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I got on the intercom and told my wife, Lis that Robert Magubee would be coming by for a quick visit before heading back to Nigeria. He represented our largest customer so if Robert decided he wanted to make a quick social call then we were more than happy to accommodate him. He was the newly named oil minister for Nigeria. Although new to his post we had known Robert for quite some time. Lis and I had started a company built around a unique drill bit I had developed for the oil industry. While the company was only a few years old Lis and I were multi-millionaires and we owed most of our success to Robert.

I sat on the lobby couch and awaited Mr. Magubee’s arrival. I watched Lis walk down the hall from her office. In her early thirties my wife still looked and moved like the athletic equestrian rider she had been several years earlier. At 5′-8″ and about 145lbs Lis was muscular for a woman but still very beautiful. She had the look of a fitness model. Her long blonde hair, blue eyes and high cheekbones stuck out in a crowd and turned most heads. She had worn the grey pinstripe suit I loved so much. The short skirt conspired with the shiny black pumps she wore to show off her gorgeous well toned legs. I smiled knowing how lucky I was as she approached.

“When is he due in?” Lis looked at her watch as if a visit from our biggest customer was a pesky interruption.

“Any minute just wanted to say good bye before leaving. He won’t be back for a month.” I replied as Lis gave me a knowing look.

“Will Kula be with him?” Lis was thinking ahead.

Just then the doors to our office sung open and two men walked in. They were laughing at something the shorter man had said. The taller man was Robert Magubee and the other was his right hand man, Kula. They were both Nigerians. Robert was just over fifty while Kula was in his twenties. Both men were dressed in $2000.00 suits and in great shape. I reached out and shook Robert’s hand. His skin tone was as dark as onyx.

“Denny, I just wanted to stop by and thank you and our lovely wife for a very fruitful business trip. The impeller you have developed for our new pipeline system is imaginative and state of the art. We so enjoyed touring your production facilities again.” Robert recited in the accent of an African educated in England.

Then the black man turned his gaze towards my wife. He smiled at Lis and she walked towards him. They shook hands. “Robert I’m so glad you could come see us before you left.”

“It is our pleasure. Besides I wanted to go over some of the specifications on the new shipment.” Robert said.

Before Lis could answer Tonya Conny walked into the lobby and our conversation. Tonya was our top sales person and helped Lis with the Nigerian account. A more petite blonde, she was nonetheless just as attractive as my wife. Tonya made a point of showing off her shapely legs. Today was no exception; the platinum blonde was wearing a blue one piece suit that extended down only to her mid thigh. It was Tonya that Lis had just called on the receptionist’s phone.

“Miss Conny it’s so nice to see you again!” Robert gushed.

“Well it’s nice to see you Mr. Magubee.” Tonya replied.

“My goodness! Look at the diamond on your finger. Are congratulations in order?” The Nigerian inquired.

“I guess so. I got engaged a month ago.” Tonya blushed.

“Why didn’t I notice that beautiful ring before today? I must be slipping in my old age. Tell your fiancé he is a lucky man.” Robert exclaimed as Tonya continued to blush.

The tall black laughed heartily at his self depreciation and the rest of us followed his lead. Unlike many of the arrogant Africans our company did business with Robert was pretty easy going although his ego still needed to be stroked from time to time.

“Well I’m going to let you people talk shop and get back to work myself.” I announced.

I shook hands with Robert and Kula and went down the hall to the left. We had purchased the office building at an incredibly low price. Although the design of the offices was far from perfect. We decided to keep it much the same with the four executive offices located in the middle, a hallway circled them while smaller offices and a bullpen were set up on the outside of the rectangular hallway. My office abutted the other three in one way or another. Both Lis’ and Tonya’s offices were back to back with mine while the other, which was currently empty, was at the end of mine. What we liked about them was their spacious size. Each office had a large desk, a couch and coffee table and they were close to 500 square feet in size.

When I told the contractors that had renovated the facility that each room had to be sound proofed I blamed it on the paranoia of the Africans we did business with. I cited my own misgivings regarding the Africans when I ordered the one way mirrors from my office into the other three large rooms. Although African clients were why I decided to have these amenities installed izmir escort paranoia was not the underlying reason.

I got back to my office and closed the door. I went to the back wall and pushed a button and a 30 by 30 inch piece of the wall moved to the side exposing the one way mirror to my wife’s office. I turned a knob which brought up the sound to the office.

Suddenly the door opened and Lis walked in with Robert. They were talking about the changes to a new drill bit we had designed specifically for Magubee’s rigs.

“What we’ve done is make the attachment equipment superior to the previous models.” Lis leaned back against the front of her desk as she casually mentioned the features of our newest bit.

“So how many bits will we be losing now.” The black man stood facing my wife as he took off his suit coat.

“We think the loss rate will be cut by two thirds. Yet you are our first customers to take an order and are getting a substantial discount to try the bits out first.” Lis smiled. “Lis we have trusted your company for the last couple of years and we will continue to do so.” The black man barely got the words out when he let out a high pitched sigh.

Lis had dropped to her knees and undone Robert’s pants and put his ebony colored penis into her mouth. He placed his hand on her head as my wife began a methodical gulping rhythm with her mouth. The Nigerian’s manhood hardened while Lis applied an expertise developed over the past couple of years. It was a slow sensuous pace that soon had the African in another world. Robert undid his tie and began taking off his shirt as he watched my wife coat his black dick with a bright sheen of saliva.

I moved to my right and opened the one way mirror to Tonya’s office. They were already naked. Kula was facing me sitting on the couch. Tonya was kneeling between his legs facing away from me with her head going up and down. It was obvious what she was doing.

The young blonde was working much more quickly than Lis. As the senior man when Robert was done there was no waiting around. Kula had to get dressed and go whether he had dropped a load in Tonya or not. Consequently after just a little head Kula pulled up the pretty white woman onto the couch. He climbed on top of Tonya and sank his big black dick between her spread thighs.

Meanwhile Lis had Robert flat on his back on the floor. She was standing over him and smiling down at the black man. My wife was down to her pumps, a pair of sheer nude stockings and a garter belt. She strutted up to Robert straddling his body with her legs. She was enjoying herself not only because she was about to bury Robert between her legs but because she knew she was putting on a show. Lis was fully aware of the one way mirrors.

Through the other mirror Robert, totally unaware of my voyeur set up, was as excited as a man could get. He loved my wife’s legs and having them encased in a pair of full fashioned stockings drove him crazy. It was quite evident by the throbbing erection sticking straight up in the air. Lis dropped to the floor and collapsed on top of the black man and impaled herself on his manhood. She sat on him motionless for a moment. Then she began to whimper and sob loud enough to make me glad I made the offices sound proof. She was digging her nails into Robert’s chest. When she couldn’t stand it anymore Lis got up into a squat and began sliding up and down on the thick black pole.

As I watched my wife riding my largest customer like she had so many horses years ago I couldn’t help thinking back to what got me into this surreal situation. Over the past two years I had basically become a pimp for two beautiful white women, one of whom was my wife.

Lis and I had met at our first jobs out of grad school. We broke out on our own after I had designed a specialized drill bit. I did the work after hours at home when I was dating Lis and we got married soon after deciding to start our own company. We called our company, Dulcitte. I was so excited. I knew I had designed a superior product that would take the industry by storm. The problem was breaking into the oil industry wasn’t that easy. Lis and I had knocked on hundreds of doors but no one was listening. We were running out of time and money. More than anything I wanted to succeed so that Lis and I could succeed together. I loved her so much it hurt. She was so beautiful I couldn’t believe that she had decided to spend her life with me. The least I could do was provide us with a dream that would come true.

Despite my hopes I had to think realistically. I was seriously considering a job offer from a rival oil equipment supplier when Lis burst into my office one day with a notice regarding an open bidding process the national oil exploration unit from Nigeria was holding. The value of the contract was $1.8 million, too small for any of the large suppliers to want to be involved with but large enough to be a Godsend mersin escort for a company like Dulcitte.

We put together our proposal over the next few days. Lis was especially into the process. I could tell she knew that we really needed this job. My wife wasn’t used to losing. She was intensely competitive. In addition to equestrian Lis had been an extraordinary soccer player in high school and then later in college. She actually could have picked just about any sport. She was that good an athlete. Lis’ build was long and toned and she worked hard to maintain an athletic frame. Both Lis and I were young, 31 yrs old at the time and unfortunately what little experience we had was limited to the domestic oil industry. We had no idea what to expect from the Nigerians. Yet we knew we had developed a superior product and were confident as we drove off to our meeting.

The Nigerians had taken over an entire floor of the Washburn hotel downtown. It included a half a dozen large suites and some regular rooms. This is where we met Robert Magubee. While he hadn’t yet been promoted to heading the entire country’s oil industry, he was the head of Nigeria’s oil exploration sector and he was running the bidding process. We shook hands with him and several of his colleagues.

There were a number of competitors there. I noticed that most of them seemed less professional than Lis and I, in the way they dressed and carried themselves. It made me even more confident.

We were among the last to give our presentation. I was worried that the Nigerians would be bored by the time we got inside. Fortunately these guys were into it. They understood how unique our product was and asked questions that told me that they knew what they were doing. There were about fifteen of them in the room sitting in three rows of chairs like a small classroom of very dark complexioned black men. When Lis was up front giving the financial portion of the presentation they were extra attentive.

Afterwards Lis and I went to the bar to unwind. We felt good about our presentation and decided if we weren’t picked at least we went down swinging. After about an hour or in more precise terms, three drinks, one of the Nigerians came to the bar and found us.

“Congratulations! You are one of the finalists.” The young man shook our hands. He introduced himself as Kula then a fairly new employee of the Nigerian exploration unit.

“Thank you very much!” Lis gushed. She could barely contain herself.

“We’d like you to come back to our room to answer some questions, if that is not too much trouble.” The black man asked.

“We’d be happy too.” I answered with a beaming smile.

I was still all smiles as we rode up the elevator. Once in the room we were introduced to the two competitors left. I could tell that they knew the Nigerians and we were the only rookies in the room. I also noticed that the women with each team were downright slutty looking. One had dirty blonde hair and too much make up. The other woman looked a bit more demure with short brown hair and a very pretty face. Still she was wearing a dress that barely covered her ass. We got together to listen to Mr. Magubee’s announcement.

“I just want to say we were very pleased with all three of your presentations. We know you put a great deal of effort into this and we really appreciate your work. We will have a decision tomorrow afternoon. Yet now it’s time to relax. We would love to see the entertainment you have brought to us.”

Lis and I looked at each other when Magubee mentioned entertainment. We had no idea what he meant. And then the music started.

“I don’t want to say this part of the presentation is going to decide the winner but I am sure it can’t hurt. Magubee yelled over the music.

The men started to hoot and holler as the two women began to gyrate and dance at the top of a two step rise out of the sunken living room area that led to one of the bedrooms. I gave Lis a panicked glance and then began to walk towards Magubee. The two other groups hadn’t brought co-workers, they were strippers. I was going to tell Magubee that I wanted the project but that I hadn’t been told about the strippers. Suddenly Lis grabbed my arm.

“We can’t lose this. Stay here.” She ordered.

With that my wife sashayed up to the makeshift stage joining the two other women. I was still making my way over to Magubee but the look Lis gave me told me in no uncertain terms that I should stay put.

Despite having an incredible body Lis looked stiff trying to dance next to the two more experienced women. She was clearly following their lead as the black men crowded around them. My one and only cogent thought was that if the Nigerians were stupid enough to count a stripping contest as part of their decision making process for purchasing drill bits we didn’t stand a chance. While Lis was more beautiful than the two strippers, they were pros. The two women sakarya escort were working the room as if they were born to do it. My wife looked like a girl nervously shuffling through her first junior high school dance.

The men were paying more attention to the other women but things changed when the blouses came off. The blonde called Lili and the brunette, Nikki were in good shape but they paled in comparison to my wife. The Nigerians turned and checked out Lis when they caught a glimpse of her six pack abs and well toned arms and shoulders. Everyone was admiring her body but Lily and Nikki had taken off their bras. Lili had a rather large set of man made tits that swung freely from her thin body while Nikki’s were smaller but natural. My wife seemed to think about the situation for a quick moment and then leaned down and undid the front clasp of her bra. She had decided that there was no way a couple of strippers were going to take this deal away from us especially when she had a superior body.

The Nigerians were like spectators at a tennis match. With every drop of clothing the black men would turn their attention to the two strippers and when my wife would follow suit they would ogle her. It was a ridiculous looking spectacle except Lis was now dancing to the music wearing only a pair of alligator leather high heel pumps. Then a couple of Nigerians approached Lili and she accepted their advances. She smiled as a black man grabbed her breasts and the others began running their hands all over the rest of her body. She reached out and gently traced her fingers along their crotches.

Some of the other men were standing around Nikki and Lis. I started towards the stage just as one of the black men put a hand on my wife’s ass. Yet Lis looked up at me and shook her head. She gave Magubee a look who was smiling among the few men that were not up touching the women. It was clear if I made a scene we would lose the deal. Lis watched the other women as three men fondled her breasts and legs. Nikki got on her knees first. The men had their dicks out faster than you could say head. The short haired brunette engulfed each cock one after another. The three black dicks hardened as her mouth worked them over. When Lis saw that Lili had joined in with three black men of her own my wife dropped to her knees and began stroking and sucking.

I stood there shocked beyond belief as I watched Lis with a black dick in her mouth and one in each hand. The men were going crazy cheering the girls on. I now doubted if I tried to stop the carnal scene that I would be able too. Meanwhile Lis has her men rock hard. They took turns with her mouth. By the way they moved around her I could tell that the Nigerians had done this many times before. The same couldn’t be said for Lis. She was struggling to breathe with so much black cock in her mouth.

I looked over at Magubee. He was smiling with the other men. He pointed towards Lis and said something to the man next to him nodding his head. Then he undid his tie and began taking off his clothes. Even the head man in the delegation was going to get in on the action and why not? It wasn’t often that three beautiful white women stripped naked and then offered themselves up to you.

I watched him drop his underwear. His penis was getting hard and was quite impressive. He was extremely well endowed. In fact he was the biggest man in the room and like all the other participants his penis was a dark ebony color. And in addition despite being a man in his fifties Robert Magubee had a very well sculpted body. He was long and lean with muscles jutting out of his arms and legs and an extremely well defined chest and abdomen. I wondered if his remarkable body had influenced his rise to the top of his country’s oil industry.

As he approached my wife the three men sensing his presence stepped away. Magubee simply walked up to Lis and put his stiffening cock into her mouth. She began to work over the black member with extraordinary enthusiasm. Magubee was quickly fully engorged. He had to be ten inches and very thick.

Lis knew she had been picked and was making the best of it. She licked his entire length and then sucked his balls into her mouth.. The Nigerian groaned loudly as Lis rolled his testicles in her mouth with her tongue. She returned her attention to Magubee’s large black prong. It was now rock hard and glistening with my wife’s saliva. I could tell the level of intensity was increasing in the room. Nikki and Lily were now spreading their legs for the men and Lis was alone with Magubee. With her head cocked upwards to open her throat my wife was taking a long length of black cock as the Nigerian gently thrust forward into her. She had dug her nails into his buttocks and tears were streaming down her face.

All at once Magubee stepped forward and gently forced Lis down onto her back. He got on top of her and prepared to mount her. Lis’ legs were spread wide for the black man. I saw her hand reach down and grab him. She gave the shaft a couple of quick jerks and then steadied the large head against her vaginal opening. Magubee immediately began pushing against her penetrating my wife with each thrust. He could only manage a couple of inches at first but after several persistent lunges the black man had my wife balls deep.

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