Come Together Ch. 02


A/N – Firstly, apologies for the length of time between submissions. I have many things on my plate at the moment, and though this second chapter has been written for quite a while, I have been in two minds about whether I’d continue this series, or simply leave the first chapter as a story of its own.

All I have to say otherwise is… Well, that first chapter certainly provoked some reaction! Thanks for all the comments, no matter what your viewpoint was regarding any of the characters.

But… For those expecting a drama filled story with a focus on the ex-wife, prepare to be disappointed. This story was never about her, nor the failed relationship of the husband and wife. If this was a ‘Loving Wives’ story, then I would definitely focus on that aspect, but as we’re in this category, I’ll be focusing on other relationships.



Feeling herself wake up before her alarm, she couldn’t help smiling as she snuggled under the blankets. It was her birthday today. The big one-eight. She was now legally an adult. Drinking, smoking and voting were now legal. Sex had been legal for two years but… well, some people still freak out about that fact. But she was still a virgin. Barely had a boyfriend before today, when she thought about it. There was only one man in her life that mattered.

Opening her eyes, the room was still in darkness, checking her phone to see the alarm was only a minute or two from sounding. She suppressed a giggle, as she knew what to expect. A tradition that happened every year since she was a little girl. Back then, her father would be waiting to wake her up, excited as she was about her birthday. Now that she was a little older, he waited until she was obviously awake.

As soon as the alarm blared, she switched it off and waited for the knock. “Come in, Daddy,” she called out.

He opened the door enough to poke his head through. She felt her heart flutter at just the sight of his handsome face. Those blue eyes were so beautiful. His thick brown hair. That stubble on his face that just screamed ‘rugged bloke’. Opening the door wider, he was wearing a tight white t-shirt that clung to his muscular arms and broad chest, a small pair of shorts. He wasn’t a hairy man, but she’d seen his chest before, a coating of dark hair, also down his arms and legs. He was barefoot as he stepped towards her bed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she sat up and hugged him tightly as he sang quietly into her ear.

“Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday my dear Lottie

Happy birthday to you.

I love you more than anything, sweetheart. You were my first born and my love for you is unconditional until the day I die. You own a piece of my heart along with your brother and sisters.”

Every time, it made her cry as she could hear the love for her in his voice every time he sang and the words that followed. Her mother had never shown her the level of affection her father had shown her, nor had she shown it for her siblings. Her father could be a hard man on the outside, but inside, he had a kind, soft heart, and it was obvious he did everything for her and her siblings.

“I love you too, Daddy,” she whispered, feeling his powerful arms hold her tighter.

“Have any birthday wishes?”

“One or two. Maybe they’ll come true.”

“Hmmm. We’ll just have to see.” He let her go, sitting back as she laid back down, unable to stop smiling at him. “Ready for your first night out as a legal adult? I’ve got reservations at your favourite restaurant. Whole family is coming.”



“Good. I don’t want her there, Daddy.”

“It’s your choice. I’ve already let her know you don’t want her there. She’s obviously not happy, but you’re now eighteen. You can choose to do what you want and invite whoever you want.”

She didn’t want anything to do with her mother. It had only been three months since she’d walked out on them. She hadn’t been back to the house to visit since. She had tried calling a few times. Emily wasn’t contacted. She had tried calling Nathan and Alyssa. Charlotte picked up once, told her not to call again, and blocked her number. She told her father. Again, he said it was her decision to make.

Kissing her cheek, he announced he’d get started on breakfast. He always cooked breakfast for the kids on their birthday. He’d also done the same thing for her mother until it was obvious that she’d stopped caring what he did for her.

Needing a shower, she slipped out of bed and padded down the hallway to the large bathroom she shared with her siblings. Locking the door, she took of her t-shirt and slid out of her panties, giggling at the fact they were already wet. Just cuddling her daddy excited her far more than it should. Ensuring the water was nice and hot, she stepped under and enjoyed the blast, wetting her hair before allowing her hands to roam her body. She’d woken up horny, remembering the naughty dream she’d had.

Contemplating masturbating, porno videolar she eventually just focused on washing herself, hands running over perky C-cup breasts, her flat stomach earned from playing netball, her toned arse and legs. After washing and conditioning her long red hair, she stepped out of the shower to brush her teeth, stepping back to check herself in the long mirror, thinking that shaving herself might be a good idea, for no other reason than it would like neater. Wiping herself down, she padded back to her room wrapped in a towel, passing Emily on the way, stopping to hug her little sister.

“Love you, little girl,” she whispered. Emily smiled broadly. “D.L.G. Daddy’s Little Girl.”

“Then what are you?” Emily asked as always.

“I’m his sweetheart.” Kissing her forehead, she whispered, “I’ll always be here for you, Emily.”

She’d been reassuring her little sister constantly since the day Emily told her everything their mother had been doing, the years of mental abuse and, from what she’d learned wasn’t sure their father knew, physical abuse. She’d been suspicious but never imagined…

“Love you,” Emily whispered, before she walked to the bathroom. Charlotte smiled as she could see Emily coming out of her shell again. For too long, her giggles and laughter had been missing, only realising for how long until their father mentioned it.

Summer wasn’t far away, and her final exams were on the horizon. Looking out the window, it was a fine spring day, so she went with a tight white blouse, the standard patterned skirt every girl was required to wear at school, a pair of knee-high white socks and her black flat pumps. Heels were not allowed, of course.

Walking downstairs, she was the first to arrive, her father cooking breakfast for them first before he’d shower and dress for work. Ever since their mother had left, he’d cut back slightly on his hours, telling his boss his focus was his children through the divorce process. He looked up as she cleared her throat, watching his jaw drop slightly.

“Wow,” he whispered before he smiled, “I’m looking for my little girl. She’s about this high,” he made a gesture of about four-foot-high, “Giggles a lot, cute freckles over her nose, a right terror at times?”

Sauntering towards her father, she stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “I’ll always be your little girl, Daddy,” she whispered, “I’m just older now.”

“You sure are. Take a seat, breakfast will be ready soon. Everyone else up?”

“Emily was getting ready in her room. Guess one of the twins is currently showering.”

Her father planned it perfectly as always, breakfast ready by the time his four children were seated. It was one of her favourites. Pancakes with bacon and syrup. Could have gone out and bought it, but she always thought it was better when her father put something together. Plus, he just had a real knack for cooking good bacon.

Focusing on eating, she didn’t realise her father finish quickly before he headed off. He returned within twenty minutes, showered though not dressed for work. Placing a small box in front of her, she looked up at him. Smiling, he simply gestured for her to open it.

She almost squealed as it was obviously a key for a car. “Daddy!” she squealed, leaping up onto him. He chuckled as he easily held onto her, rubbing her back as she cried. “It’s too much!”

Shushing her, he carried her towards the front door, ensuring her feet were on the floor before leading her outside. There, beside his BMW, was what looked like a new car. “It’s not new, before you ask,” he explained, “But it’s got low mileage and only one previous owner. Yes, it’s only a Corolla, but they’re good cars, reliable, and I know you’re not interested in anything sporty. As for your old car, Nate and Alyssa will share it as they learn to drive. Considering they’re tied at the hip, it’ll just be their car. I’ll keep looking after it for them, and I’ll also make sure this is well maintained for you too.”

She hugged him again, burying her head into his chest. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“The twins are seventeen early next year, and Nate is putting in all the hours needed to get his provisional. And as you’ll be off at university anyway, you won’t be going to the same place, so someone else will need to drive the three of them to school.”

“It wasn’t too much, was it, Daddy?”

“You’re only eighteen once. And your grandparents did help. It’s paid in full. Also got a year of insurance, and a full tank of fuel.”

Her friends all noticed her arrival at school later that morning in her shiny new car. Her friends adored her father as much as she loved him, though she’d never admit how much she did love him. The fact he’d been the centre of her fantasies for a long time. Being the middle of the week, it was torture having to wait another couple of days for her party, but at least she’d be heading out that night for dinner.

She was busy studying when her father returned porno video izle home from work later that afternoon, no surprise he was home at least an hour or two earlier than normal. Even on her birthday, she couldn’t not study. Her exams were far too important, requiring good marks to get into the university and course of her choice. So focused on her work, she didn’t even sense a presence until two arms wrapped around her, chin on her neck, a stubbled cheek against her own. She giggled as soft lips pressed against her soft skin. “Two hours and we’ll head out,” her father said quietly, “Dress nice.”

“Of course, Daddy. I’ve already got a dress picked out.” She paused before asking, “Is Caroline staying tonight?”

“I’m not sure. Would that be a problem?”

Giggling, she shook her head. “No, Daddy. Of course not. I just know you haven’t seen her in a week or so.”

“She’s been rather busy. We’re keeping things casual.” He paused and chuckled. “I’m talking to my daughter about my love life. But you’re old enough to understand these things.”

He stepped back, sitting on the edge of her bed again. She turned to face him. “Will it get serious?” she wondered. She loved her auntie and had seen how good they were together.

Hearing him sigh made her feel a little sad. “I don’t know. She has some strong feelings for me, sweetheart. Very strong feelings. And while I adore her in return, there are moments, even when we’re being intimate… um…” Seeing him trail off and blush almost made her giggle, until she realised what he was admitting.

“You see Christine, don’t you?”

“Yeah. It’s discomforting. Caroline is aware, of course. The last thing I want to do is break her heart, which is why, now that it’s over between Christine and I, she’s keeping some distance between us. She doesn’t particularly want to go dating again, but I think she’ll end up doing it so she stops viewing me as a potential partner.” With another sigh, he stood up and leaned down to kiss her forehead. “I’ll leave you to study, sweetheart. I’ll give you a shout in an hour, so you have time to get ready.”

Her father had to shout more than once, involved with her studying as she was. Thankfully, her siblings left the bathroom empty for her. Having been horny all day, she needed to rub one out first. She generally left such matters for the bedroom, but the detachable shower head came in use for a few minutes, the orgasm leaving her rather weak at the knees for a couple of minutes. Washing was followed by shaving all the important bits – armpits, legs, pussy – before she returned to her room.

Lacey black bra and panties. Thigh highs with garter and suspenders. Little black dress that showed of a generous dose of cleavage. Black three-inch heels. Necklace with pendant. Faint make-up, colour on her cheeks, red lipstick. She did her hair, making sure it was nice and straight. Looking in the mirror, her only thought was that she looked hot, and would look wonderful on her father’s arm for the evening.

Walking downstairs, her father simply gazed at her with adoration when she appeared. He was wearing trousers, a pressed shirt, tie and jacket. He looked fit as a fiddle. Walking towards him, she was still a few inches shorter, resting her hands on his shoulders. “How do I look?” she asked softly.

“Not sure what to say except utterly, breathtakingly beautiful.”

Feeling herself smile broadly, she kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Daddy. You scrub up nicely too.” Inhaling his scent, she added, “Oooh, is that a new cologne?”

“Caroline likes it on me. Different to what your mother liked, at least.”

“Well, it has my seal of approval too.”

Her favourite restaurant wasn’t what most would expect, being a steakhouse. But it was a fancy steakhouse, so that’s why she’d dolled herself up. Her little sister looked gorgeous in her dress too, remaining utterly precocious and adorable even at fourteen years old. The entire family was waiting to meet her. Thankfully, they didn’t have piles of presents, her father ensuring that, at most, she’d get a little cash, some gift cards, and some jewellery.

The food was fantastic as always. Ordering a drink was a rite of passage as always, the server asking for ID when she ordered a scotch and coke. Her father looked at her in surprise, raising his own bourbon and coke. “My daughter has good taste,” he said.

They remained until close to closing time. She’d enjoyed a couple of drinks by then so was feeling a little tipsy. She had only had alcohol perhaps two or three times in her life, so it was little surprise it went to her head. She hugged everyone before they left, whispering to Caroline she should come visit her father soon. “He misses you more than he’d admit,” she giggled.

“I miss him too. But it’s for the best, Lottie. He needs to heal properly first.”

Kissing her cheek, she hugged her auntie tightly. “Thank you for being there for him.”

“I love him, Lottie. I have for a long time.”

“Wish porno video you were our mother sometimes,” she whispered.

“And I’d be proud to call you my daughter.”

Tears followed, of course. Charlotte just put it down to the alcohol. Her father noticed they were crying, wandering over to cuddle them both, before leading her towards the car. Glancing in the rear-view mirror, she smiled when seeing the pair sharing a passionate embrace before parting, her father smiling as he slid behind the wheel.

“Yeah, she’s a wonderful woman,” he said as he started driving, “Just like my daughter. Not forgetting you three troublemakers back there, of course.”

Reaching across to take his hand, he linked their fingers together. “I love you, Daddy,” she whispered.

“Love you too, sweetheart.”

“Is Caroline coming around?”

“She’s coming to stay on Friday night.”

Arriving at home, no surprise her father sent the other three straight to bed as it was rather late. He headed to the drink’s cabinet, pouring himself a glass of bourbon. He offered her a drink, which she declined, suggesting she’d head upstairs. Hugging her tightly and kissing her cheek, he wished her a happy birthday again.

Inside her bedroom, she took off the little dress, looking at herself in the mirror in her bra, panties, thigh highs and heels. Sliding a hand into her panties, she gasped as her fingers touched her intimate parts, no surprise she was wet as well. Taking a deep breath, she turned and walked back into the hallway, checking her siblings were getting ready for bed, before she walked back downstairs.

Her father was sat on the couch, the room only illuminated by a lamp on the small table next to the couch. He’d taken off his tie, the top couple of buttons on is shirt undone, having slid off his leather shoes. “Daddy,” she whispered, forcing her hands to her side so he could see her properly.

He slowly turned in her direction, his jaw dropping immediately as he wouldn’t have seen her dressed in such a provocative manner before. “Lottie? Sweetheart, what are you doing?”

“Do you think I’m beautiful, Daddy?”

Rising to his feet, he walked towards her, ensuring he smiled. “I’ve always thought my little girl was beautiful.” He stopped a pace or two away from her. “Never seen you like this, of course.”

“I dressed like this for you, Daddy,” she admitted, “I want to be beautiful for you.”

Her heart was pounding as she confessed at least part of how she felt for him. To her relief, he smiled down at her as he pulled her close. Wrapping her arms around his broad frame, she felt his fingers caressing her back. “Sweetheart…. You’re gorgeous. I’m flattered. But you’re also my daughter.”

“I just thought… Am I reminder of Christine?”

“God no, you’re nothing like her, at least in regard to your heart.” Lifting her chin with his finger, he smiled before kissing her forehead. “I’m not going to tell you how you feel. What I do know is that you’ve had a few drinks and perhaps… I don’t want you to wake up feeling silly or regretful, okay? We’ll talk in the morning.”

“Okay, Daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. I hope you had a nice birthday.”

“I loved it. One of the best!”

Heading back upstairs, she closed her door and leaned back against it. At least her father hadn’t been horrified. She’d seen a look in his eyes that he approved of what he saw. Feeling her heart still beating rapidly, she did wonder… No, no, it would never happen. He was her daddy. He’d never see her as anything more than his daughter. Still his little girl, even though she was eighteen.

Lying back on her bed, she pulled the dildo from the bottom drawer from the small chest next to her bed, sliding off her panties and taking off her bra. She teased herself first, twisting and pulling at her nipples, large enough that she could suck and lick them herself. Running a hand down her body towards her pussy, she wasn’t surprised to find she was soaking wet, picking up her panties, giggling at the thought she could almost wring the moisture from them.

Sliding the toy inside her, she moaned, “Daddy,” more than once. She loved her father as the man he was, but she wanted much more than that from him now. And having him confirm that things with Caroline were not serious, maybe, just maybe, she could somehow convince him that it would be okay to be with her too? She knew it was wrong, legally and apparently morally, but if she could seduce him instead, maybe that would help bring him around.

She knew it would take time to convince him, though. If he could ever be convinced. She might end up hurting herself. Hurting everyone if it went wrong. She could end up in therapy. Or he might throw her out of the house. She didn’t think the latter would actually happen, but she knew what she wanted would be considered weird and wrong. Then again, she’d read enough erotica to know that it was either something a lot of people thought about or happened more than people cared to admit.

“Daddy,” she moaned again, thrusting the toy faster and deeper into her pussy. She knew just the angle to slide it inside her, and fondling her clit at the same time, the first orgasm ripped through her body, having to quell her screamed by biting her bottom lip so hard, she almost tasted blood.

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