Daddy’s VW


you walk in the door, wearing nothing but My favorite collar, your head bowed, knowing you are going to be punished… knowing that you should not have done what you done, and not prepared for whatever awaits you. you cross the room slowly to kneel at My feet, offering yourself up – offering yourself up to Me and any twisted plans I have in store for you. A pregnant silence fills the air as you wait to be acknowledged.

I reach down and place My fingers under your chin, lifting your face to look at Me. “Little one? I have one question for you. WHY?”

“I don’t know, Daddy,” is your mumbled response.

SMACK! My hand leaves a sting on your naked backside. “I asked you a question. I expect to hear an answer.”

“I … I don’t know, Daddy.” This time, you make sure that I can hear you. I stand, and you assume your place, kneeling at Daddy’s side, holding out your leash to Me. I take it in My hand and lead you out of the room and into the garage, affectionately nicknamed the playroom.

I flick on the light switch and let My eyes play over each piece of equipment … Letting the suspense of the unknown build within you.

Forty lashes over the bench? A session as a plaything for Daddy’s friends? It’s always hard to tell what Daddy will demand. I finally let My gaze rest on the small padded leather bench in the middle of the room.

I tug on your leash to let you know that I have made My decision. Once we make it to the bench, you crawly onto it, placing your knees in the seat and leaning over the back. I reach down and begin to fasten the shackles to your wrists, the ends of which are permanently attached to the floor. After I ensure that they are secure, but not too tight, I walk around behind you and repeat the process Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort with your ankles. “I don’t like to repeat Myself, but I will ask you one more time … Give you one more chance to avoid this … WHY?”

You can barely speak through the combination of fear, suspense, and arousal. “I don’t know … I don’t know …” SMACK!

“Do NOT disrespect Me, especially when you are already in trouble!”

The shape of My hand is now clearly visible on your backside. The sting painful, but the lingering tingle of Daddy’s touch the only encouragement you need to endure…

I walk across the room, out of sight for you in your current position. you try to remember just what toys and tools are on that side of the room, but your mind is a blank.

you hear Me open one of the storage chests and rattle around for a moment. The next sound you hear is Me walking back over to you. Because you are so familiar with the room, you know that I am right behind you. you hear a soft “click” and a soft hum. Thinking that it’s the “rabbit,” you begin to squirm, anticipating its frantic buzz upon your clit. you can feel the electric excitement in the air as I pause, making you wait for Me to begin. I lean in close to your ear, and remind you that I do not like squirming.

“Be still, little one. Trust Me, squirming will only make it worse.”

The brolic authority in My voice makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end…

And the soft, almost invisible hairs on your back?

CRACKLE! you feel a quick, but definitely new sensation in the middle of your back.

the first thing that comes to mind is a tattoo needle but Daddy isn’t a tattooist! you think to yourself, trying to remain still.

I Kurtköy Çıtır Escort wait, gauging your reaction, your obedience …

After a minute that seems to stretch on into forever, you realize that the hum is louder than you originally thought.

“Do you accept your punishment, little one? However I see fit for your transgression?”

A whimpered “Yes, Daddy,” is your reply. you wonder both what could possibly be causing this sensation and where you’ll feel its sting next.

I lean over you and trail My tongue down the back of your arm, leaving the slightest trail of saliva from shoulder, halfway to your elbow. you turn, trying to see…


you return your view to the swing in front of you. It gives you something to focus on, and is a reminder of happier times with Daddy. you close your eyes and try not to move as I cause that same sensation in your shoulder. The sensation slowly begins to move down your arm. I’m following the same trail I just made with My tongue. I reach the end of the trail and go further – all the way to your elbow. “SPEAK, little one.”

“i am being punished by Daddy. i am being punished because Daddy feels I have done wrong. Daddy is my judge, jury, and executioner. Any and all punishment deemed necessary by Him will be endured.”

While you are speaking, I began licking your other arm in the same spot “ANY punishment, little one?”

“Yes, Daddy. ANY punishment!”

The “tingling” sensation (as you’ve come to think of it) starts traveling back up your arm, crosses your shoulder blades, causing you to jump involuntarily before it begins its descent down the other arm. Again, I go down to the elbow.

“Excuse me, Daddy Kurtköy Elit Escort …?”

“Do. you. feel. that. you. have. been. punished. enough. little one?” Each word is punctuated with another smack to your bottom.

“Only if I have endured the punishment you have set out for Me, Daddy.”

“Good. Because we are NOT done.”

Though you have definitely felt something, it occurs to you that you have not actually FELT this new toy…

As soon as this thought strikes you, you realize that the hum seems to have gotten even louder! It’s as if the rabbit were right in your ear, even though I am still standing behind you.

This time, you can actually sense the toy between your shoulder blades mere seconds before the sensation begins again, though this time it is much stronger – strong enough to be painful!

You clench your teeth in an effort to obey Daddy.

I let the sensation linger a bit longer before slowly dragging it up and down your back.

you try your best to not move, knowing that the merest flinch is being observed and will be punished. A sweat breaks out on your forehead from the effort of being still. The pain being lavished upon your back is just more than you thought you could stand to endure quietly. But you know that it is Daddy’s way – to push you past your perceived limits…

It seems that as soon as the pain moves away from a spot, it’s right back there, intensified

Just when you think you simply cannot take any more … it stops.

you breathe a sigh of relief just as you feel Daddy’s hands in the middle of your back. I run My hands over the same paths I just made, enjoying the sensation of your warm skin. After a few minutes, I walk around and unfasten all the shackles.

“Daddy, may I ask a question?”

“Yes, little one?”

“How did You do that? You barely touched me, if at all. But i FELT You!”

“That, little one, is My newest toy. It will either be your best friend, or your worst enemy, depending on your behavior. THAT… is THE VIOLET WAND.”

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