Christmas with the Count Pt. 01


This is the first part of the second story following the exploits of Maggie, her friends, and the enigmatic and vicious Count Pyre. This story is mainly set in Romania. I only use this country because of the joking Count Dracula similarities. All of the people and places are purely imaginary, and if they bear any resemblance to real people that is unfortunate and unintended. If the story line upsets anyone from that great country I apologise unreservedly.

There are some old characters who make a reappearance, plus plenty of new ones that will hopefully keep you interested. The story contains elements of extreme BDSM that may upset some people. If that is the case with you, then please move on. Apart from that, there is something for everyone. Straight sex, lesbian, toys, lingerie, anal and group sex. I hope you enjoy it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. If you hate it just leave a bad rating and move on. I am not a professional writer and just do this for a bit of fun. For me the main enjoyment I derive from writing these stories is in creating the characters. If you have strong feelings about any of the persons in the story and would like to read more, or less, about them please leave your remarks in the comments and I will try to accommodate your wishes when Maggie & co. come back for the third story. From the ratings I received for the first Maggie story I know that some of you like my stories, so I hope you like this one. As always, thanks for reading. I wish to emphasise that this is a pure work of fiction and I hold all rights to the work.


Part 1

Maggie woke up shivering. She had forgotten to shut her window completely and there was a thin layer of snow on her windowsill. It was the second week in December and nearly two months since she had come to work for the Count & Franky.

The two months had flown by. The first two weeks she had been learning how to do the day-to-day accounts for the large house. Maggie had taken over this responsability as of the third week in November. It was now on her shoulders to pay the staff, get food orders from the Paulo`s, deal with suppliers, settle their invoices and the same with everything that Ann needed to keep the house running.

Maggie had to admit that it was bloody hard work supervising a large house. Maggie had access to the bank account which had been created especially for the London house costs. Every two weeks she had to send a balance sheet to the accountant. This position had been filled by Charlotte since the first of December.

Halfway through November Maggie and Gabrielle had gone with Charlotte to collect her things from the apartment in Ealing. It was a terrible day, which had all of them crying as they left a distraught Terry standing in the flat weeping.

Charlotte had left him everything, including all the money in their joint account, just taking her clothing, makeup and toiletries. She had quit from the bank, and rather than have her working there with access to sensitive account information they had put her on “gardening leave” for the length of her one months’ notice.

Anabel, her estate agent friend, had cleared out Maggie`s flat, and all the furniture was picked up by a house clearance company. The flat had sold for nearly two hundred thousand. So, after she had settled with Anabel and paid off the mortgage, she had been left with over sixty thousand pounds in the bank. Her salary of nearly four thousand a month went virtually untouched into the account every month.

Maggie now shopped at the best shops rather than Primark, and her walk-in closet was filling nicely. Charlotte, Maggie and Gabrielle made good use of their accounts at Luigi`s. Once a month they would spend a whole Saturday together in the shop trying on nearly all his stock whilst laughing and giggling. Luigi seemed to enjoy their visits as much as they did and had got in the habit of buying bottles of champagne and wine, so by the time Bert picked them up they were all fairly inebriated. Her lingerie drawer was full to overflowing, and her passion for shoes meant her shoe rack was completely full. Maggie was now using the floor around it for her new purchases.

Apart from at dinner time she had rarely seen Charlotte. Her friend had spent her days in the Count`s London office learning all that she could from the previous accountants. The Count had now severed ties with them, with everything now falling onto Charlotte`s shoulders. When she saw her at dinner Maggie thought Charlotte seemed exhausted, but at the same time happier than she had ever seen her.

Gabrielle had been organizing a business trip for the Count that involved stops in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York and Frankfurt. He had left ten days ago and would return on the twentieth of December. Gabrielle was constantly on the phone or answering his e-mails as his plans changed and hotels needed cancelling or booking. The Count had his own private plane, so Gabrielle just had to coordinate his gaziantep eskort bayan departures with the captain and the flight crew.

Maggie sighed. She had not had the pleasure of the Count for nearly two weeks now and she missed him terribly. Maggie would even accept a good thrashing if it meant she could be with the man she loved.

During November the Count had taken her many times, in many ways. The Count had now taken her rear entry more times than she could count, but these times were passionate and caring rather the roughness and brutality of the first time. Each time she had felt more than fulfilled. There had been no more beatings apart from some playful spanking when they fucked. The Count was insatiable and had managed to keep both she and Gabrielle satisfied, plus Franky and Charlotte of course.

Maggie had also slept with Gabrielle, Franky and Charlotte in various combinations, and on one memorable weekend all three at once. If she got time for a swim, which was happening less and less, it would invariably end up with her and Ingrid eating each other out on the side of the pool.

Once a fortnight she had to sit with Ann and go over the costs and orders for laundry and cleaning materials. The meeting always ended with a bit of lesbian anal play, as that was Ann`s favorite thing, and even Maggie was starting to look forward to it.

Since the Count had been gone, she had used Raymond, James, Tristan and Milo as substitute cocks. They didn`t seem to mind. Two of them had always provided Franky`s daily medicinal semen and they seemed honored when Maggie told them she needed a good shag. One night when she was particularly horny, she had done all four of them. One in her pussy, one in her mouth, one up her arse and the other one, poor Milo, got just a hand job. It was her first double penetration and she hadn`t liked it that much. In the end she put it down as an experience, but not one she would want to do every day. Unless of course the Count told her to!

She lay back on the plush pillows, glancing at the photo of her parents on the nightstand, “I hope you are happy for me Mum and Dad. I know you wouldn`t be happy with some of the things I`ve done, but I know you would be happy that I am happy!” she said softly, and a small tear formed at the corner of her eye.

There was a soft knock on her door and Maggie called out, “Come in.”

The door opened and Gabrielle`s head popped around the corner. “Hi Maggie, did I wake you?”

Maggie and Gabrielle always spoke Italian when they were alone, her voice always sounded so seductive to Maggie when Gabrielle spoke in her native tongue. Gabrielle could say, “two cheese sandwiches” in Italian and Maggie felt her pussy moisten.

Gabrielle was wearing just a thin wrap, that was nearly transparent, her lithe body more than visible through the thin material. “No Darling, I was awake. Come, get into bed you must be freezing walking about like that.” Maggie said gently and pulled back the covers.

Gabrielle slipped off the thin gown and snuggled up to Maggie`s nude body as Maggie pulled the duvet over both of them. Gabrielle`s body was cold against Maggie`s bed warmed skin. Maggie groaned when Gabrielle`s icy cold feet touched her leg.

“Sorry!” Gabrielle whispered, as her cold nose buried itself into the side of Maggie`s breast.

Maggie briskly rubbed Gabrielle`s arm, trying to warm her up as the young Italian girl burrowed under her arm and her own arm wrapped around Maggie`s waist.

“Now you are warmer, what did you want? Apart from to touch my gorgeous body that is!” Maggie asked and grinned.

Gabrielle`s hand moved up and encircled Maggie`s left breast as her nose continued to rub against her right. “The Count just sent me an e-mail. Apparently, we are all off to his ancestral home in Romania on the night of the 21st. We will be there until after New Year.”

Gabrielle`s fingers had now grabbed Maggie`s left nipple and were gently squeezing and releasing the light-brown nubs making it difficult for Maggie to concentrate.

“What are we doing there?” Maggie managed a breathless reply.

Gabrielle raised her head and kissed Maggie`s right nipple before saying, “Apparently, he goes every year. I must arrange a minibus for us here at this end. He has given me numbers and e-mail addresses for his private jet crew, the helicopters in Romania, plus the staff at his house. I only have a few days to put it all together.”

She stopped speaking and sucked Maggie`s right nipple between her lips as the left nipple continued to be pinched gingerly.

Maggie crossed and uncrossed her legs under the covers as she felt her arousal start to build. Her breathing was now a bit ragged as Gabrielle continued to tease her breasts. Maggie looked down and saw that Gabrielle was staring up at her with those huge green eyes that Maggie thought were just so adorable and sexy, “You will do great Gabrielle, but later! Now you have got me all horny I want you to get under these eskort bayan gaziantep covers and lick my dripping snatch until I come and come. If not I………”

She never got to finish as Gabrielle had disappeared under the duvet and was now sucking hard on Maggie`s clit.” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” Maggie exhaled.

After all this time as lovers Gabrielle knew exactly what Maggie liked. She concentrated solely on Maggie`s hard clitoris. She sucked it first hard, and then gently. She pressed it with her thumb. Gabrielle rubbed the small nub roughly and quickly, then tenderly and slowly. Maggie was now squirming on the bed. Gabrielle was bringing her close then letting her relax. Close and relax. Close and relax, until Maggie couldn`t take it any longer and her hand delved under the covers and literally pushed Gabrielle`s face into her tormented snatch.

As Maggie felt Gabrielle`s perfect white teeth clamp around her throbbing, rubbery nub her climax exploded at her core, she mewled, and her fingernails dug into both Gabrielle`s shoulders as she thrust herself hard against the younger girl’s face.

Seconds later Gabrielle`s head popped out from under the covers. Her lips and chin were shiny with Maggie’s juices and beaming a fabulous smile. Maggie pulled Gabrielle to her, and their tongues entwined as they kissed each other. Maggie tried to push Gabrielle onto her back, so that she could taste the delights between the young Italians thighs, but Gabrielle laughed, slipped under her arms and sprung from the bed, “I have too much to do,” she giggled. Wrapping the thin robe around her she skipped out of the room leaving Maggie sweaty and very much satisfied.

Maggie finally got up around twenty minutes later. She ran her bath. While she lay in the warm scented water, she checked in with Charlotte to see how her friend was getting on. Charlotte had stayed in the office until late yesterday. Maggie had not seen her at dinner so wanted to see that she was OK.

Charlotte sounded stressed when she answered on the third ring, “What!” she nearly yelled into the mobile.

“How`s it going? You didn`t come home for dinner so I was worried about you.” Maggie asked

“Fuck Maggie. I`m nearly thirty and can take care of myself. Anyway, I had a nice creamy, salty dinner courtesy of a nice young lawyer from the floor above my office.” And then she cackled down the phone.

“You are such a slut,” Maggie said with a broad grin on her face.

Charlotte was laughing so hard she had trouble speaking as she told Maggie, “It`s a good job I keep a spare suit in the office. The young stud sprayed come all over the fucking place. I was covered in the shit!”

Maggie loved to hear her friend in such a good mood, “Are you coming home tonight? We have our date at Luigi`s tomorrow. Bert said he can take us if we want?”

Charlotte said, “I should make dinner. I am up to my tits in work and want to get it all finished before the Count gets back. The last firm did such a piss poor job it is taking longer than I hoped to get a handle on everything. Plus, the Count has income and expenditure on every fucking continent except the fucking Arctic, so it isn’t easy my dear friend.”

“I´ll let you get on then,” Maggie said and turned her mobile off. She planned to spend her day working in her room anyway, so just lay in the bath for a bit longer. The bathtub was one thing she never got tired of.

Maggie wrapped herself in her stolen Hilton bathrobe and went into her room. She had converted part of the room into an office, with racks full of files containing orders and receipts. She had asked for, and gotten, a large leather office chair and a wooden desk, with in and out trays and drawers for the cheque books, papers, stamps and envelopes.

The in box was full. Maggie spent the next three hours placing orders, paying bills and checking delivery notes against previous orders. Her next job was arranging the staff payments. There were handwritten notes from both Franky and the Paulo`s on extra payments for Milo, James, Tristan and Raymond, so Maggie adjusted their normal wages to show these bonuses.

The bill had arrived from Luigi, showing their account was a few pounds in minus, so she arranged a bank transfer to bring it up to two thousand five hundred in the plus. Maggie smiled to herself as she knew a good portion of that would be spent tomorrow.

The In tray was now empty, and she had filed everything away in the relevant box files. Everything she received was in duplicate, so she created her two-weekly report for Charlotte, attached the copies, before sliding it all in an A4 brown envelope. Maggie would give it to Charlotte that evening.

Her tummy rumbled. Maggie had bought herself a small coffee machine for her room, and a fridge that contained cans of Coke zero, but she still had to go to the kitchen to eat. Throwing on a new jumper from Ralph Lauren that she had bought only last week, and her old jeans she wandered down to the kitchen.

Ann gaziantep bayan eskort was sitting at the table talking to Gabrielle. As Maggie listened it seemed that Ann wouldn`t be going to Romania, instead the Count was paying for her to visit her family in Sri Lanka for Christmas. Gabrielle was trying to find out which flights she wanted to take.

Only one of the Paulo`s was there, and he presented Maggie with a big plate of pasta in a rich tomato sauce. Maggie tucked in as she listened to Gabrielle finish with Ann, then Gabrielle asked Paulo when he wanted to leave for Sicily, and when he wanted to return. Maggie`s ears pricked up when she heard Gabrielle explain that they would all be Romania from 21st December until 3rd January.

Bert walked in as Maggie was wiping her plate with a piece of home baked bread. He smiled and offered Maggie a cigarette, which she accepted gladly. Her smoking habit was now restricted to after meals, when she drank, or after sex if the partner or partners didn`t object. She never smoked with the Count, as Franky had once told her that this act would be very painful for her. Maggie knew without doubt what that meant.

Gabrielle spoke to Bert, “Hi Bert. Can you arrange the minibus to take us to the airport on the 21st?”

Bert lit his cigarette and held out the lighter as Maggie also lit up. Exhaling a plume of blue-grey smoke he replied, “Sure. What time, how many people? Where are you flying from?”

“We fly from Heathrow private jet terminal at eight o`clock in the evening. There will be the Count and Franky. Myself, Maggie and Charlotte. Plus, bags of course.” Gabrielle explained.

Bert nodded and sucked hard on his cigarette, “No problem I will sort it out with Avis. The bill will go to Maggie, and you in copy.”

Gabrielle gave him one of her most brilliant thank you smiles and then said, “Do you need help with your travel arrangements to your sisters?”

“No thanks love,” he said. “I must get the Rolls serviced when the Master and Mistress are away. I know a bloke around the corner from my sister in Brighton. I can kill two birds with one stone.” Bert turned to Maggie and added, “You will get the bill for that as well when you get back.”

Ingrid walked in with her hair still wet from the pool. She greeted everybody cheerfully and sat at the table with a glass of milk. Gabrielle asked softly, “What are you doing for Christmas Ingrid? The Count never mentioned you coming with us, or where you would need to travel.”

Ingrid gave a short laugh which sounded full of sadness to Maggie, and answered, “Don`t worry about me and Jeremy, Gabrielle. We always stay at the house for Christmas. Both of us have no family, so we watch over the place while everybody is away. The Count books us a table at the restaurant around the corner for Christmas lunch, plus he gives us the green light to drink as much of his wine as we want. Me and Jeremy just get pissed and watch TV for a week. It`s great fun.”

The way she said it, it didn`t sound like fun to Maggie, and her heart broke for the pretty girl.

Maggie gave Bert some money to get her some cigarettes the next time he went out then went back up to her room. She spent the next hour reading everything she could about Romania on the internet. Bert knocked on her door about five minutes after she had digested everything the web had to offer about the country. He handed her a pack of Benson and Hedges cigarettes and a few pence change. Maggie thanked him and went back to her desk.

Since the Count had been gone and the weather had gotten colder Maggie had begun to smoke at her desk. She knew she would have to break this habit when he returned, or she would feel his cane on her bum. “He will still be away another week,” she said to herself, as she gleefully lit up and inhaled the smoke into her lungs. She opened the window as wide as possible as a compromise and sat down at her desk.

The clock in the corner of her lap top screen told her it was five o`clock. There was nothing for her to do until eight when dinner was served. She started to watch a film on Netflix, but after twenty minutes she still didn`t understand the plot. Lighting another cigarette her mouse cursor seemed to click on the Porn Hub icon automatically. Maggie took a deep drag, and as the smoke drifted from her mouth she said, “Oh OK. If I must. What shall I watch then mouse?” and giggled at her own stupidity

Unthinkingly she typed “Romania” into the search engine and was surprised that there were over two thousand videos that had something to do with that. She changed the movie length setting to 20+ minutes and the two thousand became eighty-three. Scrolling down she saw a thumbnail of a pretty girl and two men. The title underneath was “Romanian wife and her two lovers. Dubbed in English”

Maggie clicked on it, and the screen filled with a grainy picture of tower blocks that looked seriously depressing to Maggie. Maggie watched, taking sips from her can of coke zero and drags on her cigarette.

The screen now showed a gorgeous woman with reddish brown hair kissing her husband goodbye as he left for work. She was pretty, but dressed in dowdy clothes, she was wearing no makeup. The screen flashed again, and this time the woman was standing in the room dressed in beautiful lingerie, stockings and high heels. Her hair was washed and shining brightly. She had lip stick, eye makeup, and looked great.

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