Coffee and Photographs Ch. 01


A young college girl stood quietly behind the counter of the sleepy café with her eyes trained on a dark and rainy street. The darkness of autumn made it seem like midnight when it was only 7pm. As she glanced around the café, she noted the regular college kids with their laptops glowing and ear buds creating a secret solitude while they studied and drank their latte. One man sat quietly in the corner sipping his normal tall dark roast coffee. He was a point of curiosity for her when he came in; he never said much and always had a big fancy camera with him.

On a typical shift one night, the camera man came in and placed his order. He was always friendly but clearly a man of few words. She remembered his order because it was just like him; tall and black. As he walked to the counter she had his coffee ready and smiled up at him.

“Am I that predictable Carlee?” He beamed a wide smile.

“I guess you are.” She looked down in to his coffee and smiled meekly.

“That’s why I come here, I like that I’m not a face in the crowd.” He locked eyes with her briefly.

“Why do you carry a camera all the time?” She couldn’t believe she asked the question that had kept her curiosity for the few weeks he had been coming in.

“I’m a photographer.” His hand squeezed the big lens.

“That would explain it.” She felt stupid and handed him the change.

Dropping the change in the tip jar, he sat at the table closest to the counter.

When the photographer finished his coffee, the café was empty. Standing at the counter he placed his empty cup and looked at the young woman as she washed a coffee urn in the big sink. Her uniform really didn’t do the body underneath justice. To most people, she would be a plain girl but to his eye he saw real beauty. Her blue eyes and long wavy brown hair always pleased him to look at.

“Have you ever considered modelling Carlee?” His deep voice filled the little café catching her off guard.

Turning towards him she looked down, “No, is that what kind of pictures you take?”

“Yep, among other things.” He pulled a card from his pocket and handed it to her. “If you ever want to give it a try, let me know.”

Carlee took the card and placed it in her apron. “Thanks.”

A typical Saturday night in her dorm, Carlee sat studying in her pajamas. Startled by the door opening she looked up to see her drunken roommate Tina noisily making her way to her bed.

“Hi Carlee. I’m a little drunk.” She flopped on her bunk.

“Just a little.” Carlee shook her head watching her friend as she got undressed.

“It was a great party C, you really need to get out and enjoy college! Loosen up a little bit.” Her hands were animated as she talked about the good times college had to offer.

“I’m good you drunkard!” They laughed.

Tina staggered over to the dresser topless to find a tee, “Who is Derek?”

“Derek who?” Carlee looked up from her book.

“Derek Young, photographer.” Tina held the business card close to her eyes to read the small print.

“He’s just a guy from the café. He thinks I should be a model.” She shrugged it off.

Tina flopped on the bed with Carlee, “YOU SHOULD DO IT!”

“You are delusional Tina, I’m no model.” She shook her head.

“You’re gorgeous C! Perfect boobs, butt and hair! You should try it out.” Her voice raised in excitement.

“Go to sleep would you! I have an exam in the morning.” She smacked Tina’s ass as she headed for her bed.

Carlee finished her exam and was getting dressed for work when she saw the simple business card on her dresser. He was likely just being polite, she wasn’t model material. Fixing her hair in the mirror she pulled it back in to a tight pony tail as usual before putting her uniform on. As her shift trudged on she found herself waiting for Derek to show up. Two days had passed and he hadn’t shown up yet.

Derek opened the café door and shook off the cold air of autumn. He immediately noticed Carlee looking his way and he smiled at her. As he walked to the counter his coffee was waiting for him.

“Thank you Carlee.” He smiled and gave her a wink. “I would love to talk to you a bit about modelling for me when you get a break.”

“You were serious about wanting me to model?” She truly couldn’t wrap her head around why.

“Very.” His smile turned to a serious face.

Carlee made herself an iced coffee and sat across from Derek. “Why me?”

“Have you looked in a mirror lately? Why not you?” His smile returned.

Carlee blushed. “You mean like magazines and stuff?”

“Not immediately. We would build you a portfolio to get you noticed first.”

“I don’t have a lot of free time between school and work. I need the money.” Carlee looked for an exit from the conversation.

“I pay you to model for me and you get pictures for your profile.” He watched her intently. “It’s very relaxed and fun. We can schedule it around work and school.”

“Let me think about it and I will get back to you okay? I have to get back to work mersin escort now.” Carlee headed for the counter.

As Derek placed his empty cup on the counter Carlee walked up to him, “I’m just curious, but how much does it pay?”

“It pays $25 an hour. Usually two hours at a time.” He watched her eyes open at his response.

“Really? What do I have to do?” Her voice was skeptical.

“Nothing you don’t want to do Carlee. We start slow and see where it goes. You get paid either way.”

“I don’t work tomorrow and I’m finished school at noon.”

“Sounds good, I’ll meet you by the campus library at noon then?” His big hand tapped the counter playfully.

“I will be there.”

That night Carlee sat letting it all sink in.

Walking across campus from the Ellwood building she explained to Tina about where she was going and the events that unfolded leading up to her saying yes. Turning on the path to the library Carlee pointed to Derek, “That’s him there.”

“The old black guy?” Her voice disgusted.

“I’m modelling for him not dating him.” Carlee rolled her eyes. “I don’t know what was more disturbing, calling him old or pointing out that he’s black.”

It was Tina’s turn to roll her eyes. “Have fun with that.”

Carlee waved gently at Derek who began walking towards her. Why would Tina call him old? He was a decent looking man, tall and stocky. He couldn’t be 40 years old and if he was he had aged well.

“Are you ready to get started?” He seemed playful.

“Ready as I’m going to be.” Her nerves got the better of her

“First we need to do a bit of paper work and then we can get started.”

Sitting at a picnic table he explained the details of the release contract and payment terms before she signed it. It was all pretty standard release and ownership defining the limitations of the use of the images.

“The last part is bio information Carlee. It’s for your profile. How old are you?”


“How tall are you?”

“I’m five foot four.” Carlee gestured loosely with her hand.

“and how much do you weigh?”

“106 pounds.”

“do you know your measurements?”

Carlee blushed, “Of course I do. I’m 32-23-33.” Her face puzzled.

“Cup size?” Derek kept his eyes down on the paperwork.

“Seriously?” Her voice laughed disbelievingly. “I’m a C cup.”

“I think I’ve got the rest covered. Long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.”

Carlee blushed.

As they walked around campus snapping pictures, Derek enjoyed himself more than usual. There was something about the innocence of this young woman that made her even more beautiful. He gave her some instructions by a statue and watched her tight blue jeans walking away from him through the lens.

Sitting on the ledge, he had her face him as she leaned back on the statue. His eyes focused on her breasts as they pressed against the fabric of her cream colored cashmere sweater.

As the session came to a close, Derek handed her an envelope with $50 cash in it, “pretty easy money isn’t it?”

Gently she took the envelope from his hand, “Thank you Derek. What do you do with the pictures?”

Derek explained that he took pictures for various reasons. Sometimes it was to practice new techniques or try out new equipment. Other times he was building his portfolio to showcase his talents. Sometimes models paid to have their portfolios developed, it all depended on the situation. Carlee modelled for Derek four more times in various areas of the city that he had selected. She was beginning to enjoy herself and the money didn’t hurt either. At their last session Derek asked if she was ready for a studio shoot.

Derek hadn’t been in to the café for a couple nights. He had been editing the pictures from his photo shoots with Carlee when the phone rang,

The voice on the phone was soft spoken, “Hi. It’s Carlee.”

“I was just editing some pictures of you.”

Her voice became excited, “I’ve been dying to see them and you haven’t been in to café.”

Derek laughed, “Patience grasshopper.”

“When do I get to see them?” Carlee sighed impatiently.

“I’m almost done. If you are that eager you can come by or I can bring them to the shop tomorrow.”

Carlee sighed again, “But I don’t work tomorrow!”

“Well come here and see them then.” He laughed at her excitement.

“Do you mind? Can I come now?” Carlee was filled with anticipation.

“Sure, I will finish them off now.”

When she arrived, they reviewed all his raw pictures. Carlee didn’t recognize herself in them; he had captured images of a woman she never met. “They’re beautiful Derek! I hardly recognize myself.”

“Let’s have a drink to celebrate some good work.” Derek pulled a bottle from his fridge and opened it.

As they sat on his couch they talked about all the types of modelling and which she wanted to do next. Derek thought it was time for a shoot that shows more of her body off. Carlee kocaeli escort was quite apprehensive about the idea.

“Carlee, I want to see your body.” His face was serious. “Stand up for me.”

Carlee stood and looked at him.

“Do you have a bra and panties on under those clothes?”

Wrinkling her face, she nodded coyly, “Yeah. Why?”

“Take your sweater off for me please.”

Carlee stared for a moment until he gestured for her to continue. Slowly she pulled her sweater over her head.

Derek watched as her long hair flowed from her sweater and swept across the middle of her back, “Now the pants please.”

Carlee began to undo her pants and hesitated.

“I want to see your body Carlee. Please take them off.” Derek’s voice was clinical and professional.

She bent slightly as she slid her pants down her legs and stepped out of them. Her hands quickly crossing her bra covered chest as she spun to face Derek, “Good?”

Derek sat looking at the beautiful brunette in his living room. “Spin for me. Slowly please.”

As Carlee spun slowly around he took the vision in. She wore cheeky panties revealing a beautiful bum that her work clothes hid from view. Her skin was clear and smooth with the slightest of freckles across her shoulders and chest.

“Very nice Carlee, please have a seat.” He handed her wine glass to her. “This should help you to relax.”

After some conversation, Carlee had forgotten how exposed she was. They talked about modelling, photography and her education for what seemed like forever. Derek picked his camera up from the coffee table and placed it on his lap.

“Want to take some pictures for fun?” He gestured with his camera. “Why don’t you stand up in the middle of the room and strike some poses?”

Carlee stood slowly and moved to the centre of the room, suddenly remembering just how exposed she was. She did her best to pose as Derek’s camera clicked and flashed. Derek stood in front of her and put his big finger under her chin tilting it up towards him.

Derek looked down in to her blue eyes, “You are stunning Carlee.”

She smiled awkwardly uncertain what to say, “Thanks?” It had come out sounding like a question.

Without any warning, he gently pulled her in to him and embraced her. It took a moment, but her lips relaxed and she kissed him back. They stood like this kissing as his hands wandered over her back enjoying the coolness of her flesh.

Carlee really didn’t know what to say or do finding herself lost in the moment. Slowly his big hands focused on the clasp of her bra until it sprang loose. His hands moved to her shoulders slowly guiding the straps over her them letting her bra fall to the floor at their feet. Carlee froze as her breasts freed from their confines.

Derek squeezed her breasts firmly against his chest with his embrace. He could feel her stiff nipple pressing in to him as they kissed. Seizing the opportunity he slid both hands down her silky flesh until he cupped both her cheeks in his hands. Her ass was firm and he squeezed it tightly as he pushed his tongue in to her mouth. When Carlee gently sucked the tip of his tongue, he knew he had her where he wanted her.

Carlee stood naked as Derek broke their embrace and stepped back. After watching him eye her up and down he pushed the coffee table out of the way and pointed at the couch, “Kneel on the couch for me.”

Without hesitation Carlee knelt on the couch and Derek leaned her over the back with her ass in the air. Stepping back he clicked a couple pictures of her panty clad ass before slipping them down to her knees. Click! Click! Derek put his camera down and slid his big hand over her bare ass, “Real nice Carlee.”

Derek kneeled on the floor grabbing an ass cheek in each hand squeezing firmly. His face was inches from her young pussy and he took the view in. She had a tiny opening and the smallest lips he had ever seen; her pussy looked virginal and perfect. Spreading her cheeks he focused his eyes on her tiny pink rosebud.

Carlee gasped and bit her bottom lip when Derek’s tongue slid over her ass. Every flick of his tongue over the sensitive opening made her moan and move her hips.

“Stay still!” Derek commanded as his hands grabbed her thighs holding her steady. Instantly his tongue returned spearing at her tiny back door. Her tight hole could not resist the firm and lubricated tongue fucking she was beginning to receive.

Carlee pressed her face in to the back of the couch using it as a muffler for her moans. She had never been touched like this and couldn’t believe the immense pleasure she was getting from this area. His tongue probed her and stretched her open. Anytime she moved, Derek quickly put her back in position and reminded her not to move.

Derek continued his assault on her tight little ass and squeezed her breasts. Gently he tugged her nipples as he probed her with the full length of his tongue. Stepping back he stood up and began samsun escort to undo his pants. He watched the sexy little brunette to ensure she didn’t move.

“Hey! Did I tell you to move?” Derek said sternly when Carlee turned to see what he was doing.

Carlee pushed her face back in to the couch and let out a muffled apology, “Sorry.”

Carlee stayed in position for an eternity listening in anticipation trying to figure out what Derek had planned for her. She heard him walk away, a door, a drawer sound and finally his tongue returned to her ass and continued to lick and probe her. She had been dying for his tongue to return.

“Rub that little pussy” His words muffled in her ass.

Carlee slipped her hand up to her pussy gently brushing and circling her aching clitoris. She wanted his mouth on it so badly, but he hadn’t given her pussy any attention at this point. Her fingers toyed at her opening and she slowly worked her finger across her opening using her lubrication to intensify the attack on her clitoris.

Derek watched momentarily as she rubbed and fingered her little pussy before pushing his tongue back in her ass getting it nice and wet. His cock was rock hard and he struggled to pull it out the front of his pants. Stroking himself, he fucked her tight ass with his tongue until he couldn’t wait any longer.

Standing behind Carlee, he put his cock against her slippery ass opening. As his head rubbed over her opening he watched her tense up but consciously trying not to move. Derek opened his mouth and dripped saliva from his mouth watching it land on the head of his cock. Slowly he pushed the head at her back door working at the tight opening a bit before adding more of his lubricant.

Carlee’s fingers flew quickly over her pussy and clitoris trying to distract herself from what was about to happen. A heat grew in the pit of her stomach and she knew she had to get this orgasm out before it was lost. As she worked furiously on herself, Derek held her hips and pushed the tip of his cock in her virgin asshole.

“OH MY GOD! PLEASE! Wait, fuck, it’s too big…” Carlee muttered wildly but his grip on her hips prevented her from pulling away.

Derek stilled looking down at his cock with the head missing. His black shaft against her white skin made him pulse in her tight ass, “Shhh. You can take it.”

With more saliva he continued to slowly work his cock tip in and out of her opening. His big hand stroked his shaft as his swollen head popped in and out of her opening. He listened to Carlee’s pleas and moans with every pop of his cock.

“I’m going to cum.” Carlee surprised herself with the words, but her pussy was on fire and needed release.

When she began to cum, Derek took the opportunity to push his cock half in to her ass making her scream out. His cock was slick with spit as he slid slowly in and out of her tight hole. His hands held her steady when she began to collapse from her exhaustive orgasm. Although she seemed spent, he sped up his pounding of her tight ass. Her moans, screams and expletives were music to his ears as he took her.

Carlee bucked and tried to pull away from his deep thrusts but his grip on her was firm. It was clear he intended to put all of himself in her. Her ass burned but her pussy pulsed confusing her and filling her with mixed emotion. The deep probing of her ass felt painful but it also felt good. It wasn’t long before her fingers were working her pussy again in hopes of another orgasm.

“Mmmhmmm Carlee, you have a nice tight ass.” Derek was fucking her quickly now and his balls slapped on her pussy with a smacking sound.

Carlee fingered and probed her pussy causing the familiar feelings of an explosive orgasm beginning to build deep inside her, “Make me cum again.”

Derek was in a trance as he pounded his hard cock in and out of the tiny white girl. His balls slapped faster now and he knew he would be pumping his load deep in her ass. He had been dreaming about filling this girl’s ass since the first time he saw her. It was only a matter of time and his dream would become a reality.

Carlee screamed as Derek held her hips firmer and pushed his cock fully in to her. It wouldn’t be long now and he hoped to hold out long enough for her to have another orgasm, “Cum for me. You cum and I’m going to fill this tight ass full of cum.” His voice was ragged as he spoke.

Carlee had two fingers in herself and used the palm of her hand to rub her button. She was so close and struggling to bring her orgasm to the surface. When Derek reached under her and squeezed her breasts, it was exactly what she needed. Her pussy clenched and exploded wildly on her fingers. Wave after wave passed over her. The non-stop fucking of the hard cock in her ass kept her orgasm going.

When Derek heard Carlee orgasm he buried his cock deep in her and held it there. Carlee collapsed on the couch when Derek buried himself on her. His big hands easily adjusted her to lay flat on the couch as he fucked her in this prone position. His strokes were long and few when he was ready to cum. He buried himself deep in her one last time holding himself there as his cock erupted filling her ass.

Carlee moaned at the feeling of the big cock pulsing and emptying in her. His hot breath was in her ear as he collapsed on her keeping his cock buried in her.

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