Couple’s First Interracial Experience

Gabbie Carter

This is my first story so feel free to leave your feedback and if there’s interest out there I might write a sequel to this, so just let me know.

Also, big thank you to TahrimaBegum for his help editing this story into what you’ll read below. I’d definitely recommend him if you’re looking for some help editing your stories.


Amy and James had been together for a few years now and decided to spice up their lives by involving others in their intimate life.

Amy, now 28, had been with black guys before her relationship with James, 30, began and over time this became more and more of a turn for James. It turned him on so much that James suggested they should find a black guy willing to play with them as a couple as this would allow them to involve someone else in their sexual play whilst also satisfying James’ curiosity about Amy and black guys.

Amy wasn’t too sure at first but considering how much she loved being with black guys, it didn’t take James long to convince her it was the right thing to do.

They proceeded to look through some websites until they found a suitable candidate and after a few emails, texts and calls, they were both confident the man they’d chosen would the right guy to involve in their fantasy.

His name was Jamal, a 35 year old black man who clearly enjoyed spending time at the gym which was evident by his fit and toned body. It hardly had any body fat making the most of his 6′ frame. By contrast, Amy was 5’5″, brunette with gorgeous blue eyes and as she likes to put it, slim with curves which always got guys’ attentions when she was out.

They’d all agreed the first meeting would be purely social and decided to meet at a pub on a Saturday evening. Jamal was already there when Amy and James arrived and he’d managed to secure a corner booth for them.

Amy and James walked over to Jamal and greeted each other before he offered to get a round of drinks to help them all relax.

Jamal went over to the bar to get the drinks and promptly returned with drinks for everyone. They continued with small talk whilst the drinks kept flowing with James and Jamal taking turns getting the drinks. After a few drinks all their inhibitions were getting lower. This allowed Jamal to flirt with Amy who found herself flirting back.

James was enjoying the situation at which point he realized it was his turn to get the next round of drinks but he decided it wasn’t fair that Jamal and he kept getting the drinks so he suggested that Amy should get the drinks this time which she reluctantly agreed to and walked over to the bar although she didn’t want to part company with Jamal for too long. She was enjoying the attention he was giving her.

Amy stood at the bar wearing her heels, short white skirt and black shirt waiting to be served when she felt someone come up behind her, pushing up against her.

“I thought you could do with some help” she heard Jamal as he whispered in her ear.

With that, he started to push his body against hers. He placed his hands on her waist and slowly started caressing her, his lips on her neck, kissing it.

They both got more and more turned on, as they shed all inhibitions. Amy felt his hands starting to explore her body – first her hips, then her waist and her tummy before one of his hands slowly moved to her thighs while the other started to feel her breasts through her shirt.

Eventually the barman came over. She was so preoccupied with being felt up by Jamal that didn’t even notice him.

“Those aren’t going to order themselves you know?” Jamal whispered in her ear, as he continued feeling her up right in front of the barman.

Amy eventually managed to order the drinks and soon enough they had their drinks, at which point Jamal got Amy to carry all 3 drinks on her own while he walked behind her feeling her up.

They finally made it to the table. Jamal got her to sit next to him at their booth, rather than next to James who’d been watching everything from his seat.

As soon as they sat down Jamal started to kiss Amy’s neck again while James sat across the table from them. As he watched Jamal place his arm around Amy.

He used his other hand to caress Amy’s arm before starting to run it up and down her body until it was down between her legs, caressing and grabbing her thighs, moving up to her inner thighs. He could feel how warm and wet her panties were already as he placed his hand on her pussy through her panties.

Jamal continued to kiss Amy’s neck and slowly moved up to nibble her ear and kiss her cheek until he reached her mouth. Amy immediately kissed him back passionately. During the kiss, Jamal’s fingers slipped her panties aside as he started to very gently denizli escort touch her clit, rubbing it slowly and feeling Amy getting wetter and wetter and moaning in pleasure, her moans muffled by a combination of the loud music and them kissing.

James continued to stare at them in disbelief and awe. Watching for the first time his girlfriend making out with another man, and a black man at that – the sight turned him on more than he ever imagined it would.

Amy felt Jamal’s hand over hers and he placed her hand over his big bulge. Slowly making her move her hand up and down her bulge. After a few moments he decided to test her. He released her hand and Amy continued to run her hand up and down his big bulge through his jeans of her own accord.

She felt it getting harder while Jamal continued to play with her clit. He began sliding his fingers into her soaking wet and inviting pussy. This brought Amy close to the edge. She had never felt so horny in her life.

Eventually Jamal used one hand to undo his jeans and slid Amy’s hand inside allowing her to feel his big bulge. She couldn’t believe how big it felt.

“How about you put your hand to good use and start jerking me?” Jamal purred into her ear. Which made her shiver and she began slowly stroking his big black cock inside his jeans.

Amy and Jamal had moved into the corner of the booth, right up against each other. Amy continued stroking Jamal whilst he used one hand to finger her and the other feeling her up, both gently moaning in ecstasy.

“That’s it, keep jerking slut!” Jamal said loud enough so James to hear it.

“Take off your panties and give them to your boyfriend, over the table, telling him you won’t be needing them anymore!” he whispered so that James couldn’t hear it.

Amy immediately obeyed and took off her panties, handing them to James over the table.

“Jamal says I won’t be needing them anymore” she said as she looked right in to James eyes.

With that Jamal stood up, having done up his jeans while Amy handed her panties to James.

“Stand up, Slut” he told her before turning round to James.

“We’ll be right back” Jamal said with a devilish smile as he started to walk towards the door with his arm around Amy. He groped her ass while they walked away knowing full well that James would be watching.

Once outside, Jamal led Amy towards the car park where they found a dark corner next to some of the cars where he immediately pinned her against one of the cars. He began kissing her neck again; at the same time, one of his hands slid inside her shirt to feel her breasts and started playing with them. The other slid up her legs. He slid 2 fingers into her soaking wet pussy again, immediately making her moan in pleasure right there in the car park.

After a couple of minutes, Jamal stopped and took a step back.

“On your knees slut, NOW!” he barked at her.

Amy felt compelled to do as he told her. The power in his voice made her go weak in the knees. She went down on her knees in front of him, trapped between him and the car behind her.

“What are you waiting for, get busy slut!” he bellowed at her.

Amy immediately undid his jeans and pulled out his big black cock. She got her first look at it and her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

“Oh god!” she cried out as she saw just how big his hard black cock is. It felt heavy too. It was veiny, thick and dark. Oh so dark.

Jamal took the opportunity to grab his cock and slap Amy’s face with it a few times. Snapping her out of her trance whilst smearing some of his pre cum on her pretty little face.

“Now show me what you can do” he said as if he was challenging her, testing her.

Amy immediately grabbed the base and started to kiss the head. She licked the entire length of it while she slowly stroked it at the same time. She then opened her mouth as wide as possible. She took his cock in her mouth initially struggling with the size of it.

But slowly she started taking his big hard cock in her mouth, slowly taking more of it as she moved her head up and down on it. Taking it deeper in her mouth each time. She wrapped her hands around the base of his cock, as she slowly stroked it at the same time until soon enough she started to gag. She only had about half of his cock in her mouth.

She kept sucking his cock, gagging herself on it and stroking the base at the same time, not realising that Jamal had taken his phone out and taken a few pictures. He sent the pictures to James who was still inside waiting for them to come back. The picture came with the caption: Look at how greedy your girlfriend is. We’ll be here for a antalya escort while.

James realising where he was, immediately hid his phone hoping that no one else had seen it. He continued to sit in the pub, drinking his beer. He tried his best to look as casual as possible. But with a massive hard on it was impossible. He couldn’t restrain himself from rubbing his dick under the table. Fuelled by the thought of what Amy was doing with Jamal.

Meanwhile, outside Jamal pulled Amy up and roughly grabbed her. He turned her around and pushed her against the car as he lifted her skirt up. He placed his big bulbous cock head against her soaking wet pussy. He slowly started to rub it along her pussy, teasing her.

Eliciting loud moans of pleasure from her. Amy couldn’t help herself from moaning, she wanted it badly. Jamal could tell how much she wanted it.

“If it you want it, then you’re going to have to beg for it my slut! ” He stated as he continued rub his cock against her cunt.

A shiver went down her spine as she realized that she enjoyed him calling her a slut, his slut. Amy was so turned on that she instinctively obeyed.

“Oh god…please fuck me, please let me feel your huge black cock deep inside me!” She begged breathlessly, her desperation and lust for him evident.

Jamal smiled hearing her beg and decided it was time, so he roughly pushed his big black cock halfway into Amy’s soaking wet pussy. Which made her let out a loud moan before he continued to slowly push the rest of his huge hard cock into her. Which only made her moan more and more as she felt his big fat black cock stretch her tight white pussy.She had never felt so full in her life.

As Jamal continued fucking her, he heard a noise coming from between the cars which Amy missed with all her moans. He looked over and saw an old man hiding between some cars who he recognized from the pub. Unbeknownst to James the old man had seen the picture and text, he had also noticed how ‘friendly’ Amy and Jamal were inside the pub. After seeing the picture he had decided to see if he would be lucky enough to get a peek.

He was scared when Jamal noticed him but as Jamal only smiled and kept fucking Amy, he continued to stand there watching, amazed by the sight in front of him. He couldn’t help himself as he soon found himself jerking off.

Knowing the old man was watching, Jamal decided to push Amy and put on a little a show. He started to thrust in to Amy harder and faster, which only made Amy moan louder and louder so the old man could hear her.

Jamal slapped her ass a few times as well, making sure he slapped her hard so the dirty old man could hear the slaps. The force of the slaps were turning Amy’s white ass red.

He then undid her shirt and bra to expose her breasts which gave him the opportunity to roughly grab and squeeze her breasts while fucking her harder and deeper with each stroke.

After a while he motioned for the dirty old man to come over and he immediately did so like an excited child who had just received an early Christmas gift. Amy finally noticed him and tried to stop Jamal but he quickly grabbed her hips and slapped her ass a few more times while fucking her harder and deeper still.

“Be nice to your elderly slut, it’s important that you treat them with respect my slut” he said mockingly to her as the dirty old man stood next to them, his small hard cock out of his trousers.

Jamal turns around to the old man.

“If you’re gonna be watching you may as well be useful” he said as he turned around to the old man and handed him his phone “so how about you take a few pictures and videos”.

The old man took his phone fumbling a little bit. He did as he was told and started to take pictures and record Jamal fucking Amy; Jamal continued to put on a show for the camera, fucking her harder and deeper, making her moan more and louder in ecstasy. He wanted to push her to the limit. To make her his fully, to test how obedient she would be.

The dirty old man got in front of Amy to record and get a close up of her face whilst Jamal fucked her from behind. Jamal made Amy look up to the camera. He ordered her to say that she loved black cock and that she’s a black cock slut now while he keeps fucking her hard and deep.

“Oh god yes, I love big black cock and I’m a black cock slut now!” Amy said in between loud groans of pleasure.

She did not hesitate as the words came out of her mouth. She meant every word, she truly was a black cock slut now.

After what felt like an eternity to Amy, Jamal was finally close to cumming so he pulled out of her, she groaned in disappointment as he pulled out but that izmir escort was soon forgotten, as he roughly turned her around then pushed her down to her knees, leaving her kneeling there in front of him. To her amazement his cock looked even bigger than before.

“Make me cum slut!” He ordered her as his powerful voice echoed throughout the empty carpark.

Amy obeyed immediately and started to stroke his huge black cock with both hands. She realized that she couldn’t fully wrap her hands around the monstrosity in front of her. She parted her lips and began sucking the head while the dirty old man recorded it all while jerking himself.

She slowly pushed more and more of it down her throat. Each time she thought she couldn’t take any more of it, she proved herself wrong by taking more of it. Soon she was deep throating her master’s cock.

She paused for a slight second as she realized that in such a short amount of time she thought of Jamal as her master. She truly was a slut, rather than feeling ashamed she felt elated, proud and liberated. She deepthroated her master’s cock with renewed enthusiasm, determined to make him cum. She gagged and drooled on his cock as her saliva coated the entire length of his black pole.

Jamal felt like he was in heaven. He knew he was about to cum so he grabbed Amy’s hair. He held her head still and started to cum, thick wads of cum shot out of his big black cock and onto Amy’s face and hair.

Amy expected that he would to be done soon but he continued spewing more and more. Hosing her with his big black cock as a huge load landed on her face. It began to slowly drip down her face and onto her shirt until he was finally done.

He shoved big black cock into her mouth again and she instinctively began to clean it. She tasted her own pussy juices on his cock mixed in with his seed.

Once he was satisfied with her ‘cleaning’ Jamal pulled his big black cock out of her mouth. The dirty old man handed him back his phone before Jamal pulled his jeans back up. Amy got up and started to pull her skirt down and button up her shirt.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jamal asked her.

Amy looked at him confused by his question. Before she could say anything Jamal carried on.

“Get back down on your knees and thank this dirty old bastard for his help, remember what I said, respect your elders” he said laughing and enjoying the confused expression upon her pretty little face.

Amy still looked confused and surprised as Jamal placed his hands on her shoulders, pushing her back down to her knees. The dirty old man didn’t need to be told anything and as he immediately stepped forward. Sticking out his small hard cock, lining it up with her mouth.

Amy has no option but to suck him, as she felt compelled to obey Jamal. She was his, she could not disobey him. The dirty old man shoved his cock in to her mouth. He moved his hips back and forth to fucking her mouth with his small old cock. Jamal stood to the side recording it on his phone.

Fortunately for Amy, the old man had been jerking himself for so long that he came quickly, holding her head still and he blew his load deep in her mouth. Feeding his hot cum straight into her throat. Once he finished cumming he pulled his trousers up and just walked away with a massive grin on his face.

Amy got up as well and buttoned up her shirt and wiped her face with her own hands as she didn’t have anything else to clean up with, however she forgot to clean her hair. Jamal decided not to remind her of the fact that his cum was still on her hair. He simply placed his arm around her, his slut. She felt no shame as he wrapped his arm around him, she felt even less shame as she walked back into the pub and then towards her boyfriend.

James who looked surprised, confused, shocked and turned on all at the same time. James knew as he watched them walking towards him that he had lost his girlfriend to this black man. Jamal sat down and proceeded to finish his drink off as Amy nibbled at his ear, kissed his neck, rubbed his crotch. She hadn’t even bothered looking at James, she was solely focused on Jamal, her master.

They sat there in silence for 20 minutes, until finally Jamal declared it was time to leave. They all got up to leave.

“No, I meant it was time for me and my slut to leave for my place. You can stay here or go home. I’ll drop her off tomorrow morning. Don’t think she’ll be able to walk or drive” Jamal said as he laughed and pulled Amy in kissing her deeply.

Amy melted in to his arms as they moved away from the table and left. She did not look back once at James as her mind was focused on what was to come.

James sat there stunned, dumbfounded he had not seen this coming.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the story – it’s the first one I’ve written so any feedback is appreciated.

If you want to write with your feedback or more ideas for how the story progresses, or even new stories by all means leave your comments!

Thanks for reading

A xx

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