Confessions of a Rally Virgin Ch. 02


I felt weird after that rally. She was happier than ever, though, and I admit what she’d done, and what had happened, was a big sexual kick. I loved her more than ever, she was wild, she was fun!

Nothing more happened for a good while, at least I don’t know if she got up to anything while out at work or whatever, in the meantime. We went to a couple more parties and another rally, and she didn’t seem to do anything again. I found it strange she wouldn’t discuss what had happened, even though I had decided to accept it and she knew I had gotten excited.

Anyway, later in the year we went to a rally organised by a bigger, more serious club. I was a bit nervous about it, as they were the sort of people nobody messes with, certainly not the likes of me, just an average Joe. It seemed mostly okay, though, and I got quite pissed in the afternoon. She was going round collecting donations for a certain charity. All of a sudden, she seemed to be hanging out with two of the senior club members, giggling at their flirtatious comments.

I heard one of them say, “You’ve got a cracking little arse there!” She giggled and said thanks. Then the other one leaned and whispered something in her ear. She looked over at me, then she went bright red as he said, “How about it?”

She came over to me and told me to wait at the bar for her, she just had a business matter to see to. I was drunk and happy, so I just nodded without asking any more, and anyway, what could I do, cause a fuss with those big club guys? No, I don’t think so.

I was very disturbed when a bloke near me Kadıköy Olgun Escort whispered to his mate, “They’ve asked for her arse!”

“Fucking hell! That one everyone fancies, that little corker of a looker? Everyone I know fancies her. Wish I was one of them blokes, I’d eat a mile of hers just to get to where it came from! I’ve seen a pic of her naked, she’s fucking delicious!”

They watched her as she left the bar tent with the two big bikers, her sexy bum creased tight in her jeans, and disappeared among the crowds of people…

NO! Surely they didn’t mean what I thought they meant! Occasionally she liked a finger up there but she’d always frowned and seemed offended if I asked her about anal. I couldn’t believe she’d let them do that, it was torture enough for me to accept she had vaginal sex with the guy I’d seen her with before.

I was told after a while where she was, her friend pointed the tent out. It was a big tent on an incline at the end of the field. They had metal music playing, and over the top I could hear her saying something. It sounded like “My my, my my.” As I approached, I could distinguish it better. She was saying “My arse, My arse!”

I didn’t go in. They were obviously screwing to the music, her and her new friends. Now and then I heard the blokes grunting appreciatively. It’s hard to say how I felt. Her friends all knew too. I got very aroused, it was sick but horny. Somehow animal like in a strange way. Very rude, obscene even but earthy and sexual. I could hear the biggest guy with the shaved head, who Kadıköy Sarışın Escort had taken the mickey out of me when they had chatted her up. He was groaning lustily in appreciation. “Woarrrgh, Woarrrgghh!”

I could hardly take it in, they were having sex with my girlfriend in there. She’d allowed them to buy her for an afternoon, for donations to the charity. The people there all knew and nobody really cared!

Suddenly one of their mates was beside me, grinning at me. He went to the tent and lifted the door aside and watched my reaction a while before going in. For a few moments I saw it.

She was in there naked and bent over. One guy sat pulling her long hair and having his dick sucked by her. Now I also saw why the other one, who had taken the mickey out of me as he chatted up my girlfriend was growling so lustily to her. Yes, you have guessed it. He had his big hairy dick lodged firmly up her arsehole! I could see she’d been shagged already, there were blobs of spunk stuck in her thick dark pubes. She had a dildo in her beautiful pussy which he was flicking his thumb at as he fucked her up the bum. The sexual act she said she didn’t do, she was letting these more powerful, high ranking men finally do to her. They had far outranked me and persuaded her.

The big sod was smiling and groaning. “WOAAARGHHH YES! WOARRGHH, YOU SEXY LITTLE BITCH!” He really enjoyed her chocolate starfish, shoving his shaft all the way in and watching it pull out again. She was smoking, a cigarette too with one hand, and tickling his mates balls with the Kadıköy Şişman Escort other as they had her rudely. They ignored me but she looked at me, her pretty eyes shining and full of lust. She blew smoke over the sitting guy’s cock.

The big bully having her wrong hole began his verbal ritual to her again, and I realised this what what I’d heard part of from further away. He said “Where’s by big dick?”

“My arse!” She answered.

“Where do you want it?”

“My arse!”

He pulled apart her ripe cute little buttocks with his thumbs, and growled again. “Got your bum in the end, didn’t we! Everyone wants to shaft your shit hole and we won the contest!”

The big dirty bastard teased her again in rhythm with his thrusts. “Your bum, your bum, your bum!”

She gasped loudly and dropped her cigarette as the other one splattered some of her face cream on her tits, her big dark nipples standing up excitedly. He squeezed her boobs and shoved his dick between them. She blushed, and jiggled them around his cock, obviously loving the treatment and humiliation of what they did to her. I recognised the sounds she made as she neared orgasm. “You dirty bastards! I can’t stop myself!” she moaned.

The guy sodomising her smacked her ass hard and laughed. “Titty bum bum, titty bum bum!”

Before he shut the door, the guy who’s passed by me pulled his pants down, letting his cock out. It was hard and huge with an onion like knob end that throbbed at her. I shivered as he taunted her. “Get ready girl, because this is going everywhere before I have your arse as well!”

My cock was standing up stiff in arousal and humiliation at this incredible scene.

I stayed rooted to the spot, looking at the closed tent door and hearing the sounds. Yes, she was having a big climax, I could tell.

Part three to follow if you want to hear more.

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