Cyber 101


Tonight, I had another new experience. I found myself drawn to the same chat room I had visited before. This time though, when I received a message, I returned it.

The man’s name was Tom. He seemed nice enough so I decided to keep talking to him. He was a bit older than me, but this excited me. He had been coming to this chat room for a long time so I figured that he would be able to teach me the ropes of cyber. I had become so enthralled by the thought of talking about such personal things with total strangers, I was unable to stay away.

Tom and I talked about little nothings for awhile, and then he said to me, “Serena, you are such an incredible lady. You send out this vibe of sensuality. Do you even know what you are doing?”

I was in shock! I hadn’t a clue that my thoughts were coming through in the small talk we had been having. I was excited and turned on and unable to express these things to him, but he was seeing them anyway.

I admitted to him that I was new to the thought of cyber and that I was very curious about it. He asked me what I liked, what my sexual preferences were. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t quite know how to tell him, so I just blurted it out.

“I like to be controlled. I like to be told what to do, and I love to please my partner. I have expiremented with bdsm a little and am so very curious to try the things that I have read about.”

I couldn’t believe that I just put all that out there! He was quiet for a moment… then he said, ” I want you to do something for me. Will you trust me to teach you?”.

Ohhh I was so very excited! I was trembling as I wrote back to him, “Yes, please do. I need someone who is experienced to lead me.”.

“Alright then, I want you to do as I say, don’t question me, just obey, immediately everything I tell you to do. Do you agree?”.

“Yes sir,” I couldn’t believe I was doing this! “I’ll do whatever you ask of me.”.

“My sweet, I won’t be asking you, I will be telling you…these will be orders, not requests. You need to be perfectly clear on this right now, before we go any further.”

“If during the process, you disagree with me or disobey me, you will be punished. If you want to stop at any time, all you have to do is say so. I won’t force you. In this, you have the power. If I push you too far or too fast, tell me. Now, do you agree to these terms?”

I was shaking by now, I was so very excited. “Yes, I agree fully. What should I say to you to let you know if I want to stop. I have read about safe words that some people use. Would me saying ‘Red light’ be alright with you?”

“Very smart thinking, Serena! Yes, this would be perfect. Alright, are you ready to start?”

“Yes sir, I am ready.”. My body was trembling nearly out of control by this time. I could hardly type.

“Alright, I want you to collect the following items. Ice cubes, a glass of very hot water, a feather, two rubber bands and a vibe or something to stimulate yourself with. Let me know when you have all of them and are ready for me.”

“Yes sir,” I was at a loss why he wanted me to do this but I got up and searched my house for the items.

“I am back with everything you ordered, Sir.”.

“Good girl! Now, are you ready to know what it is that I want you to do?”

“Oh yes sir, I’m more than ready!”

“Promise me first that you won’t touch yourself anywhere until I tell you to. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir, it’s perfectly clear, and I promise.”

“Very istanbul escort good. Alright, tell me how you are feeling right now.”

“Oh, I’m excited and anxious and so very turned on.” I couldn’t believe I was able to open up this way, it was coming so easily to me.

He sent a chuckle and said, “Very good! Now, I want you to pull your blouse off and expose your breasts. Take an ice cube in one hand and the glass of hot water in the other.”

“I want you to rub your nipples with these, alternating every 10 seconds or so until I tell you to stop. Do you understand?”

I could feel my nipples hardening just thinking of this, “Yes sir, I understand.”

I started following his instructions, freezing and warming both nipples, feeling so excited, the sensations so different but both stimulating me more than I had felt ever before. I was amazed that just doing this to my nipples could make me so excited!

After about 5 minutes, he said, “Alright, stop! How did this make you feel?”

“Oh sir, I am so excited! My nipples are so hard and sensitive. Touching them was sending sensations straight through me, making me feel so alive!”

“Very very good! Now, do you know what the rubber bands are for?”

“Well sir, I think maybe I do, but I would prefer if you would tell me so that I don’t do anything to disappoint you.”

“Ohhh very good answer Serena. I want you to wrap those rubber bands tightly around each nipple. Now, make sure they’re very tight. I want your nipples hard and swollen for more torture or pleasure as I see fit to bestow on you.”

“Oh god!”, I had thought this was what he wanted, but to actually have to do it was a bit intimidating for me. I pinched my nipples… keeping them hard and wrapped the rubber bands on them.

“Omg this hurts! But it feels so good, it’s sooo good!!!”

“OOO very good girl! That’s exactly how it should feel. Alright, now I want you to pick up the feather. I want you to slowly flick it across your nipples until I tell you to stop. Then I want to tell you how that made you feel.”

I was incredibly aroused already, and as I complied with his wishes, I became even more so!

“Stop! Now, tell me what you are feeling!”

“This is incredible! I can feel each flick clear in my pussy!”

“Mmmmm does your pussy need attention now? Would you like to touch it, feel your clit hard and slick?”

“Ohhh please sir! I want to touch it so badly! It’s pulsing and throbbing now!”

“No, you are not allowed to touch yourself! I just wanted you to be even more aware of it. Feel the pulsing all through your body. Revel in it. Torture yourself with it. Feel it growing.”

“Yesssssssss oh yes sir! I could almost cum without touching myself right now!”

“Oh none of that! Don’t you cum yet..control yourself!”

“Now, I want you to put the feather down and pull your nipples… twist them hard, left then right… do it now. Pull on them… harder!”

The feelings were so incredible! The pain intense but it felt so good at the same time. I was experiencing things I’d never felt before, had been afraid to feel before.

“Now, I want you to ice them, ice them until they are numb, frozen.”

“Mmm yes sir, as you wish.”

After about 5 minutes, he said, “Alright now stop everything. Tell me what is going through your mind right now, tell me how you are feeling.”

“My mind is going round like crazy! Wondering what you are going to make me escort bayan do next. Wondering when you will let me touch myself. My nipples are on fire! Oh so cold, but burning! I feel sooo hot!”

“Mmm good girl! That is exactly how I wanted you to feel. Now, release the rubber bands. Let the blood rush back into your nipples. Then tell me how that feels.”

I knew this was going to hurt me. I was half afraid to do it, but knew they had to come off sometime. I started to slowly remove the rubber bands, but that seemed to make it worse, so I just pulled them off.

“Omg, it hurts! It hurts sooo bad! Oooooooooo please sir, let me rub them!!!”

“No my sweet, I want you to pull them… hard!”

“Pinch them, pull them. Twist them hard until I tell you to stop!”

I was hurting, but fire was spreading in my pussy! I couldn’t believe that I was getting such intense pleasure out of such harsh pain!

“Stop! Now you may rub them. Now, get your fingers wet… lick them, suck them, spread your saliva on your nipples, pinching them. Get them wet. Cool them down a bit.”

“Now, what did you get to please your pussy?”

I was so shy about this… I didn’t have any toys, though I was definitely planning on getting some soon!

“Sir, I don’t have any toys, but I have a large tapered candle, will that do?”

“Ohhh yes sweetness, that is perfect! Are you ready to use it on that pussy of yours? I want you to imagine that it’s me, hard and throbbing, aching to be deep inside of you.”

“Yes sir! I am more than ready to feel you inside of me!”

“Well Serena, that’s too bad, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer. I just wanted to make sure you were ready for me. I want you sopping wet, more than ready for me to pound into you when I see fit!”

I moaned! I couldn’t believe how turned on I was! He was torturing me and I was loving every single minute of it!

“Now sweet slave, I want you to spread your legs wide. Open yourself to me. Imagine my gaze on you. Put your hands on top of your head, raising your breasts up. Let me look at you.”

I followed his instructions, feeling the air cool on my throbbing wet pussy. I was so hot, so ready to be taken. I was on fire!

“Feel me sliding my tongue between your pussy lips, feel me licking you, sucking you, swirling my tongue around your clit. My fingers spreading you wide, two of them thrusting in your cunt. Pounding you. I suck and lick and nibble your clit until you are right on the edge of a mind blowing orgasm….”

“Then I’d stop! Making you wait for it, long for it, beg for it!!!”

OOOOhhhhhhhhhhh I was nearly screaming! I was so frustrated and so turned on! I needed release sooo terribly bad! I wanted to tell him how I was feeling, but knew I would be punished if I took my hands down from my head.

Tom chuckled, “I make you wait, hearing you begging, then I give you more… I lick and suck and flick that clit, my fingers pounding inside you, bringing you to an orgasm so huge I have a hard time holding onto you.”

Just him typing those words sent me over the edge! I came… screaming, my body bucking and throbbing. I hadn’t even touched myself, yet I was having one of the hardest orgasms I’d ever had in my life!

“You may take your hands down now. Tell me how you are feeling.”

It took me a moment to calm down enough to type. I said, “Ohhh sir! You made me cum! I have never felt this good!”

“Mmmmmmm yes baby, that’s perfect! Kurtköy escort You are so incredibly hot! Do yo want more? Do you want to feel me inside you now?”

“Yeeeessssssssssssss ohhhh yes sir!! Please, let me feel you fucking me!”

I was out of control! These words coming out of me were so unlike me! I had never been so thoroughly turned on in my life!

“That’s it baby, yes, touch that pussy for me now… I want you to play with it, rub it. Use that candle. Fill that pussy with me.”

I lost total control then… I pushed the candle deep inside me, thrusting it in hard… slamming it into myself.

“Pound it baby, make yourself explode! Tell me what you’re doing, let me picture you!”

“Ohhh yessssss! Pushing it into me… slow and long..then hard and fast! So close to cumming! Yesssssssss ohhh god yesssssssss!!!”

Just typing these words sent me over the edge, and Tom too apparently. He was silent for awhile, then said, “Yessssssss oh baby, you just made me explode! You are so incredible!”

“Mmmmm Tom, I am still aching! I can’t believe it, but I need more! I can imagine me on top of you, slowly taking all of you deep inside of me. Using a bar above my head to give me control, ever so slowly sliding down over you.”

“Ohhhhhhh, yes Serena, you’re making me grow again. Do it, take control now! Use your body, pleasure us both!!!”

“Yessssss!!! Taking you all the way in me… then lifting off of you… even more slowly. My body trembling, shaking as I try to control my ascent. Almost off of you completely, just the head of your cock inside of me… I slam down on you hard! Taking you all in in one long, hard thrust… can feel you lifting up to me. Take my hips in your hands and helping me… fuck me fast and hard!!!”

This wasn’t me, these words and feelings! Or not the me I had known for so long. Tom sent a groan and said, ” I can’t believe you! Yesssss baby! Grabbing you, lifting to meet you, stroke for stroke, pounding up inside of you!”

I came…all the sudden it rolled through me, taking my breath away and making me lose all control. Tom lost it too, figuring from my silence that I was exploding, he came again! This man was incredible!

We were both quiet for awhile and then Tom said, “Serena, this has been the most fulfilling moment I’ve shared with anyone in a very long time! I am so very glad that I sent you a message tonight. I know I was hoping for a connection, but I never expected anything like this!”

I was nearly crying. I felt more affection and tenderness from this man than I had in my last relationship. I was shocked that I had opened up so quickly to a total stranger, and yet oh so glad that I had!

“Tom, thank you! This was mind blowing! I am not like this usually. I’m always so quiet and I keep to myself. This is the first time I’ve ever shared my need for being controlled before. You made it possible for me to live out a fantasy. Thank you! It was totally incredible!”

Tom laughed and said, “I do hope this won’t be the end of it! I look forward to talking to you again, very soon I hope! And Serena, not just about sex and cybering. I want to get to know you, that way when we do decide to cyber, it’ll be better for both of us! I’ll be able to please you more. I think you’re a wonderful lady and am very glad to have met you!”

We chatted for awhile longer, both of us amazed at how well we had connected. We exchanged email addresses and said our good nights.

I sat in my chair, naked, tired, wet and sore, with a huge grin on my face! I was so satisfied and so very relaxed. Amazed at myself for what I had done, yet not feeling an ounce of regret. I couldn’t wait to talk to Tom again!

Hopefully, it would be very soon!

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