Chip Wendy Dan Nancy Carl – Story 07

Big Dicks

Please read the previous stories. Sorry for the piles of narration, I have to move this story forward faster.


The sale of the mansion was completed. They would all move in together in a week. Their homes were put up for sale. Carl and Nancy were stunned and wanted to throw a good bye party. It took some convincing, but Carl convinced them to just help with the house warming party. Spring was here and flowers were blooming all over the new property. Riz has leads on selling their present homes that turn into sales contracts. Everything is going beautifully.

It is an early morning and Chip and Dani were snuggled together at Chips house. Chip was teasing Dani by nibbling on Dani’s perfect leaking breasts. When Dani put her hands to Chips chest and said “Chip, what if I wanted to go all the way?”

Chip said “All the way where? You’re about as striking a woman as you can be? What are you looking for?”

“I’m thinking it’s time to get a real vagina.”

“Ohhhh, have you spoken to your doctor?”

“Yes, and she said yes. And my therapist said yes. And I just haven’t mentioned it to Wendy. That’s going to be a killer.”

“Well Dani, your penis is gone. Wendy’s going to feel a sentimental loss, but as a couple, you guys are still tight. If you need the money, I’ll gladly help.”

“That’s a relief. I’m telling Wendy today.”

And with a grimace, Dani added “And I did schedule it for the end of the month.”


Wendy and Dani’s conversation happened over breakfast with both of them in tears and laughing about the silliness of worrying about a half inch penis and being excited about a new vagina.


That weekend, they moved into the new digs. Dani and Wendy flirt with the movers getting extra favors done all over the place. The bed’s in place, the boxes with clothes moved right to the walk-in closets. The two woman slaved away and even got Chip’s closet setup. The first night they did something just for fun. They spiked Chip’s dinner with a generic Viagra.


“Honey, how are you feeling?” asked Wendy as she wrapped her arms around Chips back. Her right hand slid down to realize he was sporting a boner of impressive stiffness.

“Ah, kind of hard!?!”

“I know, we spiked your dinner. We want you to have a boner for an entire 4 hours ’cause we’re gonna christen every room tonight. You gonna do both of us. Don’t worry, you got this. You’ve got us.”

All Chip could do was laugh. Several rooms later after fucking Wendy on the kitchen counter, bending her over the couch in the TV room, having a blow job from Dani in the foyer and plowing Dani’s butt on the stairs. Chip just collapsed at the top of the stairs. He was still erect, so Wendy sat on him and had his last bit of boner up her ass.

Chip gasped “Guys, I’m dry. We’re going to live here a while, maybe we take a week or so to finish this christening?”

Wendy was mounted on top of him slowly grinding her hips. Dani was laying to his side with her head propped up on his hand. Smirking as she fingered her right nipple.

“Ok, we’ll give you a break. Need some nourishment?” Dani said with a smile.

“Not until I come one more time! Just hold up!” said Wendy with her eyes barely open.

“If I’m going to live with you two, I’m going to need a food taster.”

“Nah, they’d constantly be walking around with a boner…” said Dani. “Might be handy if you find a cute one.”


Sunday night, they had a small collection of friends over. It was their version of a homecoming party.

Carl and Nancy wandered in with dropped jaws. The big surprise was Wendy’s friend Susan, the pharmacist. She walked in and laid her eyes on Dani and stopped.

“Dan?” she said.

“Yep, it’s Dani now.” she replied with a big smile. “Susan, how are you? It’s been ages. We need to catch up!”

“We didn’t know you knew Dan” said Wendy and Chip in unison. “He / She is the product of your instructions.”

Dani and Chip pulled Susan into the small room off the foyer. ” Susan, do you want to see the results of our project?”

Susan could only shake her head in the affirmative while she watched Dani peel off her dress, bra and shimmy out of her thong.

“Dani, where is your penis? Are your breasts leaking?”

“Susan, thank you. That’s all I can say. My penis is shrunk to a little nub from what ever drug Chip put on this gaff that I wore for about five weeks. I understand that ‘info’ came from you? And my breasts, growth and lactation status is again, from information gotten from you. I can only thank you. I’m actually having surgery in a few weeks to . . .”

Nancy popped up behind them asking “Can we do Carl? Can we do Carl?”

“Only if Carl says we can, Nancy” said Chip. “We’ll look at that later.”

Susan was quiet. She turned to Chip and said “Can we talk? Alone?”

“Sure, what’s up? Let’s go to my lab.”

In the lab, Susan said “Well, I’m glad I’m not involved with all of that, not sure about the legality, but I’m wondering if there’s anything else you’re coming up with. I’ve çekmeköy escort lost my job and am looking for what we might call ‘consulting’ work.”

“Aw, ok. First, could you sign this? It’s a ND agreement. I have some heavy weight sponsors that get squeamish about what I talk to and to who I talk to.”

“Ok, I will sign it.”

“Are you familiar with the Sybec sex toy. It’s like a log with a penis that vibrates? I’ve got a competitor.” Chip said as he turned to pull the cloth off a contraption that looked a little like a motorcycle with hands instead of handle bars. “I need you. I need a woman. I need to do a woman and man version of this. A person just mounts this, wait, I need you to mount it.”

Susan looked dubious, but started to climb on when Chip said “you’re going to want to lose that dress. Sorry, we’re all adults here. And it is a sex toy. I won’t run it in the intercourse mode, but you’ll get a better idea as to how this is going to fit.”

Susan climbed off and shimmied out of her dress. She had a beautiful matching bra and panties set that was covering a surprisingly toned body set off with a great set of boobs.

“You can keep the bra and panties on. Unless you…”

“Unless I what?”

“I can run this 100 percent through its paces if you’d like to give it a try. You’d need to lose the bra and panties and agree to let it penetrate you. This has never been tried.” and in a hushed voice he added “Wendy and Dani don’t know it exists yet. And until Dani loses the penis and Wendy has her baby, I can’t really test it with them. I’d pay a tester’s fee?”

“God, I had a feeling I’d be getting fucked if I came to this party.” She stopped and looked at Chip. She looked at the machine again. “I haven’t gotten fucked in a while. What’s the fee?”

“I’d give you a $500 visa card. Non-traceable, non-taxable money.”

Susan smiled and said “now I’m getting fucked before I even get on the machine. But I need the money and I… ” she looked down shyly “need the fucking.”

She peeled off her bikini bottom and revealed a beautiful shaved pussy. “Freshly waxed, like I said, I thought I’d get fucked if I came to this party.” and with that she popped out her breasts and stood in front of Chip completely nude.

“Well hopefully, coming to this party meant you’re going to cum at this party. Here, let me help you up.” He held her up by her waist as she climbed on like climbing on a horse. “Your feet go here and your pubic mound will fit into this indent. Lean forward all the way and hold the hands by interlocking your fingers. Your breasts fit into these indents.”

“It’s so soft. It feels like skin. And it’s warm.”

“Ah, that’s the vixskin. I pay a lot for the royalties on that surface. The entire piece is covered with it except the base of course. And it’s heated to body temperature.”

“Now what?”

“Press back on the ‘wrists’ of the controller. That will start a slow vibration.”

The machine began to hum softly.

“Now, here’s our options. Thumbs are starters. Right hand first two fingers is all vagina. Left hand first two fingers is all anal. The first finger is depth. The second finger is circumference. The ring finger is breast suction and manipulation. Right is right and left is left. And the pinkie is a lube pump for their respective sides… And if you bend the first finger at the nuckel, you’ll lock in a inand out motion on that tool. Yes, I know that’s a lot. Go slow. with tiny presses. Tap the pinkies before pressing the first fingers.”

Susan was frozen, so Chip leaned over and took her right hand and slowly worked it through the motions. He tilted back the wrist and the vibration got faster. He pushed the pinkie all the way back and Susan said “Oh!” with a surprised face as a pump spayed her vagina with a heavy warm lube.

Next Chip pushed the index finger slowly back while he was looking at Susan’s backside. The hole for the female mound was all encompassing so he couldn’t see what was going on. “Just let me know when you feel it.”

Susan said “Oh!” again and shifted her hips a bit. “It’s in me.”

“Too deep? The thickness is that of a finger now. I’ll let you adjust it.”

Susan put her face down in concentration and worked the two fingers “I, I think I’ve got. I’ve …” and she closed her eyes again. She bent the finger at the knuckle and Chip could tell the rhythmic intercourse motion had started by watching the muscle and fat of her toned beautiful ass bounce up and down.

“Don’t forget the other hand and its options. And your breasts. Tweak that ring finger.”

Susan pushed the ring fingers back and almost immediately giggled. “Oh, that’s nice!”

She was starting to sweat. Chip could see the beads of sweat on her ass. “Don’t forget the other hand” he said.

Susan said “I don’t usually do anal on the first date, but since you’re paying.” she popped the left finger down.

“Susan, remember to lube!”

Susan pressed the left pinkie down.

A curled piece came up and found her anus, softly pressing into her. cevizli escort It sprayed lube into her and stayed, awaiting her to push the finger further. It wasn’t more than a finger thick but Chip had modeled in on his anal ready toy and once it was in, its ball head would swell and make room for more.

Susan pressed harder on that finger and it pushed inside. She pressed too hard on the next finger and it swelled maybe a bit too fast for her so she pulled it back to something comfortable. She then crooked the finger and it began its programmed in and out.

“Ok Susan, I think you have this. I’m going back to the party and let you have your orgasm in private.”

“Oooonnn ok” she moaned.


Chip walked back into the party and came upon Riz, Wendy and Nancy watching Carl and Dani. Wendy was drinking a water. Nancy had a beer. Dani and Carl had had several shots of something and it had gotten down to Dani was sucking on Carl while Carl sat in a side chair.

“Hi Riz” said Chip.

“I didn’t know you were going to have a orgy home warming party” she joked.

“Where’s Susan?” said Wendy.

“Always an orgy here Riz. And Susan is doing something for me.” Chip said.

Carl was orgasming and slid out of the chair on to the floor. Dani had moved over him on her hands and knees and was feeding him her breasts.

“Any moment now I should put on my strap on and go fuck him” said Nancy. “Unless any of you want the pleasure?”

“I want to do Dani” said Riz. “With or without a strap on. He’s getting his penis removed? God, I love her breasts. I’m sorry Wendy!”

Wendy snorted and said “I’m a beached whale here watching my husband suck down and breast feed my best friend’s husband. Nope, you’re not upsetting me at all. It’s comic tragedy at its finest.” And she leaned over and kissed Riz on the lips. “I share with my friends.”

Chip piled on the couch between Wendy and Nancy almost spilling his beer in the process.

“Where’s Susan?” Wendy asked him again.

“She’s in the lab, trying out a new toy. Not to worry.”

“I’ve gotta pee” said Wendy and she got up and convincingly lost her way to the bathroom to go find the lab.

She entered to see Susan in the middle of what had to be her third or forth or more orgasm on top of what looked to be a flesh colored motorcycle.

When Susan sensed that Wendy was there she started to slowly bend the fingers back which slowed the vibrations, thinned out the dildos and pulled the toys out. Susan laid there both vagina and ass gaping to the room.

“So Susan, are ya having fun?”

“Oh my god, is this what Chip does? Help me off this. I don’t have my legs. I must have come a dozen times.”

Wendy helped her friend dismount. “Are you ok?”

Susan wiped her hair back and looked at Wendy. She said quietly “can I take a shower here?”

“Sure Susan, I’m going to wrap this towel around you and take you back to our bathroom.”

Susan grabbed her dress, sandals and went to grab her bra and bikini, but missed them, almost falling over.

“I’ll get that. Come on.” Wendy said helping her friend up.

The two of them shuffled together through the door and down the hall towards the stairs. Unfortunately this path took them through the living room where everyone was still watching Dani and Carl. They stopped for a quick moment when Chip called out to Susan.

“Susan, are you ok? How was it? I need to know about your experience.”

Somehow standing there, Susan’s towel dropped to the floor and she stood there in front of everyone completely nude. The shine of lube dripping out was apparent between her thighs. The shine of sweat on her breasts. Even Dani and Carl stopped to look at her.

“It was awesome.” she said in a soft voice. “I need to shower. I’ll be back.”

Wendy gathered up the towel and said “we’ll be right back.”

Riz looked at Nancy and said “Wow, they have interesting parties.”

Everyone spent the night. Nancy and Carl spending it in the spare bedroom where everyone was certain they heard the moans of Carl receiving Nancy’s strap on.

Riz curled up on the couch and Susan curled up on the other couch.


The next morning Carl woke Susan and said “Hey wakie wakie. Can we have breakfast out by the pool?” He had a clipboard with tons of notes and a big comfortable hotel style robe.

She drowsily got up. Took the robe and stood up. She peeled off her dress and underwear under the robe. “I hate wearing night clothes in the morning.” she said with a sly grin as she slid into the robe showing a wonderful cleavage and long beautiful legs.

Chip had made pancakes for the two of them with strawberries, blueberries and slices of banana on top. He had orange juice and a coffee for her all set on a tray. There was an envelope with several visa gift credit cards on Susan’s tray.

“Ok, Susan” he said, stopping with a pregnant pause. “What did you think?”

Susan looked down and said “wonderful breakfast. Wait, you didn’t do breakfast for the others?”

“I erenköy escort know them. Not up till 11:00. I’ll do something later. More brunch like.”

“Ok. Let me start. That ‘ride'” she said with finger quotes around the ride. “It turned me to mush. I had to get Wendy to help me off and well, I was so rattled, I didn’t mean to flash the entire party.”

“Yeah, that was fun. You’ve got a great figure.” Chip said with a smile.

“I think I’d be able to figure out the controls if I actually owned it and used it more than that quick trial. I…” and she looked around, a little embarrassed “don’t usually do anal.”

“In this house, anal is our forte. I’ve got Dani with an ass and no vagina, well, yet, and Wendy, who is actually a bit of an anal queen. But I understand. I’d never gone that route until on night where Wendy…” and he stopped, just waving his hands around. “For a man, the ass has a prostate and a prostate orgasm is king. Vibration and insertion in a woman works pretty darn well towards that orgasm goal.”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. I must have orgasmed 5, 10 times. I lost count. And anal was a big part of it. How fat do those dildos go?”

“They can grow to about soda can size. And the head of the anal probe is just shy of racquet ball size. On the toy – that paid for his house by the way – that ball will sense an orgasm and fill you with a synthetic cum or just lube right then for a simultaneous orgasm feel. “

“The breast stimulation was nice. Honestly, thinking about this, I think the only issue was my lack of knowledge on what settings I’d like for me.”

“Yeah, I figured that. But each time being different or different options would be good too.”


“Ok, here’s what I’m going to suggest. This machine is going to retail for a lot of money. If you’re up to it and your wobbly legs can handle it. I would like you, at your convenience, to come over here and test ride this toy as often as you can. I’ll keep everyone off this one. It’s yours in a matter of speaking. Reduced rate on the testing though.”

Susan looked down at her coffee and with a shy smile said “Let me go home and change. I’ll be back tonight. And maybe I’ll bring a change of clothes this time. And I’d almost pay for the rides so what ever the rate is fine.”


An hour later, while Chip sat a the pool with the paper, Dani came down the walk way. Topless and in a tight bikini bottom. She had become a strikingly beautiful woman.

“Where are the others?”

Dani said “Wendy and Nancy and Riz are doing a breakfast thing. I don’t think Carl is up.”

She stopped for a minute and said “Chip, what do you think about Carl doing the same thing as I did?”

“Oh god, Nancy’s gone bonkers asking me. Here’s the thing, you asked for it. It sounds to me like Nancy’s trying to foist it on him.”

“I agree but I think he might be into it more than we’re giving him credit. He was wild about my ‘bod’ last night. And in a way that made me think it was jealousy, not only lust.”

“Does it seem like he’s on some sort of sedative or drug?”

“Didn’t affect his boner or his ability to cum. Carl is definitely more feminine and submissive than I remember. Nancy is much more masculine than I remember.”

“Ok, I’ll see. Not wild about doing it and I have this other project so I’m a little focused elsewhere.”

“Yeah, what was that with Susan last night? A woman comes to a party. I get naked for her. She and you walk off and she comes back from the lab an hour later fucked out of her brains.”

Chip laughed. “New toy in the house. You don’t have a vagina yet. Wendy has too much belly. I needed a tester. Might have used Riz, but Susan offered. I want to use her for pharmacy and health stuff. This was an intro and I think I hit this intro out of the park” he said with a big grin. “She’ll be back, probably tonight.”


That night, just before dinner was done, Wendy’s water broke. And as Dani, Chip and Wendy went flying out the door, Susan was coming the other way with an overnight bag. She was dressed in jeans and college sweatshirt, still looking great.

Chip handed her a key and frantically said “Baby! Baby! Baby! Wish us luck. Make yourself at home. The machine is plugged in and I did write the instructions down for you this time. See you later?”

Susan reached in and kissed Wendy “Good Luck!” She then kissed Chip on the cheek and said “Aye aye boss. Good luck!”


Susan let herself in and grabbed a bottle of wine. She took an inadvertent tour of the house while trying to find the lab. Found the lab, popped open the wine and sat there looking at the machine and the list of instructions that Chip had left.

She’d never had so many orgasms in one night as the night before on this contraption.

She peeled off her jeans and sweatshirt. Wasn’t wearing anything else. And stood next to the machine running her hands over the skin surface. There were things she hadn’t noticed the night before: The hollow areas for her breasts, the hollow area for her pubic mound. She examined the opening and the dildo that came out of that. She gingerly pulled the anal prob out and looked at it. She saw that if she twisted it, it got fatter. She looked at the hands that served as controls. They looked like they were modeled on an elegant woman’s hands.

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