“Crete” – Chapter 2:- “Anklet”


We pulled up on a quiet back street, which was only a ten-minute walk from where I worked. The property which we had all come to have a look at was a large detached house that had been horizontally divided into two apartments. We were here to view the top half, which was just about to go onto the market. The estate agent’s literature called the property a maisonette apartment, though I favoured calling it a two-bedroom flat.The entry to the top half was through a small centrally located porch at the front of the house, with the bottom flat’s front door around the left-hand side of the house.Roger, a tall, skinny and rather camp letting agent, was waiting for us and let us into the front door explaining the details. As he walked and talked, his hands started gesticulating, just like a flight attendant doing a safety briefing on an aeroplane.I looked at the two girls, my girls, and they were smiling, as the place had great kerb appeal. There were four car spaces, two dedicated to the upstairs apartment. I liked that as off-street parking was always hard to find.The large white front door opened onto a small porch. I noticed the smell of fresh paint still hung in the air. A second white door, which was locked, took us through into a small hallway with a large cupboard six feet in front of us and the stairs to our left, which then went immediately right as they climbed the top floor, right next door to the cupboard. This had been the original entrance to the old house. Now block off with the cupboard. Though small, the downstairs area was useful and light and it also felt surprisingly airy despite its size.   Roger explained as we climbed the stairs, his hands now moving all over the place, that the cupboard, the small hallway and the two-car parking places were the only parts downstairs that I would have access to. Disappointingly, the rear garden was considered as being part of the downstairs flat.He was basically saying; I had no outside private space, which was something that I had previously requested with the letting agent. That fact made me frown, but I kept my thoughts to myself, especially as both the girls seemed excited at what they were seeing.At the top of the stairs, we came to a small landing with four doors. The two doors to the left and right which were behind us were the access to the two double bedrooms. The door in front and to the left was to the nice size bathroom, which had both a double-size bath and a twin shower. That made me smile… perfect, I thought.  The door to our right took us into a good size lounge, which, unusually for the time, had the kitchen contained within it. It was in a wide L-shape with the wide toe end of the foot of the L being of the actual kitchen.The whole place was as new, the builders still finishing the last of the work. It had the smell of freshness, despite not being finished; I liked it. What sold it to me was the large sliding patio door, which opened onto a small balcony. It was a private outside space, with opaque glass sides and enough room for two sun loungers Porno 64

and a table.“So what do think girls?” I asked, as they looked around the kitchen. Roger was showing them the appliances.“It is lovely,” they both said in unison.“Not the apartment,” I grinned.Both girls looked at me, confused.“I am talking about the cooker. Do you both know how to use it?”I stepped back as they both groaned at me. They knew me; the oaf was now being deliberately sexiest. But after I said it, I had another thought. The truth was; I did not know how to cook. I was used to my mum’s home cooking, and I was going to need some help. I looked at my two unimpressed girlfriends and realised cooking was something that I needed to learn, and quickly.“What do you think of the flat?” I asked the girls again, this time being serious.“It is lovely,” they both said again, daring me with their eyes to say something… unethical.I wisely didn’t.So I told Roger, “I take it and could I sign the contract tomorrow, but I wanted it to run from the middle of September until the end of next year. Could that be done?” “No problem, sir.” *****      The three of us sat in the “Fighting Cocks” pub a little later that evening, Clare and Sarah, having insisted that they bought me both a drink and a pub meal, now I was a man who rented property but couldn’t cook.This evening was only the second time the three of us had all physically been together. It was still very new to us and it felt different, slightly strange, but in a good way. We used the time to catch up with one another and to bring us all a little closer as a three.On the unfurnished flat, I mentioned to them that there would be no issues with the contract, as I had a letter and financial guarantee from Nigel, the company MD, which covers all the financial legalities. The bigger issue was I did not have a bed or any other basic furnishings.I would need to spend some time this weekend finding and purchasing them as I hoped to move in on September 15th the day after Sarah and I returned from our Cretan holiday. I asked both Sarah and Clare if they could help me find what I needed. They both told me, I did not need to buy that many things, as I already have all the kitchen appliances.“You only need a mattress, actually, in your case, David, a large mattress,” Sarah thoughtfully said. I hoped she was hinting it might have to sleep three. She then added, “Other than the beds, you really only need the basics, things like bedding, food, and toiletries.”Clare then suggested, “We can all have a look on Friday.”Despite it being shopping, that did seem like a good idea.I asked Sarah if she was free after work Friday, but she had already arranged to go into the city with Lisa to purchase, “More sexy clothes for our holiday.”  Clare and I chuckled, at Sarah’s explanation; as it could have easily come from either of us.“I like that idea,” I remarked with a grin, my cock helping me find the correct words. “This holiday I am hoping you are going to show plenty of skin. I want to show you Konulu Porno off as my beautiful, sexy girlfriend.”Sarah blushed. Clare chuckled, and then reminded Sarah, “You already got your bikini.”I chuckled too and Sarah’s blush got a little darker. But she didn’t seem to be put off by our teasing as she then smiled and then grinned back at us, and quietly stated. “I know and I will wear it, but only if it is private enough.”As Sarah sat there still grinning at her remark, I got the feeling that once Sarah started wearing more revealing, sexy clothes, just like Clare already did, there would be no stopping her. After all, she had recently admitted to me that she had willingly done a similar thing for her previous lover, Jerry.“Have you shaved yet?” Clare asked, a little out of the blue.My ears picked up!“I was wondering what it is like as Brenda planning to get me done soon… as soon as I have had my first photoshoot.”Sarah blushed again and then looked around, now once again a little unsure. She was checking no one was listening, and that we were on our own. We were.“Not yet,” Sarah whispered before quietly adding. “I am on my period, but I will do it soon, maybe even this weekend, as I want to try being shaved at least once.” Sarah stopped talking and glanced around again before saying in a hushed tone, “It sort of exits me, the thought of being bare down there.”I bit my lip, and then picked my pint glass up to hide my smile, as I took a sip. I knew my action wouldn’t hide anything from Clare or Sarah. They knew me, my cock now hard, just at the thought of Sarah’s shaved holiday pussy.Somehow it had leaked out and now both girls knew that a fully shaved pussy was one of my fetishes. What they didn’t know was; I had only ever seen one in an adult magazine.“That makes two of us on our periods,” Clare then said. Her voice was much louder than Sarah’s, and then she carried on as though I was not sitting there, “Sounds like poor old David not getting any.”A cacophony of giggles burst from the girls as they laughed at my expense, though my cock remained hard and erect. It had still not moved on from the thought of two bald pussies.“Perhaps I need another girlfriend,” I chipped in. I was trying to take control of the situation. “One who is currently sexually available!”My words only made Clare and Sarah start to laugh again; they knew it was a preposterous idea as I struggled to keep the two of them happy!I had to admit defeat; it was a silly idea, and I decided to compromise with a smile, as the girls giggled.The truth was, two girlfriends were more than enough and perhaps, in the end, could end up being one too many!  ***** Later that night as we drove back to Sarah’s, with both girls, as normal, sitting in the back of my car. They were chatting with each other and I was beginning to feel like their chauffeur and nothing more.I had a sudden thought and grinned.On a whim, I decided to pull into a well-known lover’s lane. It was actually a large off-road layby and one of the places Sarah Porno İndir and I frequently used as a private place for in-car sex.I hadn’t forgotten last Saturday and the two girls in the back of the car. They had pretended to play with each other as a way of teasing information out of me, my sexual history, by using their pussy power. (Author’s Note:- Chapter 10)My cock and I agreed. It was time to push for the next sexual step.As I parked up the girls, the girls asked, “What I was doing?” I grinned, though I knew I was pushing my luck… but… I felt I was on a lucky roll.“As you both mentioned, your boyfriend is not getting any,” and with those words, I moved into the vacant passenger seat and got my rapidly hardening cock out. The girls just sat there in silence and maybe disbelief. But, importantly, both girls’ eyes were looking at my erect cock.“Who wants to be first?” I boyishly grinned. “I am hoping for a blow job!”I waited, the silence now deafening. It was a full fifteen seconds later before Clare stated, with her own grin. “I can’t help you, David. Now I am officially a lesbian!” There was a little giggle now in stereo from the rear of the car.“That did not stop you yesterday,” I retorted.“I was not gay then. I only came out today!”  We all chuckled at Clare’s remark, but I held firm and stated, “When I get my flat, there will be times when we have sex in front of one another and, almost certainly, one day as a threesome. You both must have thought about it?”I waited…The girls looked at one another and I wondered if this was too soon, but my cock was hoping… and so was I.I continued…“I know I have, many times, thought about it… actually, many, many times. Would it not be good to break the ice now, with a blow job?”There was more silence, a lull and then movement as Sarah climbed over into the driver’s seat and took hold of my cock and looked at me. I tried to keep a straight face but failed. Sarah smiled at me. She knew I was being cocky, but relented, it was her way, as her head descended and her mouth surrounded my cock.I looked at Clare and grinned, challenging her to say something and silently also telling her that she could be doing the same; Sarah’s head now gently bobbing up and down in my lap, getting me to full hardness.Of the two girls, I knew it would be Sarah to relent and go first. She loved giving head. It was one of her secret powers and I pushed the passenger seat right back, so Clare could see. I wanted her to get the full view of Sarah’s oral technique; the vision of her mouth working its magic.Sarah had grown so much sexually in the last few weeks. I was proud of her. I also knew she had an exhibitionist streak and part of her wanted to show Clare… her talents. She had pumped me fully hard and then rolled her tongue around my cock head. Licking and getting my cock head wet, almost treating my cock as if it was a child’s lollypop.I groaned, “That feels so good.” It did. It felt really good. They were words of encouragement to Sarah and words to entice Clare into action. I wanted both their mouths on my cock. I had never had that experience, nor had I ever been with two women at once before.Sarah took my engorged cock into her mouth and then to the back of her throat, working me. It was something she had done many times before, but never with an audience.

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