Laura packed up her things and left work. She slung her bag over her shoulder, and headed out door. Just like every other Thursday evening, off to the train for her ride home. The first thing to catch her attention was the limo parked right outside the door. The second thing was the man in the tuxedo holding a sign reading “Laura”.

“Can I help you?” she said, glancing around looking for an explanation.

“You must be Laura, I’m here to pick you up.”

“Why…who sent you?”

“I can’t tell you a name, my instructions are simply to drive you to your destination. Other than that, I am to give you no information, but at any time you wish leave, you just have to say so. I will drop you off anywhere you like.” The woman wasn’t about to trust a stranger in the middle of the city.

But, life was getting a little boring, “Why not, a little adventure might be fun, but anything funny and I’m outta’ here.”

The chauffer opened the door; inside Laura found a very nice spread. Champagne, a rack of top shelf liquors, a tray of fresh fruit, and her favorite snack, were all at her fingers. She dove right in, poured herself a glass, and eased the hunger pains that haunted her all afternoon. “I’ve got to remember to eat lunch,” she thought to herself.

“How long ’til we get there?” she asked, finishing her first glass.

“Relax, it will be a little while,” and Laura settled in for the ride.

She opened her eyes, pushed off a blanket, not knowing when she fell asleep or for how long, “Where are we?” It was almost dawn, the time when the line between land and sky is a deep purple. The color that royalty always wanted their capes to be, but could never quite get it right. They were driving across a large bridge, into a city she recognized, “it can’t be, no way…” A single spire dominated the center of the skyline, two identical towers loomed at the end of the city, and further away a huge statue of lady holding a torch kept watch. “We can’t be? Where the hell are we.”

“I can’t tell you ma’am, but you’re fine, and can be home in minutes. All you have to do is ask.”

The streets of Manhattan where quiet and the drive through central park was pleasant, while the limo wound its way through the maze of midtown. Finally the car came to stop in front of a brown stone, on a quaint, well kept, street. The driver opened the rear door, holding out a hand, and helped the gorgeous, if confused, lady to her feet. “I’ll wait right here, until you’re ready to leave.”

“How long will it take to get back?”

“No time at all, ma’am, no time at all.”

She knew it was a lie, but for some reason, she believed him. Laura climbed the stairs, and noticed it was not a single residence. There were several buttons next to the obviously locked door. She read the names, but did not recognize any. A look back at the street showed her, the limo was gone, “What the Hell”. She read the names again, planning to push them all, or go home, but noticed her name next to one, “that wasn’t there…whatever”. She pushed the button. No reply came back across the speaker, only the buzz of the door that meant it was unlocked. Laura pushed her way in wondering what apartment she should go to. When she reached the front hall her question was answered. A line of rose petals, starting just inside the door, ran up through the hall and up the staircase. She followed the trail to the third floor, down a hall and to a plain looking door. Laura knocked hard and waited. Nothing. She knocked again.

“How was the trip?” the voice was right behind the door.

“Hello? Who are you?”

“Did you have a nap? You sounded tired earlier. I hope you got some rest.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. So, can I come in?” The door opened, slowly, stopping about half way. Laura cautiously stepped inside. The room was lit by several candles, two in holders on the wall, others scattered around the room. U2’s “With or Without You” filled the air. It was a modest apartment. The couch and T.V. were the obvious Bostancı Fetiş Escort main features of the room. The “L” shaped room opened up to a dining area, with a large glass topped table under a very ornate chandelier. It was then that she noticed no one was there to greet her, “Hello?”

“I’m here,” the voice came from down the hall, too dark to see past the dining room, “but you have a few decisions to make before we meet face to face.”

“Like what?”

“You’ll find several things on the table. I want you to choose one and bring it with you down the hall. You will have to decide on other things tonight too, I want this to be as much yours as it is mine.”

Laura walked over to the table. A basket sat at the near end, holding what must have been the rest of the rose petals. There were several items laid out one after the other.A few surprised her. A bottle of scented massage oil, a pair of handcuffs, a plate of strawberries and bowl of melted chocolate, “damn too bad I’m full” she thought, a wooded hairbrush for only one real purpose, a rather large vibrator, a small pile of clothespins, and a camera, “Well you covered just about everything,” she joked.

“Just wanted to make sure you had options.”

“Well you did that,” she said as she perused the objects. She picked up the bottle of massage oil; opened the top and sniffed. The image of flowers came to mind, soft velvety, lavender. She imagined the smell as if she were lying on her stomach naked, while strong hands rubbed the warm oil into her thighs, calves, shoulders, back. Smooth hands traveling up and down her body. Stress and tension melting way as passion rose to replace them. She pictured herself turning over and those same slippery hands moving along her arms, ribs, across her chest. Slick fingers squeezed her breasts. Her nipples sliding out of gentle pinches. Soft kisses on her neck, eyes closed, his legs holding her hips in place. Well-oiled bodies, twisting, turning, and rubbing, together. Next she picked up the handcuffs, interesting, but no she wanted to be able move tonight. Laura dipped the end of her pinky into the chocolate, brought it to her lips, and tasted the liquid candy. Sweet, sticky, she imagined it dripping onto her breasts as she stood in front of him, a strawberry half in her mouth, half in his. Both of them biting the fruit, and then him leaning forward and cleaning her heaving chest with his mouth. Making circles around her nipples, flicking his tongue quickly over the rings, making them flip from up to down; his hands then moving down her back, cupping her ass, pulling her into him. Feeling his erection pressing into her thigh. She wanted to kneel down and take him in her mouth. Holding him there, listening to him moan with pleasure as she sucked and moved her head back and forth. Taking him faster, harder, he would start to thrust his hips into her, her muffled moans getting louder and louder until he exploded in her mouth. She snapped out of it, “Whoa, don’t need the chocolate sauce for that, let’s see what else we have. Vibrator? hmm, well hopefully we’ll have something that can take its place.”

Laura picked up one of the clothespins. While she always enjoyed having her nipples pinched and sucked, she had never tried anything as severe as a nipple clamps, or clothes pins. She opened the wooden fastener and gently set it on the end of her finger. Laura was surprised by the initial pain, but noticed it quickly dulled. She stared at the clamp, her other hand unconsciously moving to her breast. She began pinching her erect nipple through her shirt. Laura imagined that the sensation on her fingertip was coming from her breast. Her breath became deeper, and her pinch stronger. Laura brought the end of the pin to her mouth and opened it with teeth. She released her nipple and let the blood flow again. When she caught her breath, she returned to her selections. “The Camera?” she thought, “Well maybe for souvenirs, but no.”

Her gaze went back to hairbrush. Bostancı Gecelik Escort She lifted it, heavier than she thought. She raised it and brought it down on her palm. The smack startled her. “Well, if it’s too much, I guess I can always be on the giving side of it,” she thought, and took the hairbrush. Walking slowly down the dark hallway, she saw a strip of light coming out from under the door, obviously from candles by the way it flickered. Laura paused outside the door, taking a deep breath.

“So you’ve made your choice?”

“Yeah, I…”

He interrupted, “Don’t tell me, I’ll know soon enough. You have another choice now. Whatever you’re holding can be used by me, on you, or the other way around. Again, it’s your decision. If you want me to use it on you, then take off your clothes before coming in. If you prefer to use it, open the door, come in, and I’ll strip for you.”

“Hmmm…” she weighed the brush in her hand, tapping her palm, “might be fun to use this on someone. On the other hand, I would like to find out what its like.” Images of what he’d look like lying on the bed naked, getting spanked. She waved the brush through the air, as if giving him a spanking in slow motion. Her hand unconsciously went to her bottom. Rubbing her palm against her cheek as if she’d already gotten smacked.

Laura had made up her mind; she unbuttoned her jeans, slid them down her hips, kicked her shoes into the corner, and removed all her clothes. The apartment didn’t seem cold until now. She clutched the brush tight, as if it could keep her warm. “Funny,” she thought, “it will be warming up part me real soon.”

She turned the knob, hesitated for just a second, the carefully slid through the door. Her first impression, bachelor pad, a double bed in the corner, nightstand with a reading lamp, a large dresser with an alarm clock perched on top. And the final piece of furniture, an over stuffed chair opposite the bed. Nothing quite matched, but it all seemed like it fit. One large candle on the dresser lit the room, with the help of the mirror behind it. She did not see him, and the door swung closed behind her, as if on its own. His hands touched her shoulders, strong, smooth, and warm. They sunk into the muscles of her shoulders. She didn’t realize they were sore, until he rubbed them. His fingers worked the spot were her neck met her shoulders. Loosening her neck, and making her arms feel like jelly. He leaned in close, she felt his breath on her hair, “feel good,” he asked.

“Mmmmm, yes.”

“Good,” he whispered and gave her a kiss behind the ear. Another kiss, down lower, then a light nibble on her earlobe. He moved her across the room, over to the bed, kissing her from behind, as they walked slowly across the room. He turned her, when they reached the bed. They both sat down, finally she saw him, face to face. He was handsome, not Brad Pitt, but full dark hair, dark eyes, a small cleft in his chin. He was wearing silk boxers, nothing else.

“So it’s the hairbrush huh? Need a spanking?”

“I…thought…well…I’ve been curious.”

He reached out and put his hand on the back of her neck. He gently guided her forward and over his lap. She felt the cold silk slide against her belly and something stiff inside. She put her hand behind her, holding the hairbrush out to him. “Hang on to it a minute, I’ll start you off slow,” he rested his hand on her waiting buttocks. He squeezed gently, and brushed down across her thighs. He used both hands to slightly part her legs, and ran his fingers between them, up to her waiting sex.

She hadn’t realized until now, how erotic this was, and how wet she had become. His fingers probed, looking for a reaction as he made small circles along her lips. Laura was so lost in the pleasure of his fingers, that she didn’t feel his hand rise. She was taken by surprise as the first slap came down on her ass. It was harder than she thought it would be, but there was no sting…not yet. Another spank Bostancı Genç Escort in the same spot, then another. The slaps were coming at random, no pattern, and no rhythm.

Gradually the sensation started to build. As his hand switched from cheek to cheek, and the spanks came faster, first a tingle, then the start of the faintest sting. His fingers were still busy between her legs. She felt his thumb begin to penetrate her, and his fingers had found her clit. He rubbed quickly, not changing the tempo at all when the spanks landed. She could feel herself opening up to him.

The spanking stopped, he moved his fingers through her hair and whispered, “time for the brush, beautiful. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she handed the hairbrush back.

“Ask me for it.” He said, and leaned over to kiss her just pink ass.

She paused, not sure how to ask, or exactly what for. He took the brush; his fingers slowed their work on her pussy. He laid the back of the brush on her cheek, now she could tell how much it would cover, “Ask me for the spanking.”

“Please,” her voice quivered, “spank me…with the brush.”

He obliged. The brush came down with a thunderous whack. The initial sting was more than his hand, but it faded almost immediately. The sound was the scariest part. Spank, slap, crack, the sound filled the room completely, and Laura found herself flinching not from pain, but the sound. His fingers went back to work, as the brush landed again. She flinched, this time because the sting was starting to build. Whack! The tempo increased. As it did, so did the sting, and the wetness between her legs.

She began moving her hips, grinding herself into his leg, the thrusting back as the brush came down. Whack! “Yes!” escaped her mouth. The heat from the spanking, and the warmth of her sex began to mix. While the spanking was going on, she couldn’t tell one part of her from another, the heat, the sting, the arousal, all mixed. Her eyes closed, she felt weightless, and she could feel his erection pressing into her hip. She tried to grind into it, tried to give him some of the pleasure she was feeling. She hadn’t realized it, but she was moaning out loud, grunting as the brush connected with her reddened cheeks.

The spanking stopped. He wrapped his arm around her waist, his fingers now pumping in and out of her. She was thrusting against every stroke his hand, trying to bring him deeper. One finger stayed on her clit, rubbing furiously now. Her moans and grunts turned to long cries and panting. She was close; she wanted him inside her, more than just his fingers. “Yes, oh yes, please, I want you inside me.”

A slap came down on her ass. His fingers pumped her even harder. Closer. Whack! Another. She felt it starting, that building sensation, where you can’t stop it anymore. He kept pumping, and gave her a few more spanks as she twitched, the spasm spreading throughout her body. It lasted what seemed like hours, then she lie shivering, her mind clearing.

Once she was on earth, she reached back and felt her butt. A little warm to the touch, and when she rubbed hard the sting returned. He lifted her from her lap. She knelt on the floor in front of him. After a few long hard blinks, her eyes could focus again, “Wow, more than I expected.”

“I’m glad you liked it. That was you liking it, right?” he smiled.

“Absolutely, and now I’m going to return the favor,” she reached out for the waist of his boxers.

As she started to pull them down, he stopped her, “too bad you can’t”

“What? Why not?”

“You have to go.”

“No I don’t, I can stay, I don’t have to be back until later. The driver said…”

“The driver isn’t taking you back,” the room began to get brighter, “It’s time for you,” his voice was very faint, “to wake up…”

Laura opened her eyes; she was on the train. Curled up on a seat, her coat over her. She couldn’t quite shake the feeling of sleepiness out of her head. She took a deep breath, stretched, and that’s when she noticed, her panties were pulled down, and her skirt up. Laura glanced around, she was alone, and put her clothes back in place. She let her hand move around her hip, over her butt, and rubbed. The harder she rubbed, the more she felt the ever so slightest bit of sting.

The End

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