Changing Things Up


by BrettJ © 2013

Candy Collins was a very sexy young woman and she wanted to stay that way. Sexual urges flowed through her body like water. She could have had sex 10 times a day and gone for 11. It went from her toenails to the top of her head.

Candy had been fortunate to have a man in her life who “got” her in almost every way. The tall, dark-haired Michael knew how much his lover liked sex and being virile and horny himself, he kept up with his gorgeous blonde girlfriend. There was nothing the slender blonde could dish out that Michael could not take.

In their five years as lovers, Candy had proved to be very broad-minded. Michael had flirted with her friend Carrie at a Christmas party. Because she knew it was harmless, instead of getting jealous, Candy had done just the opposite.

On New Year’s Eve, Candy came downstairs in a killer red dress and matching red stiletto heels. If the dress had been painted on to her beautiful body, it couldn’t have clung any tighter. The heels were at least 4 inches and more likely, closer to five. Her hair had been styled and her makeup was perfect. She told her man to go upstairs and get changed into the suit she had laid out on the bed. Michael didn’t understand. She had told him they were staying in that night.

When he came back downstairs, he got a very pleasant surprise. Candy and Carrie were standing at the foot of the stairs with their arms around each other’s waist. “I didn’t think you’d mind two dates tonight,” she told him. Carrie was wearing a very elegant black dress with a high slit on one side. She looked as beautiful as his lover, not that Michael was foolish enough to tell Candy that. He did tell Carrie it was nice to see her and that she looked great. He linked arms with both women and they went into the dining room to have their meal. Michael always prepared their special meals as he had once had ambitions of being a chef and took great pleasure is showing his culinary skills.

The two young women continually raved about the meal, a lovely roast beef with all the fixings. Michael loved that his lover could eat so much food and never gain an ounce. She constantly reminded him that she had her own ways of working it off. As he was an eager participant in most of those ways, he never voiced any objections.

Michael was finding it difficult to concentrate on eating his meal, because every so often, a heeled foot would rub against his ankles. At first he thought it was Candy, but then he couldn’t be sure. Both his dates wore enigmatic little smiles. It could have been both of them; he knew Candy wouldn’t have minded Carrie’s flirtations. She didn’t have a jealous bone in her lovely body.

As he cleared away the dinner dishes, the two women went into the living room. He could hear them laughing and low murmurs and wondered if that boded well for him. Candy was up to something, he had been with her long enough to sense it. Exactly what, he didn’t know that yet, but it was likely to be something pleasurable. He knew he didn’t dare hope for what all men want when they’re with two gorgeous women, because Candy had never expressed interest in other women. Carrie was gorgeous, but there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell Candy would ever allow him to fuck her friend.

Shaking that thought from his head, Michael got out three champagne flutes and poured some beautifully chilled champagne into each. He walked into the living room and handed each lady a glass and toasted the evening. “So, what were you two beauties laughing about?” He asked. For some reason, that seemed to bring on another fit of the giggles. “Did I say something funny?” He asked Candy.

“No, not really,” Candy tittered. She looked at Carrie and smiled. “Well, do you want to tell him or shall I?”

“You tell him, I’m not sure I can be as forthcoming as you,” Carrie grinned. Michael once again sensed that something was going on that he wasn’t privy to.

Candy nodded. “Carrie was talking about her ex and she said he was only so-so in bed and that was because he had a tiny cock. I told her I hadn’t experienced either problem with you. Then she asked if she could try it out sometime. She said it was only fair because I had dated Stuart before she did,” Candy smiled. “So, I told her that it was up to you. If you wanted to fuck Carrie, the two of you could go right ahead. I’ve secretly wanted to watch you fuck another woman for years, I’m a bit of a voyeur.”

What Michael had hoped for was now actually happening. He wondered if it might be a put-on, although that wasn’t like Candy. Besides, it wasn’t April Fool’s Day, it was New Year’s. “Babe, are you suggesting we have a threesome?”

“Not entirely,” Candy smiled as she kütahya escort took his hand. On the other side of Michael, Carrie linked her arm through his. “I’ve got a few fetishes I’ve never told you about and one of them is voyeurism. I’ve always wanted to watch two people fuck. I don’t know yet if I want to join in, but I damned sure want to watch.”

Michael turned to Carrie and looked into her deep brown eyes. “You’re okay with all of this?”

The delectable brunette looked at him and smiled. “Oh, yet bet I am, handsome.” Leaning close, she whispered in Michael’s ear. “Just between us, I’m hoping Candy will join in. I’ve wanted to make it with her for years.”

When they were in the bedroom, Candy announced “Carrie has a little surprise for you. Show him, okay babe?”

Carrie nodded and began sliding the dress off of her body. Underneath, her lingerie was all slippery and shiny. “It’s made of PVC, it’s one of my little fetishes,” she purred as she got on the bed behind Michael. “Come on Candy; help me undress your man. You can join us for this part, at least.” Candy nodded and helped her best friend undress Michael. She knew that Michael was confident enough to give Carrie a really good fuck. Her pussy was already soaked at the thought of watching the PVC-clad brunette screwing him. Carrie had let her in on her little peccadillo and it had added to Candy’s arousal. She also knew that once Carrie got a good look at Michael’s cock, she wouldn’t believe its size. She pulled away once they had her boyfriend partially undressed.

“God damn, he’s got a better everything than Stuart,” Carrie breathed heavily. “How is he at oral sex?”

“He’s good at everything, that’s why we’ve been together for three years,” Candy smiled. “You can’t shock him baby, so have a good time. I’m going to sit in the chair and watch.”

“We’ll put on a good show for you, sweetie,” Carrie smiled. It was so obvious that she wanted to entice Candy to join them and she was keeping that little ace up her sleeve. The sexy brunette moved close to Michael and spread her legs. “There’s an opening right there, so you can eat my cunt while I keep the panties on,” she said to him in a husky tone. “I might look fragile, but I’m a total slut once I get in bed. Let me have all you’ve got stud, I can take it.”

Michael nodded and proceeded to touch her body, the PVC adding just the right dash of kink for him. He didn’t doubt what Carrie had said because Candy was much the same way. Slender and seemingly delicate, once she got going, she fucked with a fury few women could match. Michael always found himself one step behind his girlfriend; it could be intimidating at times. He was glad his job as Assistant Athletic Director at the school he and Candy had once attended kept him in primo shape. To keep up with his blonde wildcat, he had to be.

Carrie moaned loudly, partly for effect so that it would arouse Candy. She looked over to see her friend had already removed her dress and was rubbing her own shaved pussy. She winked at Candy and concentrated on her own pleasures. Candy had been right, Michael was no slouch. Her pussy was already drenched and her nipples taut under her PVC bra. He was moving up her body and he pulled it to one side and gently nipped her tits. She liked that and cried out for more. Michael was more than happy to oblige her.

“God Michael, if you could see how hot the two of you look,” Candy said in a low voice, not wanting to throw him off. This was one of the biggest thrills of the young blonde’s life so far. “I can’t wait to see you fucking my best friend.” She spoke up a little louder now. “Carrie, suck his prick. Put it in your mouth and suck him, you gorgeous cum-slut.” Candy and Carrie knew each other well enough by now that Candy knew how her words would arouse her friend. They did. She laughed and pushed Michael on his back. She tugged off the remainder of his clothes and once his boxers were gone, she gasped.

“You weren’t overselling it, what a horse cock,” Carrie said in amazement. “I hope I can fit that big pecker in my mouth, but damn, I sure want to try.” Carrie started licking his cock and balls and got them nicely lubed before daring to take him in her mouth. She had to fight her gag reflex at first, but soon was sucking and bobbing her head up and down. Candy was more turned on than she ever remembered being. Every iota of her voyeuristic fetish was being fulfilled.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth?” Carrie teased. Michael shook his head, but Carrie’s licking tongue was a very strong temptation. “Hey Candy, come over here and we’ll share his cum.” Carrie had an ulterior motive and Michael knew it, so he just went with it. Candy looked at the malatya escort two of them and bit her lip and then nodded. The two women sucked his cock with such fury he worried they might suck it from the root. He came with a large spray and they were both coated with his cum. They shared a very heated kiss and Michael wondered if Carrie might not get to fulfill herfantasy before the New Year began.

The two of them worked him over and Michael made sure not to neglect Candy, who was a participant for a brief while. Once the two women had him hard again, she returned to her vantage point to watch. “Fuck her, baby,” Candy breathed in her soft, sexy voice. “Give the horny little slut what she needs.”

Michael nodded. He wasn’t sure who was the most anxious of the three of them – was it him, Carrie or Candy, the little minx who had set all of this up? It didn’t really matter. Carrie got on top of him and the PVC thong parted so that her tight, horny cunt could grab his cock and drag him in deep. She was a hot, sexy piece of ass and Michael determined that he would give his girlfriend the show she seemed to want so much. He played Carrie’s body with precision as the young brunette moved up and down. Candy was moaning and groaning and watching with wild eyes. She had never dreamed it could be so sexy, seeing her lover with someone else. She wasn’t at all jealous, she was horny!

Carrie did her best to concentrate on Michael while not neglecting to focus some attention on Candy. She was a bit surprised by Candy’s willpower; she herself would have jumped on the bed by now and involved herself in the fucking. She moved and wiggled on Michael’s cock and sensed the time was close. She clutched her pussy around his cock and milked it. Michael came with a large, thundering orgasm that sent his cum deep inside her pussy.

Carrie had taken a risk but if it paid off, it would be worth it to her. She spread her thighs and tried to look as much a slut as she could. “Come on baby,” she purred to Candy. “That’s your lover’s cum deep inside my horny, slutty cunt. Why don’t you come over here and eat it clean? You know that you want to,” she urged, hoping Candy would finally succumb.

Candy sat there for an hour or, at least it seemed like one. She knew that this would be crossing a threshold, a new experience. She had never been with another woman and yet, she was not opposed to the idea. She had only wanted to watch her guy with Carrie and she’d already gone a bit past that. Would this really do any harm? She knew that Michael wouldn’t judge her or stop her.

Candy got up out of her chair and approached Carrie. The vision of the pretty brunette stretched out on their bed, legs spread wide in lewd invitation finally got to her. “You win you gorgeous bitch,” she said as she began licking her first pussy. “We’re going to be lovers.” Carrie let out an excited squeal and made sure Candy got all the pussy juice and cum she could ever desire. The girls were in a hot sixty-nine just as the New Year began. By 3 AM, Michael had fucked both women several times and they were still hungry for each other by the time he collapsed.

Candy worried it would adversely affect her friendship with Carrie, now that they’d been sexually intimate. It didn’t happen, their closeness grew and the sexual attraction remained. The two friends didn’t go overboard, but there were a few more encounters, both with Michael and without. Candy had to know if it was a one-time thing and if she was only interested in Carrie in tandem with Michael. It wasn’t and she wasn’t.

One thing had changed as of late and that was her relationship with Michael. Candy couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but something was off-kilter. They still had sex and it was still good, but not great. Passion seemed to have cooled down. Michael didn’t initiate sex and she didn’t make an issue of it when he didn’t. Something was wrong and needed to be fixed. Candy wracked her brain and came up with a solution.

Michael got a call from his lady to come home early from work. She said that she had a “special surprise” for him. As it was nearing his birthday, he wondered if perhaps she had arranged for Carrie to join them again. The two of them were closer than ever, so it wouldn’t surprise him. Michael then realized it likely wouldn’t be Carrie, because her presence wouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Had she invented another girl to join them in bed? That might be fun. Or would it be another man? He wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect of sharing Candy, but it was only fair. She had let him fuck Candy, after all. He would have to rein in his jealousy if that was what she had chosen.

He entered the house and didn’t see Candy anywhere. What manisa escort the hell was going on? She called him home early and now she wasn’t even around? Then he looked down and saw the note with only one word on it: “bedroom”. Whatever she had planned, it did involve sex. He was glad of that because things had been a little lackluster as of late. A bit of an adventure would be welcome about now.

He walked into his bedroom and saw that the lights were dimmed. When his eyesight adjusted, he saw a sexy, long-haired brunette stretched across the bed. It wasn’t Carrie, her hair was too long. This hot bitch was wearing a latex dress that laced up the back, hosiery and high heels. She had some body on her, for their next threesome, Candy had chosen well. “Well, hello there, you pretty thing,” he said as he moved closer. “Are you here to play with us?”

The girl nodded. “With you, yes. Candy thought you might like to meet me. My name is Angel, I’m a new friend of hers,” she purred. Something seemed unusual and when Michael got close enough that he could make the girl out clearly, he saw what that something was. “Angel” was Candy in a long, curly brunette wig. His sexy girlfriend was dressed this way just for him. The dress pushed her tits up and in the latex hosiery and black high heels; she looked totally different, wanton and whorish. God, he hadn’t wanted to fuck her this much in ages.

“So, are you an angel?” Michael went along with the game.

“Mmm, not always,” Candy / Angel purred. “Sometimes, I’m a little demon. I know that I’m a devil in bed.”

“Care to prove that, little lady?” Michael grinned, still enjoying the role play.

“You know it, stud,” Angel grinned. “Candy told me hands off and that I’m not supposed to fuck you, but screw her! Look at the way I’m dressed. This girl came for one thing only – fucking! Give it to me and really make me feel it!”

Michael sensed the game was not to be played in the usual manner that he and Candy partook of. Foreplay would not be necessary, she was anxious to fuck right here, right now. Okay, he could do that. Seeing her in that black latex and high heels had already stiffened his cock, he made short work of his clothes and stood in front of her. “Wow,” Angel / Candy said in mock awe “Candy was right, your dad must have been a fuckin’ mule. That’s okay; I like big cocks, especially if the guy knows how to use it.” She stroked it a few times and sucked on it for a few minutes. Then, the newly-brunette young woman lifted her skirt. She wore nothing underneath it. Angel got on all fours and wiggled her gorgeous rump. “Fuck me like a bitch in heat Mike, don’t stop, be a little rough if you wanna. I like it that way,” she said to him.

Michael decided his course of action. He got behind his girlfriend, enjoying the lewd way she was acting. He grabbed on as best he could and slid his cock into her cunt from behind and really started to fuck her. He wasn’t gentle at all and “Angel” seemed to be getting off on the rough sex. Testing a theory, he swatted her ass a number of times. She howled back at him and called him filthy names, but she also fucked back even harder than she had been. Whatever had possessed Candy to summon Angel, he was glad of it. Angel was a truly nasty whore and seemed ready for anything. He wondered if Angel might even let him fuck her ass? He decided not to push his luck. She was running this show and the little slut was really into it.

“Harder, fuck the hell out of me, you motherfucker!” Angel howled. She was having trouble focusing her eyes because Michael’s cock was pounding into her so deep. She knew that orgasm was imminent, not that she hadn’t already enjoyed a small one previously. She had stoked the fire but Michael’s reception towards “Angel” had lit it. Her pussy contracted as her body trembled. Her body went into spasms of climax, one of the best in a very long while. Inside of her, she could feel Michael’s body surging towards his own end. She spun around and slid him into her mouth, deeper than she could ever remember taking him. His thick cum almost choked her and it had never been that hot before, nor had there been that much of it. She used every trick she could remember to capture the entirety of his spunk.

The young lovers collapsed together on the bed. The fantasy was over, at least for the moment. “Wow,” Michael breathed. “Not that I’m complaining, but what the hell got into you? What inspired this?”

“I thought Carrie looked great in black PVC and it inspired a fetish of my own,” Candy answered. “You seem to like the latex. I think it looks hot on me, so did the salesgirl.”

“Did you …?”

“I’ll never tell, but she is having lunch with me and Carrie next week,” Candy grinned evilly. She sat up and smiled. “I think I’ll go make us something to eat to replenish our strength. Then we’re going for Round Two. I think you’re up for it,” Candy smiled, before she added “Hey, how do you think I’d look as a redhead?”

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