Ch1,2 Honey Caught with Pool Guy

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Honey-Lee–the journeys of a TG Nympho

Chapter 1 – Honey gets six weeks worth of cum in a day

My boyfriend, Paul has been away for six weeks, consulting on an oil platform off the coast of Africa so I’m happy to get his e-mail instructing me to pick him up at Tampa International Airport this afternoon at 1400 hours. It’s not that he expects me to be celibate while he’s away, nor have I been, but I know that when he arrives, his big dangling ball sack will be pre-loaded with about a quart of cum under pressure, his amazing, boat-shaped cock bulging in the middle even more than usual, and I’m eager to have him servicing my tight TG-girl pussy.
The flight’s on time and in response to his text I turn out of the cell-phone lot at TPA, pulling up at gate 4 on the international arrivals level just as Paul emerges pushing an overloaded baggage cart. I hit the button and he’s slinging gear into the side of my big Toyota van even before the power door has slid fully open. He leans over the center console with a big, deep kiss for me, one hand already on my bare leg and sliding under the hem of my white tennis skirt.
“Easy, big boy, we’re still an hour from home” and I wheel us out of there. Toll road I-275 is fast but not too busy today so I don’t object as his hand under my skirt strokes my panties. The center console of the Toyota prevents him from getting his head down there where he could be a distraction. Once we merge with I-75 though, it’s a different matter. Ignoring the 75 mph speed limit, I try to keep up with traffic by bumping it up to 80 but still the highway behemoths rumble past me on both sides. By now, Paul’s fingers have worked their way under the hem of my panties and are starting to become a serious distraction. “Baby” I caution, “if you keep that up you’re going to put us under a semi.”
“Pull over then. I’ve got something for you that just can’t wait”. Seeing a state park symbol on an up-coming exit sign, I maneuver into the right lane and with the blast of an air horn up my exhaust pipe, hit the ramp at around 70 mph. Vehicle under control, I drive about a mile before spotting an entrance to the park. It’s really just a picnic spot for travelers but it’s pretty and shady alongside one of Florida’s innumerable rivers and creeks. Still hampered by the center console and with the spacious rear area of the Toyota full of Paul’s luggage, I start to head toward some nearby foliage, but Paul opens a side door of the van and leans me inside. True, the half-dozen cars in sight are on the far side but for sure, anyone driving along the exit road would catch sight of my behind sticking out. My panties come down and off, my butt cheeks spread and Paul whacks my opening a few times with his cock to spread a layer of pre-come where needed.
Despite the huge girth of his cock, Paul’s knob is more “normal” sized and, given his need, he is more-or-less gentle sliding it in. He even works it in and out a few times to get my natural lubricants flowing before sliding it in deep. Through the far side windows of the van I can see families sitting at picnic tables and people moving amongst the vehicles but the closest are about 50 meters away and none are paying us any attention. No vehicles appear ready to exit so I relax and let myself enjoy the exquisite pleasure of Paul’s full cock massaging the inside walls of my pleasure palace. One of the things I enjoy about his taking me this way is that it Sex hikayeleri lets him fondle my boobs unobstructed as they swing freely. And he takes full advantage, squeezing, massaging, stroking as his cock rumbles smoothly in and out of my tg-pussy. Another advantage of this position is the wonderful rhythmic smacking of his big ball sack against my flesh each time he bottoms out And now the rhythm picks up speed.
Knowing Paul as I do, I know that this brief few minutes of intimacy will barely take the edge off his built-up demand. This is a man who, when he’s home, makes love to me twice a day, every day – once during our regular afternoon play time and again following our second post-dinner glass of wine. He sometimes even manages a third late in the evening if I become playful and perhaps perform a little strip tease involving various erotic items of apparel. He never seems to tire of seeing my nude body emerge. And now, he’s making up for six weeks on a drilling platform on the other side of the world. Yes his rhythm picks up alright, so much so that the luggage my hands are braced against begins to shift and the big van rocks on its suspension. Paul shifts his hands from my breasts to my hips to control the motion some but as my boobs swing free, first one and then the other pops out of my top and begins to sway in tandem wedged into the v-neck of my tee. I wasn’t expecting to actually climax, but only to meet Paul’s immediate need for release, but with his continued thrusting I felt the familiar heat of my own passion rising from my pussy and flooding my belly. The eruption came and we came together, Paul in a series of deep breaths accompanied by a flow of liquid heat up my tubes, mine with contractions that milked every available drop from his shaft.
He pulled out and kissed my neck, “my beautiful whore-cunt” he whispers tenderly while grabbing tissues from a box and wiping himself clean. I stand still for a moment letting some of the cum run back out before wiping myself as best I can with tissues followed by a Wet-One. I use a panty-liner from my purse for its intended purpose and we’re back on I-75 within 20 minutes of our exiting.

When we arrived back at the house, I got coolers for both of us from the fridge, but Paul pinned me against the fridge and almost smothered me with deep kisses, pulling me against him so I can feel his cock pressing against my tummy through his travel slacks. “So soon,” I think? But I can feel his heat and understand our highway stop was just foreplay. “There’ll be time enough later for lots of slow and easy lovin’ ” I think but right now, I can feel his heat and his still-urgent need. I kneel down on the kitchen floor, unbuckle and remove his pants, shoes and socks, then pull down his shorts and allow his cock to spring free.

I cradle his balls in one hand and with the other, guide his cock to my lips. My tongue licks all around the head and along that pulsing shaft before drawing it all between my lips and down my throat. He groans with pleasure but reaches down and lifts me to my feet, kissing me on the lips passionately before turning me around to lean over the kitchen counter. With one deft move, I unbutton my shorts and wriggle them down to my ankles. I kick off the shorts and my flip flops while he pulls my panties aside and begins to stroke my pussy. Sill wet from his cum, I am instantly wet and ready for him. He pulls down my panties Sikiş hikayeleri and tosses them aside, then bends me further over the counter. As he eases first one, then two, then another finger into my tight pussy, I spread my legs and cry out with anticipation.

Having spread open my pussy with at least three fingers, he has easy access to plunge that huge cock back into me with no further foreplay. He’ll take lots of time for that later, I know. I gasp and cry out as he pushes his cock full depth up inside of me in a single thrust. My legs tremble at the intensity of his passion and I grasp the edge of the kitchen counter for support. He grabs my hips and uses his hands to pull my body back to meet each of his pounding thrusts. I can hardly breathe fast enough; each time his thundering cock bottoms out inside of me is an orgasm. “Fuck me, Honey. Harder!” he demands, and I respond by thrusting back at him until I feel the rumblings, like a pending volcano building in his balls. And then he erupts! The hot lava of his cum boils out deep up inside of my body and he makes one final plunge and leaves his cock there, pulsing out great gouts of liquid fire. OMG!

Suddenly all is still. The air conditioning starts to cool our hot flesh. Slowly he pulls out of me, turns me around and holds me close, the bare skin of our lower bodies feeling exquisitely sensitive. We nuzzle, and share the cool drinks still sitting on the counter. Later I will take him into my bedroom and tie him spread-eagled on his back so I can ride that cock again, this time milking it dry with my strong pussy muscles and then perhaps having him lick his own cum as it oozes back out of my pussy. But for the moment, it’s enough to just cuddle here in the kitchen.

Honey-Lee–the journeys of a TG Nympho
Chapter 2 – Honey gets caught servicing the pool guy

For a few minutes after our breathtaking lovemaking Paul just held me close as we stood in the kitchen, his cum running down my bare legs and then he slowly released me and padded down the hallway to the bathroom. I leaned on the counter again and glanced out the window — and looked right into the eyes of the pool service guy who was standing beside the pool in the lanai with a big grin on his face. He had watched it all! I was so startled and still somewhat dazed from Paul’s passionate approach that I didn’t even cover myself. I just stared at him. Well he must have taken it as an invitation because he slid open the patio door and stepped inside. I opened my mouth to say something but his mouth was on mine and his tongue inside before I could say a word. When he momentarily released me I was still speechless.

His shorts dropped to the floor and his whang sprang out like a striking cobra. Standing there with Paul’s cum still running down my legs I could make only inarticulate sounds but that didn’t bother him. He reached down and scooped some of the cum from my inner thigh and smeared it like K-Y jelly onto his cock, then hoisting me up at the waist, sat me on the kitchen counter. Spreading my legs, he stood in front of me, pulled me toward him and neatly speared me on his nearly vertical cock. Since I was still soaked with cum and wide open from Paul’s pounding, he had no trouble getting in right up to the hilt. Taking a few steps over to the kitchen table which is at a slightly lower height, he laid me back on the table, hoisted my ankles Erotik hikaye high and wide above his shoulders and begin to slide in and out of me in long strong strokes. He kept up this smooth stroking for what seemed like at least 15 minutes and, my pussy being oversensitive from Paul’s attentions, I kept coming over and over and over like waves washing over me. I couldn’t even scream. I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming.
At last he pulled out and stood me on the floor. “Grab your ankles, girl” he commanded and, trembling, I could only obey. He came behind me and, still lubed with Paul’s cum and my juices, he entered my back door, slowly, smoothly but without hesitation and began to slide in and out while he fondled my dangling breasts. Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door open and a moment later, I looked up to see Paul standing before me, his mouth half open in astonishment, his cock still at half mast, me bent over at the waist, a stranger fucking me from behind. What could I say? I beckoned Paul closer and amazingly he came close and let me take his cock in my mouth.
As I began to suck Paul’s cock, I could feel his fingers in my hair, pulling my head onto him. I sucked him in deep, all the way down into my throat and began massaging his cock with my throat muscles while I sucked with my lips. Almost immediately his cock stiffened and began to throb in my mouth and throat. Meanwhile, pool guy has got a rhythm going in my backside and I instinctively pick up the beat and suck Paul in time. How long the strange dance went on, I can’t be sure because of the orgasms whishing through my body but eventually, pool guy pulled out of me and said “Your turn again.”
By this time Paul’s cock was so hard and pulsing I thought he was, amazingly, about to cum for the third time, so I lay down on my back on the cool tile floor expecting he would just jack off on my face, but no. He knelt down between my spread legs, lifted my ankles up above my head and proceeded to fuck me with the same cool rhythm as pool guy had started. But suddenly he jerked! I opened my eyes and could see pool guy behind him. He had his hand on Paul’s butt and was fingering his hole. Paul kind of jerked again when Pool Guy worked a finger into him but resumed pumping me, hardly missing a beat.
For me, I was in heaven. Having a climax during sex is very nice but these rolling waves of ecstasy were a whole new high. Meanwhile pool guy is still working behind Paul. He has produced a tube of lube from somewhere and from the little I can see past Paul’s shoulders, must have at least two fingers inside him by now but BANG! Suddenly Paul’s cock plunges into my cunt so hard that I can feel it in my throat. THAT was when pool guy pushed his cock into Paul’s ass! Now we had a whole new rhythm going!
Each time he thrusts into me I could hear his balls slap my flesh and each time pool guy thrust into Paul I could hear balls slap his butt an instant later. Coupled with our various grunts and my cries and screams, the slapping sounds made a syncopated beat. And the beat went on and on and on. But it was steadily picking up speed.
I think that, by then, I wasn’t really aware of what was going on, that I was lying on the tile of my dining room floor being fucked by two big dudes, that the sun was bright outside the window nor that my back was sore from the hard floor. There was just the accelerating rhythm which kept on accelerating until suddenly everyone was shouting and swearing and screaming and OMG! The rhythm stopped.

Honey-Lee–the journeys of a TG Nympho
Chapter 3 – Honey Ties Things Down


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