”

She nodded, smiling triumphantly.

“Wait, are you serious?” I looked at her and she smiled and nodded vigorously.

Suddenly, I saw her excitement and realized, she was into this! I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but there was that voice at the back of my head telling me she would make an amazing dominatrix! Sexy, smart, pretty and geeky made her everything I wanted. “Okay, great! Where is it? When are they open?”

“Its in Philly… on… South Street?” she replied hesitantly.

I nodded, “That makes sense, South Street is kind of the artsy area, lots of alternative lifestyle and counter-culture stuff there.”

“How do you know all that?” she asked suspiciously.

“Oh,” I stammered, “The Theater for the Living Arts is right there, and I’ve seen a couple shows at the TLA.” While that was true, I’d also checked out some of the shops along the street there, and there were some that sold sex toys and such. I’d even had the guts to buy myself some fetish clothes. I’d been able to get a vinyl bra and panties, and latex briefs. Yes, the lingerie was for me. I should probably mention, I’m a cross-dresser, and had been for some time. Mostly, I wore stuff from my different relatives over the years, but I had grown too big for their stuff, so I was trying to find some of my own!

She told me the address and I knew the area. She also told me the hours they were open. Since we still had school stuff to wrap for the year, we wouldn’t be able to go until Saturday, and we’d have to go early before I went to work on Saturday night.

That’s how on a lovely spring Saturday, we found ourselves heading on an excursion to find a catsuit!

It was one of those great Spring days, warm but not hot, sunny but with enough clouds to keep it cool. Stacey was looking even lovelier than the weather. I wasn’t sure if she’d done something different, but she looked great. Not the usual dowdy tomboy, but she wasn’t over the top either. Or maybe it was my imagination because of what we were doing? And I wanted her to look like a fantasy dominatrix? I tried not to wonder about it too much and just enjoyed talking with her and singing along to the radio.

One thing about Stacey was that we went together really well. We both had similar tastes in music, which covered just about everything but we both really loved classic rock. In fact, one of the few concerts she’d ever been to was the Rolling Stones. I remember her first showing up in a concert t-shirt at school, and talking about the show for hours. We also were able to talk comfortably and easily. I had very few people that I connected with like that. And we could talk pop culture, literature, philosophy or professional wrestling, it was all fair game and would flow one into the other.

Talking and singing along to the radio made the forty-five minute drive go quickly. It only took a few minutes and we’d parked (with me bitching about the prices for the garage). We walked the couple blocks to the Fantasy Boutique, though they changed the name to Passional years later. I hesitated outside, seeing the window displays of things I’d only dreamed about: corsets, thigh-high boots, gloves, leather, latex and yes, even a PVC catsuit!

I was already lost in a haze, but Stacey took me by the arm and practically dragged me in. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the place was very nice and clean. It looked like a regular department store, just with lots of fetish gear on display. The front area was mostly footwear, corsets, gloves and such. The fairly tame stuff, I guess. ‘Don’t scare the normals’ was my thought for how they laid it out. We browsed around for a few minutes, Stacey was practically gaga for all the stuff, while I was wondering how a lot of it would look on her. I was sure she’d look amazing, since it looked incredible on the mannequins and displays. We were looking over some boots with a ton of straps on them and at least six, maybe seven inch heels.

Stacey commented, “I wonder how you walk in those?”

“Lots of practice,” came an answer behind us. A cute, and very petite saleslady came up behind us. It was funny, for a Fetish Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort Boutique, she looked like she worked in a regular department store. She was in a nice blouse and skirt, nothing fetishy about it. I guess if you’re working around the stuff all day, you don’t want to spend all day in it? “Hi, I’m Kate, can I help you find something?”

I was still trying to find my bearing, but thankfully Stacey was like she’d found a long-lost friend, “Yes! We’re looking for a catsuit, maybe in vinyl or PVC?”

“Sure, we have lots of selection, please follow me,” she gestured us to the next room. We discovered things got a little kinkier here. There were all kinds of outfits in all kinds of materials here. It was like a fetishists version of heaven! The smell of leather, latex, vinyl and everything else was almost overwhelming.

“Wow! That is some awesome stuff,” I muttered, looking around, trying to take everything in at once.

“It sure is!” Stacey was almost giddy. I’d known her since were nine years old and I had NEVER seen her like this.

“Yes,” Kate beamed, “we have a pretty amazing selection. Definitely one of the best in the region, possibly the country. Our owner takes great pride in our selection.”

“I want to try them all on,” Stacey had both her hands wrapped around my arm since we came in, and she hadn’t moved to let go. I sure as hell wasn’t about stop her. Being this close to her made me wonder why I’d waited this long to be with her. Perspective is weird that way, right?

Kate led us to several racks of catsuits, and I was a bit amazed at the selection of sizes and materials. The two of them dove in and grabbed a suit, which Kate held up to Stacey and they both though it was a good size.

“You want to try it on?” Kate smiled like she was letting Stacey in on a secret.

“Oh hell yes!” Stacey was all but drooling to get into the suit.

They pulled me to a third portion of the shop, where I was amazed to see they kept the really kinky stuff. There were all sorts of gags, whips, harnesses, cuffs and stuff I wasn’t even able to identify. We headed to the side and there was a small changing area with several booths.

“Be back in a bit,” Stacey winked back at me.

I sat in a chair just outside the waiting room. Thankfully since it was still early, the store was mostly empty. So, I pondered the nature of us coming here. I mean, this was all fun, right? A silly game with two friends, and she’d try the suit on and we’d laugh at how silly this all was and then go to lunch and laugh some more? Right?

I was hoping it would go a different way, but I really didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Stacey and Kate slipped into the booth together. Kate hung the suit on a hook, off to one side.

“Do you mind if I’m in here with you?” Kate asked. “These can be tight and hard to get on yourself, especially the first time. If nothing else, the zippers are usually a bitch.”

“No, I don’t mind at all, after four years of Drama Club, I’m pretty over being shy about being undressed around others,” Stacey replied. Now, we didn’t usually get fully naked backstage, but a body stocking didn’t really hide much, and was about as close to naked as you can be and still have clothes on. And yes, we’d both seen each other in just a body stocking, and yes she looked damn good in one!

Stacey was already ripping her clothes off. She realized her panties were already wet, and she kind of hoped that Kate didn’t notice! On the other hand, she confided later, she kind of hoped the cute saleslady would notice.

“Your boyfriend is going to be blown away by this, you know that right?” Kate said as she prepped the catsuit, barely even glancing at Stacey.

“Oh, he’s not… I mean, we’re… its complicated,” she stammered.

“Oh? Really? He looks so smitten with you, I just figured you guys had been together for years,” Kate seemed genuinely surprised.

“Smitten? Really?” Stacey wondered as she slipped her shoes and socks off. She was about to take her underwear off, but Kate stopped her.

“In case it doesn’t fit, we want it to be hygienic for others,” Kate explained.

Stacey shrugged, “Makes sense… so, you really think he’s smitten?”

“With the way he was looking at you out there, you could have him wrapped around your finger. No problem!” Kate explained as she handed the suit over.

Stacey sat on the bench, and started slipping her legs in. Yeah, as you can guess, she was getting more excited. Then the idea of dominating me, apparently really fired her jets since she almost came when she pulled the crotch of the suit up tight.

She had to stop and catch her breath, which Kate thought she needed help. So, Kate helped her with the sleeves.

“You don’t understand,” Stacey explained, “He is the most headstrong, confident person I’ve ever met. He’s so sure that he’s right about everything. If he wasn’t so nice, it would be extremely off-putting. As it is, he’s mostly just… confusing.”

“Well, Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort I’ll tell you what, let’s see his reaction to this suit.” Kate said, “But I bet he’ll be putty in your hands.”

Stacey was really worked up now, especially with Kate being so close. She’d always wondered if she was gay since she was very interested in girls, but she was also attracted to guys. As a cross-dresser, I’d had many of the same thoughts myself. Needless to say, being excited and having Kate’s hands on her, was getting Stacey even more worked up.

They got the suit zipped up and Kate had Stacey look at herself in the mirror. Stace literally gasped, “Oh my fucking God!”

“Right?” Kate said grinning from ear to ear. “Face it, you are smoking hot, this suit just amps it up to 11.”

Stacey could only nod, and stare at herself. Kate gave her a few moments, though when Stacey started rubbing her hands over the sides of the suit, Kate coughed politely to remind her she was there.

“So, I guess you like it?” Kate asked.

Stacey nodded, smiling a fierce predatory smile, “Oh hell yes!”

“Want to amp it up even more?” Stacey smiled as well.

Yeah, I was in over my head.

They only took a few minutes, but I started to wonder if they were okay. I could hear them talking, so I figured it was just tough to get into. The suit was pretty skintight. Though when they got quiet for a few minutes, I started to wonder if I should check on them.

It turns out, Kate did a super quick make-over. Just some quick make-up so her eyes and lips would really pop. Stacey also let her hair down, so it fell across her shoulders.

I was just about to call back to them, when Kate stepped out and smiled at me. She then gestured to the dressing booth in a ‘ta-da’ manner, and Stacey stepped out.

I couldn’t believe the goddess in front of me was my Stacey! She looked like a fetish queen, or a warrior princess or something. She was beautiful, powerful and regal. It was overwhelming, intimidating and all I could do was sit there with my mouth open and stutter.

Stacey stalked slowly over to me. Taking each step, slowly, measured. Letting me drink in every inch of her. And boy, did I try. I mean, I’d been swimming with her and seen her practically naked in Drama, so I knew she had some nice curves, but seeing the skintight suit stretched tight over them was almost unfair.

She stopped a few feet in front of me, “So, do you like it?” She smiled that predator’s smile again.

“I… it… I mean, you… we… that… it… I… mean, well… y’know…,” I stammered, and that was about the most intelligent thing I was able to spit out.

Kate laughed softly, “I think you broke his brain.”

Stacey replied to Kate, but looked only at me. “Maybe. And I think you might be right about several things.”

She stalked closer, standing just overtop me, her large breasts just inches from my face, as she leaned down, “So, are you getting this for me then?”

I just nodded, still not able to form words, or many coherent thoughts. I would have ordered the store if she’d asked.

“Great! I guess I should model it for you, when we get home then.”

I nodded vigorously, this time. Still unable to do much else. Stacey just smiled and winked, leaned in close, “I think you’re going to enjoy being mine, aren’t you?”

Quietly, I whispered, “Y-y-yes, Ma’am.”

She grinned and kissed me softly on the cheek. Then she turned and they were both gone in a flash. It was like the world turned back on suddenly. I was lightheaded, out of breath, and my goodness was I harder than I’d ever been in my life. I felt like she’d cast a spell over me or something. If it wasn’t for the soft feel of her lipstick on my cheek, I wouldn’t have believed it was real.

Back in the booth, Kate and Stacey were whispering excitedly as they got Stacey undressed.

Kate said, “So? He’s your new boy toy, right?”

Stacey grinned, “I think so! I’ve never seen him at such a loss for words! Even during Improv or Mock Trial or anything. Never.”

“Well, I hope you both have a lot of fun. If you want any pointers let me know,” Kate offered.

“Pointers on what?” Stacey asked as she slid the suit off her arms and down past her waist. Her panties were practically a puddle now. It was a good thing she was taking the suit!

“Oh, my boyfriend Steve, is my submissive. Hopefully, he’ll even be my full-time slave soon,” Kate explained.

“Holy shit, you mean, your whole relationship is like that?” Stacey asked.

“No, we’re not 24/7,” she explained. “But we do scene at least once or twice a week, and he’s usually the sub, but we have switched before. I definitely prefer being on top… so to speak,” she laughed.

“You have to tell me everything you know,” Stacey said.

Kate chuckled, “I don’t think we have time for that, but let me give you a few quick pointers and I’ll leave you my number, then you can call me and I can explain more that way.”

“You are awesome, thank you!” Stacey grinned as she slipped back into her regular clothes. Though somehow, they didn’t feel quite right to her any more. She realized, she was getting addicted, and pretty quick, too.

So, Kate gave few a quick pointers of Femdom 101, and then took the suit to wrap it up.

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