Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 12

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*Babygirl and Daddy are both adults over the age of 18. This is a consensual arrangement between the two of them. If BDSM material is offensive to you, do not read the story! Feedback is always welcome!*

Babygirl was currently standing in the corner, tears streaming down her face and her ass swollen and welted from the abuse it had just endured. She kept telling herself in her mind what a pathetic mistake it was that brought her to this very minute. The mistake that had made Daddy so mad at her, she swore she had never seen such fire and anger in his lovely face. Quite frankly, she didn’t realize it was even possible for him to be so angry with her.

That was when she heard the doorbell ring and when she heard the voice of another woman, she quickly realized that this dreaded punishment was far from over and a whole new set of tears welled up in her eyes and dripped down her cheeks when she finally blinked. If only she could turn back time and do what she knew she should have done in the first place. Pathetic. Stupid. Childish. Irrational. Unbelievable!

‘Two months prior’…

Daddy and Babygirl had been together long enough now, their relationship just sort of flowed. The responsibilities were set, the schedules were neat, and things just went rather smoothly around the house. Babygirl knew what her duties were both sexually and nonsexually. She knew what was expected of her by now and she normally did quite well at following through with it. The keyword is normally. Now there were the occasional slips, as is normal, but she tried to make sure it didn’t occur to often. Of course they were never unnoticed by Daddy and she knew it. She wasn’t always punished for it though, it really just depended on how big or small the mistake was and whether or not she had been honest or secretive. There were lots of factors that determined how the incident would be handled.

Some of her duties, outside of pleasing Daddy sexually, were cleaning, cooking, getting groceries, picking up dry-cleaning items, scheduling appointments, sorting the mail, paying the bills, and a few other minor things as well.

November had been quite the month for Babygirl. She wasn’t really sure why, but she was just off for some reason. She seemed to be really irritable and forgetful and just not herself. She had made Daddy breakfast and kissed him goodbye as he left for work this particular morning and like a usual Thursday she had taken out the container with the bills that were due that week. She sorted it all out on the table and went straight to work. When Babygirl came across the bill for their car insurance she noticed that something was off about it. It wasn’t the normal amount they paid each month and she set the statement off to the side so that she could contact their agent and find out what was going on. She went about her duties and got all the checks written, envelopes sealed, stamps put on and then went to grab the phone. There was no answer at the insurance office and she assumed they were probably out for lunch.

“Oh well, I guess I’ll just run these out to be mailed and I’ll try calling later today again,” she said to herself.

She put the bill to the side and went about her day. Before she knew it she was cooking supper and Daddy was pulling in the driveway. They ate supper and continued on with their night. They had watched a movie together, she had read a few chapters in her book, and Daddy was on the computer checking on things. When they crawled in to bed that night they curled up close and one thing lead to another and they ended the day with an amazing night of sex.

Of course things went on like they always do and soon the unpaid bill was forgotten. Never given another thought after that particular day. She was usually so careful about such things, but this time it was all different.

When Babygirl got the mail one December morning there was a notice from the insurance company. She knew as soon as she saw that envelope that it was not going to hold pleasant news inside. She suddenly remembered the unpaid bill still on the counter where she had left it 3 weeks ago! She opened the envelope and read the notice of cancellation due to unpaid balances. She had really meant to call them back – until she got busy and forgot all about it. She grabbed the unpaid bill off the counter and took both papers and hid them in her drawer. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She couldn’t tell Daddy! He would be so angry with her. Surely she would pay dearly for this mistake. She didn’t want to anger him, she was afraid to tell him. Things had been going so well and she didn’t want that to end. So, she stuck them in her drawer until she could figure out what to do with them.

Another month went by until Babygirl came across the hidden items in her drawer. She had meant to take care of that by now – until she got busy and forgot. She took out the papers and called the insurance agent. She explained her situation Kurtköy escort bayan and asked if there was anyway they could get reinstated on their plan. Unfortunately, they could not keep the same insurance but she did find another company that they could go through. Babygirl got it all set up and sighed a huge sigh of relief at the close call on that situation. That is, until Daddy got home that night…

‘Three nights ago, Wednesday’…

She heard Daddy’s car pull in the drive just as she was finishing up their supper. She got it all out on the table just as Daddy was walking in.

“Hey baby,” Daddy leaned in and kissed her lips.

“Hi Daddy, how was your day?” Babygirl kissed him back.

“It was good, quite busy actually. How was your day?” Daddy asked.

“It was really good, nothing special really Daddy. I’m glad that you are home now, I missed you” Babygirl stated.

“Nothing special huh? That’s too bad. So it was just another routine day for you? Nothing out of the uh ordinary?” Daddy questioned.

Babygirl was getting nervous. She wasn’t used to be asked all these questions. Daddy was usually pretty quiet when he first got home. He always needed some time to unwind and just enjoy his supper. Conversation was pretty light until later in the evening. She was afraid maybe he knew about the insurance mix-up. But how would he know? It was taken care of already! Surely he didn’t know about it yet.

“No Daddy, nothing special at all” Babygirl started fidgeting, she knew she was lying to him and she couldn’t stand it. Why couldn’t she just tell him what happened! Daddy was never as mad when she just told the truth – but lying, that was a big mistake. Her eyes started tearing up the more she thought of what she was doing. She never was very good at hiding anything from him. She just didn’t feel right about it. She had to tell him.

“Daddy … that’s um not true. … Something did happen today. I’m so sorry Daddy. I know I shouldn’t have…” Babygirl was stopped in midsentence as Daddy’s hand came flying at her face. She should have known it was coming, but it always surprised her at the initial contact.

“I do not want to hear any of your excuses! I know what happened. Imagine my surprise when I get a phone call at my office from the insurance agent, notifying me that they need my signature as well on the papers before they can switch companies for me!” Daddy started yelling. Daddy told her how they explained the situation to him … the unpaid bill, the cancellation, the weeks without insurance, and now switching to a new company.

“You get that ass of yours in the living room right now and don’t make me tell you twice! I expect to finish my dinner and walk in to see your face in that fucking corner with your hands behind your head. Go!” Daddy’s voice was so stern it made her whole body tremble. She took off quickly for the living room and as she passed by him he swung his hand as hard as he could at her ass. She jumped and yelped as she walked quicker to the other room.

After several minutes her sobs had calmed down and she was getting nervous about what Daddy was going to do to her. So many things could have gone wrong while she was hiding this from him. She knew this was big. She heard Daddy put his plate in the sink and he made his way to her. He walked up behind her, his body pressing against and leaned his head into her ear.

“Strip, now” Daddy said. It was a simple command and she knew from the tone of his voice he was not playing with her. Her shoes, socks, pants, and panties came off faster than she thought possible.

“Enough” Daddy said. “Leave the rest on for now.” He walked over and stood in front of the couch. “Come here.”

She dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over to him. As she did, she realized that she had not greeted him properly since he had been home. She had been so caught up in getting away with her lie and everything else that she had completely neglected her duty. He looked over and saw the fresh tears on her cheek as she crawled to him.

“I wondered if you would realize what you had done” Daddy said, “you had better make it quick.”

She crawled up to him and kneeled up onto her knees. She leaned in and placed a kiss on his ass, and then crawled in front of him and placed a kiss on his cock. She then kneeled in front of him, resting her butt on her legs and her hands in her lap and waited.

“You will be punished for that baby” Daddy said as his hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her to look up at him. “I am very disappointed right now. I don’t even know where to begin with you. You lied, you didn’t greet me, you hid important information from me, and you tried to take care of it all without me finding out. You should know better than that by now. Daddy has trusted you with a lot of things and this is not the way to prove you are worthy of it. You’re better than this. Escort Kurtköy You’ve been taught better than this. What am I going to do with you?!” Daddy was getting very upset again.

“Do you realize how much trouble we could have been in if I had been in an accident these last 8 weeks! We could have lost everything we have! We could have been sued! We could have gotten fines! You knew this whole time and you never mentioned it to me – not once! You should have come to me immediately and you know it!” Daddy voice was getting stronger as he continued lecturing her on her insolent behavior.

“I know Daddy, I’m sorry.” Babygirl quietly said.

Daddy jerked her head back hard and leaned over until he was right in her face “you may be sorry now, but you’re not as sorry as you are going to be!” he threatened.

Daddy pulled her by hair up onto the couch until she was kneeling with her back to him. “You will receive 25 swats with my hand for hiding this from me. Then you will receive an additional 10 for lying tonight. You will then receive 3 with my belt, I gave you 3 chances tonight to come clean and you lied each time. You know better than that. When I am done you will thank me for punishing you and then you will go upstairs and go to bed. I don’t want another word out of you after that. Oh and by the way, you will receive your punishment on Saturday for all the days that you let pass without telling me what had happened. It’s not over. Not even close.”

“Yes Daddy” Babygirl managed to get out between sobs.

With that Daddy laid into her ass with his hand. Spanking her over and over for hiding this mistake from him. He continued to lecture her while his hand reigned down on her bright red cheeks. Daddy gave her about 10 seconds to catch her breath before he landed the last 10 for her lying. Babygirl was crying and screaming with each slap. She didn’t think she could take one more. Then it stopped. And she heard that dreaded sound of his belt swooshing through the loops of his pants and she cringed and prayed for it to be over. Daddy folded his belt in half and snapped it one time just to startle her. She jumped and he could see her body tense at the sound it made. He watched her until her body started to relax and he brought his arm back and smacked his belt across her ass.

Babygirl jumped and her hands instinctively grabbed her sore cheeks. He gave her a moment to feel the heat he knew would be radiating off of her butt. “Move those hands or I will add more” Daddy threatened.

She moved her hands back to the top of the couch and held on for dear life. The next one caught her off guard as well and she yelled out. The last one was just as hard as the first two and she burst into sobs. Thankful that it was over. She climbed down from the couch and kneeled before Daddy with a tear-stained face. She leaned in and kissed his hand and then his belt. She stood before him and kissed his lips. “Thank you for disciplining me Daddy. I am sorry I lied to you, I knew better.” She turned to leave the room and Daddy grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him. He put his finger under her chin and lifted her face up. He leaned down and kissed her quivering lips. “You are welcome, and I expect it to never occur again. Now, go to bed.” Daddy turned and walked away from her and she went upstairs and prepared for bed. She examined her punished ass in the mirror before getting in the shower. Afterwards, she brushed her hair and teeth and climbed into the cold empty bed where she cried herself to sleep…

‘Current Day, Saturday’…

Today was the day that Babygirl was to receive the rest of her punishment from the forgotten bill. Daddy had time to cool down before punishing her for it and she had time to anticipate the unpleasurable experience she was about to endure.

“You need to be punished for the little stunt you tried to pull baby. That mistake of yours could have cost us everything! You should have told me right away and this never would have been necessary! You lied, you tried covering it up, you let Daddy drive for 6 weeks with no insurance and didn’t feel it necessary to tell me! Shame on you!” Daddy’s lecture started. “You will be receiving 30 swats today. That is 5 swats for each week that you let Daddy go without insurance. Then you will receive 15 more for forgetting the bill in the first place! This is how it will work … 15 with my hand, 15 with the checkbook, 10 with a kitchen spatula, and 5 with my belt. You will thank me when I am done and then you will stand in the corner until I tell you you’re done. IF I see you even THINK about rubbing your ass while you are in the corner, I will start all over again! Do you understand me?” Daddy said.

“Yes Daddy, I understand.” She agreed.

Daddy wasted no time whatsoever in delivering the blows with his hand. Smacking her in a different spot each time, using different levels of intensity each time. She never knew what Kurtköy Rus Escort to expect. Daddy made her get the checkbook and hand it to her and he used it to spank her another 15 times. It hurt so bad! Daddy took the spatula and continued swatting her reddening ass with it. She once again heard that horrid sound of his belt sliding through the loops and in no time felt it land across her ass. The punishment was finally over and her ass was on fire. She was certain she had no tears left in her eyes. Her ass was trembling and so hot.

Babygirl kneeled before Daddy and kissed his hand, the checkbook cover, the spatula, and his belt. “Thank you Daddy for punishing me for my error. I will not let it happen again. I am so sorry.” With that she walked to the corner and stood with her hands behind her head, fingers intertwined. Daddy had been so mad at her ever since he found out about her stupid mistake. There had been such anger and fire built up in him. She was glad that he punished her and they could move forward. She vowed to herself as she stood there that she would NEVER let this happen again. Then the doorbell rang …

Babygirl heard Daddy talking with a female but couldn’t really make out what they were saying. Daddy walked up behind her and growled in her ear, “now for the final part of your punishment.” He walked grabbed her arm and walked her to the chair in the living room. He used his belt to bind her hands behind her. She was so embarrassed to be in this position in front of another person she had dropped her head in shame. Daddy grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head up to look at him. He glared down at her and spit in her face. “You do not get to hide yourself from this. You will watch everything and NOT look away. You should have thought of the consequences before you pulled such a stunt!” Daddy growled at her.

Babygirl was well aware of what was going to happen. She was going to be forced to watch her Daddy take his pleasure from another girl. A girl that should have been her. A girl that she wanted to be her. Because of her dumb mistake she was going to have to watch another woman pleasing her Daddy the way she should have been doing. Another woman who her Daddy was going to be taking his pleasure from, and she didn’t get to be a part of it at all. That was what was so hard. She didn’t get to participate. She had to watch. She didn’t get to help Daddy find his pleasure, and that was punishment for her. Not being able to make Daddy feel better, not being able to help at all, she was so disappointed.

Daddy wasted no time in ordering his slut to her knees to service him orally. He was forcing his cock deep down her throat in no time at all. She was gagging and choking on him and all Babygirl could think about was being over there licking Daddy’s balls while he fucked the other girls throat.

Daddy pulled her up onto the couch and entered her hard and fast. Making her tits bounce back and forth. Her face pained and her mouth wide open in agony. Babygirl wanted desperately to be under him licking his ass for him. Maximizing his pleasure like a good girl.

“You like watching this you naughty little slut? You like watching Daddy fuck another woman without your help? You like wishing you were over here right now? You like knowing that because of your stupidity you aren’t over here making Daddy feel even better?” Daddy accented each of his questions with a hard thrust into the girls pussy while he stared at Babygirl. She knew she didn’t need to answer. She was so ashamed of her previous actions. Mostly she was ashamed that it was because of her that Daddy was only fucking one girl, and not being pleasured by two.

Daddy fucked the girl hard and fast for several minutes before pulling out and flipping her over on her back. He stroked himself a few more times as he came all over her chest and face. Daddy walked over to Babygirl and undid the belt. Pulling her up by her arm. “Get in the bedroom and don’t come out” Daddy growled in her ear. He sent her upstairs with one last slap to her ass for good measure.

Babygirl curled up on the bed and thought about everything that had happened over the last few days. The things Daddy had said and done. The way she had felt. How sorry she was for what she had done. Not only had she suffered from her mistake, she made Daddy suffer as well – and that was what hurt the most. Babygirl was so deep in thought she didn’t hear Daddy come upstairs to the bedroom. He laid on the bed next to her and wrapped his arm around her side, pulling her close to him. She turned to her other side and buried her head into his chest, telling him how sorry she was for what she had done.

“I know you are, now make sure it doesn’t happen again” Daddy said. “I hope you have learned your lesson from this. You know, you aren’t the only one who has to suffer consequences to your actions. It affects others as well” Daddy lectured.

“I know Daddy, please forgive me. I won’t do it again. I want to please you, I want to so badly Daddy. Please Daddy let me show you how sorry I am. Let me be your good girl. Please Daddy?” Babygirl begged him.

“You may, baby” Daddy smiled. Babygirl kissed his lips and her hands slid down his chest …

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