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I am sitting in the dark, breathing in and out, slowly, with a man I do not know seated directly across from me, hoping he will hypnotize me into forgetting about my broken heart. How I wish with all of my heart, all the broken pieces, that this will work. I have tried conventional and unconventional means – psychotherapy, acupuncture, keeping busy, working more, talking with friends, anti-depressants, time – hoping all these would heal me, but nothing. And now here I am, having found someone reputable – you – in a directory of hypnotherapists. Your ad looked comforting, friendly, and you did not disappoint when you opened your door this evening and invited me into your home, which doubles as your treatment office. The patient before me was just finishing up writing his check – he seemed relaxed and calm, and this reassured me, especially when you informed me that he was being treated for a nicotine addiction. He did not seem the least bit nervous or fidgety. This seemed like an excellent sign to me. I sat in the outer room for a moment, and looked over my shoulder at him as he walked away. He stopped at a trashcan outside your building, and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, and I thought, “Uh-oh”, but then he took the whole pack, dumped it in the trashcan, and got in his car. Excellent. How nice for him, how encouraging for me.

You smile and I already feel at ease. You were kind to agree to take me at such a late hour, but I work until late each night, and I could not get away earlier. Clearly, you bent over backwards to accommodate me, especially since your schedule had been packed with clients during the day. You do look a little tired, and I feel embarrassed, but you smile again and continue to make me feel comfortable and welcome.

After filling out some insurance forms, I follow you to the treatment room, a tiny but cozy little anteroom with latte-colored walls. There is one light fixture close to the wall with a charming, Venetian lace design on the shade, and little beads dripping from the trim all the way around. Its bulb must be 25 watts, or even less, because the room is filled with shadows, and dim, although inviting. Feminine curtains tied with sweet little bows dress the window. Ahhh. Extremely soothing. I feel a little drowsy and we haven’t even begun. Perhaps it really is perfect to attempt hypnosis at night, when one may be more susceptible than ever. You gesture to a large, overstuffed chair on the right and seat yourself in another one facing me.

You sit down and remind me that I had already told you over the phone that I was here to get over a sad ending to a love gaziantep escort affair, that ended almost a year ago, and I was having trouble letting go of my sadness. Once again, I begin to tear up, but I tell myself, “Not now.” I look up and you are gazing at me so sympathetically that I begin to cry, silently, tears now rolling down my cheeks.

“Let’s begin,”

you say, not brusquely, not in too businesslike a way, but softly, to signal me that you are determined to not waste my time, and I respect that. We are both at the end of our evenings but determined to work together on this.

You hold up a shiny object I cannot identify. Is it a watch that old-time hypnotists used to use? I expected that, not knowing exactly how this might work. But the room’s lighting is so soft, comforting, that I cannot make it out. Still, you ask me to focus on it for a moment, while you count. You ask me to count with you in my mind, as you count out loud for the two of us. For the two of us, for the two of us. I wonder why you keep repeating this, but I feel tingly. I feel wrapped in your care, completely trusting.

“Count with me in your mind,”

you say, and I attempt to follow your lead as you count for what seems like forever. I work very hard to focus on the shiny object as you softly entreat me to, but I have had such a long day, and I am so tired, so overcome by the heaviness of the day. My eyes close.

My body is limp, but I am standing. I am warm, now hot, and getting hotter. You are not with me. I feel an even greater heat, and it is very pleasant. My skin feels moist, as if I am standing in a very warm rain. My eyes open, and I am awake/not awake, feeling so good, so much pleasure in the warm rain, and I realize that I am in a beautiful shower. The tile is Moroccan, dark red brick with a blue curlycue design. Hands are encircling my waist, and I look down at them. They are yours; I noticed them when you pointed to the chair in the treatment room. I feel excited, but beautifully calm. You are soaping me from behind, and massaging my back, and I am feeling ecstasy at your touch. I am still standing, but not tense, not limp, I am comfortable and happy and feeling loved all over. I hear your voice, muffled but soothing, telling me what I would like you to do to me, and I smile and nod silently. You are massaging my buttocks now, opening and closing them in a way that arouses me tremendously, and I feel a stiffness rubbing against my buttocks, and I want this. I feel so wonderful, as if I only want to exist in the now, in this shower, with you, happy and content, hatay escort your body rubbing itself against mine. Your right hand presses my mons, and you slip a finger into my waiting, slippery pussy. I moan and almost pass out from pleasure. I see you pick up the conditioner and squirt it on my belly, and I lick my lips. You take your finger out, rub the conditioner from my tummy on your hand, and reinsert two fingers, then press down firmly with a third, entering me again. You spread my legs and bend me slightly forward, ever so gently, until your beautiful cock finds its way into my vagina. It slips in easily, with the conditioner.

“In-and-out, in-and-out, say it with me in your mind,”

you say soothingly, although I can hear you getting a little excited. I am like your puppet, so eager to please you by letting you use my willing body. You cup my breasts and pinch them ever so slightly, teasing them, and enter me over and over. I back into you and almost ride you with my pussy.

“Say it with me in your mind, over and over. In-and-out, in-and-out…”

The water feels warm, amazing. Somehow, it feels like I am back, standing in a warm rain. My eyes close.

I feel dry, but comforted, like I have a fluffy bathrobe on. Somehow, my skin feels moist and pleasant, but I no longer feel water. Instead, I wake and my face is upturned toward the ceiling of a lovely, warm, dark room, and I am rocking back and forth, moaning a little. I feel an enormous, hard penis inside me once again, and I realize that although I am sleepy, someone is making love to me. My hands are behind me on either side of a fluffy feather bed with a charming baby blue slip cover, and I am straddling you, fucking you gently and slowly as we are both facing the foot of the bed. Your hands, on my hips from behind, lift me and lower me over and over as I moan and beg you to keep going. Your huge manhood is something I seem to not be able to get enough of; I beg you and beg you to fuck me more and more. I hear you say something.

“Yes, of course, my pet. In-and-out, in-and-out, I want to do this for you, I want to please you. Say it with me in your mind, “I want you to please me. I want you to please me.”

I open my mouth but I cannot speak. I mouth the words and I say them over and over in my mind, as I let you lift me and lower me, lift me and lower me, manipulate my pussy with your finger, play with it, rub it, do anything you wish with me. I am your little slave, and no master ever had a slave more eager to please. My eyes close.

My hands are wet, and hot, and I feel so delightful. hatay escort I open my eyes and there you are in front of me, with your back to the showerhead, and my arms are around your neck. Your cock is hard, and inside me, and I feel slippery and delightful once again. You smile, and I realize that I am looking at you in natural light. You are rocking me back and forth in the shower, slowly bringing me onto your cock and then just as slowly inching me away, then slowly toward you again, then away. It is a fun little game, and I am once again eager for you. I smile as you catch my huge tits in your mouth, playfully bite them and suck as if I will feed you with them. I kneel down and think about the happiness I will have to take your huge cock in my mouth, run my tongue over it, over and over, love it, suck it, bring it down my throat. Delicious.

“Please me, please me, please me, say this with me in your mind,” you say.

I hear you and I am your obedient little pet. Now I am riding your cock again, like it is my pony. I am wet, I want it to go on forever. You slam me into you and it just makes me want more.

“More, more, more, you want more,” you say lowly, still gently.

“Yes, more, more, more,” I repeat in my mind.

“Everytime that you think of this lost love and feel sad, I want you to replace that feeling, with one of being fucked gently, slowly, over and over and over,” you say. “I want you to feel moist, then wet, then dripping with juices from your vagina. Feel only that. We will replace the pain with happiness. No one will know but you. You may practice this anywhere – at work, at home, while shopping. You will feel climaxed, orgasmic, fulfilled, like you don’t need him, like you already had him.”

My eyes close.

I open them and you are kneeling in front of me, slowly pulling up my panties, dressing me. You do not look at me, because you are suddenly focused on my mons, which is hot and feels wet. You place your mouth on it and lick and lick, and begin to suck it, then suck harder and hold me firmly as I begin to whimper with pleasure.

“Well, I do not have another client coming soon, but perhaps, since you are such a good little girl, such an eager subject,” you say, and your voice trails off for just a second.

“This is what you are saying in your mind,” you say, “I love to be sucked and fondled and kissed by you. I love to be fucked by you. I love your big cock. I love you entering me from behind. I want all these things, to be fucked all night. I love all this, and I will come with you soon, I will come with you soon, I will let you fuck me soon.” My eyes close.

My eyes open and I am walking confidently down the steps of your building. I stand at the curb smiling, looking for a cab, your business card in my hand.

I feel like I have finally hit on something that will work.

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