Dane and Dana Pt. 04


Dana stepped out of the shower and realized her mother was in the bathroom on the toilet. Thinking quickly, she pulls a towel off the bar and wraps herself in it.

Her mom said, “You know, we are both females.”

Dana replies, “Yes, of course, mom, but you also taught me to be modest.”

You’re right, honey. I’m so proud of the woman you have become.

Dana said, “I love you, mom.” She was thinking to herself, “If she only knew.”

“I love you too, sweetheart,” her mom replied.

Later, after dinner, Dane and Dana went down to the pond. While sitting on the dock while soaking their feet in the water, they talked about the day’s events.

Dana told him about the run-in with their mom and the conversation.

“Did she notice your bald twat?”

“No,” she replied.

Then he said, “Wow, that’s hilarious.” If mom only knew that ten minutes earlier, there was a deputy’s cum running down your legs.

She looked at him and said, “Not funny.”

Dane laughed, reaching over and cupping her twat through her shorts.

Dana pulled his hand away and said, “I’ve got my period.”

Dane said, “How about a blow job?”

Dana bent over and pulled his shorts aside, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking him to a climax while rubbing her horny bleeding twat.

Dane saw her rubbing her cunt and said, “Even on the rag, you’re a horny slut.”

She looked at him and said, “Only yours.” She kissed him and said, “Better get back to the house.”

Entering the house, they found their mother passed out drunk. She was in her housecoat. tied with a sash but open enough to show her braless cleavage.

They both looked at their mom. In the chair with her legs wide open and her hand on her pussy. Both said “wow” in unison.

Dane got an instant erection, which did not go unnoticed by Dana.

She looked at her brother and said, “And you called me horny.” I’ll get mom back to bed.

Dana smiled mischievously, taking her mom back to her bed, thinking how it would look with her mother’s rubber cock stuffed into her pussy.

Dana applied a generous amount of lube to the dildo and her mother’s pussy, then pushed it into the hilt. She then left the room, going into Dane’s room and telling him what she had done.

They knew their mom was off from work the next day, so they set another bottle of wine next to her bed, being sure to fill a glass on the nightstand.

In the wee hours, their mom pulled the dildo out of her twat, went to the bathroom, then back to bed, drank the wine, and inserted the dildo. She stroked the rubber cock in and out of her twat, causing her to moan in a climax.

Dane heard his mother moan and went to check on her. He was standing in the doorway of her room. He watched her plunge the fake cock in and out of her horny twat giving him a massive hard-on.

Caught up in the scene, he reached down, pulled out his cock, and stroked it, keeping time with his mother’s masturbation. He came, sending his sperm out to land on the floor.

His mother looked on in shock. Standing at her bedroom door was her son. Naked, stroking his huge cock and cumming on her floor.

It then dawned on her that she was naked, with a fake cock, stuffed in her hungry twat. Stuttering, she said, “How long were you there?”

Dane walked into her room. His cock still hard and reaching down, he pulled out the fake cock. Climbing between her legs quickly, he held his cock and aimed at his mother’s horny cunt.

Just as his mom shuddered, “We can’t,” he pushed forward, burying his cock escort karkamış to the root, feeling his pelvic bone come into contact with hers.

His unexpected thrust nearly caused her to pass out from the pleasure of having a real cock inside her for the first time in months.

She said, “Dane, I’m your mother.” We can’t.

Dane responded by pulling back and thrusting inward again and again.

Overcome with the sensation and need to get fucked by a real cock, she gave in to her primal needs, wrapping her legs around his torso and encouraging him to fuck her harder.

She chanted, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Dane fucked her like he hadn’t been fucked for months. I’m cumming, mom, I’m cumming in your horny wet twat. “Here it comes, take it. “

Their mom screamed, feeling the hot sperm coat her cervix, “Yes, fill me, fill my cunt, fill your momma’s cunt with your cum.” The scene was so intense that she climaxed explosively, soaking the sheets and her son with her discharge.

She opened her eyes to see her children at her bedside, naked. Confused, she looked at them.

First, her son, whose limp cock hung between his legs, coated with their mixed juices.

Then, her daughter, who was naked also, lacked pubic hair.

She cried, apologizing, as both her children tried to comfort her.

She then asked Dana what had happened to her pubic hair.

Dane and Dana told her the whole story, leaving out nothing.

Their mother started crying again. Dana lowered her mouth to her mother’s tits and started suckling on a nipple as she reached down to rub her mother’s clit.

Their mom again got hot and turned on as Dana slid down to bury her face in her mother’s steamy, wet, cum filled twat.

Dane presented his limp cock to his mom’s mouth. She opened her mouth, engulfing her son’s still wet limp cock, and sucked.

Once again, hard. Dane moved down to get behind his sister and pushed his now hard cock up her shithole.

Dana reached down, rubbing her clit while sucking their mother’s. Their mom, experiencing sensual overload, was first to cum, dousing her daughter’s face with the mixed cum.

Dana came next. Her horny twat spasmed as she felt her brother fill her asshole with his sperm.

They all collapsed, falling asleep in their mother’s bed.

Dane and Dana woke up in the morning, finding their mother wasn’t in bed. Walking naked to the kitchen, they found her drinking a cup of coffee while some bacon and eggs were frying.

Looking up at her now-grown children, she said, “Why don’t you two go get a shower and dress?” “Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. “

Dane and Dana joined their mom for breakfast.

“I need to talk to both of you,” said their mom. What we did broke every rule known to civilized man. We shouldn’t do it again, but you two have been fucking and sucking each other for months.

Dane spoke first. “Mom, you enjoyed every bit of what happened last night.”

“But it is still wrong,” she replied.

“Yes, but there is no undoing this. Besides, why deny your need for sex? ” Dane said.

Danna said, “Mom, you held my head so tightly to your twat that I could barely breathe.”

Their mother said, “You don’t have to be vulgar about it.”

Dane said, “Shut up!” “Both of you cunts enjoyed my cock and each other. Yes, Cunts. Your cunts are now my property. Is that understood? “

Dana and their mom, Ann, both answered yes. Their mom’s answer was a bit reluctant with shame. karkamış escort bayan She knew it was wrong, but Dane was right; she loved it. She knew she never wanted this to end. He looked like his father, yet he seemed more demanding.

Dane threw some paperback porn books over to his sister and mom. Then he said, “Read these, and tell me what your horny cunts would like next.” The titles were about incest, bondage, discipline, tattooing, and piercing.

Dana smiled with that mischievous, knowing smile. Their mom said, “What have we started?”

Dane replied, “A new way of life. I have read these and I am ready to assume the role of your lover.” We will still need to maintain our jobs. We will still maintain our normal lives when we are not at home or alone with each other.

Both Dana and their mom nodded their heads in agreement.

Dane continued by telling them they were going into the city where their mother would receive electrolysis, and permanently remove all unnecessary body hair.

He also told their mom that she would wear one of Dana’s outfits. without any bra or panties.

Their mom looked at both of them and said, “I’m not wearing her outfits and certainly not without undergarments.”

Dane got up, walked around the table, lifted his mother out of the chair, bent her over the table, and proceeded to spank her very soundly.

Ann was shocked; her son was spanking her like a child. Her ass was getting sore, and she screamed out, “Please stop.” “You’re hurting me. “

Dane said, “Are you going to listen to me and behave as you are told?”

Ann replied, “Yes, I will behave and do as I’m told.”

Then he said, “Good, go, do as I told you.”

Looking at Dana, he said, “Make sure she is dressed properly.”

She smiled knowingly, nodding her head.

She took Ann’s hand, and they went to Dana’s bedroom. She opened the closet and took down a light, very short skirt. She tossed it on the bed and then went to retrieve a spandex tube top.

Her mom looked at the items and said, “You can’t seriously want me to wear this.”

Dana responded, “Put it on and be quick about it.”

She picked up the skirt, stepping into it and pulling it up to her waist. Then she grabbed the tube top, slipping it over her head and down to cover her larger mature breasts.

Looking at herself in the full-length mirror in shock, she protested, saying, “Dana, this outfit makes me look like a tramp.” “The skirt is too short. If I raise my arms, my vagina will be exposed. “

Dane, standing in the doorway, said, “Damn, that is hot. By the way, it’s a cunt or a twat. You will speak of it that way unless you are at the doctor’s office. “

He walked up to her and spun her around, bending her over the dresser. He pulled out his hard cock and wedged it in the opening of his mother’s cunt. Rubbing it up and down her slit until it was moist and plunging it deep into her.

Ann exhaled with a moan, thinking he was insatiable.

Dane plunged in and out, sinking into her depths while building up a load of cum to fill her twat.

Ann, couldn’t believe it, but she was going to cum while being treated like a tramp, a fuck toy.

She moaned out, “I’m cumming,” as she gushed, coating her son’s large hard cock.”

Feeling his mother’s cum, he doubled his efforts and emptied his nut sack into her very wet cunt. He slapped her ass and put his cock back into his pants. He said, “Let’s go, we have an appointment.”

Ann protested, “I have to karkamış escort shower.”

He retorted, “Wipe your sloppy wet cunt up and get your slut ass in the car.”

Ann felt a small twinge of guilty excitement. She wiped her twat. She reflected on the last few days and realized she had never been so turned on in her life.

Stepping outside to go to the car, she felt the air-drying her quickly wiped naked sex.

Dane and Dana were in the front, so she had to sit in the back seat.

As she got in, Dana instructed her to sit in the middle with her legs spread open.

By now, Ann realized her children were calling the shots. She scooted to the center, opening her legs.

“Further, Dana said.”

Ann tried to open her legs even further, but the skirt limited her ability. Ann said, “Sweetheart, the skirt won’t let me.”

Looking at her mother, she said, “Either take it off or lift it high enough to show us that fresh fucked cunt.”

She lifted her ass and felt the heat of embarrassment and shame. She pulled the hem of the skirt up to her waist and spread her legs as far as possible.

Dane whistled and said, “Nothing beats the view of a freshly fucked slut’s cunt in the morning.”

They drove in silence to the city. Ann was still uncomfortable being in public with her vagina on display.

Arriving at the salon, Dane and Dana get out, Dane opens the back door as Ann raises her ass to cover herself with the skirt.

Dane sharply said, “No, it will settle into place when you get out.”

Once again, feeling the heat of shame and knowing that it would do no good to complain, she scoots across the seat, looking around, thankful that the street was nearly empty.

Getting out, the skirt dropped but not enough to cover her cunt hair. She reached down to pull the skirt down further.

Dana said, “Leave it.”

Dane looked at his sister, saying, “This cunt needs to learn some humility.”

They entered the salon. Ann was relieved that no one was in the waiting area.

A woman came out and said, “Follow me.” Following her into a cubicle, Ann was told to remove her skirt.

The woman looked at Dane and said, “It will take about two hours.” “My assistant will step in when I get tired.”

The technician sets about cleaning Ann’s pussy, then starts the process of buzzing her hair down to a short length.

Looking at Ann, she said, “Lucky you, redheads have sparse pubic hair.”

About an hour later, the technician pushes a button and another technician comes into the room. A man.

Ann again feels the heat of embarrassment.

The technician proceeds where the female technician left off, and an hour later, her mons and cunt lips were as bald and smooth as a baby’s. The technician left her to get dressed.

Dane paid the bill, then went back to the room with his sister to get his mother.

Walking into the room, Dana said, “Take that skirt off and hand it to me.”

Ann was surprised but complied.

Dana took the skirt and put it in her bag and said, “Let’s go slut.”

Ann started to protest, and Dane spun her around, bending her over the exam table. He spanked her ass until she was crying in pain and shame.

Taking her by the hand, they led her out to the car, naked from the waist down.

Ann was mortified, embarrassed, and ashamed as never before. In her thirty-eight years of life.

She got into the car as quickly as possible to avoid anyone else seeing her nudity.

Dane and Dana got in the car and pulled away. When they got to the highway, Ann was instructed to take off the tube top and hand it to Dana.

Not wanting another ass beating, she promptly complied.

They drove home with their mother naked in the back seat. Fortunately for her, they didn’t get stopped by a sheriff’s deputy.

A few truck drivers spotted her and blew their horns in appreciation.

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