Cuckoldress Mom Ch. 01


Layla slowly lowered her mouth down on her lovers waiting cock. The naked woman was on her knees, while the young man sat on the edge of the double bed. She felt the tip reach the back of her throat, and struggled to push down even further. She squinted her eyes and gagged slightly on the thick black member. She slightly opened her eyes to see how far she had made it down the shaft. Surprisingly, her lip was only a couple inches away from the base of his dick, and her nose was close to his short, curly pubic hair. She could smell the sweat caught on his pubes from the exertion, and the early summer heat.

This was Laylas favourite part. She fully opened both of her big, brown eyes and looked the much younger man right in the eye. Then she pushed her throat down another inch on his strong, firm erect cock, causing herself to gag and cough up a giant splash of saliva all over his shaft and balls. The young man moaned in surprise, and Laylas mouth curled into a slight smile. She realized that at this point she wouldn’t be able to get all the way down on his cock unless he pushed on the back of her head, but he wasn’t quite that aggressive with her yet. She worked her mouth and throat up and down the shaft as much as she could, slobbering and drooling as she went.

Now that the cock was soaked with spit, Layla went a bit faster, and managed to get another half an inch deeper. Her saliva was almost flowing out as she drooled over his thick erection. She could feel the black shaft throbbing, as the young man came closer to climaxing. She wasn’t done with him yet, so she lifted her puffy brown lips off of his dick, and took it in her hand. She gave him a big smile as she started slowly stroking his slippery shaft. Then, she took her lips and put them on his large balls. She sucked one soaking wet nut into her mouth, then the other slowly.

She looked back up at him mischievously, as she slowly stroked his cock. Her tongue ran over his nut sack, feeling his shortly trimmed pubes. Then, she took her hands and gently pushed his legs back, causing him to lean in such a way that exposed his puckered asshole. Layla knew that black guys, especially the younger generation, went crazy when you gave them a rim-job.

Eating Ass She thought to herself as she moved her mouth towards his rectum. They call it Eating Ass instead of rim jobs nowadays. She might not look it with her perfect trophy wife figure, but she had recently turned 41. Most of her understanding of new slang came from the younger guys she hooked up with.

Layla watched as a river of her saliva and his sweat slowly ran down from his ball sack and onto his perfect asshole. She loved how dirty she was getting to be, and knew this would likely make his orgasm way better. She slowly ran her tongue around the rim of his hole, and gently entered the tip inside. Simultaneously, she continued to stroke his cock, very slowly now. She smiled as another unintentional moan escaped from the young mans lips.

She continued working her tongue in and out, and running it around the rim a few times until she was sure he was ready. Without warning, she pushed her face right into his butt cheeks, driving her tongue as deep as she could manage. She rubbed her face all over his spread cheeks, covering her pretty face with saliva and sweat. Her hand stopped stroking him, as she realized he was about to climax. Her hand could barely fit around his thick cock, and she felt it throb in her palm. It was time.

Layla took her tongue out of his ass, and planted her firm lips back onto the head of his member. She ran her tongue on the underside of the head, and used her hand to work the still slick shaft. The young mans head rolled back as he let out another moan.

The first shot of cum plastered the roof of her mouth, and the shots after went down her throat. She gagged again, and spit up a combination of his semen and her spit all over his spasming dick. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and another shot painted her lips with cum. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes just as he looked down at her. They locked eyes. Seeing her sight, mischievous smile with semen, spit and makeup running down her face was enough to make him moan and roll his head back again.

This time, she was ready. She took the tip back into her mouth and caught the rest of his load. Another thing she loved about younger guys was the sheer amount they would come. It made her feel like she had done a great job, to get that much out of him.

“That was amazing.” He said, almost out of breath.

She smiled, as semen dripped out of the side of her mouth. “I had to give you a good send off, after all you did for me last night.” She said teasingly. “I would have had you in my pussy again, but I’m pretty sore after the pounding you gave me. And I’m not sure if theres any more room inside me after all you came last night.” She made a big show of swallowing his semen and licking her lips clean.

He laughed and lay back down on the bed, panting kilis escort a little bit. Layla looked over at the clock and realized how late in the morning it was.

“I guess we better get you cleaned up and out of here. Sorry, I would offer you breakfast but it’s later than I thought and my son is going to be up soon.” She looked around. “Here, you can use my husbands bathroom stuff.”

“Wait… husband?” He stopped for a moment, looking worried.

These young guys are so adorable, she thought privately. “Don’t worry.” She smiled “We’re separated at the moment, maybe going to divorce soon. We’re free to hookup whenever.”

Layla helped her young lover clean up, then quickly put on a white bathrobe. She tied it tightly, then with a playful smile, loosened it to show off the cleavage from her round 34D breasts. They were fakes, a gift from her husband. They hadn’t saved the marriage, but they had made it a lot easier for her to attract guys.

Once her hookup of the day, Michael, had gotten dressed she moved in to give him a kiss. He stopped her. “Sorry Miss Rivers-“

She cut him off. “That’s Mr.s Rivers. Lets not be too disrespectful towards my husband” she said with another teasing smile.

He chuckled. “Okay Mrs. Rivers, I just don’t think I can kiss you right now after everywhere your mouth just was.” He said with a genuinely apologetic tone.

She pouted, but conceded the point. She’d had her mouth all over his cock, balls and asshole. Her lips were still wet with spit, asshole sweat, ball sweat, and a little bit of semen.

Layla led him to the door, her robe still open enough for her large boobs to be partially visible. “Well, thanks again Michael. I had a wild night. Maybe next time you can come for longer, I just don’t want my son to see me with men other than his father just yet.”

Michael looked awkward for a second and then nodded past Laylas shoulder. She slowly turned around and saw her 19 year old son, Jason, sitting in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal. His spoon was halfway to his open mouth. Laylas mouth dropped, her shocked expression matching that of her son.

“Well, I’ll catch you later.” Michael said, quickly slipping out the door.

It took Layla a couple of seconds to regain her composure. Okay, she thought. I can handle this. I was going to have to tell him anyway, and I’ve been through this before with his older sister. She calmly strode over to the kitchen table where Jason was seated.

“Good morning honey.” She sat down.

Jason put his spoon back into the cereal bowl. “Good morning Mom.” He replied, his voice shaky.

“So, you already know your father and I are separated. And in the meantime…I have some needs of my own.”

Jason didn’t say anything but nodded his head. Layla felt a little bit flustered. She’d hoped to tell him she was ‘dating’ around. Well, hooking up mostly. But not like this! She looked over to Jasons empty drinking glass. “Here honey.” She stood up and grabbed a jar of orange juice and leaned over to pour. As she leaned over, Jason got a very close up look at her breasts. He’d seen her in a bikini before, but had never gotten such a close look. The lapel of her white bathrobe made a nice contrast with her deep brown skin. He noticed he could see a little bit of the edge of her nipple. Momentarily mesmerized, he didn’t realize she’d finished pouring and his eyes followed her chest as she sat back down.

He knew this was his mother, but he’d never seen her quite like this before. She had very clearly just finished having sex. Her body had a slight layer of sweat, that couldn’t quite be explained away by the morning summertime heat. However, it was her face that really told the tale. He was aware his mother used high quality make up that typically didn’t run even in the California heat, but today her eyeliner was in a small trail down from the slight crows feet at the side of her eyes. Her lipstick seemed to have been totally rubbed off. Maybe from kissing? Or…

Jason snapped out of it. Luckily for him, Layla had figured he was staring due to being in shock. Still, she pulled her robe tighter, covering up her cleavage entirely.

“I was hoping to tell you at a different time, but you will be seeing some of the men I’m dating as they… drop by from time to time.” She adjusted herself in the chair. “You probably noticed Michael there is a lot younger than me…I kind of have a thing for younger guys. Don’t worry about me, I know how to pick the good ones.” She thought of her husband for a second. Usually I pick the good ones.

“Why do you usually go with younger guys?” Jason asked. “Isn’t Dad a bit older than you?”

Layla smiled. “Well, I figured I’d try…something a bit different.” She was tempted to mention the stamina and sexual appetite of younger men but thought better of it. “Plus they’re…fun to be around.” She hoped that would be a good enough answer.

“I think I might have seen that guy before, Michael kilis escort bayan was it?” Jason asked.

“Well, he’s a senior at your college, and I met him through a work event at the bank. You might have bumped into him before. Sorry, I know it might be awkward to see him at school from now on.”

“That’s okay Mom, he seemed nice enough…I guess.” Jason thought for a moment. “Are you going to try to meet more guys from my school though?”

Layla laughed. “Why? Do you want to set me up with a friend?” Jason laughed and shook his head.

“Well,” She started, standing up from the table and moving to give him a hug from behind. “If you must know, my type right now is: young,” She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Handsome.” Another kiss. “Athletic.” She gave him a long smooch on the cheek. “And black.”

She gave him a quick squeeze hug from behind and happened to glance downward. It looked like there was a slight bulge in his pants. Was that from me kissing his cheek? I didn’t think that would be possible. She thought. Unless? Layla had a very naughty thought. The kind that mothers shouldn’t have about their son.

“So,” She started. Might as well have a little fun. “If you know any guys who like older women.” She leaned in and glanced again at his crotch. There was definitely a little movement there. “Especially Big, athletic, handsome black men…” She teased. Definitely a little more movement in his crotch.

She decided maybe she’d taken it a bit too far. After all, this was her son! Still, if he ended up bringing some of his friends or classmates around, maybe she’d be able to say “I told you so!” If one caught her eye, and her son caught her. She stood up from hugging and Jason went back to eating his food with a small laugh, unsure how much his mother had been joking.

Layla was about to excuse herself when something on Jasons cheek caught her eye. It was a small, curly black hair! It must have been one of Michaels pubs that got stuck in her mouth earlier! She watched almost mesmerized as Jason continued eating breakfast, unaware that there was anything out of the ordinary. She probably should have cleaned up a little before coming out of her room…

Now it was Laylas turn to be sexually confused. There was something about the out of place hair that was so dirty, so taboo, that it gave her a thrill. How embarrassed and humiliated would her son be if he realized what was on his face, and where his mothers mouth had been just a few minutes before kissing his cheek!

For one brief moment, she considered leaving it there. Would Jason and Michael pass in the hallway at school? Would Michael notice it and realize what it was? Layla felt a small wave of pleasure pass over her. Despite her sore vagina, she wanted so badly for Michael to come back! She shook off the thoughts. She hadn’t done sexual humiliation in a long time for good reason. This was her son! She should be loving and nurturing him, not using him to help get herself off.

She quickly brushed the hair off Jasons face. “Sorry hon, I got a little lipstick on you just now.”

“No problem Mom, thanks.” Jason replied. Privately, he thought Isn’t all her lipstick rubbed off? Oh well. He stopped chewing for a second. What had it all rubbed off on again? He realized he had a bit of an erection. He pulled his seat further under the table to hide it. Is it strange that this has all turned me on a bit? He thought. Oh well, gotta get to class soon. He pushed away the strange new thoughts and finished eating. Tomorrow was Friday, so he had only a couple classes left between now and the weekend. He said goodbye to his mother, and left the house all to her.

The first thing Layla did was take a long shower, and shave her legs. She admired her body in the mirror. Layla’s mother had been from India, and her father was a white man from California. She had inherited her mothers deep brown skin, but had a ‘California girl’ personality mixed with a unique look that had made her stand out from all the blonde bimbo trophy wives in the area. Over the years, yoga and fitness classes had kept her in incredible shape, and her legs alone were enough to turn heads. Her ass was round and firm, and had always been her best feature until her husband had paid for the d sized breast implants.

She looked into the mirror at her large, brown eyes that could memorize just about any man, as she applied lipstick to her firm, full lips. She combed her long black hair, that came almost all the way down her back. She had a relaxing day planned.

She had the day almost off from work, and just had to send a couple emails from her home office before heading to the day spa. She chose a cute, flirty sun dress to wear that accentuated her rear, and her amazing cleavage. She applied some makeup, but didn’t want to overdo it just for a trip to the spa.

When she arrived at the spa for her appointment, there were a couple young guys skateboarding in the parking escort kilis lot. She tried to hide her smile as the young men got distracted by her simply walking by. One guy almost crashed his skateboard into a pole! She knew there was more to her as a woman than simply her looks, but took a lot of satisfaction in knowing how even in her 40’s she was still a knockout.

Her day in the spa was heavenly. She was massaged, manicured, pedicured and pampered until she felt like she was on a cloud. And it was all paid for by her husbands credit card. She smiled to herself thinking of all the guys who would love ravaging her body, paid for by her poor husband. As she lay in the chair receiving her massage, she thought about earlier that day.

Layla knew her son was at a difficult stage in life. Since his father had moved out and his sister went off to school out of the state, it had just been the two of them. She knew he’d had difficulty getting used to things. She loved him, but had to accept that now he was an adult and deserved to be treated like one. She couldn’t shelter him from the realities of the world. She thought of the erection in his pants. Was he just at that age where anything can make him hard? Or did the thought of a younger guy with an older woman in general excite him? She admitted that although most young men aren’t attracted to their own mother, she was hardly a typical mom. Plus, Jason didn’t even look or act all that much like her. He was very white looking, not surprising considering his father is white, and not nearly as outgoing or charismatic as her.

Still, she figured she’d give him the benefit of the doubt. Even though she liked the idea of her sexual adventures being exciting to someone else, it was her own son. The day she had planned for Friday was going to be amazing! She’d get herself all pampered and perfect today, then tomorrow just get destroyed by the guys she had coming over! Jason was going to be at school all day, so he wouldn’t be there to witness it all. She smiled to herself again. Maybe he can mop up whats left of me, and carry me to bed after it’s all over.

Then she had another thought. Another crazy, even dirtier idea.

That night, Layla broke the news to her son that he’d be staying home on Friday. She had the day off work already, and explained that she needed him home to help with some chores, and so he could catch up on studying. Since he only had one class on Friday anyway, and it was kind of a blow-off class he didn’t mind missing out.

Jason woke up early, just after sunrise, to his mother bringing him a cup of coffee in her bathrobe. “Good morning sleepyhead!” She said in a very bubbly voice. He didn’t know why, but she seemed excited and energetic already. Layla had already made eggs and bacon with a side of toast for his breakfast, but she just ate a fruit salad insisting she wasn’t all that hungry.

Layla started the day by telling him his first chore was to help her pick some outfits out. She led him into her bedroom, where she had some clothes laying on the bed. First up was a couple different options for sundresses. Jason pointed out one that was purple and blue floral print.

“Okay, go outside and give me a minute to change!” She said excitedly. A moment later Jason was called back into the room.

“How does it look?” She asked, in a fake innocent voice.

Jason was surprised with the way she was acting. She was almost giddy with excitement! “It looks great Mom!”

“I’m hoping for flirty, does it look flirty to you?” Layla asked, giving a little twirl.

“Yeah definitely, you look ready for a brunch date or something like that.”

Layla laughed. “Or something like that.” She repeated with a grin. “Does my cleavage look okay?”

Jason was taken aback for a moment. He looked at her chest. Yes, it looked amazing! Whatever bra she had on was doing a great job. But had his mother really just asked that? And drawn his attention to her breasts?

“Uh, yeah Mom. I’m sure anyone will be impressed by it.” Jason stammered.

Layla giggled. “Anything else look good?” She turned her back to him and bent over slightly. Just enough to push her butt out a little bit. She looked over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I guess…your ass looks nice too.” Jason started to turn a little red. He wasn’t sure exactly why his mother would as him these kind of questions. That said, he had to admit she was a knockout. She managed to have the kind of amazing figure that all the blonde trophy wives had, without looking too much like a bimbo.

Layla took the compliment but acted a little offended. “Jason, I’m glad you like it but you can’t say the word ass in front of your mother!” She scolded. Then laughed “Just kidding. I’m glad I got the younger guy approval for my date outfit.

Ah, so that’s it! Jason thought. She just want’s to make sure a guy my age would be into her in that dress.

Next up, Jason helped her pick out a white tank top and very short jean shorts. It was between those and a black tank. He felt her dark brown skin looked better with the contrast from the white top.

Finally, there was the ‘little black dress’ selection. She had 3 and modelled them all. “You don’t think this one looks too slutty do you?” She asked, with that fake innocent voice again.

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