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Amazing Ass

She sat in the car, waiting for him. Her stomach fluttered in anticipation, as it always did when she knew he was on his way to her. They had been texting all day, and he was in a bad mood. Work was hell for him lately and she wished there was something, anything she could do to make him feel better.

There he was, taking long, hurried strides across the parking lot to her. He had a look on his face, one she wasn’t quite expecting. His texts today were short, and not as flirty as they usually were. She wasn’t worried, knowing his affection for her was true and deep. She expected him to be unhappy, and instead, he was smiling at her in a way that made her insides go moist and creamy. He wanted her. She was more than happy to oblige.

He slid his long frame into her car. “Drive quickly.” He said. “I can’t wait to have you on your knees.”

His words hit her hard, and a warm and tingling feeling dripped from her spine to her center, causing her mouth to go dry. She cleared her throat. “Where?”

“Left at the light, then turn into the park.”

He all but growled it at her. She bit her lip, a warm flush of anxiety filling her up. The park had very little privacy for them, and she knew he thrilled in the chance of then getting caught. She maneuvered the car into a far spot, close to a wooded spot and picnic tables. The weather was cool, but sunny, and there were several other cars in the lot. She could see no one, but knew there were several table around the other side, and hiking trails as well. She felt a small thrill in her belly, and realized she too was aroused at the chance of someone catching them.

Seconds after she turned the car off, she was on his lap, her mouth open wide and pressed to his, their tongues dueling inside his mouth, and she had one hand on his face, and the other around his neck. One of his hands was fisted in her hair, and the other had a generous handful of her ass. He pulled her closer, effectively pressing their crotches together, and through her jeans she could feel the hard evidence of his arousal. She pulled her mouth away for a moment so she could look at him. His eyes were partially closed and he looked so sexy to her, lips reddened and swollen from a vicious kiss, moist with saliva, a fine sheen of sweat on his brow. He used the fist in her hair to draw her mouth to his again, and she kissed him hard, sucking his tongue into her mouth, nipping at his lips and she began a slow grinding move with her hips that had him groaning.

“Fuck, baby. You’re gonna get it.” He hissed at her. “Really.” She said it as a statement rather than a question, and he realized she was feeling sassy. It was ok. She would learn her place.

He opened his door, and helped her off his lap. She leaned back in and grabbed his erection through his work pants. They were damp, and she couldn’t be certain if it was his fluid or hers. Her panties were always soaked thru after kissing him, and sometimes she was wet thru her pants as well.

Rather than get out of the car, he pivoted, placing both feet on the ground. He grabbed her by the waistband, and pulled her so her body was between his legs. He looked at her with raised brows. “Get down on your knees, my little slut!” She did so without a fraction of hesitation, and by the time she was down, he had undone his belt and freed himself from the confines of his khakis. He again put his hand in her hair, and pulled her face down to his Kadıköy Yabancı Escort hard cock. “Open that pretty little mouth.”

She did, and slipped all of him inside, down to the base. She began a rhythmic sucking, sliding her wet, warm mouth up and down, taking all of him with each stroke. He kept his hand in her hair, controlling both the rate and depth of her fellation. After several minutes, he pulled her back a bit, and urged her to lick his balls. She did so, alternating between them, and she wrapped her palm around him, sliding it gently up and down the shaft while she sucked first one and then the other testicle into her waiting mouth. Pulling her hair again, he brought her mouth to his cock again. This time, as she slid down, he pushed the back of her head, causing the tip of his cock to actually enter his throat. She struggled for a second, then gave in, her gag reflex abating. He allowed her a quick breath before thrusting into her throat again and again. She was making a little noise, and the vibration of it against him was erotic and arousing. If he didn’t stop her,he would erupt in her mouth, and he wasn’t nearly finished with using her, or her mouth.

“Get up. Hurry.” She complied and looked to him for direction. He adjusted his pants, and grabbed her hand, pulling her toward the direction of the picnic tables. They travelled to the furthest one, and he grabbed her by the hips, unceremoniously dropping her onto the top. He pressed her back, so she was supine, and his hands went to quick work undoing her pants. She gripped his wrists, trying to stop him, but he pushed them away.

“I’m having you, right here.” He told her, sending a shudder down her spine.

He pulled her jeans down her hips, over her abundant ass, and down to her knees. He grabbed her ankles, and pressed her knees to her shoulders, leaving her ass and pussy exposed to both the cool air and his mouth. He dipped his face to her, sliding his tongue through her damp folds, causing her to moan and grab his head. After only a minute she was thrashing on the table, and grinding her pelvis into his face. She came suddenly, with a warm gush of fluid that splashed over his mouth and down his chin.

He smiled down at her, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Nice, baby. That was delicious.”

Her face was pink, and he wondered if she was embarrassed. He knew she’d never actually squirted with a partner, and that she was oftentimes unsure of her own body’s reaction to pleasure.

“I love that!” He assured her, and proceeded to slide two fingers into her dripping hole, causing her hips to buck up from the table. He scanned the area for people, and seeing none, he proceeded to grab her wrists and pull her into a sitting position. There was a ring of wetness beneath her ass and he pulled her up and away from it, before setting her feet on the ground. He spun her around and bent her at the waist, so her belly was flat on the table. He used his l foot to knock her feet apart, but with her jeans at her knees, her legs only spread so far. His cock was harder than it had been only moments ago, seeing her pressed against the table, ass up and ready to take him in any manner he saw fit. He hadn’t taken her ass yet, at least not with his cock, and he wanted it. He wanted all of her. He was going to take all of her, today.

She had a pool of creamy juice spilling from her still twitching pissy, Kadıköy Yeni Escort and he sank himself into it, sliding easily into her warm wetness. He went in to the hilt on the first thrust, causing her to yelp in mild discomfort. By the third stroke she was almost purring in pleasure. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her, hard and deep, faster and faster until she was crying out in what he hoped was pleasure. She reached her arm behind her, linking her fingers with his and he dug them so hard into her hips she would surely have bruises in the morning.

Without warning he pulled out of her, again spinning her around, and shoving her down to her knees again. He grabbed her head between his hands and fed her his dripping cock.

“You taste good, don’t you, baby?” He asked her, all the while shoving himself all the way back in her mouth. After the fifth stroke he accelerated the face fucking, causing her to gag a little with each thrust.

He looked down at her and noticed she had her eyes locked on his face, and that her eyes swam with unshed tears. He knew it was from the gagging and not unhappiness. She would never tell him no, no matter what.

He pulled her back to her feet, once again bending her over the table. Her pussy was still streaming thick white cream, and he shoved himself back into her, causing her pussy to contract involuntarily, and soon the spasms of her orgasm began, with her crying out his name. She was limp, her body soft and pliant beneath him. Sated with satisfaction, and a sleepy look on her face, she told him she loved him.

“Love you , too, babe. Think you’re gonna love what i do next, too.” He said it with a laugh in his voice, and slid a finger in her pussy, collecting some moisture, before sliding the finger in her ass. It went in easily, but she stiffened slightly. He responded by sliding his hand gently down her spine.

“Only pleasure, i promise” he whispered .

He continued with one finger until she was gasping for breath, before adding a second. She was making a soft noise in the back of her throat that was more pleasure than pain, and he once again slid his cock in her pussy, coating it with her juice, and filling her up completely. He stroked in and out of her until she was cyng out his name, then slid out of her . He gripped his cock in His fist and slid it down her ass crack, stopping at her slightly open hole. He pressed himself against her, feeling the tight ring of muscle contract against him. She was uncharacteristically quiet, and he asked if she was ok.

“Please…slow….”she whispered.

He pressed forward, sliding a half inch at a time into her unused tightness. He rocked against her, gently, sliding in and pulling out in small movements. When he was about halfway in, she started to move back against him, hastening the process.

“Baby don’t move yet” she begged, grabbing his wrist and digging in her fingers.

He stopped his movement, allowing her to get used to his size inside her. He had shoved toys into her countless times, but he was bigger than anything that she had inside previously. After what seemed like hours, she began to move against him. She went slowly, sliding him in and out, all the way in, then almost completely out again. She felt so fucking good, warm and tight, around his cock. He let her set the pace for another minute, then took over.

“Hold on baby. I’m gonna fuck Kadıköy Masaj Salonu that ass now.” He punctuated his statement with a trio of hard smacks across her ass.

She still held his wrist with her hand, and he grabbed it, bending it at the elbow and pressing it into her back, effectively pinning her down and at his mercy. He began to fuck her ass roughly and deep, causing her to gasp and cry out. With his other hand, he continued to spank her, following every four or five thrusts. He could feel her body trembling beneath his, and he heard her breath coming fast and irregularly. He thought she might be approaching orgasm again.

“Dirty, dirty girl! You’re going to come from an ass fuck” he asked?

Her forehead had been against the table the whole while, but now she turned her face to the side. She only said one word. “Harder.”

He complied. Nailing her asshole as hard and fast as he could, shaking the table beneath them, and causing her to tremble hard beneath him. He reached his hand around her belly and slipped his fingers into her wet pussy folds, finding her clit slippery and engorged. He flicked at it with his fingertips, causing her to climax in his hand, a wet stream of cream sliding through his fingers. He brought them up to her mouth, and pressed them inside. She readily cleaned them off for him, and he continued his rough sodomy.

He knew her biggest fantasy was to be taken against her will this way, so he leaned down and whispered into her ear.

“Let’s pretend you don’t like it.”

He change in her was immediate. Her breathless moans became pleading.

“Stop. It hurts. You’re hurting me.” She whimpered it convincingly, and he felt himself grow harder insider of her. She pushed against him, as if trying to dislodge him, and he pressed her arm harder into her


“No! Stop. You’re tearing me up. Please…it hurts so much.” She sounded so convincing, so scared, that he almost stopped. He was about to ask her if he should, when he felt the hard contractions of her next orgasm milking his cock.

“Take it, slut. I’m going to keep fucking that tight ass until you can’t sit for a week.” He growled into her ear.

Her orgasm was intense and long lasting, maybe thirty seconds, and it drove him closer to his own completion. He had an idea. He pulled himself out of her quickly, causing her to grunt in unhappiness. He looked at her, ass gaping open for a moment before winking closed again, and he started coming. He quickly shoved her again to her knees, and finished inside her mouth, grinding her nose against his pubic hair, making sure she swallowed every last drop of him. She looked into his eyes the whole time.

He rested momentarily, his hands on the table, her, on her knees between them. She looked a mess, eye makeup streaming down her face, hair sticking up, and her lips were trembling. She needed attention, immediately.

He pulled his pants up, buttoning them quickly. He bent down and helped her to her feet. He pulled a hanky from his pocket, placed there earlier, just in case. He used it to dry her off… the amount of fluid sliding down the inside of her thighs was amazing. He pulled her pants up and straightened her sweater. He looked at her, really looked at her, chattering teeth, shaky hands, and he sat on the bench, pulling her into his lap and wrapping his arms around her tightly until her trembling slowed, then stopped. She made a noise , a noise she frequently made, and he knew it to be her content sound. He squeezed her tightly for another moment, then led her back to the car.

“I’ll drive, baby,” he told her.

Neither one of them noticed the couple staring at them with mouths agape, having seen all.

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