Caught Ch. 01


Hiya my name is Kara Harris, my parents were really expecting another girl and had put the name on the birth certificate before I was born; I’m nineteen years old and stand at 5 foot 5 inches tall.

I have never really looked like a boy with my curly back-length brown hair and my large almond-shaped brown eyes with my button nose and plump red lips. I had inherited my mother’s, Maria, slender body type with a slim waist, wide hips and a big round ass. Strangely enough I had never had body hair on my legs, arms, or private areas.

My looks had gotten me wide-eyed looks from guys, and hateful glares from girls, during my high school years. When I had turned eight, my dad had left my mom to get married to some super-model; he left both my mom and my sister, Megan, alone to pick up the pieces of our life.

My mom went to work at a clothing store where she quickly got on the board as an adviser, and Megan had to get a job at a Block Buster store. Me? I went and joined a class to learn how to do cooking, cleaning and other household things; because both of my mom and sister were gone all day.

My mom got remarried about a year ago to a guy name Charlie Benson. He stood at 6 foot 4 inches tall with short-cropped blond hair and blue colored eyes that sent shivers down my spine when he looked at me.

He works as a fitness trainer, and has a body-builder type with large feriköy escort muscles and apparently to what I could see, and hear, from when he and Maria have sex has a very large penis and nuts the size of tennis balls.

I took courses for my elementary, middle school years and part of my high school years; when Megan went to college; my mom only had to work shorter job-shifts and I could go to high school for my senior year in high school.

I had always been attracted to both guys and girls; one day on the computer I had stumbled into a chat-room and had started talking to these men and women who, when I sent them pictures of myself, told me that I should start my own chat-room with a web-cam and put on sexual acts for them.

So with their help I set it up, and before long I fell into a routine. When my mom and Charlie were home I would do my normal stuff, but when it was just me; I would turn into a complete slut for the camera. I had bought myself all kinds of toys of all shapes and sizes. I had even bought myself some different kinds of outfits that I wore for my fans.

Anyway to my story.

It was a normal day with me finishing up my housework before my mom and step-dad went to work. I smiled happily as I walked to my bedroom and got dressed in a blue jacket over a white shirt with a black tie, a blue skirt that ended gülbağ escort about mid-thigh and when I bent over it showed my white laced thong, knee-high stockings and black sneakers.

I put on some lip-gloss, a bit of blush on my cheeks and dark purple eyeshadow to give my self a more innocent look while seeming slutty.

I twirled in the mirror and bounced to my computer, and turned on my web-cam. “Hi everybody!” I chirped happily. I smiled as people filled up the chat-room and I saw my more familiar people.

Watching the requests of them I smiled and begun to slowly belly dance, which was a class I took for my Middle East culture studies and bent over to remove something from a drawer. I revealed it to be a 12 inch long dildo that I slowly began to lick and suck on the head.

“What the hell?” a voice shouted from my bedroom door, and I spun around to see my step-father.

But now he was staring at me, maybe because of my attire or the fact I had a big dildo in my hand, with a strange look in his eyes.

“Charlie!” I gasped in shock, and before I could do anything he crossed our distance and grabbed me; Charlie then yanked me and threw me into my wooden chair before he tied my hands behind the chair with my necktie. “What are you doing?”

He smirked at me with a leer as he turned the chair, so that the side faced kağıthane escort my web-cam and mirror. “You are going to pleasure myself and anybody I tell you too.” he smirked lustfully at me before turning to my web-cam, and connected it and my computer to my big screen tv.

“What?” I screamed in outrage, and began to struggle as he walked over to me while removing his clothes. I paled as I saw his dick, which was hard as steel, and it seemed to be about 15 inches long and 4 inches thick.

“You are now my slut, Kara.” he answered. Charlie rubbed his plum-sized cock head against my plump lips, and when I refused to open his pinched my nose. “You will have to breathe at sometime, boy. When you do I will get in your mouth.”

I could feel my breathe shortening, and quickly tried to take a breathe. However when I opened my mouth his cock head jammed into my mouth, and he slowly started to thrust into my mouth before picked up speed.

My brown eyes caught the messages that appeared, and saw that they all thought this was a play for them. I looked up to meet Charlie’s blue eyes which stared at me sexily, and decided to give into him.

I slowly began to suck and bob my head on his pole, as he sudden;y gripped my head and jammed it down my throat. My eyes widened as his cock swelled and suddenly started to spurt robes of cum in my orifice, and he pulled out a jacked the remaining cum onto my face and body.

I stared at my reflection to see myself covered in thick cum, and as I swallowed the cum it had such a nice taste to it. I turned to Charlie who just smirked at me.

“Who do you belong to?”


His smirk turned into a wide grin. “Good.”

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