Coworker and her Daughter


This all took place way back in the mid 80’s back when I was young early 20’s in my first full time real job since leaving college.

I had not had the job very long trainee account at large double glazing firm. Pay was Good back then as double glazing was the in thing at the time. I also was given a company car ok not a new one. But with free fuel, servicing and insurance it made a huge difference. As well as a new found freedom and independence.

This kind of all began one day at leaving off time. The weather was typical British summer time … It was raining hard. Jane the receptionist a good looking in her early 30’s I had spotted several times walking home was getting set to leave as I was heading out .

She wasn’t looking thrilled at the weather situation and was sitting on her office chair changing her footwear from smart office heals into a pair of zip up boots . As I glanced through the reception window to say goodbye to her as I always did . I was given a pleasant surprise a glimpse of stocking tops and a flash of her sparkling white panties I was slightly tongue tied ‘ high….. Er … Night Jane ‘

She looked up .. instantly put her foot down and slight colour came to her cheeks . She smiled and gave a little laugh ‘ night Alan you made me jump’

We had never really spoken much. But I stopped by her window that night. ‘ Jane it’s raining hard out there . Will you let me give you a lift home ‘

She turned more to face me. I think it was the first time she truly had looked at me more than a fleeting glance . ‘ that would be by far the nicest thing that has happened this week honestly . But I will be a few minutes yet getting sorted so if your in a hurry don’t put yourself out ‘ she gave me a real smile then.

‘ what kind of gentleman would I be if ….. I left a damsel in distress ‘ I could see her smile widen so feeling good added ‘ a beautiful one at that… Can I assist you my lady ‘

Her smile had spread to a grin ‘ I can see I may have trouble with you and your silver tongue ….. You know it could lead you into trouble young man and quite easily by the looks of you actually ‘ she started to stand up laughed looked at her feet one boot on one shoe on other ‘ see you are already leading me into distraction already” she sat down again.

I lent on the hatch ledge ‘ I hope I’m a pleasant distraction ‘ I smiled at her

‘ hum that remains to be seen I guess ‘ she studied my face as she unzipped her boot once more then lifted her leg this time a little higher ‘ from where your eyes fell to and your expression I see potential in you yet fine sir ‘ she took a few extra moments putting her shoe back on than needed but I got a clear picture of both the reason and her up-skirt image captured well in my head.

‘ Thank you…. You have improved my week as well now ‘ I said with what felt like a goofy grin on my face.

Jane stood up to close the hatch … But lent forward slightly first I couldn’t help but to glance down her top .. her eyes were looking Down so she hadn’t noticed but had noticed something else ‘ hum it shows ‘ she said ‘ nicely actually ‘

I glanced down half guessing what she was referring to .. I was rising to the occasion it seemed . I flushed red ‘ sorry ‘ she stopped me there

‘ don’t spoil in Alan …. You can’t fake that visual compliment and it nice to know you still see something about me you like at my age ‘

‘ Jane you are stunning and age dosnt come into it .. I don’t know your age … I do know beautiful though I am looking at it ‘

She laughed … Looked me in the eyes and studied me ‘ I can see potential here … So maybe if you kidding you should run now before it to late ‘

I looked her straight in the eye’s ‘ if your the one chasing then I will not be running Baby ‘ I gave her my best wink .

‘ Oh god … I’M so glad you started working here come on let blow this joint ‘ she grabbed a umbrella from stand shut the hatch and joined me in the corridor ‘ come on trouble ‘ she took my hand

My car was close to the door I opened the passenger door for her taking the umbrella ‘ my lady ‘ she got in the car looking at my face and giving me a juicy eyeful at the same time.

‘ Thank you trouble now get in … Or do you need a cold shower already ‘ she gave a cheeky little giggle ..

I ran round to drivers side collapsed the umbrella and tossed it on back seat getting in ‘ A shower hum only if you will join me’ stuck my tongue out at her…

‘ do that again and I will sit on it ‘

‘ is that a promise ‘ I stuck my tongue out again .

Her hand dropped to my lap and gave me a gentle squeeze ‘ come on let’s move not in this car-park please.

I started out of the lot not a clue where she lived or wanted to go but happy after hard week’s work . We haven’t gone 100 yards when Jane said turn left and few hundred yards later asked me to turn right into another car-park on the industrial estate this one deserted and had a alley way leading around the back of the unit she sent me down I parked around the back.

She looked me directly in the eyes and took my right hand and guided up her skirt ‘ you got me all wet by talking to me … Think you need to finish the deal now ‘ she opened her legs and placed my hand on the front of her warm moist panties and yanked me over towards her ‘ sorry babe but you must be quick my daughter will be home shortly ‘ we started kissing, her hand shot between my legs and had my dick free in seconds and she started wanking me off hard with one hand lifting her skirt high with her other .

I took my cue from her haste and yanked her nickers to one side freeing her pussy to my fingers and shoved to straight into her her right arm hugged me tight her left hand pumped me harder and she pulled me over more clearly wanting me on top of her she whispered in my ear ‘ come on stud show me you meant you words fuck me fast ..’ she let go of my dick and yanked her wet panties off I climbed between her legs and without another word thrust my rock hard cock straight up into her without hesitation ‘ Yessssss god Bless ‘ Jane shouted grabbing me tight ‘ fuck me hard big boy ‘

I was by no means a virgin by then but I had never basically been asked by a girl on first fuck to all but rape her before … I will admit it felt kind of oddly like being used … But then again fucking a lovely lady as hard and fast as you desire soon becomes a total distraction and I basically just went for it for my satisfaction and after a few minutes Jane hugged me to her tight in her first orgasm ripped through her of the day … I carried on pounding her hard …. She was still clutching me tight whimpering contently as her muscles kept trying to grip me and hold me still as her body wanted to control what was pleasuring her … I put my lips to her ear still pounding her like crazy and growled ‘ I’d love to shag your arse like this later on .. if you let me ‘

‘ yesssssss …. Yes oh god yes …. Hurry darling I need to …. Oh fuuuuuck ……..’ she stopped talking as her second wave ripped through her I think brought on by bucket load of spunk shooting out of me fully embedded cock in great spirits and even then I was still lambing into her at full speed as hard as I could for another half minute or so before I stopped thrusting and pushed down hard with my feet under dash board hence pushing with all my force on me dick into her actually sliding her higher up the seat and holding there, as from my side it felt like my biggest ever ejaculation spurt took place it felt like a hot spurt of thick custard leaving me with several shots following … Jane screamed out and sank her teeth into my neck to quietened her .

A full five minutes or so last in that position . I relaxed the pressure . Jane released her bite and grip on me ..

I looked down and could see she was crying ‘ I my god im sorry .. so sorry ‘ I kissed her forehead and gently hugged her’ sorry ‘ I repeated quietly and made as if to roll off her …

Jane threw her arms round my neck ‘ Don’t you Fucking Dare… ‘ She was clasping me to her like a life preserver ‘ I loved every second of that and want it often .. you often … Oh Fuck .,. I wish I met someone like you years ago ….fuck fuckerty fuck ‘ I could still feel her shudder a few times as she slowly regained her composure she kissed me with a first Passion ‘Thank you so much kind sir ‘

I started to relax and feel better about myself again I kissed her back gently ‘ Thank You … I love you Jane ‘

I felt her tense up at that ‘ Thank you Alan for saying that, but honey you don’t .. you don’t know me at all but yes you love what just happened like I loved what you just did to me … And I assume, well i hope may well do many many more times …. But now sorry we need to sort our selves out a bit I got to get home ‘ she gently pushed me away from he.r

I straightened my self out as fast as possible Jane done the same to herself using her panties and tissues to mop up between her legs and stuck them in her bag as they were soaking wet …. She looked at me worried ” how do I look”

“Totally beautiful and as sexy as hell ” I hugged her and gave her a kiss

We drove most of the way to hers in silence .. just before we got there she got me to pull over …

” Alan . I know this short notice but will you stay for dinner….” She looked down ” and the night or weekend if you like ”

I took her hand and gave it a squeeze ” I’d love to if that’s what you want and it won’t upset your daughter”

” I would like that very much …. And don’t worry about my daughter I already know she is going to like you a lot that I can guarantee” she looked me over once more pondering something over ” humm maybe like you a little to much intact ” she laughed ” drive on take the next turning 4th house on the right park on the drive please Parker ”

” Yes my lady, will that be all my lady ” her hand dropped to my lap and gently grabbed me there

“Yes Parker that will be all for now ” she gave a little squeeze ” but not for today so don’t go anywhere” I lent over and gave her a lingering kiss as we separated she looked me directly in the eyes again ” humm trouble BIG trouble huge ” she laughed again. “Go on drive before we end up at it like rabbits on the street “

I pulled into her drive I small semi detached house the front garden wasn’t large but was impeccably tidy and we’ll tended. I knew little to nothing about Jane other than she was the company receptionist and Good at her job but was an even better piece of eye candy and just seeing her each day at work in passing had always brightened my day .

It was still tipping it down so I grabbed the umbrella jumped out ran round the car to open the door for her holding it over her head .,… As she got out she said ” some one has trained you well fine sir … Or your after something”

” I’m thinking maybe the latter angel ” once again catching a visual memory of her tan lines and a glimpse of her bra top black Lacey I wanted to see her out of it but controlled myself trying to behave.

We got to her porch out of the rain ” hang on just check me over see i look ok will you ”

” You look perfect and beautiful angel turn round ” she did all looked good back there as well but I just had to touch her so I made as if I was brushing some dust off her skirt then gave her firm bum a squeeze ” stunning”

She giggled ” latter maybe but behave yourself ” she then did a visual appraisal of me gave me a quick peck on the cheek ” Ok you will do, come on in she looked down and kick your shoes off please “

As we entered the house she called out ” hi honey I’m home ” (at that second it crossed my mind OK a bit late in the day maybe Was Jane married or maybe living with a guy i knew nothing about her other than she was a sexy lady that liked a hard fucking)….from upstairs came a loud clunk and what sounded like a elephant at full charge bashing down the stairs. ” Look out here comes trouble ” she grinned at me and winked …

Then a young girl in school uniform came to a skidding halt about 6 inches in front of me her long black hair obscuring most of her face ” Oops sorry ” she looked me up and down from head to toe then up to my waist again, for a few seconds then back to my face gave her head a flick so her hair was out of the way and gave me a smile .

” No worries ” smiling at her and side stepping out of her way .

Jane laughed ” trouble meet big trouble aka Alan. Big trouble meet trouble aka my daughter George aka Georgia aka G “

Georgia gave a small neat curtsy ” I’m pleased to meet you find sir ” and offered me her hand

I bowed and took her delicate hand ” the pleasures all mine princess ” I brushed my lips to back of her hand

” Oh f’s Huge trouble ” Jane laughed she opened her lounge door ” take a seat Alan I’m just pop the coffee on back in a second ” she headed the other way with her daughter close behind her. They entered the kitchen and closed the door behind them . I took my jacket off checked my shirt was tucked in and looked out the back window at the garden . Like the front one it was nice and neat and the rain was still bucketing down.

They returned to the room ” ok coffee is on you two is it ok if I just go and change ”

I started to reply but was cut of by Georgia ” what into mum a human ”

” Someone dosnt want there pocket money this week I guess” Jane replied she took my jacket ” I’ll hang it by the door if you need to make a run for it ” she stuck her tongue out at me and winked.

” No I’m good” I replied winking back

I had noticed in the short time they had been in the kitchen Georgia had smartened her self up tucked her blouse into her skirt neatly and I think pulled the waist line up several inches as not only could I see her legs above her long white soaks but a great deal of her thighs she plonked herself down in the chair “so how you know my mum then ” she asked indicating the sofa for me so I sat down on one end of it .

” I just started working at the same place as your mother & as it was raining I ……”

” Oh yawn I don’t want a life story you know. ” She stood up crossed the room and flicked her skirt out behind her as she sat down beside me. Her undies were white cotton and snug fitting and I felt a twitch . She clearly knew what she had done because she grinned at me.

So what music you like?” She asked

” 80’s mainly rock elo genisys …. You ?”

” I ask zee questions not you mine capitan allritzs ” she smiled and rubbed her leg hence sliding her skirt up a inch or so ” so via IST you here ”

” It was raining so I gave your mum a lift and she inv…… ” She cut me off again

” It not raining in here is it ……” She looked at me grinning ” so what’s you intentions then for my mother ”

That one was harder to answer I hesitated I guess to long she laughed ” I like you you are funny .. wanna play on my sega ” she bounced up dropped to her knees in front of the telly to pull the machine out . Thus doing this offing me a full rear end view of her panties tightly stretched over her perfect and tiny bum …. I felt more than a twitch that time more like a bong down there .. she passed me a control smiling ” your tails ”

I looked up blankly ” huh what!”

She grinned ” concentrate BT you are tails I’m sonic”

” Sorry , I got it now ”

” Don’t apologise you is cute ” her eyes flicked to my crotch “Very Cute” she grinned and started the game up

I could see a huge personality and some strong visual similarity’s between mother and daughter both could tease and flirt hard but both wanted to be in charge the made that clear …. But also both were beautiful and in truth sexy as hell but in different ways like a Milf and a st Trinian’s sexy school girl …. At that moment I to could see trouble ahead as well.

Just at that moment Jane came in blue jeans tight and a strappy halter top small and also tight she put the coffee on the table looked at G ” scootch missy ” she did without a word ” and you or she will sulk …. Anyhow can’t see that you will mind to being the filling in a sandwich ” both of them giggled at that

” What you guys want for tea I not been shopping yet so it freezer diving or chippy or sumink ”

” I will take you both out Sikiş hikayeleri for meal or what ever if you like Jane as long as you not mind me in my works clothes”

Jane laughed long at that ” think that’s a little irrelevant that question don’t you BT ” seemed that handle was going to stick ” well what you think George”

“as long as I don’t have to wear a dress where we heading I’m happy”

” Where ever you two would like to go im easy and it’s my treat ” it took a few seconds for me to realise why Georgia nearly wet herself laughing

” That’s good to know mum can we keep him ” tears were running down her face as she was still laughing.

” Alan you don’t need to waste your money we can get chips or something and eat in ”

” It would be my pleasure to take two lovely ladies out for a meal and honestly would make my week .. month .. er year ”

” Ok ok we will go ok ”

The had a few minutes squabble about where to go and finally picked a carvery the both liked ” I better go and change again I guess” Jane said and started to get up .

” Why I think you look amazing ” I said it before thinking and kind of expected it to be the wrong thing as her young daughter sat beside me ..

” Think he wants something mum….. But he telling the truth though you do look Dam hot in that …. Oh heck I’m on the turn …. ” She gave a fake scream.

” I think your mad but thank you both anyhow ok I will just brush my hair then and you little miss better chuck something on to cover your bum a bit ok ” they both headed out the room Jane wiggled her bum and Georgia lifted her skirt for a full bum reveal … two ways about it I had more than a semi on down there ….

Jane returned a few minutes latter shut the door behind her and sat on my lap gave me a lingering kiss . ”

Im sorry George is like this at times, the only males that have been in this house in years are my brother’s or her school friends …. You being Boy Band Hot …. Her words not mine and she being a randy little bitch …. I kind of guessed might cause friction …. But I see you holding your own with her….. ” She hugged me again then whispered to me ” don’t worry she is actually 18 just and is on the pill … The school uniform is her fashion statement because she is small for her age she’s at college don’t tell her I told you that …. Me and you are good friends, I hope, and we now have sex so what… The best bonk I’ve had in ages and want more ok but you are not my property, and the same refers to my kid so if you both want it and need to, honestly it ok … And yes won’t change my wanting you to ok just so you know it not a choice of one or the ot……”

I had to stop her there so i stuffed my tongue in her mouth and kissed her long and hard and grabbed her cute arse tightly … ” Ok darling I get it … No strings like Pinocchio … But it isn’t my nose that’s growing again ” well i heard the words coming from my mouth ok but my head was spinning … Jane had basically offered her daughter to me on a plate (was it a test ??? )

Jane giggled ” I noticed ” she slid off my lap and sat beside me again

Georgia came in few minutes later … And gave a twirl ….. Trouble (that word didnt cover it … anymore than her outfit did) I now understood why Jane had made her speech her hand gave my thigh a squeeze ” you ok ”

I swallowed hard ” yep…. i think” gulp

Jane laughed then whispered again in my ear ” you wouldn’t think she’s still a virgin would you… Seriously”

I gave another gulp ” you did warn me i guess so thank you ” it had stopped raining by now but I still opened the car doors for the ladies and almost needed to cross my legs by the time I got to the driver’s seat ….. Georgia was wearing a orange and gold cheerleaders uniform and this to go out in yikes….

We got to the pub carvery shortly and it was still early but as the three off us walked in I could feel all the guys heads that were there turn towards us most eyes were on LTs sexy little arse…. My hand went to Jane’s bum and her hand fell to it and held it there happily.

We went to the bar to order carvery meals and drinks ” what would you like to drink lady’s “

” White wine please ” Jane said

” Can I have wine to please daddy ”

I glanced at Jane who smirked

” She can’t unless she has ID my friend ” the bar tender said . I knew that but I also realised by now this was all a act .

” Sorry honey but you know you not allowed to yet untill you are . If your a good girl maybe when we get home ok”

” I will be a good girl daddy I promise .. I’ll be daddy’s good girl ….. Coke please daddy with ice and a straw”

” Two Coke’s please one with ice and a straw ” i was driving and my head was cloudy enough

He poured the drinks pointed to a table and told us to help self to the carvery and he would take the drinks over for us

We started away from the bar…and one of the guys who had had a few drinks I guess stood up in front of Georgia ” I will get you a drink little lady if you want come sit with me ”

Georgia looked him up and down appraising what she saw ” mummy taught me never to except anything from strangers sir ” and tried to walk past him

” We are all strangers sweet thing till we get introduced ” I could see a fight coming and reached for my keys as a weapon not to run away …. Jane’s hand fell to mine

” Wait ” she mouthed to me .,.

The guy then put his hand on Georgia’s shoulder to stop her. ” Remove it or loose it ” LT said

” I’m just trying to be nice ” he leaned in-towards her.

Her voice changed ” so was I I gave you a warning” she grabbed the hand off her shoulder twisted it perfectly and bent it back at the wrist ” how old do you think I am. … And I warn you every year you out by will be a broken finger you peado ”

She had said this loudly and was almost breaking the guys wrist by lifting him with it he started whimpering he was sorry etc total gibberish two of the bar staff came over to help her.

She flipped back to her younger voice ” well thankee kind sirs I warned this Varmint to unhand me . Daddy I was being good girl wasn’t I ” she stood on tiptoes to hug me round the neck and kiss my cheek

” Yes honey you were being a very good girl … Till that nasty man grabbed you” hell I had only left work less than 2 hours ago this weekend was going to give me grey hairs….. But must admit that was as hot as hell to witness we collected are food and sat in table in the corner of the room.

” Now you understand my nick name I guess …. You okay daddy” LT asked hand squeezed my thigh for a second

” Did you break anything ” Jane asked her hand squeezed my other leg

” No mummy not this time …. I was being good girl for daddy ”

” Yes honey you a very good girl .. daddy’s girl ” I looked from one to the other of them as two hands slid up onto my bone hard prick they shook hands and laughed

” There maybe trouble ahead ” Jane started singing the old song

” But while there’s moonlight and music and love and romance ” i continued

” Lets face the music and dance” we all finished together and laughed.

During the meal i managed to find a few real details out about Jane’s life and Georgia. Married 11 years single for the last 4 years and according to Georgia had only had a battery powered lovers since then. Jane did reiterate that part of the story raising a precocious teenager on her own and working in a place where married sales folk kept always hitting on her she wasn’t interested in being used and abused like that after a abusive drunken hell of a marriage. So it was just her and her daughter and yes they were very close more like sisters or best friends than mother and daughter.

” So you must be something very special you realise ” she looked at me enquiringly …. “i think i can see the potential buried in there young Skywalker is the force with you have you a light Sabre ” Jane laughed and blushed at the same time

” the force is strong with this one Georgia that’s all you need to know ” Jane winked at me

“Well it could have been a light sabre i felt earlier in his pocket mum you realise it was hard enough ” Georgia looked at Me ” think we broke him mum or the cats got his tongue “

” Nope i’m fine Thanks, Just thinking how lucky i am today is all. Being with the two of you and trying to keep up ” i decided to stop there because i had nearly said two sexy lady’s and i was still unsure of things to be honest although my little brain was already the happiest he had been in ages and was wanting to do a Ta Da moment in both of these lady’s at any given second.

they went silent for a minute or so i could see Jane was thinking then Georgia muttered something quietly ” is he house trained mum …. can we keep him as a sex toy for now “

She had timed it perfectly i had just taken a swig of coke and choked on it … they laughed ” we will see love don’t scare him off”

i took Jane’s hand not feeling concerned any more ” i am not running anywhere … unless im chasing you …………. ”

” What about Me ” LT asked ….

I looked at Jane she smiled back at me and shrugged ” If that’s what you would like Georgia and its ok with your mother … “

Jane gripped my hand ” No that’s between you two im no pimp ” …. ” But please don’t forget me if that’s ok ”

I looked from Mum to Daughter … Daughter to mother …. still unsure of things but decided possibly now was a good time to fined out . I lent over and kissed Jane long and hard . ” that’s a promise ” i then turned and spotted Georgia slightly pouting lent towards her put my hand gently behind her head and gave her the same kind of kiss …. As i broke the kiss she murmured a long drawn out WOOOOOWW

the room was deadly silent Jane looked round at them all ” is there a problem here ” she looked at me and winked cant a father kiss a daughter ” …

she was still holding my hand gave it a little squeeze and winked at me

” Thank you Daddy that was nice …. This a great Birthday surprise” she winked at me and checked my pocket for my light sabre ” Will he need batteries Mummy” Jane let out a loud laugh … “god i hope not” she said

We finished are meal and as i went to pay i whispered in her ear ” you ok with Champagne ”

“God no lambrini or some cheap sparkling crap sounds good, Thank you” She smiled at me ” and i guess batteries if you need some by the sounds of it “

“Nope im the energiser bunny….. i hope ” then realised what id said

She laughed hum we will see i guess wont we ….

I paid the bill the Bar man was decidedly quiet got two bottles of finest el cheapo plonk as requested and we walked out together and drove back to Jane’s home. Jane turned the cassette player on and ‘ Bryan Adam’s Heaven” track started up she grabbed my hand “ginormous trouble that’s what you are you know that don’t you “

“i think i could be in it but a little late to leg it now i guess” her head fell on my shoulder

“you know what you said earlier ” i kissed her forehead and put my arm around her

“Yes angel ” she looked up at me

” you know that could be so easy .. you are really big trouble and tugging at strings i broke years ago ” those words made me feel warm and fuzzy inside but even more confused in my head . We pulled into the drive it still wasn’t raining so i got out and held the doors open for the girls …. My girls for this evening at least … i picked up the wine and we headed in .

Jane locked the door behind us and drew the drapes ” well you cant escape now you realise she said ” gave me a hug and a kiss then whispered in my ear ” don’t rush her let her decide please ” Back in a min just need the loo and will fetch some glasses … She left the room closing the door behind her

Georgia took my hand and dragged me to the sofa put her hand behind my neck similar to the way i had then kissed me long and hard i put mu hand behind her and slowly let it slide down to her tiny firm bum. i could feel her breathing change but she kept with the kissing i caressed her cute behind and could feel her trembling at my touch and her tiny breast pressing against me, She broke the kiss ” oh god she murmured trouble indeed ” she stood up a little unsteadily just as Jane returned ” perfect timing back in a jiffy need a pee ” she gave a little grin and flounced out

Jane plonked down beside me ” sorry this must be hard on you Alan , I guess “

I put my arm around her ” Not really confusing yes but in a nice way “…. i took her hand guided it to my lap ” this is hard though “

She gave me a squeeze “Sorry we need to sort that out soon before you turn blue or something ” she giggled ” who would you like first i guess is the question ”

” Can i be honest Angel ” she nodded “always its the best policy” i continued ” i could so easily fall in love with you i mean that i have feelings for you i haven’t had in ages so i don’t want to hurt you and blow my chances …..” her finger went to my lips to stop me there

“Ditto very much a big Ditto to that but you can only ever win me over if you win George over. This seemed so easy before we went out but i feel now the same but i think she kinda feels the same way …. God this got messy fast didn’t it” i kissed her gently and was still kissing when Georgia came back in …

She opened the Wine ” OK you two are confusing the issue you realise making things difficult ” we both looked at her… “Why chose …. we have the floor … mums bed is huge …. Mum you’ve lent me your toys before cant we share him for a while at least ” she pored the wine out handed us both a glass

I looked at Jane who looked me back in the eyes ” Well that may be true LT but do you want to break your duck like this “

“mum do you not realise why i haven’t broke it yet, my friends have all said its been a let down , a quick fumble then after 30 seconds its over and the boy loses interest for a while and they leave a mess between your legs … my battery buddies do a far better job and you don’t have to be nice to them just ram them when you want them .. need them … ” she turned to me “you are the first person that don’t need battery’s that have given me that sensation BT and you haven’t even touched me there “

Jane’s mouth dropped open ” yes mum Alan just got me off with a kiss … on my mouth not down there ok i just had to change me undies i will go get them if you want to check it out “

Jane downed her drink “No that’s ok … erm it up to Alan i guess ” all eyes turned to me

I downed me drink before speaking as well … it was a solution maybe not perfect for some but i was having a lack of blood flow to my head at the time so couldn’t say no short of blowing my internal fuse board out ” If that what you two beautiful lady’s would like i’d like that as well ”

Jane laughed ” humm ok i thin the floor sounds safest first LT can you grab that sheep skin throw off my bed and get your butt back down here PDQ” she stood up as George tore out of the room and stormed up the stairs ” help move the sofa Alan , You honestly ok with this ”

I nodded ” in truth i think if this wasn’t a option i could never have chosen because if i picked you you would not have felt good for Georgia and if i had picked her then Ditto again … and i think in truth that would be exactly the same for her as well … don’t you “

She grabbed my cock kissed me hard ” you are kind of clever for a guy you realise that makes you even more trouble ” she let go and bent over to move the little coffee table … i shot my hand between her legs “yelp” she spun round take it easy big boy you got all night “

” 3 nights and 2 days i think if i play cards right” i stuck my tongue out at her .

” Oh Fuck i forgot that ” she looked at me ” be gentle with her please ok i like you a lot but please don’t hurt her”

I took her in my arms ” i cant angel i love you to Much ”

She hugged me ” i love you to i kind of think you know that though” in truth i guess even then i did as we stood there holding each other Georgia walked in i beckoned her over and we had a three way hug my right hand caressing Jane’s bum my left slid down Georgia’s slender back lightly down her skirt and up beneath it to her tiny Sex hikaye pant’y covered ass

Georgia whimpered and her knees started to fold , Jane looked at her a little surprised “god shes got it bad … or your bigger trouble than i realised ” she took the throw and but it on the floor . then helped me lower LT gently to the floor .

just doing that Jane’s hand brushed her daughters inner thigh Georgia groaned and raised her hips to her hand Jane pulled back a little startled .. i shock me head and gently took Jane’s hand and placed it on front of Georgia’s panties and looked her in the eye … She nodded ok and gently started to touch her daughter there i layed my arm under LT’s head and then cupped one of her tiny pokie’s in my large hand and caressed her while placing delicate kisses on her neck ” Oh God” she mumbled and her hips started to thrust against Jane’s hand .. Jane rolled her over and parted her legs so Georgia was actually shagging my leg . She then moved her attention between my legs yanking my cock out and placing her daughters tiny hand around it .

She then lay down behind Georgia ” that’s all for you when you ready angel if you want it ”

” i want it Mum … mum help me ” her little hips thrusting her pussy onto my leg much like a dog would do Jane looked at me a little lost then undone her jeans and pulled them off and her nickers

“Ok honey Mum will be there in a second hold on ” Jane then lifted Georgia’s skirt and basically ripped her undies off her “Roll towards her Alan as i roll her back ok LT’s hand was slowly working my dick as i rolled towards her after a few shuffles and Jane lifting of her daughters right leg again my cock was touching the lips of Georgia i wanted to thrust in but couldn’t without hurting her ” OK angel its up to you know just slide towards Daddy like a good girl “

Georgia’s eye flew open at that ” i am good girl mummy ” the baby voice had returned ” im daddy’s good girl ” she didn’t ease forward but shot forward on to me. I think i gasped the loudest God it was tight in there she held still for a few seconds panting then started pumping her hips and cunt at me realy fast .. ” is this right daddy is it good for you ….. I love you Daddy” she then screamed yessssssssss at top of her lungs and fell back in ecstasy her body humping towards the ceiling and her calling out to god and other un known words rolling about on the sheep skin.

Jane eased my hand from under her daughters head and knelt down on all fours slapped her but ” don’t you want to do what you mentioned earlier” … i did it seemed and got behind her my cock was already slippery from LT but i still spat on my fingers and slid one all the way in… she slapped my hand away ” No not your Finger”

I got in position behind her and pushed my way in slowly Jane’s hands stretched out behind her and as soon as she grasped my hips pulled me sharply towards her ” FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuckkkkk” she screamed her face pressed into the rug” Fuck yess “

i grabbed her hips and started to fuck her in earnest Georgia had recovered herself looked at me fucking her mothers bum and sat up ” god mum doesn’t that hurt ” she asked but got in closer to see better she stood up removed her skirt and top then straddled her mother facing me i carried on ramming Jane’s bum like a man possessed and used one hand to pull Georgia to me and started sucking and licking her tiny nipples she started to moan instantly

” slightly kiddo but he makes it feel like heaven … oh god … noooooo ……….fuck yes ” i could feel she was starting to collapse away from me as she started to orgasm i rammed in as deeply as i could forcing myself to let go and jettison inside her second hole of the day my cock had been off and on rock hard for the last two hours i came a lot inside her both times i knew that … i held myself in there for a while and moved my attention and hand to between Georgia’s legs soon as i touched her lips she screamed

her arms flew round my neck ” oh Daddy mm yes oh god Daddy ” i slid my middle finger gently in her all the way ” of Fuck Daddy” she started covering me with kisses and fucking my hand hard Jane slid down to the floor freeing my shaft it popped out and sprang up touching LTs tiny ass she clutched me to her and whispered in my ear ” Alan will you bum fuck me to sometime please”

i put my mouth to her ear and replied ” yes sweetheart as soon as you are ready if that’s what you want”

” I love you Alan ” she whispered

” I love you to Honey” …

she then came once more and slid to the floor beside her mother and grabbed hold of her in a hug ” i love you Mummy … “

” I love you too pet ” Jane replied …

” well can we keep him now mum pleaaaase “… i lay down between them Jane’s Tit in one hand and my other gently caressing Georgia’s little but crack her little hand was holding my semi stiff dick

“OH God take 5 everyone ok ” Jane said ” Thank you BT … that is a line i never thought i would say you know …. I kinda sure about it now honey I Love you “

Before i replied Georgia cut in ” Ditto from me Guess that means we have to keep him mum “

” i think we are all mad But i love you both As well … one hell of a lot in fact …” then a thought struck me ” Jane can i ask a question darling ”

Jane gave a little groan ” Ok if you must “

” Jane … Sweetheart … i know this is soon to ask this …” i could feel her tense up ” Will you do me the great honour of MMM”

” Don’t you dare ask that … stop it … stop it now ok ” she looked me in the face noticed i was laughing ” What what is funny ”

” i was only asking if you’d make me a cuppa tea… but OK ” she rolled over fast and punched me hard

” not funny “

“yes it was Mum” Georgia said and lowered her mouth to my cock and started sucking it and enjoying it .

“Honey you know where that’s just been don’t you ” Georgia stopped suddenly looking shocked …. then shrugged

“by the end of the weekend i may much there as well Mum you already fingered me now Alan’s had his cock in me … Next time i will hold on i promise i want you to be the first to spunk in me in all my holes ok i need you to train me Daddy ok ” the baby voice returned again during that sentence she returned her attention to lick and sucking my cock back to life in truth it looked like a large ice cream cone the way she was going at it and her tiny hand

I sucked my little finger making it well wet and slimy and slid it between her cheeks circling her tiny hole she shuddered Jane spotted where my hand was and looked surprised.. “she asked ” i mouthed silently to her

” Be gentle ” she mouthed back

” promise ” i replied

i pushed the tip in less than nails length

Georgia’s hand grasped her mothers her eyes wide open ” OH GOD … Dooo “she started breathing hard

Jane hugged her to her “Stop thats e”

“No Mum please it just different … ive never thought of putting anything up there before is all ”

“OK but say when you want to stop ok hun “

” OK” Georgia actually pushed herself back onto my finger a lot further than i would have pushed in straight away

Georgia without any warning thrust a finger straight up my ass and wiggled it … my first response was a gasp and tried to pull away Georgia started to finger fuck my bum hard …. i felt my cock go harder than it ever had gotten before … i started ramming my finger in and out of her and slid a finger in her cunt at the same time hence a mini DP i guess within seconds the only way to describe it was she started cumming her brains out i kept my hand still but as she couldn’t lay still thrusting her hips up and down she ended up kind of fucking herself “OHHH God help me mummmyyyy Dont stop Jesus ” jane went over to her to try calm her

Georgia grabbed her with her free arm pulled her tight and started kissing her mother passionately tongue in her mouth and jane soon responded Georgia slid off my fingers and grabbed my rock hard cock once more …. with no assistance this time threw her leg over me shuffle in close positioned her self on it then holding on to both my hip and her mother that was snogging her … Pulled me inside all the way it was very tight but well lubricated and she proved her stamina that time … For a tiny girl she fucked me mercilessly for 20 minutes solid the fact she was still snogging and groping her mother most of that time was amazing the sweat glistened like gems all over her body and still she kept thrusting away …

“Im about to come” i had to say it just to warn her she pushed her mother away and managed to get me on my back her astride me still and lay on me her little body fucking me frantically as fast as she could … jane shuffled round behind her realised what the response had been early reached in to a draw grabbed something silver and about as thick as middle finger and 8 inches long at least spat on it then thrust it not to gently up her daughters tiny but flicked a switch and a buzzing sound started Georgia let out a tiny Scream but kept thrusting away even faster her cunt muscles tightening Jane started pumping the toy in and out of her little bum as fast as she was able trying to get in time with her daughters hungry needs … i had lay there as still as i could but now on the brink of shattering her Duck and me impregnating her i grabbed hold of her and started hard thrust up to meet her downwards ones 10 hard thrusts threw me over the edge and i spat my load way up inside this little girl she cried out and collapsed onto to my chest panting hard hanging on to me tight Jane had left the toy buried in Georgia’s bum turned on but held it still… She suddenly looked up ” Kids are fucking Liers god that was good …. wanna go again she asked then all but passed out on top of me trembling and her cunt muscles still in spasm squeezing me and milking my last drops out …. My cock didn’t start to wilt it was in heaven … ten minutes later she was asleep ….

Jane eased her off me and managed to lift her on to the sofa…. My cock was still as stiff as a post ….” hum waste not want not” she said and climbed on top ….” lay still and relax you’ve been a busy let mummy help you ”

Slowly and gently at first she rode me her tits getting lots of attention from me… i cant recall how long it went on but she knew when i was getting near and then fucked my like a pro so we could come at the same time rolling me on top of her for the ending ” i want it to flow into me as far as it can” she whispered i wasn’t going to argue and let another load go

She looked up at me smiling ” Well ?”

” Well what ” i replied …

” can we keep you … can we keep you please Daddy i been a good girl haven’t i ” she said in a babyish voice

” you both have been very good girls indeed … yes very good girls …. Angel for as long as you need me or always and forever …. ive fallen big time you realise “

” you tripped us both over as well you know not sure i will ever walk straight again after today “

“Thats cause he fucked your ass Mum” Georgia’s head popped over side of the couch…. ” You ready to go again Alan ” i wasn’t but wanted to be so kind of groaned but agreed Jane climbed off me as George slid down onto the rug ” its ok don’t panic i need some rest “

Jane laughed ” kids no stamina … time for bed Missy … that means he can bang me all night ”

Georgia’s lip dropped ” it ok angel im teasing you come on we all need some sleep ….. Erm i trust you are ready for some sleep Alan ” i looked from one to the other and back … ” well i was planning to take you bent over the sofa at least twice each before calling it a day “

“WHAT ” Georgia exclaimed

Jane laughed ” he is kidding if i could stand up id prove it …. think we have emptied the tank tonight “

We finished off the bottle of wine sitting in a line on the rug with backs to the sofa.

” Georgia . Be serious for a moment please ok …….. What’s your thoughts of tonight and Alan”

Oddly no instant comment returned “Mum it’s hard is it ok to say In-front of him I only known him for “she glanced glanced at the clock ” well about 6 hours I guess “

“Angel unknown that ……..but i have not really known him a lot longer …….and no we haven’t been at it at work… This all new to me like it is you……. And yes I think after the last few hours …. We should be ok talking in front of him…” She looked at me to get a sign I nodded she smiled.

” Ok ….. He’s good-looking…. Presentable… Funny….makes me feel special…..broke my duck… kind I think and was gentle with me ” she looked at me ” Thank you for that it was painful but brill at same time Thank you….and Mum if it ok with you I would like …. Like him ERM I want him to teach me everything and be around when I need him …you know…ERM and yes I think i may be falling for him ……. OK what’s your views mum”

Another long pause…” Well mostly ditto …..if being honest …. And afraid a bit……it’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man ….. And this wasn’t planned yet oddly….it all feels genuine honest relaxed and ……” She looked me directly in the face ” I know there are pot holes and dangers in this…but i trust you …. You actually have proven that so perfectly without trying tonight…….I would also like more of the same ……”

” Your thoughts please Mr .” Lt poked me in ribs.

I didn’t need to think…” You are BOTH very beautiful ….funny lady’s as hell…I to can see there could be issues and dangers in the road ahead…….but I trust you because I can see you love each other very much and neither of you wants to hurt or be hurt……”…I looked down at my hands” I’ve never felt anything so potentially right before don’t take this the wrong way ….I feel for first time in my life I’m where I should be and want to be ….. I genuinely love no I’m in love with you both ok”

” George… serious still …..would you like him to move in ….ERM if he wants that is ”

Baby voice was back ” mummy if you let me keep him I will feed him water him and clean up after him I promise. …… Please let’s keep him please mum ”

” Alan I know this is all sudden …..heck I don’t even know where or who you live with…. But …..” She looked down ” I’m in love with you as well …..I would like us to take t’s head fell e leap the chance and see where it leads us to …… Alan we would both like….love you to move in with us….it’s ok you can say no we would understand and would be best to be straight from the beginning if it not what you want…..”

I put my finger to her lips to hush her ” I’d like … Love that so much angel ..angels ” Georgia’s head fell to my lap and she kissed my dick it gave a large twitch ….

” Mummy I think you wrong he not empty yet it seems” she sat up and giggled ” improve you Da…. Alan ” she hugged my arm gave a huge yawn …

” Leave the room as it is I think we need bed now we can sort it tomorrow “

We all headed upstairs I was shown where the bathroom and toilet was on the way and Jane opened her bedroom door and led me in Georgia headed Futher down the landing to another door

” Go get her Alan she should be in with us tonight at least …… That is if you want ”

Interesting Jane hug ” yes I agree we should get her ” I kissed her .. and walked to Georgia’s room and appear on the door

” Enter”

I walked in Georgia was leaning against her wardrobe I could we get shoulders hitch and realised whereas crying walked over and gently kissed her shoulder ” what’s up LT ”

She jumped and spun around three her arms around me mixed my chest ” I ….I thought you’d find to bed ”

” We will …but not without you sweetheart …. I need you” … She grabbed my hand dragged me as fast as she could to her mum’s room…

Stood looking at her mum ” can I”

” Yes angel we want you in here both of us ok ”

” Cool ” Georgia dashed out..

” Alan if you said during night …please be gentle with her and yes do her first she will love that”

I hugged Jane tight..” your a very special lady …. And a great mother you know ”

She laughed. ” A good mother wouldn’t let you within a mile of there daughter. But thank you for saying Erotik Hikaye it ‘

” You are a good mother. Is it not better that she was safe and wasn’t in some kids car or bike shed and being hurt”

” Ok see your point ”

Georgia entered just as we were kissing. ” Not In-front of the kids please” she laughed

She had slipped into lose fitting silky t shirt that came down low enough to just about cover everything..

” Really Missy that fools no one ” Jane laughed ” your in the middle where I can keep a eye on you” Jane slipped a black silk nighty on and slid in the right side of the bed …” Take your boxers of Jake we all know what you are packing ”

I picked them of as LT slid into bed giving me a eyeful even though I was tired I could feel my package grow

I did in on the left. Jane kissed LT and beckoned me to joined the hug basically putting Georgia in my firing line her sexy bum to me knowing my tool would press against her there….she kissed me long and hard then breathed in my ear ” try it but don’t force her” I rocked my hips gently

A small hand took my cock and actually positioned it to her tiny bum…oddly I instantly noticed it was well lubed up I slid my hips forward a little my helmet slid in …Georgia sucked in air loudly grabbed my right hand and pulled it to her tits her nipples were rock hard and she gasped and started caressing them through her silk top Jane’s eyes opened wide and she gasped I didn’t realise why for a moment then spotted Georgia was sucking her mum’s fit and was trusting her hand rapidly between her mother’s legs ..

By now I was about three inches inside her it was very tight but ultimate bliss more so in some ways as I wasn’t moving Georgia was as fucking her self backwards onto my cock taking it at her own pace hence not being hurt more than she was willing to stand I slid my left hand under her body so I could play with both her tits at the same time and stared kissing Jane over her head… God this felt so dam good.

Suddenly Georgia let out a stifled scream and yanked herself away from me (that hurt in two ways physically because my cock was tight inside her little bum … But equally if not more so the fact i had hurt her ) she grabbed on to her mum hugging her tight ” Sorry …. sorry so sorry “she was crying again and burying her face into Jane’s breast ….

Jane hugged her to her and was looking at me … i couldn’t see anger in her expression thank fully but i felt like a heel all the same

LT’s was sobbing … ” I wanted … i it hurt so much but i wanted to … im sorry but it felt good as well and …. i spoilt every thing … ” i touched her shoulder gently she pulled away …. ” I’m sorry ok ” she buried her face into the pillows her little body heaving as she wept ….

I looked at Jane for help … She gave me a small smile and mouthed “hold her” silently to me

i edged away a little so there was space for Georgia to roll over and gently pulled her over into my arms facing me she was tense,stiff and pulled away at the start…” Angel its ok you have done nothing wrong i said gently to her ” and tried again. This time she didn’t pull away but was still stiff in my arms and the instant she was facing me buried her face in the pillows once more sobbing.

No pretend voice now she sobbed ” I’m so Sorry i wanted to … For you … to … to make you happy a… and like me “

i hugged her ” Don’t be sorry Sweetheart ” i kissed her head lightly ” You never need do anything just to please me you know …. you should never do that for anyone … and as for liking you … I honestly Love you” i kissed her head again ” Please angel don’t worry i swear you have nothing to be sorry about ” i could feel her relaxing in my arms and as i kissed her head again she turned her head up to kiss me back …

” I love you to Alan ” she hugged me back and quietly in my ear ” it felt so good .. I’m still sorry but can we try it again some time …. Please …. if you want to that is ” She kissed me again …

” Trust me Pea … He more than just wants to and you have a lot of time so its ok ” Jane said she put her arms around her daughter to both hold her and at same time gently finish me off by hand.

Georgia noticed this and raised her left leg over both of mine So my cock was massaging her Cunt at the same time She started to moan Quietly.

“see Georgia Daddy isn’t upset if he was he wouldn’t have such a stiff prick ” Jane said.

Georgia took her tongue out of my mouth just long enough to say in her babyish voice” Daddy is that for me ” giggled and started humping against me … Jane put me in place then hugged me pulling all three of us closer together my cock slid easily inside Georgia this time she gave a sharp intake of breath “ohhh …. that’s gooood sooo Good ” her little hand fell to my arse and tugged me tight towards her … her muscles in her pussy even though she was holding still she kept tightening and relaxing perfectly as she started to purr against my chest …

Jane kissed her daughters shoulder …. “Do it slowly this Time baby … its not a race and you have all the time in the world so enjoy … your new toy ” She looked at me and giggled ” And Alan you can enjoy it as well i guess ” …

I reached behind Jane to slide my hand to her sexy Bum .. She slapped it away … “No Stud not this time … you can do me in the morning … concentrate and Making my little girl happy … Mum’s old bones need a break … so does my bum after earlier i must admit “

she leaned over Georgia’s body and kissed me hard ” as i said Darling we have all the time in the world now don’t we … Good Night” she kissed Georgia ” Night honey …. Don’t break him ok “

” I will try not to Mummy but that may be Hard ” Jane mouthed to me silently ” Thank You”

i pulled her towards me both to kiss her and whisper in her ear ” Why you thanking Me … I love you and you letting me not only love to beautiful lady’s … But shag your daughter its a dream come true ”

She laughed … ” i pegged you rite earlier Alan …. You is huge trouble and i thank you fort that as well ” with that she shoved Georgia hard on her bum basically ensuring we were fulling connected Georgia yelped happily Now good night both of you she rolled over .. Im not sure how soon she fell asleep or even if she was pretending .

But during the Next Hour of gently passion Georgia came a few times and i deposited two loads inside her without ever pulling out of her … she fell asleep in my arms with me still embedded deep her last coherent words as her sweat soaked body fell asleep Was ” I love you ” …

“I love you to Angel ” … i greyed out myself then sleep or coma i never have worked out BUT i know i was smiling ….


Here I jump forward to the next morning we were all up showered dressed and I admit slightly worse for wear …. My tribal cage and lower back …. Jane basically every thing she said felt like she had run a marathon …. And Georgia sadly though her bum was on fire and wouldn’t sit on a dinning chair as it hurt…..


At the breakfast counter over coffee OJ and toast ….and more coffee…. The mood was quiet yet polite as if there was a elephant in the room and after about half a hour Jane mentioned it …..

“About last night guys ….. It was unexpected brilliant and wonderful and I loved it no regrets at all….” You could hear there was a but or cloud on the horizon from her tone …… In my head I was trying to brace for it (because sad though this may sound and for the first time in my life I had totally fallen in love …. With both of them to me they were one entity part of the same package….. How and why I don’t know but I guess it true about love you can’t control who or what you fall for it happens )…. Jane took my hand ” But .. I’M so sorry I … We can’t do this …. You know nothing about us like we know little about you….” A year was running down her face ” this wasn’t intended I wasn’t wanting or looking …” She looked lost ” the two of us T and me I referring to …. Are all we have …. It’s been that way for years and I can’t risk it ” it was only then I realised Georgia was silently crying looking down at her hands they had obviously talked while I was in the shower…

..My brain was in top gear trying to adjust but the way I felt at that moment inside made it impossible to put into words back then….. I never had experienced heartbreak before and it felt like mine was being torn to bits…

” I’M sorry …. I ” I gently Took one of Georgia’s hands ” I’m so sorry I hurt you last night …. I didn’t mean to ” Georgia lifted her head tears streaming down her face ” I love both of you so much I would never hurt you either of you intentionally..” unmanly as I know this is and hard to admit i started to cry myself … ” Im so sorry”

Even though I think it hurt Georgia she jumped up and threw her arms round my neck crying her eyes out …. ” I love you … You didn’t hurt me …. Im sorry Alan …..” Her arms were tight round my neck ….

” Hush angel don’t be sorry ok …..I love you …. ” I kissed the side of her head I looked at Jane ” Honestly I love the both of you with all my heart ok …. But i understand what your mum is saying ….. She is protecting you sweetheart that’s all …..that’s what great parents do…. ” In truth I had not understood the way I felt inside at that moment I don’t think ever would understand but I wanted her to feel better about herself …. ” I love you Georgia” I started to rock her gently like a child .

Jane squeezed my hand I looked up at her and she was crying openly ….” I’m sorry ….honestly ….i hate myself …. I love you Alan …..I shouldn’t but I do …… I just can’t …. The risk …. It’s to high….. You must hate me I know ….”

” No Jane … Never I love you honestly I do but I understand…. putting your trust in some is hard when there’s others ” I kissed Georgia on the head ” when there’s another Person at risk is different ….don’t be sorry ….I actually love you in a way more for that ”

” What how why how can you possibly…… You should hate me ” Jane blurted out

I smiled even though I was still in tears….” I do darling …. You actions prove how much you love your daughter ” Georgia hugged me tighter ” you are protecting her ….is all …. Protecting your family…. Putting her safety first ahead of your needs ….”

” Please stop Alan….” She looked down ” it’s …..I…..we ….. ” She shook her head hard ” what would her friends think…. The neighbors….god your family even ”

LT raised her head……” It not there bee’s mum you know that ……he could be your boyfriend to the world ….or mine ….please mum” she hugged me even tighter she kissed me ” you told me you love him one hell of a lot ….. Please mum please give it …. No ….. Give us a chance ….. A trial period …. Marry him …. Don’t continue mum …. You know you will regret it ….”

” If you get hurt and I lose you I would regret that more”

” Mum …. If you try and it works out there will be no regrets… have always told me that to try something and fail ….is better than to give up without trying it haven’t you “

Jane laughed at that….” That’s it use my mother’s quotes against me ” she looked at me long and hard ” do you honestly think this can work Alan … think you can cope in this mad house…” I was finding it hard to breathe LT was strangling me

” I’d like to try angel…..and my sanity has yet to be proven I admit but I know I would regret not trying “

” Missy … Let go of him and come here”

LT kissed my ear ” don’t you leave I love you” she whispered

” I won’t angel ” I missed her head once more and pealed her arms from around me ” I love you to”

She sat beside her mom looking so small and frightened ” Pea are you sure you want to do this ……it would be easier now than in a month if you change your mind” Jane said

” Mum you work with him ….. Are you going to change your job or get him to on Monday ….. If you honestly love him like you have told me you do ……” LT let that hang in the air …..” See my point mummy dearest”

Jane looked at me ” Other than the obvious…. In bed last night…. Did you two plan this …this little routine I mean ….. By the way if it truly what you both want it worked….. ” She smiled at me ….” I wouldn’t be able to work with you Alan …. Not if we didn’t at least try and see this through …. So abandon ship now if you need to ” she looked at Georgia ” ok I surrender you win ok ….. Just don’t blame me if this all goes wrong is all …….. But thank you trouble you talked me out of a mistake” she turned to me ” Alan I do love you …… ” Her face went red” i’ve fancied you from my first glance but assumed you had someone and I was to old anyhow …. But your gentlemanly conduct and your compliments yesterday just caught me by surprise …. And the journey home and what you said kind of shocked me yet when I reflected on it knew ditto even then but could not say it or really think about it..I love you with all my heart Alan …..try not to break it please”

I stood up rounded the counter and hugged them both to me …. ” I promise to do the best I can but I swear I will never hurt either of you …… This morning has proven to me just how much I am in love with you both I never want to lose either of you ….. Ever ….I’ve never been in love before I now realise actually ”

” Ditto …” The said at the same time ….. Giggled ….and shook hands

We all hugged and kissed and things were better once more…


To round this off without all falling asleep that have read thus far.

in the year of 1991 I was now a fully qualified Accountant and was working as a Group Financial Director for a national hotel chain

Georgia became a accomplish Artist who dose graphic design for Advertising campaigns

Jane who had been made redundant as the Double glazing company Sold up and shut the branch down we had worked for as we had financial stability and a much larger house We all jointly decided there was no need for her to work Full time or any time if she wanted this was due to planed we had made for early in 1992

I married Georgia in February 92 and she had her first child a Daughter Late that November

June Had her second child Early that December

Both planned and totally wonderful Kids My kids they both have 1 dad and 2 beautiful mothers and as of 2007 have never asked the tricky question i just prey they both find as much happiness and joy in there life as the three of us have

OK the threesomes are few and far between now with kids about it makes for less time. But yes i’m one of if not the luckiest man alive i know that clearly …

My father sussed it out within a very short length of time after only seeing the pair of them @ 5 times with me hence i gained yet another nickname Lucky … My mother only worked it out just before the wedding and said as long as every ones happy she thought it was great and gaining 2 grand kids that they spoilt rotten from day one helped.

One last thing .. i did find out why trust was a huge issue in the early days … Jane’s first husband was a alcoholic womanising abusive husband and father who used to knock them both about. How anyone could hit anything as beautiful as either of them still makes my blood boil IF i had ever met the guy in his life time knowing what i know he would never have lived as long as he did.

Finally …. This is totally fact based. Dates may be a little hazy sketchy in places and names are changed. odd relation ship maybe but to my mind no harm or abuse of any kind sexual or otherwise took place Every one was willing me i guess more so in some ways i still think of that first day as the day i arrived home for the first time in my life …. Jane claims i rescued them … i know they both saved me … and LT well she still has her babyish voice when ever she wants something and is only 2 inch’s taller than she was then still fits into her uniforms perfectly BUT not in front of the kids … i guess she will still look jailbait maybe when retirement age rolls around at this rate (OH and yes she likes Anal like her mother as well) think that’s it enjoy.

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