Coral Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Goodbye

Julie and I had been seeing each other a few times a week, having sex in the security booth, the soccer fields late at night, and even a professor’s office she had a key to. The sex was pretty vanilla except she always made sure I ate my cum out of her if I accidentally came inside her. Our relationship was purely physical as we had nothing in common and didn’t have much to talk about. Finals had been distracting us both and all we had time for was a few quickies. They were finally over and Julia was graduating and going off to Michigan for Grad school in January. She told me she had never been with someone so willing to indulge her fantasies so she had one more desire she always wanted to try before we parted ways.

She asked me to meet her in her dorm room at 9pm. Her roommates had already moved out, so it was just her. Her request was that I shave off all my body hair and come over in her satin coral panties and bra. I was more than happy to comply, but was a little worried about what she had in mind. I shaved off all my hair in the shower and got myself completely smooth. I slid the coral panties up my legs and they felt great as they slid up my smooth legs. I had an erection before I even got them over my hips. I slid my arms through the bra straps and reached behind me to hook the clasp. I had been practicing so I no longer needed to put it on backwards and then rotate it around. The satin cups made my nipples stand up. I couldn’t help myself from playing with my nipples through the satin — it felt wonderful. I was already extremely horny and couldn’t wait to get to her place. I pulled on a sweater and some dockers. The material felt weird against my hairless legs. Grabbing my bookbag with a change of clothes in case she threw mine out the window (which she had done once before making me go outside in her panties and a long shirt trying to cover them).

I arrived promptly at 9 and her door was unlocked. I walked inside , closed the door and fastened both locks. She was in a suite normally shared by 4 girls with 2 doors leading to each room, so I was standing in the outer common area. I could see her door was slightly open so I called out to let her know I was there. She replied quickly, “Strip down to just your lingerie slut and tell me when you are done.” I kicked off my shoes and discarded my pants and sweater quickly. Standing in just the coral panties and bra, I let her know I had disrobed.

She walked out in jeans and a T-shirt and I was confused. She had a beer in each hand. Handing me the beers, she pushed me backwards onto the couch. “Drink, I think you will need to be a little tipsy to loosen up your inhibitions for tonight.”

“I don’t know, I’m pretty horny if you can’t tell,” I said it with my cock throbbing out of the top of the coral panties. She slid down on the floor in front of me and peeled the panties down to free my penis completely.

“Here is the bet. You drink 2 beers before you cum, I’ll do whatever you want and on videotape so you can always remember. But, if you cum before finishing, you will do whatever I say and I will videotape it so I will always remember. Deal?”

I have chugged enough beers in my time to feel confident in my chances. “Deal.” She kissed the head of my penis. She then pulled off of me and stared me straight in the eyes, “Are you sure? When I say whatever, I mean WHATEVER.” She put a lot of emphasis.

“I’m sure.” My ego sure of my win I reached for the first beer. She pulled it away from me and put it on the table. She reached over to the side of the couch and pulled out 2 forties. My eyes widened.

“2 beers. I didn’t say how big they were. I could have been really mean and had 2 kegs. Better start drinking or you are going to be my bitch all night long.” I grabbed the first 40 and started chugging as fast as I could while she teased my balls with her finger nails. I concentrated on drinking and tried to keep my mind off my aching cock. She wasn’t even sucking on my cock yet, just teasing my testes with her nails. She took one of the smaller beers and began drinking it and sucking on it like it was a dick. I was halfway down the first 40. She was using her hands to play with my nipples through the bra and kept playing with them until I finished the first 40. I reached for the second as her head dropped down and her lips enveloped me. Her warn mouth and tongue felt so good on my shaft. She bobbed up and down a little licking at the underside of the tip driving me wild and making it hard for me to drink. She pulled just the head into her mouth and continued her attack with her tongue before opening her throat and going all the way down to my balls.

I could feel the tightness of her throat and I could swear she was gagging on me. I couldn’t drink at all, my head turned back in pure bliss. She had one hand on my nipple and the other on my balls as she continued to deep throat me and I knew I was about to lose the bet. I moaned Pendik Escort out loud and she pulled back holding my cock horizontal as pearly white strands of cum shot out onto her waiting tongue. I watched her milk out shot after shot of white milky fluid all landing on her tongue and in her mouth. When I was finally spent she grabbed the beer from my hand and swished it around to make sure it still had some left as she moved up my body. I knew what was coming and was too tipsy from drinking so fast to protest. Her mouth was now hovering above mine and I assumed the position leaning my head back and opening my mouth wide. I watched as my white goo dribbled from her lips and poured onto my tongue. A white string connected the large load that was just deposited in my mouth. She leaned down and kissed me deeply pushing the last of it into my mouth. We kissed for a while with the cum swirling around between us before I finally swallowed it. She just handed me the 40 and told me to finish it as she grabbed my limp penis and pulled my panties up over it.

“Finish the beer and relax. After that, you are my whore for the night bitch! I’m going to go get ready. When you’re done with the beer, go into the bathroom and follow the instructions.” With that she turned around and went back into the bedroom. I laid back relaxed from the orgasm and feeling of the beer in my system. I finished the last of the beer and went into the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom was a white sundress hanging. On the counter were a white bra, garter, stockings, a white satin thong and makeup. On the toilet was a weird contraption that scared me. It was a hose attached to a bag and some lubricant. I knew it was an enema kit and began to panic about the night. A note was written in lipstick on the mirror — “Take off your lingerie and clean out your ass with the enema in the shower. Once you are clean put on the thong and then the garter, stockings and bra. Don’t get any runs in the stockings whore! Then put on the sundress and knock on the bedroom door.” I peeled off the coral underwear and stepped into the shower. Putting lube on my finger, I made sure my ass had enough so the nozzle tip wouldn’t hurt.

Adding more to the nozzle, I slipped it into my ass while leaning forward. I lifted the bag above me and felt the soapy water fill me. The nozzle slipped out and I was surprised the water didn’t shoot out of me. My belly felt full of beer and water. I sat down on the toilet and released the water. Wiping myself dry, I pulled up the white thong. Pulling my still soft cock backwards in the thong, I noticed in the mirror I looked rather feminine. Attaching the garter I sat on the toilet again to put on the stockings. The silky stockings felt unbelievable as they slid up my legs and over my thighs. In my drunken state, I had problems attaching the garters, but eventually got them attached. Putting on the bra was too hard to do correctly so I fastened it in front and slid it around before putting my arms through the straps. Standing and looking at myself in the mirror, I felt extremely humiliated but also aroused and pretty. I slid the sundress over my head and It felt great as it slid down my torso reaching to just below my knees. I swayed my hips a little feeling the fabric swing and move against my ass and legs.

On the back of the door was another note, “There are white pumps outside the door, put them on and practice walking around before knocking on the door.” I opened the door and l slid my feet into the satin white pumps. Walking around in the common room, I took the other open beer on the coffee table and drank it down wanting to be drunk before entering the room.

I knocked only once before the door was unlocked. I opened the door to find her bedroom lit only by a few candles. I walked and the door slammed behind me. Before I could turn to face her she was behind me exploring my body with her hands. I only felt her hands moving down my body and up under the dress, caressing me over the stockings. She moved closer so her hot breath was on my ear, “I have always envied you men with your penises and your power. Tonight you will make my dream come true.” With that her hands reached around and fondled my breasts. For the first time, I felt her breasts against my back and then something strange — there was a hard protrusion against my back. She was gyrating her hips and I could feel if move around my back. She spun me around and kissed me hard on the lips. Pushing me backwards a few feet she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. Instead of finding her moist wet cunt, I found a black rubber cock sticking out from her hips. I glanced up at her in confusion only to realize she was holding a handheld camera aimed directly down at me.

“Suck my cock slut!” I kept looking at her confused, still drunk from the beer. She grabbed the balck shaft with her right hand and slapped my face with with it.

“What are you waiting Anadolu Yakası Escort for cocksucker? Get to it or I’ll stick it in your virgin ass without any lube.”

I’m not gay, but looking at her standing over me in black thigh highs with a black satin corset and a black satin gloves, all I wanted to do was please her. Of course there was this 7 inch black rubber cock sticking out and it scared the hell out of me to think she might try and shove that inside me. I grabbed the base of the black dildo with my hand and found a pair of rubber balls as well. I opened my mouth and kissed the tip while gripping the shaft. She was thrusting forward trying to get it into my mouth. I licked a little trying to avoid putting it in my mouth. She swung her hips and slapped me in the face again with it. Reaching down and grabbing my hair with her free hand she pushed it forward against my lips. I finally opened and let it slide in.

“Oh god bitch, that feels so good. Suck it. Spit on it bitch, get it nice and wet!” I did as ordered and spit a little on it which did seem to help it slide more easily in my mouth. I spit again as she grabbed my hair tight and began face fucking me with it. She slammed it to the back of my mouth stabbing at my throat.

“Open that throat and take it deep. That’s it whore. Look up at me so I can see those big eyes and those lips wrapped around my cock.” I let it slide to the back of my throat and felt myself gag. It made my eyes water and oddly also made my nipples stand out hard. She just kept her hand on my head and pushed over and over again into my mouth. I gagged once again and almost threw up on her. Spit came pouring out of the side of my mouth and dripped onto my dress. She pulled out and watched the string between my lip and the cock extend out.

She walked away and set the camcorder on a table as she sat on the bed. I noticed it was still pointed right at her black cock. “Get over here bitch and lick my balls.” I crawled over to her feeling the dress slide across my ass as I moved. I don’t know why, but I felt so feminine and so slutty. I got to the edge of the bed and could now see that she had on her black silk panties underneath the harness and her pussy had made the silk completely wet. I leaned in and pulled the dick up so I could get at the balls. I licked them and began to suck on them. She was drinking another beer as she watched me suck on her balls and then go up and take the cock all the way into my mouth. She was playing with her nipples as I began to deep throat her again. I finally opened my throat enough to get it all the way in until my lips were touching the balls. The thick rubber slid into my throat and my nipples got really hard again. She grabbed a paddle from beside her and slapped my ass as I took her in and out of my mouth.

“You are such a whore. You look so good taking my cock down your throat. You like it don’t you bitch. Tell me, tell me how much you love it!”

I couldn’t believe the words that escaped my lips, “Yes Princess. I love your cock. It tastes so good. I wish you could cum in my mouth.” That pushed her over the edge. She slid down on the bed and grabbed my head pushing me under to her soaking wet pussy. I started licking at her panties like a mad man. Her panties were so wet with her juices. Pulling them to the side I went right for her clit. It only took a few tongue strokes before she began shuddering uncontrollably.

“Her it cums bitch. Yes! Yes! I am going to squirt all over your face.” And she did just that. Her pussy started discharging liquid all over my face. I opened my mouth to catch as much as possible as she writhed under me shuddering and squirting juice all over me. She lay back exhausted.

“Stand up and give me a look at your little slutty ass while I recover. Spin around for me and show me what a pretty little whore you are.” I stood up and began gyrating suggestively using my hands to play with the bottom of the dress. I turned around and slip the material up to show her my ass in the white satin thong. Moving forward, I leaned over her dresser and realized there was another camera pinted at me from that angle with the red light on. I leaned over and raised my skirt as if to invite her to take me from behind.

Before I knew it, that is exactly what she did. Her body was upon me and the rubber cock was against the top of the thong. She held me down with one hand while grabbing the cock and teasing me with it. She pulled away for a second and I stayed there for a second before starting to stand. She immediately pushed me down again and lifted my skirt over my ass. She pulled the thong to the side and I knew what was coming next.

“Julia, I’m not sure I can do this. I’m not gay.”

“Shut up bitch! You said you would do anything and I want to take your virginity. Why do you think you are wearing white? After tonight, you’ll never be able to wear white again.” I felt something cold and wet İstanbul Escort on my whole and then I felt the tip. She spread my ass cheeks as the tip teased my asshole. She went slow and it hurt at first, but she was gentle and it began to feel good as her cock pushed past my sphincter. She slowly moved it in and out without letting it slide out. My cock was rock hard and rubbing against the satin on the front of the thong. I started to push against her driving the cock further inside me.

“Oh, you are a slut. I knew you would like a hard black cock inside your ass. I am going to fuck you silly bitch. Your going to beg me for my cock soon.” With that she shoved it all the way inside of me. She held it there for a moment giving me time to adjust. Once she felt me start to gyrate again on her, she began to fuck me with long strokes replaced by frantic hard fucking. Tingles traveled through my whole body and I felt my cock slide across the satin until it exploded in my panties. I cried out as she kept fucking my ass.

“Oh Princess, I’m cumming. Oh my god! Oh my god!” My legs went week and I fell forward supporting myself on the dresser. My panties were filled with cum and I was spent, but she didn’t stop. She slowly fucked my ass now and the sensation was too much to bear. “Please stop. I can’t take any more. Stop! She pulled out of me and reached down to feel my wet panties.

“Oh my god. You do enjoy getting fucked in the ass! You came without me even touching you bitch. You ruined your panties. You will pay for that.” She peeled them down my legs and I stepped out of them. She pulled me up and moved me over to the bed where I laid down tired and worn out. But she wasn’t done. She shoved the panties into my mouth as I gasped for air.

“Taste your cum. Suck it out of your panties slut.” I sucked them dry with my salty cum all over them. I just wanted to sleep. She peeled off the dildo and mounted my face with her pussy. I was tired, nut knew I would need to bring her to another orgasm before she would let me sleep. I started my assault on her pussy, darting my tongue in and out of her. Finding her clit, I worked circles on her. She spun around and started playing with my dick. I kept eating her and she began another orgasm. Except this time as she orgasmed the taste was saltier and pungent. She was shaking and cumming in my mouth when I realized she had lost control and her bladder partially released.

“I am so sorry baby. I didn’t mean to do that.” She started to pull off of me, but something in me snapped. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto my mouth and kept attacking her pussy. She couldn’t help herself and her piss started flowing into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could with some of it spilling out over my face. She tried to pull off of me, but her bladder couldn’t hold and her piss sprayed all over my face and hair. My cock was again sticking straight up as I pulled her back down to finish her off. She came again. And I was jerking my cock with my free hand. She finally lifted off of me. A second later she climbed back on top of me.

“You are such a nasty slut. I guess I will allow you fair play.” She guided herself down and I felt my cock enter the tightest hole I have ever felt. It took me a second to realize she was guiding me into her ass. I let her slowly slide herself down. She took a long time and went very slow as it hurt her a little as my cock went into her. Apparently it hit her G-spot form that angle and she began cumming again. Her ass squeezed so tight on my cock that I couldn’t hold it and felt myself empty into her. There couldn’t have been much cum left in me, but what I had I deposited into her ass.

She pulled off and I watched some of it dribble out. I slid down beneath her to catch it and pulled her down so I could suck the rest out of her. Her little asshole puckered and I could see my white cum get pushed out of her ass and drop down into my waiting mouth. She kept doing this and I licked her asshole clean. She left for the bathroom to clean up and I laid there exhausted. After she returned I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and shed all the clothing, most of which was covered in sweat, cum, or piss. I took a quick shower and when I returned to the bedroom she had laid out a coral satin chemise. I slid it over my head and laid down next to her and we fell asleep.

When I got up in the morning I stripped off the chemise and headed back to my place. She graduated that day and packed her stuff and was gone by the next day. We did have sex again in her room one more time, but it was nothing like that night. Two months later I received a package in the mail. In it was a videotape of that evening. It had been edited. Apparently there were 3 cameras in the room. I can’t watch it as it is too humiliating. The other item in the package was the coral satin chemise. I am sitting here writing this story wearing it right now. It is my only real memory of Julia and my crazy kinky sophomore year in college. I often what ever happened to Julia, but am glad for our time for she introduced me to a whole new world of sexuality I never knew existed. I have collected a lot of lingerie to wear in private, but nothing gets me as turned on as that coral satin chemise.

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