Cuckolded by a Superior Toy


I should have been suspicious when my girlfriend started avoiding sex with me, but she kept distracting me with blowjobs. Every time I’d try to start something, she would say she was tired, or had a headache or just didn’t feel like it. But she would always offer to suck my cock instead. I didn’t want to be the guy who complained about getting too many blowjobs. So, I just went along with it.

A few weeks later, we still hadn’t had sex. I casually asked her about it, but she just said there was nothing wrong, and offered me another blowjob. So, I was okay for a while longer. But after another few weeks, it was clear something was up. Her behavior was perfectly normal in all other respects. She just didn’t want to have actual intercourse with me. That made me think she was either cheating, or she had some kind of health issue. Either way, I needed to know what was going on. So, I finally confronted her and wouldn’t back down. She tried telling me nothing was wrong, but eventually she saw that I wasn’t going to let it go. We sat down on the couch, she took my hand, looked into my eyes and began to explain.

“Baby, I love you,” she started. “And there is no one else in my life or in my bed. After we got together, I knew you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I would never cheat on you.” Here she leaned in and kissed me, then got a curious kind of embarrassed look on her face and gathered her thoughts before continuing.

“You know I was with other guys before you. Mostly losers. But they all had one physical aspect in common. They were … big.” She said that last part apologetically.

Here, I want to point out that I am not exactly small. I’ve got a full six and a half inches, and I know how to use it.

“I knew you were … not as big. I just didn’t think it would matter since I love everything else about you. I thought it would be fine. But after a while I started to miss the feeling of being completely full and even stretched out. I really do love making love with you, baby.”

“Despite the fact that my cock hasn’t been in your pussy for about six weeks?” I asked pointedly.

“Yeah,” she said quietly. “I’m sorry about that. I love you and I didn’t want to hurt you, and I couldn’t cheat on you, but I needed something to make me feel like before. So … I bought a toy.”

“You’re cheating on me with a toy?” I asked sarcastically.

“No,” she stated emphatically. “No. Not really. I mean, it’s not a person. So, I’m not cheating. But, since I got it, I have been using it a LOT, and it sometimes leaves me kind of sore. And, after having my toy … having your cock in me just isn’t as satisfying. I’m sorry, baby. I don’t want this to be a problem for us.”

“Well, I am happy that you’re not really cheating,” I said slowly. “And I do want you to feel satisfied. But you didn’t have to hide it from me. In fact, I think I’d kind of like to watch you use it.”

At this revelation, she smiled, let out a great sign of relief, and hugged me. “God that is a load off my mind. If I had known you’d be okay with it, I’d have told you way sooner.” Then she kissed me as hard and as hot as the first time we made love.

After making out for a while, things were starting to get hot. She got up and lead me into the bedroom, pulling zayıf gaziantep escort her shirt off along the way. Soon, we were completely naked, rolling around on the bed groping each other. I slid down between her legs and started licking her slit and sucking her clit.

“Oh God, your tongue is making me so hot.” Here she pulled away from me and rolled over to get something out of her nightstand. When she rolled back to show me her toy, I was stunned.

It was easily eight inches long, and probably an inch and a half thick. Not monstrous, but substantially bigger than my own personal cock. It was thick and black, with a big head, and veins twisting around the sides. And the way she looked at it was the way I wished she would look at me. She produced some lube and lovingly applied it to the dildo, rubbing her hand up and down it in the most sensual way I had ever seen a woman touch a piece of latex.

“Ready for the show?” she said looking at me slyly.

Without waiting for an answer, she positioned the fake cock at her entrance and slid the head between her lips. She took a quick deep breath and pushed it a bit deeper. Then she started moving it slowly in and out, taking a bit more with each stroke. Eventually, she had it all, and she looked amazing. She started aggressively fucking herself with the dildo. Harder and faster than I had ever seen. Soon, she was slamming it as deep as it would go and thrusting her hips up off the bed with each stroke. She seemed possessed. Her head was thrashing from side to side, and she was making noises I had never heard her make before. Finally, with one last hard thrust, she came with a deep loud screaming grunt that I’m sure the neighbors heard.

When she was finished, I realized I was just sitting there staring at the big toy in her pussy. And my cock was harder than it had ever been. Without waiting, I climbed over her, and put my erection right in her face, almost demanding a blowjob. She eagerly obliged, grabbing my rod and wrapping her lips around my head. I was so hot, I knew I wouldn’t last long. But the way she sucked me, I probably would have blown quickly anyway. She gripped my shaft, almost too hard, and stroked it, almost too hard. And she sucked like she was starving for cum. I fired my load down her throat and growled while I was doing it.

It was only after I rolled off her, that I realized she still had the toy embedded in her pussy. As we lay there sweaty and breathing hard I thought, “Maybe the toy isn’t such a bad thing.” After that, we started having sex two or three times a week. Her, me, and the toy. The details varied quite a bit, but each session followed the same general pattern. I’d get her hot. She’d fuck herself silly with the dildo. Then she’d give me a fantastic blowjob. And sometimes, she’d fuck herself again. She always fell asleep with a big smile on her face. I was glad she was happy. I was glad we were doing this together. It somehow made us feel closer as a couple. Of course, the only problem was that my cock was still not getting in her pussy.

We went on like this for another month or so. We had plenty of hot intimate encounters. None of which involved me actually fucking her. When I brought it up, she was always gaziantep zayıf escort diplomatic and clearly did not want to hurt my feelings. She was very loving toward me, both in and out of bed. But at the same time, she clearly did not have any desire for regular intercourse with me. And why should I care? I’m still getting off. She gives me blowjobs and hand jobs, basically anytime I want. And she looks so beautiful when she’s ramming that toy in her hole. Sometimes it gets me going so much that I just masturbate while watching her, trying to time it so I cum when she does. It was great. Except for the part where I don’t actually get to fuck her. But, one day she came home with a kind of solution to that issue.

I was vegging out on the couch one weekend while she was gone to the store. When she came back, she was carrying a big black paper bag and she was all smiles.

“I’ve got something you’re going to love,” she said. Sitting on the couch beside me, she pulled a box out of the bag and showed it to me. Checking out the words and pictures on the container, I was not immediately sure what sort of device she had purchased. It seemed to be another toy, with a bunch of straps attached. Seeing my expression, she opened the box and showed me the contents. It was indeed another toy. This one was even bigger.

“It’s a strap-on,” she said excitedly. This dildo looked a lot like the other, except it was a bit longer and even thicker.

“And look at this,” she said showing me the base of the toy. “It’s hollow.”

She seemed excited about it, but I didn’t get it right away. Seeing this, she explained, “You slide it over your cock, and strap it on. Then we can fuck. You get to fuck me and I still get the satisfaction of a giant cock. Everybody wins.”

“Um, this is happening a little fast,” I said. “I’m not sure…”

“I’m so excited!” she squealed. “Let’s go try it out.” Then she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom.

Stripping her clothes off as soon as we got in the room, then started on mine. Once she had me naked, she got on her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock hot and fast. I still wasn’t sure what was going on. As soon as I was good and hard, she grabbed her new toy and carefully slid it onto my shaft. Then she secured all the straps and tightened them up. Finally, she stood back and gazed at the new toy hungrily.

“God that looks good,” she growled.

Looking down at the bigger fake cock strapped onto me, I thought it looked almost comically large. It was probably ten inches from base to tip and had to be almost two inches thick. That seemed like too much. But she was clearly excited as she stared at the giant toy.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“God yes. Lay down.”

I lay down on the bed, with the big black toy sticking straight up, and had to admit that it did look pretty good. She climbed up on the bed, kneeling between my legs with a tube of lube. Squirting some in her hand, she stared at the fake cock like she was in a trance and started slathering the lubricant up and down the shaft.

“Oh my God, I love this.” She spoke distractedly as she focused on distributing the lubricant. “It looks so good. Do you love it, baby?” I didn’t gaziantep zayıf escort bayan know how to respond, but she wasn’t waiting for an answer anyway. She tossed the lube aside and climbed up on top of me.

Hovering over the toy, she put both hands between her legs, and spread her pussy lips as she lowered herself down. The slick head of the dildo slid slowly into her. As she moved herself up and down, struggling to get the big hunk of latex entirely inside her, I realized I had never seen anything so sexy in all my life. She took it a half inch at a time, using her legs to move her body up and down. Her hands held her breasts and began to gently tweak her nipples. I had never seen her do that before. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open, and she was starting to moan. But that wasn’t all. She was getting more excited than I had ever seen her.

Her first orgasm came rather quickly, as soon as she had taken the entire length. She cried out when the toy touched her deeper than she had been touched in a long time. But she wasn’t done. She wanted more. Leaning back, she put her hands on my knees for support, and moved her hips. From that angle, the toy was probably rubbing her g-spot. I can’t remember all the curse words she used, but I have never heard them said in a more beautiful way. She started gasping for breath, but her hips moved faster and faster. Finally, she froze, yelled for God, and shivered as another orgasm took over her body.

Catching her breath, she spun herself around without removing the toy, and started riding me reverse cowgirl style. Grasping my ankles, she pumped her hips up and down on the toy. I watched, enthralled as her ass pounded against me. She was clearly enjoying herself, and I loved watching her make herself feel good riding the big fake cock. However, my own personal cock was not getting any of that good feeling. I was still super hard from watching the show and kind of sort of feeling something. But as long as I was wearing the strap-on, I wouldn’t be able to feel enough to get off.

Then she screamed louder than I’ve ever heard and her whole body shook. Drops of sweat rolled down her back as I ran my hands across her skin. She sat very still for a few moments. Then she carefully lifted herself a bit and swung around to face me, still keeping the toy inside her. Once facing me, she collapsed, hugging me, kissing my face. She whispered in my ear, “Fuck I love you.”

Finally, she slowly lifted herself off the latex shaft, and unbuckled the straps. Pulling the toy off my cock, she scooped some of the combined lubrication from the toy and started stroking me. It felt so good to finally get some physical attention. I loved watching her, but it was my turn. I needed to cum. Sadly, in the aftermath of all her orgasms, she was so sleepy that she started nodding off during the hand job. I was going to have to take matters into my own hands.

She did not resist as I maneuvered her onto her back. Laying there with a dreamy look on her face, she watched as I climbed on top of her. I stroked my cock with one hand and massaged one of her breasts with the other.

Sleepily she said, “That’s it, baby. Rub that cock. You wanna cum on my tits? Yeah, you do.”

And I did. I shot my load all over her big floppy boobs, watching the white goo run down the sides and pool in the valley between. That looked good. I wiped the last drop on her nipple as she started to snore.

Our sex life continued like that, and I took a more active role with the toy. That was a part of the deal now. Every time things got heated it was understood that I’d strap it on before we fucked. She loved it, and I loved her.

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