College Daze Part 2(Fucking my Professor)


It was Christmas vacation, and I had almost a month off before the second semester starts. I was just laying around the house, with not much to do. We did not have all the fancy gadgets, and computers that we have now. I was in my room listening to music on my 8 tract player(do you remember those) when the phone rang. Mom hollered up that the call was for me. It was Debbie. She attends a different college in another state, so we kind of parted ways as steadies.

“Hi what are you doing tonight?” She asked me.

“Nothing much, just hanging around the house,” I replied back to her.

“Well my folks are going out tonight to a party, and both my brother and sister are going out, so I was wondering if you would like to come over?” She asked me in the voice that seem to hold a lot of promise for me.

“Do you want me to stop and get anything before I come over?” I asked her.

“I have some snacks and pop, if you want some beer or something, then you will have to stop and get it,” She told me.

I got to her house at 7:00 P.M., and she was at the door to greet me with a passionate kiss.

“You know that I really have missed you.” She said as she kissed me again with a little tongue action.

“I missed you to, thanks for giving me a call.” I said, as I kissed her back.

She took me into the living room to the couch, and I sat down. She sat on my lap with her arms around my neck. She took off kissing me and our tongues locked together in a passionate dance.

“It has been a long time since I had a cock as big as yours inside of me. No one has satisfied me like you do.” She cooed into my ear.

“Ahhh baby you have been one of the best lovers that I ever had.” I gasped back at her.

We made our way to her bedroom, and stripped our clothes off, kissing passionately, and groping each other, both of us full of sexual lust. She started to work her way down on me, kissing and sucking my nipples, as she stroked my cock. She then moved on down to my rock hard cock, and plant kiss all over it and my balls. The effect was sending electrical jolts through my body.

She looked at me and said, “I just can’t wait any more I am so wet, that I need you in me right now.”

She moved up and straddled me, guiding my cock right into her steaming wet hole. It felt like I just entered a furnace, she was so hot. She rode me like there was no tomorrow, just pounded on top of me as fast as she could. I thought for a minute we were going to shaking the whole house down around us.

She threw her head back and cried, “O MY GOD I am cumming,” and she had a very intense orgasm, bathing my cock, balls, and thighs with her cream.

I let her calm down for a few minutes and then rolled her over, never letting my cock out of her pussy. I started to fuck her nice and slow, with deep strokes, hoping that I could last for a while. She started to wiggle and squirm, as I began to pick up the pace. Soon I could feel that tell tale sign of my nuts tightening up and my cum starts to race up my shaft, and I shot a load that tickled her belly button.

We both laid there for a while. Our hearts were just pounding from all that sexual excitement. After about 10-15 minutes we started kissing again. I started kissing her lightly and softly on the lips, and then on her ears, and down her neck. I continued down to her breast, softly kissed and sucking her nipples. They were rock hard, like two missiles waiting to be fired. My hand got busy stroking her slit, and she spread her legs to give me better access. I inserted a finger into pussy, and it was sopping wet from both of our juices. I pushed in as deep as I could inside of her, and started to rub the roof of her vagina hitting her g-spot, then moved back and rubbed her clit, I kept switching between the two, sending her into orbit.

“O MY GODDDDDD I am going to cum.” She cries out in delight.

Her secretion starts to thicken on my finger and hand. She throws her arms around me and locks her legs on my hand, as her body begins to shake from a massive orgasm. She flops around like a fish out of water, and then just lays there for a minute or two, I look over at her and could see the sweat lightly glistening off her body.

I moved over, up on top of her, and she guides my shaft into her sheathe, and I started slowly fucking her pussy. I start to fuck her harder till I feel my sack tighten up and my cum shaft expands. Soon my balls let loose a flow of my white lava, and I flooded her pussy with my hot cream. I collapsed down on top of her, as she is still shaking from her orgasm.

We fucked a few more times over Christmas vacation, before it was time for us to go back to college. We said our goodbyes, and promised to stay in touch with each other. I got back to school a couple days before the next semester started. Most of the others were arriving about the same time.

We held a keg welcome back party, and we got some good old Ham’s beer. Oddly the shit did not taste too bad, usually Ham’s sucks as a beer. We all got smashed drinking beer, smoking dope, and eating peanuts and pizza. The dam party wound down fast, as soon as we ran out of beer.

I ended up down in Karen and Kathy’s room. We smoked a joint together, really getting buzzed. Kathy crashes into her bed all but passed out. I crawled into Karen’s bed all fucked up from the beer and the weed. The next thing I know Karen is in bed with me in her tee shirt and panties, putting the make on me. Karen is kind of a big girl, average in looks and body, her tits aren’t bad, maybe a 36C. She has brown hair and eyes. She wraps her arms around me and kisses me really hard. She jams her tongue down my throat, almost making me gag.

We kiss hard and passionately with our tongues hammering at each other’s mouth. My hand is fondling her breasts and her nipples. She breaks our kiss and sits up and takes off her tee shirt, exposing those nice boobs to me.

I am really fucked up from the beer I drank and the dope I smoked at the party, and the joint I smoked with the two girls. I just not sure what the fuck happens to me. I woke up in the early morning, still in Karen’s bed stark naked with Kathy next to me naked and Karen sleeping in Kathy’s bed. I knew one thing and I had to piss like a race horse.

I crawled over Kathy, and staggered to the bathroom. I was just about done pissing, when the door to the next room opens up, and Nancy (The Fox) walks in. She looks at me standing their pissing and Sex hikayeleri then down to my big cock in my hand, she stares at it for a few seconds and turns and walks back into her room, closing the door behind her. Nancy is the one girl that ever guy in the dorm wants to fuck. She is every man’s desire. She is drop dead gorgeous with auburn hair, sparkly green eyes, perfect body with 36C tits and nice round ass. She is the girl that you would take home to introduce to your mother. That is how perfect she is.

I though about following Nancy, but I just shrugged my shoulders and gave my cock a couple of shakes to get the last few drops out. I still had a hell of a fucking hangover, fucking Ham’s beer, as I headed back into Karen’s room and crawled into bed with her, mainly because that bed is lower to the floor and she was over to the side and there was room for me to get in.

I was awakened by Karen riding my cock and moaning and groaning, as my cock is fully buried into her pussy. Karen is pounding away on top of, gasping out loud in pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kathy walking by with a big smile on her face, as she heads to the bathroom. Kathy is a petite girl maybe 5′ tall with a nice body proportioned to her size. She has brown hair and eyes.

Kathy walks back from the bathroom, and pushes Karen off me and says, “that it is my turn to be fucked.”

“Hey what the fuck,” Karen says, as Kathy grabs a hold of my cock and gently lowers herself down onto me. I was amazed just how well she stretched to fit my large cock into her tight pussy. She rides the fuck out of me, and it is not long and I start to feel the cum in my nuts start to boil.

“Um Kathy I think I’m about to cum,” I say with a gasp.

Karen pulls her off me and grabs my cock and starts to jerk me off. My cock is slippery from Kathy’s cunt juices all over it. Soon I blow my nuts off, and the two girls share my cum, and lick my cock clean.

It was almost the middle of the semester, and there was a big frat party going on this Friday night. I knew a few of the guys in the frat, and they invited me to come to the party. I saw a number of people there that I knew. I was surprise to see Nancy there with some guy that I did not know. I was having a good time drinking beer and smoking weed, and just generally taking with people. When there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned and there was Nancy with her hair, and clothes all messed up.

“Um I hate to ask you this, but could you give me a ride back to the dorm please?” She asked me with a scared look on her face.

“Sure, but what happen to you?” I asked her still buzzed up and like I really gave a shit.

“O that asshole that brought me here tried to take advantage of me upstairs in a bedroom, but I kneed him in the nuts, and left him laying there on the bed.” She told me.

“Go get your coat and lets go,” I told her.

I gave her a ride back to the dorm, and with some luck I found a parking spot close to our dorm. If you remember in the earlier story, the dorm we live in is co-ed. I walked her to her room on the second floor.

“Where is Pat?” I asked her as she unlocked the door.

“She went home for the weekend,” She replied back to me.

I could feel that beer working through me, and I had to piss really bad. I did not want to run up the stairs to my room.

“Can I use your bathroom?” I asked her. She nods her head yes. I walk in there hoping like hell neither Karen nor Kathy walks in and sees me pissing, they probably would grab me and fuck my brains out, just when I am hoping to make some time with the Fox.

I finish and walk back into Nancy’s room, as she walks past me with a smile and goes into the bathroom to relieve herself. I go sit in a chair to wait for her to finish. She walks out and smiles that dazzling smile at me.

“Thanks for bring me home, I hope I didn’t spoil your night, if you want to go back to the party, go ahead,” She tells me, like I am going to leave this very desirable chick here alone, ya right.

I am starting to come down from my party buzz, and it sure seems like she was sending all sorts of signals to stay here with her. If I just could figure out those dam signals.

She was sitting on her bed, and I get up and walk over to her and sit down, and grab her hand and held it.

“Hey it is all right, but I was glad to be able to help you. I would have felt very bad if that guy did something bad to you, and I was there and could have taken you home, but did not, because I wanted to party some more. “ I explained to her my reasoning.

We look at each other for a few moments, and then she is all over me. She kisses me with such passion, and her tongue is darting in and out of my mouth. Her hands are stroking the hair on my head, as I hold on to her tightly, returning her kisses, and caressing her tongue with my tongue.

She breaks the kiss and looks at my surprise facial expression. “What is the matter, have you never been kissed by a girl before?” She kids me.

“Well I um well you just sort of took me by surprise that is all.” I kind of stammered the words out.

“Well I have been fucked by guys before, I am no virgin, but I am very selective on whom I let fuck me. Besides ever since I saw that monster cock of yours and listen to you fuck the two girls next door. I want to see just how good your cock would feel inside of me.” She said to me as she stripped her clothes off.

Well you did not have to hit me with a 2×4, I was naked faster than you could say supercalifraglisticexpialidocious if you can remember that saying from the Mary Poppins movie.

God her body was perfect, I could sit there and stare at it for days. She quickly pulled me down into her bed, kissing me tenderly and with affection. He tongue was busy exploring the insides of my mouth, and softly caressing my tongue. My cock was so hard, it felt like it might burst out of its skin.
I moved my hand down to rub and massage her breasts. I pinched her nipples a little to hard and she gave a gasp.

“Easy there my nipples are very tender, “ She told me, pinch them but do it gently.

“Sorry, let kiss them and make them all better.” I replied to her

I moved down and started to kiss and suck on her nipples. They were so hard they almost touched my tonsils when I had her nipples in my mouth. I pulled off her breast and moved to the side of it, and gave her my brand in the form of a nice big hickie.
While I was sucking Sikiş hikayeleri on her breast, my hand moves down to her snatch. She had a lot of hair covering her snatch. I had to work through it to get to her outer lips. I stroked her lips and rubbed her inner thighs. She was moaning and groaning from all the attention on her sensitive spots.

My fingers invade her pussy, and she was extremely wet. I stroked her clitoris, and then finger fucked her pussy, and sucked on her nipple as hard as I could. She was starting to lose control. She was arching her back and pushing her pussy deeper into my fingers. She was making a meowing sound out of her mouth.

“O God, O God,” she shouted, and she locked down on my hand as she sent forth a fountain of cum all over my hand and fingers. She laid there for a few seconds, and then she gave me a big deep kiss, and then mounted me.

She grabbed my cock and slow moved it back and forth over her slippery slit, coated the head of my cock with her juices. Gradually she sank the head of my cock into her pussy, and slowly her pussy moved down my shaft. All the while this is going on she is making funny facial expressions. Just as she pushes more of my cock into her pussy, I thrust up real fast to meet her push.

She screams and collapses onto my chest. I hold her tight and feel her sobbing, and her tears running down my neck. It then dawns on me that she was still a virgin.

“O My God Nancy, I am sorry, I did not know, I am so sorry,” I tried to apology to her.

“It’s ok I should have not bragged and told you the truth, that I am still a virgin.” She said to me as she gave me a soft kiss on the lips. “You are the first guy that I ever had sex with, “ She told me with a soft smile on her lips.

She pushed her self back up and wiggled her ass driving my cock deeper into her pussy, till she finally had me all the way in. She sat there still for a few moments to get adjusted to my cock. Slowly she starts a rhythm of fucking me. My God she is tight. I am glad that I was first to fuck this gorgeous girl and make a woman out of her.

She picks the pace up and is fucking me pretty steady. I can hear her making all kinds of sounds, as she must be getting close to having an orgasm. Suddenly her eyes get really big and she crashes down on top of me shuddering from her first fuck orgasm, as her love juices flow down my cock and over my balls.

I roll her over and get on my knees and spread her legs wide open, and just put the cock right to her. I pound her hard with my balls slapping at her ass, I could hear her grunting from being fucked hard.

“Ah Nancy I am getting close and I um don’t want to get,” I tried to say, but she cuts me off.

“Go ahead and just do it, I am on the pill? She utters back at me with her eyes closed tightly.

Hearing that I pick up the pace and really pound her as fast as I could. I could feel her start to lock her legs around me, as she was getting close to having another orgasm.

“Here I go baby, “ I panted as I peed a stream of white cream deep into her pulsing pussy. I filled her up with so much cum, that it was running out of her and down the crack of her ass.

We laid there for a few minutes and then she got up to go to the bathroom. I got up and found some tissues to clean the blood and goo off of my cock. When she came out of the bathroom, I went in and washed my cock clean.

We both got back into her bed and fell right asleep. I woke up in the morning and she was still sleeping. I grabbed my clothes and got dress and headed up to my room to shave and shower. We fucked quite regularly from then on.

It was getting close to the end of the semester, and I had Dr. Ryan as my Management Professor. She had us split up into groups of three to work on our final term report. We were having some difficulties on our report, and I went to her office after class for some help.

“I am busy right now, I have a staff meeting to go to, why don’t you come by the my house tonight, and I will see what we can do to help you on this report, “ She informed me as she wrote down her address and gave it to me.

Dr. Ryan is a very pretty blonde vixen, who always wears her hair up in a bun. She has a body a lot like Susan Summers (Three Company’s actress), but she wears very conservative clothes to class. I have seen her a few times at different restaurants dressed up, and she is a real knock out.

I arrived at her house around 7:00 P.M., and rang the bell. She answered the doorbell right away. She was dressed in a Central sweatshirt, and jeans, but oddly her hair was in a pony tail. She looked great. She invited me in and we went over to her dinning room table and I spread out my papers on the term report. We sat down together and she started to review what I had done.

She reviewed all my papers, and offered a few suggestions on improvements, then we discussed just how to wrap up the report. She did not really tell on what to do, but did offer a few really good suggestions.

“Thanks for helping me Dr. Ryan,” I said.

“Please call me Peg,” She replies.

“OK Peg it is,” I said back with a smile.

“Would you like something to drink, beer, pop, or wine?” She asked me.

“I will take a beer if that is ok with you,” I told her.

She got up to go get our drinks, and I don’t know if it was me or the environment, but it sure seemed like she swayed her ass more than she does in class as she went to get our drinks. She came back with the drinks and handed me a beer, and she walked over and sat down on the couch, with a glass of wine in her hand.

I got up and walked over to the couch and sat down on the other end from her, and started to take a few shallows of my beer. I was nervous as fuck. I want to make a move on her, but not sure just how to proceed. After all she is my professor, and I did not know if it was legal to fuck your professor in college.

We drained our drinks, and she got up and got us some refills. As we drank our drinks, we chatted some more. When we finished up, she took my empties and her glass into the kitchen. I was sitting there with the biggest hard on, I think that I ever had. I was fantasizing that I took her up to her bedroom to fuck her.

She came back into the living room and sat down on the couch right next to, and put her arms around my neck and gave me a very passionate kiss. Her hand went down to my cock and she started to stroke it. I thought I was going to Porno Hikayeleri blow a nut right there. She undid my belt and unzipped my jeans, and slipped her hand under my boxers and grabbed my cock.

I was at more than full mast, as she started to stroke my cock and balls. If this was an angel from heaven, then I was ready to go. She broke the kiss, and whispered into my ear, “lets go to my bedroom.”

We got to her bedroom and we both stripped our clothes off fast. She had an exquisite athletic body, with nice tits 34C I would guess, an hour shape figure, nice trimmed blonde snatch. She can’t weight more than 115 to 120 pounds, distributed beautifully over her body.

She grabbed my cock and murmured, “the girls were right you do have a monster cock.”

By now my cock is more than rock hard, as we get into her bed and kiss some more with lots of tongue action. I move my hand over to fondle her breast. They are nice and firm with her nipples poking out in full erection.

I kiss my way down to her pointed nipples, and my hand works down to her wide open pussy. As I start to suck on her nipples, as my fingers invade her pussy, which is soaking wet. You can hear my fingers slurp around in her pussy juices. My fingers are working on her clitoris, and then I move up to her G-spot, and rub that sensitive area in her vagina. She gasps again and her body shakes, as I bring her to an orgasm.

“O my god that feels so good, it has been a while since a man has made me cum.” Peg coos in my ear.

Peg reaches for my pecker, and she starts to softly stroking my cock with one hand and massaging by balls with the other hand. She picks the tempo up a bit, till some pre cum leaks out of my exit hole.

Peg kisses her way down my body till she reaches my cock. With her tongue she licks up the pre cum, and the starts to suck on my purple head. She licks the under side of my sensitive head, and down the shaft to my sac, where she gives my balls a bath with her tongue. She is a very talented cocksucker, as she builds up my excitement and then lets it subside.

She is sucking on my cock giving me a great blow job, as she is now giving my cock the vacuum treatment, sucking it real fast and deep. I put my hands behind her head and push my cock deeper into her throat. I can hear her gag a few times, but she does not pull off my cock. She gets about 2/3 of my cock into her mouth, which is pretty good most only get half of it in their mouths

Finally I tighten up, and give a loud groan, and explode my cum deep into her mouth, unloading rope after rope of cum down her mouth. She never spills a drop, as she swallows it down her throat.

“WOW that is one of the best blow jobs I have ever gotten.” I told her panting breath.

She gives me a big sloppy cum tasting kiss, with her tongue dancing with mine. We kiss for a few minutes, and then I start to lick and suck her ear lobes. I kiss and softly nibble on her tender neck. I stop and make sure I give her perfect tits plenty of attention. I roll her nipples around my mouth and gently lick them with my tongue.

I kiss my way down to her snatch, stopping to give her belly button a kiss and lick. She spreads her legs for me and I started to lick her nicely trimmed pussy. I spread her outer lips and started to lick on her clitoris. I keep licking her clit, and I get busy finger fucking her pussy. When I had my finger well coated in her juices, and I started to rub it around her anal hole.

As my finger worked on her anal hole, and my tongue was licking her clitoris. It was driving her into a frenzy, and she lost it and started to cum in bucket fulls, and there was no way I could lick it all up. I could feel it run down my chin and over my hand that was fucking her ass.

“O God Baby I need you to fuck me right now, I am so wet and ready.” She panting in sensual gratification.

I disengaged from her and turned her over and fucked her dog style, ramming my cock as far up into her pussy as I could go. I was pounding her so hard, that I was lifting her right off the bed. She was screaming as her orgasm was ripping through her shuddering body. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and started to rub it around her anal hole.

“O God I never had anal sex before,” She moaned, but she never pulled away from me either.

“Just relax I will be gentle and you will love this?” I said as I shoved my pussy lube cock into her anal hole.

She opened up for me and I slowly invade her hot hole. I fucked her anal hole slowly, gradually going faster. I could hear her grunt each time I rammed my cock deeper into her ass. Soon I was pounding her as fast as I could. I could hear her making all kinks of sounds and noises into her pillow.

She lifted her head and gave a scream,” OOOhhh My God I am cummmming.”

It was not long, and I blew my second load of the night deep into her ass. I pulled my cock out of her ass and held it up to her mouth to be cleaned off. She was to tired to fight me, she just open up her mouth and sucked my cock clean.

Exhaustion over took us and we both fell asleep on her bed.. The next thing I know it is 6:30 a.m., and I looked over and she is still asleep. I don’t think either of us moved all night long. I disengaged myself from her and went to the bathroom to take a piss.

I laid back down and next thing I know there is a strange feeling going on with my pecker. I look down and see this blonde head bobbing up and down on my cock. I laid back down and watched her, as I enjoyed the sensual feeling of my cock being sucked.

She had my cock in her mouth sucking away, and then she spit it out and started to lick the shaft down the cum tube, right down to my sack. She gave each nut a nice bath with her tongue and mouth. She then licked back up the cum tube to my mushroom head, licking the underside of it, and then she lightly rakes her teeth over it, cause shivers to run down my back. She sucked really hard on my head and then licked my eruption hole with the tip of her tongue.

She crawled back up to me and mounted me, holding my cock up against her pussy lips, I watched as her pussy slowly took all of me inside of her, until I was fully embedded inside of her. She started to pump up and down on my cock, till she got into a rhythm.

It was not long and my nuts sent a message to my brain, that an eruption was about to occur, as my cum tube and exit hole expanded to prepare for my flow of hot cum to released. I gave a big groan and shot my load deep into her pussy. I could hear her gasp, as she collapsed on me shuddering from her orgasm.

That was the first of our many fuck sessions, and needless to say I got an A in my management class.

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