Consequences Ch. 08


Julie spent the following days thinking about the night of exhibitionism and what Frank had made her do. No longer lost in the moment, without her body’s wanton lust driving her on, she felt shame in herself. She was shocked by her depraved acts, her sordid displaying of her body, and her arousal over it all. She was also pissed at Frank. Mainly over the car scenario. Not that her situation would allow her to do anything about it. Besides, any attempt to berate him would open her own shamelessness that night to discussion, which she was not ready for.

So she was once again left silently waiting for him to claim his next concession. She did not have to wait for long. Arriving home from work one evening she found him in the living room wearing a mischievous grin and holding a drink.

“What’s up?” She asked.

“Come on and join me. Have a drink, relax for a few,” he sang.

“Okay, just let me get changed,” she chirped, heading toward the hall.

“No. Stay in your work clothes for now,” he stopped her.

She was wearing a business outfit; a powder blue skirt with a black blouse and dark nylons. While she knew he liked her in skirts, she also knew he preferred less conservative ones, so she was surprised by him stopping her.

“Alright,” she shrugged, remembering the rule against questioning him. “Where’s Cindy?”

“She’s gone out with some friends, won’t be home till late.”

Accepting the offered glass she joined him in front of the TV where they watched the news and sipped their drinks. Julie could not stop wondering what he had planned and she felt the anticipation of the unknown getting to her, making her both excited and nervous. When the news signed off Frank indicated that she should lead the way back to their bedroom.

Walking through the doorway she understood why he had not wanted her to change cloths. Laying on the bed was a small collection of items that would have given his plan away; the blindfold from the other night, a set of nylon handcuffs, and a leather covered paddle. She stopped a few feet from the bed, staring at the items apprehensively. Frank stepped up behind her, pressing his crotch against her ass he placed his hands on her arms and held her. A wave of arousal flowed across her loins as the warmth of his touch radiated through her sleeves.

“Tonight you will be restrained, and at my will,” he leaned in and whispered, his words dipping into her ear and tickling the sensitive nerve endings to fan the heated sensations already awake within her. “You’re going to undress for me then lie on your belly with your ass offered to me. I’m going to tie your hands behind you. You’ll be completely at my mercy. Defenseless. Vulnerable. You won’t be able to stop me from doing whatever I want.”

Her eyes were glued on the paddle as he spoke and shivers ran through her. Her entire body tingled nervously. She struggled to stay calm, taking several deep breaths. She found the situation surprising as he had never even hinted at anything like it.

He held her arms, his breath continuing to tickle her ear. His cock grew firmer against her ass, throbbing as blood pulsed into it.

“You like the idea, huh,” he chuckled.

His tone made her realize that the pressure of his cock was partially her fault. Unconsciously she had been pushing herself back against him, rubbing her ass against his crotch as her body reacted, the embers smoldering hotly within her loins.

After another minute Frank pulled away from her. He strolled over to take a seat on the bed.

“Undress,” he instructed, grinning, his hungry eyes crawling over her body.

Uncomfortable and nervous, her body shaking, Julie reached up and started jerking at the blouse’s buttons.

“Whoa, whoa,” he stopped her, holding up one hand. “Slow down, woman. Take your time.”

His words made her freeze with her fingers holding a button, on the verge of unhooking it. Her hands shook. Her nerves jangled. She was shocked by just how uneasy she was over undressing in front of her husband. She did not know if it was the entire situation or just the collection of items that caused it. All she did know was that she was not feeling comfortable, and her twitching hands were evidence of this.

Inhaling deeply a few times she forced herself to slowly undo the button. Then, taking a couple more breaths, she lowered her fingers to the next button. Again she made sure to take a few breaths before slipping this one through its slot as well. Concentrating on her breathing, using it as a timer, she slowly undid the next couple of buttons as well. Eventually only the one tucked into her skirt remained and the blouse hung open in a wide, loose “V.” Under it she wore a black lace bra which delicately displayed her breasts, her hardening nipples poking at the material.

She paused, trying to decide whether to un-tuck the blouse or drop her skirt next. As she contemplated this she realized she was no longer shaking. The breathing, and the concentration involved, had calmed her nerves.

Deciding to drop the skirt next, she reached for the side zipper and drew it down. Shimmying her hips around she Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort pushed the skirt off her waist and let it fall into a pile around her feet.

Now her top hung free, her dark nylons stretching down from beneath it. Slipping her hands up under the blouse’s hem she slid her thumbs into the nylon’s waistband. As she worked them down her legs, her hips shifting from side to side, she peeked at Frank from behind her bangs and saw him watching her intently. When the nylons joined her skirt on the floor she straightened back up. Brushing her hair back away from her face she met Frank’s gaze. Her hands moved to the blouse’s last button. Once this was unhooked she pulled the top open, revealing panties that matched her bra.

She saw the pleasure on his face, saw his eyes crawling over her contours. She felt hot air fanning across her smoldering embers, felt their heat radiating out from deep inside her. She had passed through her discomfort and was now enjoying herself, enjoying her amateur striptease.

Embracing this new emotion she provocatively raised her hands partway up the blouse. Pulling it from her shoulders she let it drop to the floor as well. Now she stood in only her underthings, their black lace contrasting with her skin.

Covering her chest with one arm to hold her bra in place, she reached back and undid its clasp. Slipping the straps from her shoulders she allowed the garment to fall away, completely revealing her breasts. Atop the mounds her nipples grew harder as the cool air swirled over them. She stood for a moment, watching Frank stare at her breasts, his tongue licking his lips. More heated air wafted across her embers.

Hooking her thumbs into her panties she started to gradually push them down off her hips. Like with the nylons, she shifted herself from side to side as she slid them to her knees where they then fell to the floor on their own. Straightening back up once again she stood completely naked before him, obediently on display for him.

For a moment he simply remained sitting on the bed, his eyes crawling over her, devouring her.

“Get up here,” he then ordered.

As he stood up she glimpsed the bulge at his crotch and her legs went soft for a second as she thought about how it would soon be penetrating her. Obediently she crawled onto the bed and laid face down. She felt herself growing nervous again wondering what being spanked would be like. She managed to get a better look at the paddle and was slightly relieved to see that it was not just covered by leather, but that it was also padded.

Frank grabbed her wrist. As he wrapped a cuff around it she forced herself to relax, to allow him to maneuver her body as he needed. He pulled her arm behind her then drew the other back as well. When he had also attached the cuff to this wrist the strap between them lay taunt across the small of her back. Then he slid the blindfold over her eyes, casting her into darkness.

She was made to lay there, tied up and defenseless. Her legs naturally spread themselves slightly, between them the tiniest sheen of moisture glistened between her labia. She waited. Waited for something to happen. For Frank to touch her. For him to let her know she was not alone. For the contact she knew must be coming. She grew anxious, her heart racing with unwanted anticipation. In the darkness her ears tried to make sense of the things they heard, tried to decipher any little noise, any rustle of air.

Then she heard something. She was still trying to figure it out when . . .


“Oww,” she jerked, her body trying to twist away from any future assaults.

She felt Frank grab her, felt his fingers wrap around her arm and pin her down.

“You’re going to want to stay still,” he told her.

For a brief moment she had contact with the world as he made sure the blindfold had not slipped. Then nothing again. She was made to wait once more, her eyes peering uselessly into the darkness. Her ass hurt.


“Oww,” she cried again.

This spank was softer than the first one, but it still stung.


“Oww,” she sobbed.

Again the contact seemed lighter, but not by much. Her ass cheeks were growing hot, starting to burn.

Smack! Smack!

Now she was able to identify the sound of the paddle as it cut through the air and her body instinctively tensed as it did.



Smack! Smack!

Again and again he spanked her, making her cheeks sting, her flesh redden. She was forced to take it, laying there, her ass a perfect target for him.


“Oww.” She was at his mercy, unable to move or get away, her hands tied, the blindfold keeping her in the dark.

Smack! Smack!

“Oww,” she whimpered, her cheeks quivering, growing redder and redder.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Each slap felt lighter than the last, but everyone of them stung.

Smack! Smack!

Towering above her Frank remained silent, his breathing the only sound from him as he assaulted her ass with the paddle.


She felt mortified. Unable to Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort protest, his demands for her complete surrender keeping her quiet. Tonight she was his tied-up sexual toy and she was being punished for something, although she did not know for what.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Then, something began to change. Something about the spanking’s effects on her transformed. They started to warm parts of her the paddle was not hitting. Something about its contact was stirring her arousal, stoking her embers. In her loins they began to glow with the heat of her disciplined ass. Her hips began to roll enticingly as her body shifted after each contact.

Smack! Smack!

“Ohhh,” her whimpers of pain began to change as well.


She was at his mercy, lying blindfolded upon the bed, her hands tied at her back. Her nipples rubbed against the soft linen of the sheet, the sensitive buttons growing stiffer.

Smack! Smack!

She felt her embers ignite, felt them burst into flames, and then felt those flames growing. Her flesh started to sweat with her body’s heat.


“Ohhh,” she panted.

Her arousal surprised her. She never would have expected her body to respond to such treatment. The submissive servant being controlled, under his command. Yet, there she was, his restrained slut, her ass being turned red by his assaults. Her loins growing hotter with each assault.


“Ohhh,” she groaned.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Her nipples throbbed as she pressed her tits against the bed, flattening them, rubbing them. Her hips wiggled, rolling her ass, her legs opening slightly more.


His assaults were fanning her desire, fueling her passion more and more. Her fires grew, her hunger and an ache building inside her. She felt her juices starting to flow, felt them coating her sex. She was breathing heavily, small heated gasps coming from between her parted lips.

Smack! Smack!

The fact that he remained silent stoked her arousal, made her feel even more under his control.


“Ohhh,” she moaned.

Her clit started to ache with need as she grew wetter and wetter. Her passions made her labia swell and become puffy as they glistened with her wetness.

Smack! Smack!

The mattress shifted as Frank climbed onto it. She could sense him kneeling beside her but behind the blindfold everything remained dark. Fingers slipped into her hair, filled themselves with her tresses. Her head was pulled up, her neck was bent back. Her mouth hung open, her bottom lip quivering.

“Ohhh,” she groaned.

Smack! Smack!

These strikes were still weaker but the tension he held her head up with offset that relief. Her neck was strained, the fingers in her hair tightening.

Smack! Smack!



Her nipples pressed against the bed, rubbing. Her roaring fires made her pant heavily.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Ohhh God Frank,” she gasped.

Smack! This one was hard, reversing the softening trend, and it made her flesh sizzle with its impact. Her ass cheeks jiggled, vibrating.

“Owww!” She cried out.

Smack. Smack.

He had discarded the paddle to spank her with his bare hand. After each slap he rested his palm on her cheek, his fingers squeezing her burning flesh for a moment before pulling away to slap her again.


She was at his mercy and she found the sensation making her even hungrier. Her hips shifted and rolled. Her legs parted more.


His fingers clenched onto her quivering cheek, squeezing and plying her flesh.

“Ohhh,” she moaned.

His fingers tightened in her hair. As his other hand rested on her ass it slipped down so that a finger could dip between her legs and tease the very edge of her sex.

“Mmmm, ohhh,” she sighed.

She pressed her chest down against the bed to flatten her tits and rub at her swollen, aching nipples. Her ass rolled and twitched under his attentions, froze in anticipation each time his hand lifted away.


His hand slipped down to the inside of her thigh and pulled it toward him, forcing her to spread her legs further.


Now his fingers slid down along the side of her sex, teasingly close to her swollen labia, sliding through the thin coating of her juices there.

“Ohhh Frank,” she sighed, her ass wiggling as her hips tried to slide herself toward those fingers.


“Owww,” she yelped.

This strike was harder. Her body jumped under its contact. But then his hand once again lingered upon her burning cheek, his fingers near the edges of her pussy and she felt herself aching to be touched. Anxiously she waited for his hand to lift away again, waited for him to raise it up and bring it smacking back down on her red cheeks. But he did not. His hand remained, his palm hot against her heated flesh.

When his hand released her hair her head fell onto the mattress, smothering her gasp of surprise. She felt the bed shift again as he moved to grab at her ass cheeks Kadıköy İranlı Escort with both hands now. Then a second later she felt his breath swishing across her skin. As his hand squeezed her round cheeks he began to lightly kiss and lick her reddened flesh. His lips were soft, his tongue rough but gentle. His fingers dipped and delved between her legs, always near but never quite touching her pussy.

Heated air wafted through her loins, fanning the flames of her arousal. She whimpered as her hips shifted, her ass rolling beneath his affections.

After a couple minutes he pulled away, his hands leaving her ass. The mattress shifted beneath Julie as he moved off of it. Then a moment later it shifted again as he climbed back onto it, this time laying between her spread legs. Once more his hands covered her ass, his fingers gripping and manipulating her flesh. Now his thumbs dipped down toward her sex, caressing its edges. His warm breath danced across her flesh, his lips brushed her skin. For long minutes he kissed and played with her ass cheeks, massaging and manipulating them with a mixture of hunger and gentleness.

His actions fueled her fires even more, the sensations contrasting with the pain of the spanking. She felt herself growing wetter as her hips rolled and shifted. Several times her knees bent to lift her ass up, raising it to him. She whimpered as her body responded more and more to his attentions.

He squeezed her cheeks, gripped them and plied the moldable orbs. He kissed her skin, brushing his lips over and over her stinging flesh. Then he pulled her cheeks apart and his tongue slithered across her exposed sphincter. Its rough, wet texture brushed across the sensitive nerves, pressed at the center of it then licked the outer rim before swirling away.

“Ohhh,” she whimpered with the loss of contact.

His fingers continued massaging her cheeks. His thumbs played across her swollen, juice coated labia, teasing the two edges of her slit simultaneously. His tongue soon returned to brush across her anus’ sensitized nerves, licking her again and again as its tip swiped back and forth. After a moment he stopped with the tip pressing at her center. He forced her open, spreading her anus.

Bound and blindfolded she lay there, her ass rolling and shifting, pushing back against his tongue. She felt her lust roar. Felt her juices flow, her sex wetten, glisten. She whimpered and panted. Her lip quivered.

As his tongue pressed into her sphincter again and again his warm breath swirled over the puckered hole. His thumbs drew closer to her pussy, their tips caressing the very edges of her slit, mixing with her wetness there. Eventually he pulled his face away and slipped one of the digits up to the teased opening, petting the little hole a few times before pressing at its center. The light coating of her juices on his thumb eased the spreading of her hole. He caressed its edges, stroked the nerve endings.

“Ohhh,” she moaned.

Her knees reflexively started to bend, raising her ass up to him, pushing it back at his penetrating digit. This smashed her tits into the bed harder, caused her swollen nipples to rub against the sheet. The flames within her loins caused her body to sweat lightly. Her hair started matting to her forehead, her cheeks, her neck.

Frank’s other thumb slipped into her slit, massaging her sex and becoming coated with her juices. He switched this digit with the other, the heavier lubing allowing him to penetrate her anus further, allowing the digit to disappear into her up to the knuckle.

“Ohhh yes,” she whimpered, her ass twitching.

He continued to lick the flesh around his thumb as he pressed and rolled it in her ass, his wet tongue caressing the puckered skin. Simultaneously his other thumb slid into her slit, swiped back and forth in her wetness. A moment later he switched digits again, and then again. He used her juices to ease his repeated penetrations, his thumbs loosening her sphincter. All the while his fingers scratched at her cheeks and her sore flesh.

The combination of attentions stoked her fires, turned them into a roaring inferno. Her knees bent further. Her ass soon swayed high in the air, pushing back, twitching and wiggling with the electricity sparking along her nerves. Her head was turned sideways, her breath panting past her open lips. She moaned each time he swapped thumbs, each time her anus was re-penetrated. Eventually she felt the penetrating digit slip past the knuckle to completely enter her. While this thumb pressed and rubbed at her, his other slipped inside her pussy’s opening.

“Ohhh God yes,” she moaned, her passion rising.

As she whimpered and panted the two digits played with her, caressed her, teased her. Hungry and wanting more, she shoved her ass back at him, at his thumbs. She wanted them deeper and her body was trying to make it happen.

After a couple minutes he pulled his one thumb from her sex, causing her to whimper with frustration. Behind her the bed shifted again as he climbed onto it, kneeling behind her. Her rolling hips froze in hungry anticipation. She felt his cock brush her pussy, felt the tip slip between her labia and seek out her opening. Throughout most of the ordeal, somewhere deep in her subconscious, she had been aware of an orgasm being stirred into existence. Now as the head of his cock pried her walls open she felt the orgasm hovering on the edge of release.

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